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I started with ilovekickboxing in Apple Valley, MN a week ago and absolutely love it! I'm not a big fan of group classes but this one is much different. The instructors don't judge you and the other members don't judge you. The instructors are very encouraging, energetic, and fun to see every class. The facilities are clean and there are lockers to store your personal items during class. All in all it is an AWESOME place to work out.

Ilovekickboxing Apple Valley MN. Is an awesome health fitness facility. Love the energy. The people are fantastic. I feel better already. It is a high energy workout that never disappoints. Easy to sign up and you will feel welcome no matter your fitness level. Awesome.

The staff is friendly. I purchased the Groupon because I wanted to try something that my 10 year old daughter and I can do together. We enjoyed the class and I signed me and my 10 year old daughter up the same day. We attended 4 classes since singing up. Within 15 days of signing up my job let the entire company know they would be closing as of April 14th and that some of us would be allowed to work from home for an unspecified amount of time. I freaked out and started calling to terminate anything I recently signed up for. The owner Bobby called me back and explained I only had 3 days from signing the contract to terminate. He also explained that as an exception because of my circumstances I could pay a cancellation fee of 258 for each of us...thats 258 for my self and 258 for my 10 year old daughter. Again it had only been less than 15 days! I was willing to pay 258 to cancel for my self. But isn't it ridiculous that I also have to pay 258 for my 10 year old that can't even attend if I am not there? I am supposed to pay my cancellation fee today. Everyone in my family says what they are doing is wrong. Everyone thinks it's ridiculous that I am being charged a cancellation fee when I tried to cancel within 15 days. Especially wrong that they are charging me for my daughter. I never received a contract and no one ever told me I had 3 days to cancel. I signed my daughter up for volleyball and dance at the same time, when I explained my situation I was refunded my money. I am not asking for a refund. I requested to cancel in less than 15 days. I never received a contract nor was I told I would only have 3 days to cancel. I shouldn't have to pay 258 for both myself and my daughter to get out of this. We haven't even used the place 5 times. Everyone is nice. Even the owner Bobby, but this is unreasonable.

ILKB is the absolute best. I enjoy going to classes as often as I can. I would HIGHLY recommend ILKB Franklin to anyone looking for an incredible workout with amazing instructors who motivate you to be very best that you can while making you feel apart of their family. Love this place!

ILKB Franklin is the best thing I've ever signed up for! The Instructors are so amazing, and they made me feel like I was part of their fit family right away. Not only is this an amazing workout, but you'll never get bored doing it! You start with a 15 minute cardio session and then work with the bag rounds! I would recommend these classes to anyone! METHUEN, MA

I love kickboxing is amazing! I have joined many gyms and never go because I get bored or lazy. The ILKB family makes it so much fun and addicting.

I love kickboxing is amazing! I have joined many gyms and never go because I get bored or lazy. The ILKB family makes it so much fun and addicting.

Love this place! I'm not a fan of traditional gyms- too noisy, I don't know what to do with the equipment, never know what exercises to do- but this place is so fun and encouraging. And the only equipment is gloves and a bag. I've been wanting to find something to get me out of my exercise rut (of about 2 years, yikes!) and ILKB just clicked for me in so many ways. I'm finally getting my hours worth out of a workout, and leave every class drenched in sweat.

Everyone from instructors to members is so helpful and positive. Each class is a good mix of new members and "pros", so you don't feel intimidated at all. The workout plan changes each day so it's always fresh. The facilities are clean and well maintained, the staff is super friendly, and the location is convenient to west Nashville.

Ilovekickboxing is more then a place to get fit! I started about a month ago and have made some great friends that have similar goals as me. The place is always clean and the staff are amazing! I always look forward to going back and being motivated by the great instructors! I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to be healthier and motivated!!

So glad I Love Kickboxing has come into my life. Every staff member is awesome and friendly. Always a warm welcome by name and so very encouraging. It is the first time I have ever actually looked forward to going to work out !!

ILKB nashville rocks great staff very supportive as well as motivating. classes schedules flexible to meet anyones schedule.workouts are great.

I became a member of ILKB after my first class, and I am so happy with that decision! The instructors are really what get me to come back – they keep me motivated and (especially) accountable. They’re so friendly and high-energy – exactly what you need in a fitness instructor! They are also really good about making sure that you are doing the moves correctly to maximize your workout and avoid injury. The workout is amazing, and definitely kicks butt! While there is a routine-element (15 minute “warm-up” [it’s intense!], same stretches after, bag rounds, partner rounds) it is constantly changing, so you will never get bored with it. I love this place!

ILoveKickboxing is great! The instructors are absolutely amazing I have never been this motivated to work out in such a long time! They are always there to help you in anyway they can so that you get a total body workout!

Have you tried it? If not?, why?! It's fun, motivating, great staff, awesome music. Your working out and you don't even know it. Before you even realize it you have just burned a ton of fat and calories all while having a great time. So again I ask, Why Not?!

I started ilovekickboxing about a month ago and already can see a change in my body. I feel better about myself, have more energy and love the way I am looking. I am excited what the next month will bring. I was hooked after my first class. The staff is awesome and I look forward to the next class. I would recommend ilovekickboxing to anyone.

I've been a member of ILKB-Pittsburgh for almost a year and I LOVE it!!!!!!!! It's the best workout I've ever had. The staff is super friendly and always there to motivate. I highly recommend them. If you're looking for a high cardio kickboxing workout, this is the place to go!

I love kickboxing, literally. The trainers are so friendly, they are such great assets! They are motivating, helpful and just perfect! Working out can be stressful, we all want to see results immediately, having that person to motivate you to come back to class makes it easier to wait - after all waiting isn't easy! ILKB is the best workout I have had in years!

Ilovekickboxing is the best exercise I have found that I like the instructors are so supportive and motivational that I can't wait for every class.

Review: I recently signed up for a package at ILKB, it had not even been a month since I signed up and I contacted the company because I need to cancel my package due to unforeseen circumstances. They originally said I wasn't able to cancel, but at that point, my package had not started yet and no payments for it had been made (it had not reached the 30 day mark yet), I hadn't used any classes except the ones from the groupon I first purchased. They returned my original call, and then a second follow-up call was returned as well. Since then, I have called 2 times that someone has answered and left a message for me and received no return phone call, and I have called 12 more times during business hours on various days in which nobody answered the phone. During the times I was trying to reach them, they charged my credit card for the first payment. I am disappointed in the professionalism of this company,I want the package cancelled, and I want a refund for the charge on my credit card for the first payment. I am not seeking a refund for anything else I purchased at this business, including the gear, or the 3 classes I attended. I fulfilled the groupon and no longer wish to continue classes at this establishment.Desired Settlement: I want my package cancelled and a refund for the charge on my credit card.



We have documentation time stamped in our dbase system with correspondence from [redacted]:8/26/2015- 12:32PM (when we were checking in to see where she has been and we had not seen her in class for last week.) Her documented reply was:No problem!! I've been super busy, I'll be back as soon as I can! Again this was on 8/26/2015 at 12:32pmOn 8/31/2015 at 2:55pm we physically spoke to [redacted] on the phone about her wanting to terminate her program. We explained the terms of her program (which she has a signed copy of on her first day) and that as per the agreement she could transfer it to someone that had not yet been in the building. She asked about going back onto her groupon and we reminded her that we bought the groupon back and gave her an additional $100 signup credit on her first day (8/3/15) when she signed up, that was why her startup was only $67 instead of $197. She wanted to take advantage of that offer and she did as you can see in her signed agreement dated 8/3/15She mentioned that she was going through some family issues and we offered her a special deal to make her program NON EXPIRE. (Her program would normally terminate in 12 months and she would lose any classes still left on her account. As you can see on her agreement) We offered her if she could not find someone to transfer and take over her program, then we would keep her remaining classes here for her and that they would NEVER expire.[redacted]'s claim that she called us 12 times during business hours is certainly unfounded. We are far from perfect, however our phone and dbase system tracks, documents and time stamps everything not only for customer service, but also for our staff to continually get better in their daily tasks.Because we strive to offer the best customer service possible, we have terminated her program under these circumstances, however as you can read in her agreement, we did follow her program agreement as it is in writing. We went above and beyond in contacting her personally and she will still be responsible for that payment which was made on 9/5/15. This will not be refunded.However, she will NOT be responsible for the remaining 5 payments. Her program has been cancelled as of 11:31am on 9/10/15.

This place is awesome! You actually hit bags not air! You sweat ALOT! They modify for those that need it! Highly recommended.

This is by far the best workout that I've ever had! I love the staff and the workouts are energizing!

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