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LL Flooring

3000 John Deere Rd, Toano, Virginia, United States, 23168-9332

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Jan 30, 2020

Engineered wood laminate flooring not fully completed to home owners satisfaction as repairs are still ongoing.
Product: XXXXXXXX/ASENBBO5/1043/90/ Purchased on 09/14/19 Order# XXXXXXXXX *** USD on store card through *** Bank at store *** Customer # XXXXXXX

Installation of product on 10/03/19 completed on 10/06/19. After completion of installation damaged planks were found. Chipped edges, splinters along plank edges, planks that were cut short that didn't meet the adjoining planks and baseboards. The transition strips were the wrong product and did not properly cover the gaps between the planks and the ceramic tiles leading from the kitchen area to the living room and around the fireplace and doors.

We notified Lumber Liquidator on 10/09/19 of the damaged planks and they sent a response email on 10/11/19 asking for pictures. We sent dozens of pictures showing all the damaged planks and ill fitting transitions. On 10/29/19 we received another email with an assigned repair specialist case #XXXXXXX. We have had the damaged planks repaired and replaced six times with complete failure. The planks are not adhering to the concrete floor. It appears that the product may be defective and that the incorrect glue is being used.

Desired Outcome

We would like a complete replacement per the 01/13/2020 email sent by Leslie and Lauren, both representatives of Lumber Liquidators. In our opinion this is a defective product and we would want a different product in its replacement. If this is not in agreement with Lumber Liquidators, we would want a full refund of all monies which would include the boxes of planks we bought to replace the damaged ones. Lumber Liquidators would need to remove the flooring and clean up the glue on the cement. We have the chain of email communications between Leslie, Lauren and Roderick and Jodie ***.

LL Flooring Response time Feb 05, 2020

Thank you for contacting us. We truly regret this experience and we are more than happy to make sure this gets rectified. This customer currently has an active case file in Customer Care. According to our records, the customer was scheduled to have a third party inspection today. We will provide the customer with more information once the report is available. Please let me know if any other concerns need to be addressed.

Sr. Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Customer Response time Feb 08, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Yes, a Third Party Inspector came to our home and inspected the floors. We are still waiting for the report of his findings. We do not accept the business response as more planks are popping up than the initial ones that were repaired. We have attached additional pictures.

LL Flooring Response time Feb 18, 2020

Good Morning, this case is still currently being reviewed by the case representative. I will contact her today to obtain a status update for the customer and will reach out as any updates are received. Thank you for your continued patience with this matter and for allowing me to assist you.

Sr. Escalation Complaint & Resolution Specialist

Customer Response time Feb 24, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The person that is handling our dispute has not gotten back to us regarding when we can expect a definite conclusion to our ongoing issue with the floors. She does not keep us updated on a regular basis and only respond after we send an email. Last response from her was Feb. 19th that included the inspection report that we had to ask for. It's going on six months now and our patience has been depleted. Our email to her on Feb. 17th asked for a decision and resolution before month end. We don't want to have to go into March waiting for a decision to be made. We want this nightmare to be over with sooner than later.

Poor Installation Of Flooring and Company not guaranteeing within the warranty period.
Sent In Ref. XXXXX

Desired Outcome

to refund the additional *** in addition to the *** already refunded.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 14, 2020

Customer originally called in 1/17/19 with concerns of the installers not being responsive in regards to doing repairs in which they did but the problem persist in another area. Repair work was done but not to the satisfaction of the customer and the claim continued. A rep provided a resolve by giving the customer his entire installation cost of *** in a corporate check which would then moving forward void the warranty for installation and limit the warranty for the flooring. Customer called back in 12/2/19 requesting additional compensation for the installation and because he had to get it fixed on his own. After further investigation by another rep who handles the new case it was determined that the customer left and or leaves the home at extensive periods with no HVAC system running which causes a greenhouse effect. This would cause the customer's new concerns and technically voids the floor warranty if the floor is not maintained under the manufacturers specifications. It is the consumers responsibility to research the specs on how to maintain the floor for longevity and follow. He was offered an additional *** outside of the warranty being voided for installation and not floor due to not properly maintaining the site. Customer agreed with the amount offered and the total refund given to the customer by check totaled *** in which his total purchase through LL was *** The claim is denied for additional compensation due to site related issues and money already provided outside of the warranty guidelines.

Customer Response time Jan 17, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company has not assumed the responsibility that 3/8 of a inch must be allowed for expansion according to other flooring companies in McAllan. There are many winter texans with the same type of flooring that eave and go north without and ac being left on.I am told there is no such thing as Greenhouse Effect . If so furniture would fall apart. I reiterate our flooring was improperly installed by not allowing for expansion.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 23, 2020

The credit issued back to the customer in the amount of *** was for installation and any errors that have been done which goes for the alleged lack of expansion space. That also voided the one year installation warranty. A request for additional money in the amount of *** to be refunded back to the customer was considered and then an agreement was made for the amount of *** to assist with repairs to be refunded. The total refund provided to the customer is *** goes beyond the warranty. We can not provide additional monies to the customer due to there not being a product issue and have made him whole with the purchase of installation. The monies refunded back to him could have assisted with repairs from another installer. Please do not negate that the house is not kept at a constant temperature which then the floor will expand and show gaps as the customer concerns are.

Customer Response time Jan 26, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is not about warranty. This is about the improper installation causing damage to the product by not leaving room for the flooring to expand. This is about proving many interlocking floors are installed in the Rio Grande Valley and residents leaving in the summer months and not leaving the a/c on and not having damage when they return like experienced. If proper allowances are made for expansion during installation there is not damage to the product by heaving . This is about integrity. This is about using excuses and alibis to take advantage of 81 year old retires. A good company takes responsibility for thier sub contractors. This is about stepping up to the plate and supporting your seniors.

I contacted ll costumer service about floor issues a few times they were supposed to send a way to send pictures of the issue I didn't anywere
I contacted them about a year ago they didn't really help they gave me the run around they were supposed to send a way to send pictures of the problem the entire floor is warped and the seams are rubbing off.the purchase was 8/17/2017 there are two the other a few months earlier. customer # XXXXXXX the total for both was about *** ll credit card

Desired Outcome

I would like a new floor installed for free considering it's only two years old

LL Flooring Response time Jan 10, 2020

Contact Name and Title: Roya- Sr. Escalation Rep
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX x 4961
Contact Email: ***
Good morning,

We regret to hear that Mr. has had issues with having his flooring concerns addressed. Per the information on file, he initiated a warranty case on April 10, 2019. Our case administrator attempted to reach out to Mr. at phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX on April 15, 2019 and April 19, 2019 in hopes to follow up on the documents needed to pursue with his warranty concerns. Unfortunately the phone number that we had on file was not a working number, so the case was closed. We will be more than happy to reach out to Mr. in hopes to re open his warranty case.

Kind regards,

Roya Senior Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Jan 06, 2020

Terrible product and terrible customer service.
In May 2019 we went to the LL in Riverdale UT. The store's staff was nice but did not have any knowledge of the products. We ended up buying a vinyl plank that was advertised as a highest quality product with life warranty. We decided to contract the installers through LL to avoid problems and paid around *** for the installation. We were told the installation would take 2-3 days. The installers came and worked until 9pm one day and did not come back. They said they lived about 1 hour away so they needed to finish. It was a very unprofessional installation, the product bubbles up within hours.
We contacted the store and they told us they couldn't do anything about it, nobody called us to resolve the issue, the store told us to call HQ in Virginia . We send emails and photos, customer service is not prompt to respond to emails or calls, it takes several attempts to even have someone call us back. The installer was the same. After over 40 emails they finally sent a third party to inspect the flooring as they originally told us there was nothing wrong with the floor and it did that because we Let the sun come through the window, which is not true. I am still trying to get someone to fix the floors, they are poorly installed and the product has failed to every single level of quality that was advertised. The customer service is rude when we get to speak with someone, they do not try to help you. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed with this company. I will never recommend anyone buying from them.

Desired Outcome

We will really like LL to offer a resolution by replacing the flooring and taking responsibility for the installation issues. They do not care about their customers as they are showing little sympathy for the nightmare we have to suffer after spending *** Very frustrating and tired is calling with no response from the company.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 09, 2020

Customer advised some issues on 6/27/19 with installation regarding transitions pieces that were installed sloppy along with baseboards. Concern of the upstairs area of the floor bowing and possibly installed to tight was also advised. A repair was done for the transition pieces and baseboard on 7/2/19 along with the upstairs area. The upstairs area was now said to have buckled a month after repairs. An inspection was commissioned after an assessment was performed by the original installers. The installer pointed out the sunlight coming in through the windows which would cause the floor to edge lift as it was doing per the pictures submitted in through the customer. The customer signed off on documentation that informed on what could happen if the floor is exposed to too much sunlight. The inspection came back referencing the sunlight factor and install related issues that the floor was out of flat which could also be a contributing factor to the concerns. I called the customer on 11/20/19 and informed that we were coming up with a repair plan to fix the issues as board replacement had been done previously. The installer has provided me a material and repair list to get the customer taken care of by replacing the affected area with new material however I have not been successful with speaking with the customers and provide the resolution presented to me.

Customer Response time Jan 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Even though We agreed to have the installer back to "fix" the area upstairs, I believe that customer service did not respond to our claim in a timely manner. The original customer representative left without anyone contacting us and informed us who was going to take care of our claim for months. On the notes, I did tell them to contact me personally as they keep trying to contact my husband that could not answer due to work. Regarding the document we sighed reflecting the clause where states the floor may bow if exposed to direct sunlight, I have 3 things to say ... 1. READ THE SMALL PRINT, 2. Train your staff to know the products you are selling, as we were told this floor was top notch and basically indestructible. This was never mentioned 3. Why they would sell such a bad product in the first place if you can even let sunlight through your windows in a home where the floors are installed ? Poor poor customer oriented company.
I do not believe this floor is going to look the way is suppose to even after the fix that area, but is a start, and I am happy they are attempting to do something They know the floor is a bad quality and this issue will continue because the sun has not cause the problem as they say.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 14, 2020

A resolve has been provided to the customer and agreed upon as we will be going in an removing the upstairs area floor and installing the same floor but new. The same information will be advised to the customer as to how to maintain the site so that the same concern may not arise in the future. The floor is not of bad quality and LL stands behind there product however it is the responsibility of the consumer to research the product prior to purchase and follow the manufacturers guidelines to have longevity. As far as customer service the original rep working the case moved on to another position and the next rep stepped in in a timely manner to handle the case appropriately. We look forward to getting this resolved by fixing the install related issues advised to the customer along with site concerns and having them enjoy there floor as originally intended.

Flooring is cracking and pulling apart at the seams causing gapping throughout the entire floor.
Flooring was purchased on January *** at
*** North *** Street
We purchased 2 different flooring types.
CLX UL Timber Wolf Pine *** 7mm
CLX UL *** Pine EVP 8mm
Materials plus installation totaled *** + *** (material credit) = ***
Installation was completed in March 2018. We were pleased with the job throughout the spring and summer months. Once fall came, we noticed some separation starting and contacted the State College location in Oct 2018 regarding our concern that there were 4 spots that were separating on the upstairs floor. We never received a response back from them so we contacted them again. They finally sent their installer. *** is very busy as he was their only installer and lives 2 hours from our home. It took him 2-3 weeks to schedule the visit. When he arrived he said sometimes temperature causes flooring to shift so he took a rubber mallet and tapped the planks back together. While here, he admitted that he hadn't done many floors with different sized planks like the one he laid in our upstairs. He said to wait and see if the planks pulls apart again. In the meantime, we knew the installation warranty was approaching expiration. After several months, we started seeing the same spots pulling apart along with several new spots. By this time, the warranty had expired but the local store had not contacted their corporate office to file a complaint. The first complaint documentation on record was on 7/23/19. ***, from their Customer Service Care team contacted us requesting us to complete and submit a General Disclosure Statement along with 5-10 photos of the floor.
In the meantime, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have multiple surgeries and trips back and forth to Pittsburgh PA for treatment. Obviously during that time our focus was on my health and our responsiveness to this case was *** at best.
On 8/20/19, I was contacted by Lauren, LLIS Customer Resolution Specialist and given a case ID# XXXXXXX. *** scheduled *** to visit again and commented that it could be a product defect. After ***'s visit, it was determined that we had 2 choices, one was to take up a piece of the flooring and have it sent out to be tested for a faulty locking mechanism. The other option was to pay to have the flooring removed and reinstalled 100% out of pocket along with replacement materials. They would still do the sample testing to validate any product failure. Once they received the results, we would be issued a refund for the materials that were purchased out of pocket and a refund for the labor. If the product was found void of defect, all of the out of pocket costs paid will be final. Obviously we opted for option #1 since paying out of pocket expenses for something that was no fault of our own, was not an option for us. On 10/3/19 we agreed to have someone come to extract a piece for testing. They didn't send someone in until 11/8/19. On a side note, the sample they took was not taken from the worst spot but one of the less obvious spots. The test results were communicated back to us on 11/27 as no issues with the locking mechanism.
We were then told that the only way to resolve this issue is with transiton strips and the seams glued to hold the planks together. Otherwise, we could have the floor removed and replaced or change the application to a glue down install instead of floating all at an expense to us of *** None of these scenarios were presented to us at time of purchase. We may not have chosen this floor otherwise. We are not interested in transition strips or a glued down floor. The product was misrepresented.

***Please note that *** also installed our downstairs flooring at the same time. We have had no issues with it. It was even a larger area but a different flooring with all the same sized planks.

Desired Outcome

We want a floating floor free of transition strips and glue. The supplier of the flooring misrepresented the product we were sold if it requires these things. We want a replacement floor at no additional cost to us or a refund of the total cost of the materials and labor paid at time of contract.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 08, 2020

Thank you for contacting us. We received this case on 07/23/2019 for concerns of gapping. The case representative assigned performed a thorough investigation and has presented three resolutions to the customer. We are willing to assist with repair as a courtesy as the one-year installation warranty has expired as of 03/04/2019. To date, we have not received a response from the customer since 01/03/2020 when the offers were extended. Please let me know if there are any other issues that need to be addressed.

Sr. Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Customer Response time Jan 16, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We do not accept their response because again, the product we thought we were purchasing was misrepresented as a floating floor not a glued down floor application that they are now proposing. We didn't want glue that would be permanent and break down over time. This floor has a lifetime guarantee so what happens to the warranty when the product is glued down? Regardless, that application was not an option for us. Likewise, the option of adding transition strips is not acceptable due to our open floor concept home. Transition strips would change the look of the rooms resulting in a lack of flow from room to room which is what we had before and the exact reason we were replacing the old flooring. If transition strips were required for this flooring, we would not have chosen this flooring and would have opted for another. At no time during the quoting, purchasing or installation were transition strips or glue even mentioned. If one or both of these were required, I would have expected them to be part of the bill of materials and we would have been told these were flooring components just like we were told about the underlayment and trim. Lumber Liquidator's are supposed to be experts in the industry and should be trained enough in their products to represent them in the correct manner. Home improvement projects are almost always a major investment so as a consumer I would expect that the employees know the product components and application and can assist the customer. This is vital to customer satisfaction. As I stated previously, the downstairs flooring (Rose Canyon) which was purchased and installed at the same time and by the same installer is perfect and has not gapped at all. In fact, we have more square footage downstairs that upstairs. If the gapping is due to lack of transition strips or glue, then I would have expected the downstairs flooring to do the same thing and even more. The only difference is the flooring downstairs was a different flooring than what was installed upstairs. Although Lumber Liquidator's claims otherwise, I'm convinced that the varied plank lengths of the Timber Wolf upstairs flooring is the reason for the gapping. The planks of the downstairs flooring are all the same which may be why we are not experiencing the gapping downstairs. When speaking with *** in Lumber Liquidator's Customer Care Group, she asked what they could do to resolve the issue, I had suggested that they install the Rose Canyon flooring upstairs since that flooring has met our expectations. Lastly, the offer of money back is an insult and doesn't even come close to the amount of time and money we have spent trying to get this issue resolved to our satisfaction. I'm highly disappointed with Lumber Liquidator's lack of communication and their disregard for customer satisfaction. I hope that they will reconsider the options and replace our flooring or refund us the total cost of the flooring and installation. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

LL Flooring Response time Jan 22, 2020

Good afternoon,

As of 1/17, I reached out to Ms. to provide another option for resolution. She accepted the offer and the case is currently pending for sample review. I will provide more updates when they are received.

Thank you,

Sr. Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Customer Response time Jan 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First of all, I'd like to state that each time there is communication between myself and ***, I always have to initiate the call. I would have thought they would at least attempt to make an effort to reach out. Their responsiveness is lacking to say the least. Very disappointing.

Each time over the last 2 weeks I was told that I would hear something back within a few days and each time I was the one reaching out for an answer. Progress cannot be made when there is a week or more between each communication.

At this point, we have agreed to let them come back and take a sample from an area which is far worse than the first sample taken. Unfortunately they are unable to come take the sample until February 10th which will put us back another 2 1/2 weeks delaying any progress once again.

I can't help but feel like they are dragging their feet and we are just getting the runaround.

Awful! Ordered wood and had us drive to Austin to pick up and was not even the right wood! Made us wait 3 wks. And the guy in Austin said he could of had it delivered in 1. Do not recommend at all! Need an overhaul in the Tyler office!

Floor installers damaged my baseboards, the store has not been taken my complaint to have these repairs done seriously.
We purchased over 1,000 sq ft of vinyl flooring and installation accessories from Lumber Liquidators in Oklahoma City on October 20, 2019, to include professional installation of the floors and removal and replacement of existing baseboards. Our floors were installed on Friday and Saturday November 22 & 23rd. The baseboards were damaged in the process, to the point that a small section was broken and one of the installers tried to conceal the damage with some type of silicone. The lead installer, Pedro, left some equipment behind so when he came to get it, my husband spoke with him about the damages, specifically the piece that was broken and covered up. He said that he would try to find a piece to match our existing baseboards, but we have not heard from him since.
I have been in contact with Chris at the store, but he brushed me off several times, so I left a negative review on Google, and promptly received an email from Lauren *** I submitted photos and a General Disclosure Agreement on December 16. Lauren said she sent my photos and docs to their Customer Care Dept on December 18, and said they would contact me by December 19. I emailed Lauren on December 20, but it seems they are avoiding me.
This is several hundreds of dollars in baseboards that have been damaged, which does not include the cost of hiring someone to replace them.
Product- CLX XD Rocky Hill Hickory 6mm w/ pad
Quantity- 1,050.30 sq ft
Total- ***
Underlayment- 6mil Poly Sheeting 300 sq ft.- ***
Cement- 50 lb ***
Bostik Primer 1GAL- ***
CLX Rocky Hill Hickory Waterproof TM- ***
CLX Rocky Hill Hickory Waterproof CM- ***
Floor Maintenance Kit- ***
Pro-Install sq ft. ***

Total for all install, flooring and materials-

Desired Outcome

I expect all the baseboards they removed to be replaced and installed because they damaged each one.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 30, 2019

Contact Name and Title: Sr. Escalation Specialist
Contact Email: ***
Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about the experience the consumer has had. From our records, on 12/16/2019 we responded to the consumer's concerns regarding baseboard damage that ensued during installation. In following proper procedure, we created a warranty case file and collected photos and a general disclosure form so that all of the consumer's concerns are properly documented and addressed. The consumer's case file was dispatched to our installation customer care department on 12/23/2019 and we contacted the consumer on 12/24/2019 to notify her that we will be following up with the installer to discuss options of resolution for the consumer. During the installation the used baseboards were removed and reinstalled, the consumer was advised that damage was to be expected when removing and reinstalling the baseboards, however, we did offer the consumer with a goodwill courtesy of *** to be issued back to the original method of payment. The consumer did accept the offer and it is currently being processed.

Thank you,

Paid for Hardwood floors installed. The last part of install in kitchen floors looks like a completely different floor. the color variation is so off.
Had 13 boxes that weighed 60 pounds each of solid hardwood delivered. opened top 2 boxes and saw that they matched my current floor perfectly. Day 1 of install it looked amazing because they used the 1st two boxes. Remaining floor installed looks nothing like other floor in color. I was at home working, installer did not notify me of any drastic color variation. the color variations was not was not enter woven to make it appear natural at all. So half the kitchen floor has dark hardwood that completely matches the whole house and the other half looks like honey oak colored floors. I was told it's a natural 5 shades difference and I should have individually handed their professional installers every piece of wood that I wanted installed for accuracy. Nothing was laid out before hand and approved by me. The installer chose the pieces and just installed without consulting me. It was like they didn't even notice the drastic color change half way through the kitchen. If boards were not installed I could have returned them for darker boards but since it's done it's now called natural color variation and I'm stuck paying almost *** for two vastly different colored floors.

Desired Outcome

I want the wrong boards removed and the correct product installed without them saying this is a color variation and not our responsibility. If I had hired my own company to install they would have cared enough to notice and bring it to my attention verses blinding installing different colored floors

LL Flooring Response time Dec 18, 2019

Good morning,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding Ms. concerns. We truly regret to hear there are concerns regarding the color variation throughout the fully installed Virginia Mill Works 3/4" x 5" Beartooth Mountain Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring (SKU: XXXXXXXX). We have received a case file for Ms. concerns and have provided her with helpful information. Per the invoice it states: Wood products are natural with variations in color, tone, and grain patterns that are not considered flaws or defects. Characteristics may vary to include: slight imperfections in milling, color fading/darkening when exposed to UV sunlight or heat exposure. Expect variations from board to board. Pull from multiple boxes when installing. The floor warranty also states: Color and Shade Variations: New or replacement flooring may not always match samples, printed color photography (including websites and catalogs), existing flooring or other wood products (such as cabinets, stair railings, trim and moldings) due to, among other things, natural variations that occur in species, age, growing conditions, exposure to UV/sunlight and other factors. Consequently, these variations should be expected. Shade variations are an inherent trait of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Inspect product before installation Claims for color and shade variation will not be accepted after the product is installed. We certainly apologize that Ms. is unhappy with her install, however concerns with the color variation are not warrantable. As a courtesy, I will be more than happy to issue a store credit in the amount of *** of the Virginia Mill Works 3/4" x 5" Beartooth Mountain Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring (SKU: XXXXXXXX) that was originally purchased which would be *** This offer will be available until 1/1/2020. I will attach a copy of the original invoice and floor warranty.

For more information please visit our website:

Dec 10, 2019

In home measurement still not done and lost *** dollars
I called lumber liquidators of Louisville ky on December the 3rd for a in home measurement paid the *** dollar fee to come out. The third party contractor came out from reilly brothers flooring in the 4th. He was 30 minutes late and I had to go back to work to drive a school bus. He got out of the truck talked on the phone for 20 minutes before I said I had to go back to work. He smarted off said he was working. He came in measured which took 6 minutes with a lazer, told me I would hear from the store in 3 days by Friday. Didn't hear anything. So on today the 9th I called the store asked them what was going on, told them about the contractor being rude and late and the store told me that he hasn't submitted the measurements. The store said they would call the contractor and get back with me. So I didn't hear back, I called headquarters. Headquarters left the store a message. Still have not heard anything.

Desired Outcome

I would like the *** dollar refund since they are not going to fix anything or work with me.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 11, 2019

Thank you for contacting us!

I sincerely apologize for this experience. As a one-time courtesy, I have credited the $*** measure fee back to the card on file and a credit memo has been sent via email. Please advise if there are any other concerns that need to be addressed.

*** & Response Specialist

Warranty not honored.
We purchased the TRQ XD Clear Lake Chestnut 4mm Click on August 15 and a professional installed on August 18th. Exactly 40 days after installation, I started noticing separation and bulging. I called the local store and they referred me to customer service. I was asked several things about the installation process. In summary I was told because we did not do a moisture test this could be the cause of the issues. The installation guide does not say it's required yet recommended. Also we were told be cause the floor was installed on concrete we should have used polyethylene for moisture protection to which I responded I bought what was suggested by your "floor experts" in the store. Why should I be expected to know this. I think the warranty is joke and is never meant to be honored. The customer service people are incompetent people who have scripted responses to all concerns. To have a floor installed and has to ripped out due to manufacturing defects in 45 days is disturbing.

Desired Outcome

Either refund or store credit.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 16, 2019

Thank you for contacting us! In order to best resolve this matter, I will need to investigate further. I will reach out the customer within 72 business hours. Let me know if there are any other concerns that need to be addressed.

Thank you,

***& Response Specialist

Customer Response time Dec 19, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Customer service refused to do anything regarding my complaints. The local store however realized they sold me the incorrect underlayment which was causing all the problems. They have agreed to re-install my floor at no cost.

We had a hard wood order and installation with Lumber liquidator Seattle store.
Cr XXXXXXX. Installation order number XXXXXXXXX. There are about *** unused materials left. Very heavy stuff. They want me to pay for pick up in order to have those material returned to store so I can have refund. The pickup fee is about *** I don't want to pay a dollar. I already made payment to have them delivered to my home based on their estimates. They sent me too many quantity, I don't understand why I'm responsible to the cost.

Desired Outcome

Offer completely free pickup to the store.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 03, 2019

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to Ms. concerns. We are sorry to hear that there are concerns involving the order pick up fee. It is understood that Ms. had left over material from her project that she needed to return. The estimate Ms. was given includes a waste factor of 5-10% of the total square footage of her purchase, however, waste may be higher based on room layout product description or product grade. Waste factor information is also listed on the warranty guide. As far as the pick up expenses, we coordinate with third party companies to provide this service. Similar to how we coordinate with third party companies to deliver merchandise to our customers. Being that the company we use to pick up materials from our customers home is a third party, there is a fee that we have to pay the company. This is the reason that Ms. was quoted *** to have her left over materials picked up. *** from our Seattle, Washington store location took Ms. concerns into consideration and the store actually quoted her less than what she would've actually paid for pick up. In addition, Ms. called our corporate office on November 26, 2019 and was offered her a *** store credit to go towards the pick up expenses. Ms. denied the offer.I did contact the Seattle, Washington store to follow up with *** today and it appears that Ms. drove the left over materials to the store on November 27, 2019 to process her return. I hope this information is helpful.

A copy of the warranty guide and terms and conditions can be found at: ***

Thank you

Dec 02, 2019

They damaged my couch, and internet modom and refuse to reimburse me for the damage, only ***
I hired the company to install my vinyl plank flooring. They installed it completely wrong, had to come out a 2nd time to fix the issues. The provided me a *** refund based on the terrible job, and complete lack of professionalism. I noticed after they left they had damaged a picture frame, my internet modom and tour my couch. I provided them with pictures of the damage and the installer came out to fix the previous mentioned installation job. While there, he asked to see the damage and to take a picture of the damage which I allowed. I then received a call from Lumber liquidators stating that they received images of the damage before the installation which is impossible. I asked to see the image but they refused to supply that image. They did offer me *** however that will. Not cover the cost of a new couch from the tear that they caused. They stated That I don't have pictures from before the Incident to disprove their photos.

Desired Outcome

I would just like the damaged property to be replaced

LL Flooring Response time Dec 03, 2019

Contact Name and Title: Sr. Escalation Specialist
Contact Email: ***
Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about the experience the consumer is having. Please provide us with an invoice so that we may better assist you.


Customer Response time Dec 04, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What type of invoice would you like? I'm currently speaking with Joelle (unsure of last name). She did state yesterday that she is willing to compromise. I advised her that any similar couch I found was in the realm of XXXX-XXXX because it is a sectional couch. I said I believe *** would be reasonable.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 05, 2019

Thank you for your response. We see that the consumer was able to work out a resolution with our Representative, Joelle, as of 12/04/2019. Joelle was able to settle with Mr. by providing a refund of *** to address his damaged property.

Sr. Escalation Specialist

The issue is a product liability issue due to a manufacturing defect or packaging error. This has resulted in *** of damage. The product label does not correspond to the actual product that is inside of the box. The product used for my stair treads was labeled as Driftwood Hickory on the box. This was purchased to match my flooring planks which were also labeled as Driftwood Hickory and purchased from the same Lumber Liquidator (store *** The treads I purchased should have been the same color as the floor planks which is gray. However, the treads appear to be a yellow green color when they are compared side by side to the flooring planks. The product sign on the flooring at the store showroom stated there were matching stair treads available and the sales person gave me a 100% guarantee the treads would match.
Product_Or_Service: RE Driftwood Hickory 48" Tread
Order_Number: XXXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I propose two solutions:1- Lumber liquidator can reinstall the right matched treads with returning the entire stair as it is now (stair sides and risers includes paint) .2- Lumber liquidator pays *** the damage caused by the wrong or bad products which is

LL Flooring Response time Nov 26, 2019

Thank you for contacting us. We received this case on 11/18 and the customer sent us all of the documentation on 11/20 to proceed forward with the warranty process. He was assigned to a Customer Engagement Specialist on 11/25. The rep has not had a chance to investigate the above complaint. We would like the opportunity to assist the customer to a resolution. I will have the case representative contact Mr. today.

Thank you,
*** Complaint & Response Specialist

LL Flooring Response time Nov 27, 2019

Good afternoon,

After reviewing this case further, it appears that our management team extended the same offer of *** as store *** and customer declined. He requested more compensation to pay his contractor which is not covered. The offer was only good for 72 hours. As of 11/18, the offer has been revoked and the case has been closed. Please let me know if there is any way I can assist further with this case.

Thank you,

Sr Escalation Complaint & Resolution Specialist

Customer Response time Dec 11, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am not satisfied with LL reply. I have ordered the Driftwood Hickory treads and I received a different product labeled with Driftwood Hickory. The treads do not match the Driftwood Hickory flooring plank as LL advertised and promise to deliver. LL sold me the floor plank over *** Sq Ft for *** after they promised that they are selling the matching treads. The crew who installed the floor is not the same one who did the stair. I am not sure what they mean by "not covered" ?

I was sold defective Bamboo flooring. The flooring is chipping, peeling and warping.
We purchased solid Bamboo flooring on 4/23/2018 from LL in Hurst Tx for the amount of *** this is including the underlay material. Order #XXXXXXXXX We picked up the flooring and let is "rest" for approx. 4 weeks in our dining room before the contractor installed. As we were laying the floor we started to notice that some of the boxes had defective wood. Some of the wood was discolored and had warping. After we started to examine the boxes further we realized that there were two different lots of wood. First off according to the sales man this should not have happened due to the large variation in color with every lot of wood. At this point we were to far into the project so we continued to lay. However we did return the wood/boxes all from the same lot of wood that was defective. The store would not take back any of the pieces from the defective lot that were already laid or cut. At the time the pieces that were down were showing no signs of defects. Around December 2018 I noticed a part of the flooring that was warping/bowing. It started with one board. This defective board had a chain reaction with all the surrounding pieces. 26 FT X 2 FT of bowed flooring now remains. There is also 2 boards in my kitchen that have separated, split apart. There is no fixing this unless the entire floor is pulled up. Some of the boards are chipping and cracking and it looks as if the seams of some of them are deteriorating. My biggest concern however is the fact that the top coating is peeling off. My son is severely asthmatic, this is the reasoning for us to replace the flooring. I feel that his condition has got worse since the breakdown of these floors. I also wonder if my severe migraines have anything to do with this as well. What toxins are leaking out from the defective flooring? I called LL in February and spoke to ***. She agreed that since there was such a large amount of damage that they would send out an inspector to examine the flooring. The appointment with the inspector was March *** one week prior to the inspector coming out our AC/heating unit went out. When the inspector called to confirm the appointment I informed them that our AC unit was broke and we are waiting for them to come and replace units. I asked them if it was a good idea to reschedule due to the environment being off and I knew there would be high humility levels. The inspector assured me it would have no baring on the inspection and he would take our AC units being broke into consideration. So I told him to come out as scheduled. I marked all the defects on the floor with tape, he took many many pictures, he said LL would call me after he was done with his report. A couple weeks later *** called and said the case was closed and the damage was due to high humidity! I tried to explain that our AC units were out and she said they stand by their inspectors report and if I did not agree I could hire my own inspector. We could barely afford these floors now we have to hire our own inspector! Not to mention I did try and no company I came across does these types of inspections. What a joke this whole process was. The inspector only used a couple pictures in his report showing damage but he did make it a point to show my sons skate board that was on the carpet as a 'potential' issue! He was also taking pictures of the piece of plastic toys that were on the floor saying it could scratch the floor. This inspector is a total shame! The inspection was to be about the defective flooring not something that could potentially scratch the floor! We do not live in a museum! I get furious everytime I see another piece of wood with damage. On 7/8/19 I made a comment to someone on social media about LL and them not standing by their products. *** a customer service rep offered me *** store credit. My answer was no! Terrible customer service, they do not stand by their products and we are out *** away from LL

Desired Outcome

A full refund of the flooring so we can replace this damaged/defective toxic bamboo flooring.

LL Flooring Response time Nov 27, 2019

Good morning,

Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that there are concerns regarding Mr. floor purchase. For fully installed flooring issues, we thoroughly investigate concerns through our warranty case process. The flooring mentioned with visible defects should not have been installed with respect to the warranty. As far as the concerns of different lots being sold, this is a natural product with expected variations in grain, tone, pattern and color. The invoice states that characteristics may include color fading/ darkening when exposed to UV sunlight, denting, and seasonal gapping. Such features are not defects and not subject to claims. Expect variations from samples to installed flooring. Expect variations from board to board. We recommend that customers pull from multiple boxes when installing. Per reviewing the warranty case addressing Mr. concerns, we had a third party inspector from Inspect Solutions thoroughly inspect the flooring issues. There were no manufacturing related issues observed. The areas of concern were site related and installation related. The site related issues observed were checking in the finish, the cupping of the planks and the splintering along the side seams are consistent with a topical moisture intrusion and excessive fluctuations in the interior environment. The relative humidity level at 66.1% is evidence of this condition. Per the warranty it states: "Moisture (or Lack of Moisture): Damages caused by moisture (such as leaking pipes, spills, wet mopping, pets, relative humidity, subfloor moisture etc.) are excluded. Moisture (and dryness) can cause issues such as checks, cupping, crowning, warping, buckling, peeling, twisting, seam swelling or gapping. Damage from such conditions, including to the floor and subfloor, is not covered under this warranty." The installation issues found were cupping resulting from the lack of perimeter expansion space, the length of the run being over 30', and the lack of proper acclimation of the flooring material was also a factor; as the boxes are to be opened, the planks removed and stacked in a tower. The scratching and chipping of the finish resulted from consumer-related activities. Although this material is scratch resistant, no flooring material is scratch proof. We ask that customers refer to their invoice, installation instructions and the warranty prior to installation. Being that the issues observed by the inspection were not considered warrantable and no manufacturing issues were observed, there was no further investigation necessary. We have advised the customer if they disagree with the inspection findings, then they can pursue an inspection at their own expense by a *** certified inspector. We have emailed an inspection company reference sheet to assist Mr. with locating a licensed inspector. Should he pursue an inspection and the report validates a manufacturing concern, then we will be more than happy to investigate his concerns further. As a goodwill courtesy offer, we have offered a store credit in the sum amount of *** which is half the cost of the original remaining order. In addition, the store also reduced the cost of the underlayment purchased per the order invoice to address the concerns of the material that Mr. returned.

For more information please visit our terms and conditions posted a www.*** Our warranty and installation guides can also be found at our website.

Customer Response time Dec 06, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Lumber Liquidators has ignored the fact over and over again that the inspector lied. He told us that it would be of no issue that our AC unit was not working at the time of inspection and any high humidity would be taken into account. He did not such thing! Our contractor measured the humidity prior to install and all reading were fine. Also we have a humidity reader in our house and it is always in normal range EXEPT when our AC unit was not working for a few days until the units could be replaced. There is no moisture in our house!!Only the short time frame when I was dealing with the AC units. And this is what you all are trying to blame the claim on, moisture! This inspector lied!
Also the flooring was acclimating inside for 1 month prior to install. ALL boxes were open. Nowhere did I read they had to be in a pyramid, really. When the flooring was laid there was NO visual defects otherwise it would have been returned. What did have defect on it was taken back to the store. It took 5-6 months before the wood started to show defects. I was also told by the sales man that selling two different lots of flooring should not have occurred due to each lot having a extreme variation in color. Your sales man also told us that out of all the products your Bamboo was the most hardiest and would hold up well with kids and dogs. This is so untrue. You can not even walk on this flooring with out leaving a trail of foot prints behind you. And before you go blame the cleaner I have always used Bona which is your salesman recommendation.
Also the flooring was pulled from multiple boxes from both lots when installing. This is why we have damaged wood throughout the house and not just in one section. AS far as the gapping goes it is not "seasonal" its a huge gap that can not be fixed. That is a ridiculous statement, "seasonal gapping".. is the floor going to fix itself after it split apart for the season..Really?

LL is not looking at the facts of this situation and are sticking with the word of an inspector who lied. This is terrible on LL part. Not sticking by your products. TERRIBLE and I will let everyone know it. a STORE CREDIT OF ***WILL NOT be enough to replace this flooring.

LL Flooring Response time Dec 12, 2019

Good morning,

We truly regret to hear that Mr. did not accept our previous response. It appears that he is very unsatisfied with the third party inspection that was completed by ***. We understand that his AC unit was not working at the time of the inspection. Although his AC unit affected the humidity and temperature test results, there are still other contributing factors that validate site related issues. Such as, the checking in the finish, the cupping of the planks and the splintering along the side seams which are consistent with a topical moisture. In addition, being that it took 5-6 months before the wood had visible flooring issues, that also indicates that the flooring issues are site related and not manufactured related. The inspection report also stated that the cupping resulted from improper installation as well. Unfortunately, the flooring issues mentioned are not manufactured related. We are standing behind our product by offering a courtesy store credit. The courtesy store credit offer in the sum amount of* will be available until 12/31/19. I will attach a copy of the installation guide, warranty, and inspection report.

For more information please visit our terms and conditions posted a www.***.com. Our warranty and installation guides can also be found at our website.

Customer Response time Dec 31, 2019

I am unsure as to why this case says it closed. The previous message said we had until 12/31/19 to accept an offer. We would like to do so however I would like to see if they would extend the courtesy of a cash credit and not a store credit. Please let me know asap so we can put this behind us.
Thank you

LL Flooring Response time Jan 07, 2020

Good morning,

We will be more than happy to extend our final offer in the sum amount of *** via a store credit only. This offer will be extended until 1-15-2020. Unfortunately, with respect to the warranty we will not be able to honor Mr. request to issue the courtesy refund via a cash credit.

Kind regards,

Roya Senior Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Customer Response time Jan 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If we take this offer how long is the redidt in the store good for?

LL Flooring Response time Jan 20, 2020

Good afternoon,

I apologize for the delayed response. If you would like to accept the store credit offer, the credit does not expire. Please let me know if you would like to accept the credit and I will be more than happy to process your request.

Thank you,

Roya Senior Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

Customer Response time Jan 22, 2020

Yes we will except the offer.

This company are very bad do not ever ever work with them you will be sorry. I have a laundry list of issues that they could have respectively fixed and chose to ignore lie and make stories up to keep prolonging efforts. The ruined the floor in my house took of without a leaving a work order sheet of completion. Scam scam scam wish I saw this that the score a f. Ruined my family's new house and upcoming thanksgiving I wish I could talk to upper board members and tell my story and see if it's the right direction they see for there company to go in. Sad

Purchased flooring and when 3/4 installed from installer we noticed flooring wasn't matching. Found different lot dates on boxes.
Purchased flooring from North Michigan road store in Indianapolis and had it professionally installed. 3/4 the way into the install I noticed flooring wasn't matching in sheen and color. Got all the opened boxes and found they had different lot dates on them. When we picked the flooring up at the store the associate brought the flooring boxes (28 of them) out on a banded pallet. We never were told that they had different lot dates on them. I had to tell the installers not to finish or come back till we resolved the mismatching issue. I was having the living room, dining room, kitchen and entryway done. All the furniture is scattered throughout our home to empty these rooms. on Nov. 1st 2019 I reached out to the store manager and sent pictures and myself and the installer phone called him to let him know the issue. Don Lawson was his name. He said the pictures are perfect and said he was attaching them to the claim. Finally on Nov. 5th I received an email from the claims dept asking me for more info and pictures. On Nov. 6th I recieved confirmation that Angela at the claims dept had received everything and passed it all onto another person called Cresendo and was to I would hear from them within 24-48 hours. It is now Nov. 11th and I have still not heard from anyone and also have reached out to Angela again stating that I haven't heard from Cresendo.

Desired Outcome

I would like to have a full refund at this point to take my business elsewhere and would like them to reimburse me for the installation price I had to still pay for what flooring was installed. I would like them also to pay to have all their mismatched flooring taken up. I would like an apology for not responding in a timely manner seeing my house is in shambles and makes it hard to function daily routines with everything all over the place. there seems to be no sense of urgency to take care of their customers.

LL Flooring Response time Nov 13, 2019

Thank you for contacting us. It appears that Mr. is in communication with a representative from LL and is working out a settlement for validated product concerns where at this time, he will need to agree to settle to reach a resolution as close to his request as possible and within reason.
This matter is being addressed, where a refund for *** will be processed once the signed agreement is received. The remainder of the refund will come upon customer's return of the unopened boxes currently in his possession. That return will need to be made within the 90 day return policy terms.

Thank you,

Senior Supervisor, Customer Care

Customer Response time Nov 15, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I feel I got exactly what I had asked for by Lumber liquidators and that they were fair in the outcome. Only thing I am not happy with and nothing can be done about is the timeframe it has taken to remediate this issue.

Lumber Liquidators has refused to refund charges for installation services not performed.
I arranged with Lumber Liquidators to provide and install four rooms of hardwood flooring. They sent a man out to measure and from his estimates they sold me materials and invoiced me for the labor charges. After the work was completed, I returned all the surplus materials. It is common for hem to overestimate so that the installers have more than they need, so that they don't run short mid-job. They refunded the charges for the materials but would not refund the installation charges which were calculated on a "per square foot" basis.

I returned over 100 sq. ft. of flooring and asked for a credit of the *** / sq. ft that they had charged me for the flooring that was not actually installed. Likewise, there were other materials not used but installation charges had been applied. Initially, I was told at the store that I would have to go to the installer. I said I did not hire the installer - he was a sub-contractor of Lumber Liquidator (LL). I made my payment to LL, not the contractor.

After giving up with the local store (They did not return my call for ten days), I plead my case to their corporate office. Their response was to issue a credit of *** of the *** that I had requested based on documentation I had provided. I suspect hey figure by offering me *** I will go away. I am MOST concerned with a business that is overcharging customers and expecting them to just sit back and accept it.

I don't know if this practice is illegal, but I certainly believe it is unethical and immoral.

I am providing copies of the invoices in PDF form and a copy of a summary in WORD format.

Desired Outcome

I would like to see Lumber Liquidators refund the ENTIRE amount that was billed for installation services not performed.

LL Flooring Response time Nov 20, 2019

Thank you for contacting us. In review of your concerns, I will be more than happy to investigate the work not performed mentioned above. After review of what was purchased and returned, it appears that the customer has calculated the return using the installation cost per square foot *** instead of the product cost per square foot *** Anything additional would be the waste factor. Let me know if any other questions/concerns need to be addressed.

Customer Response time Nov 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Business is not trying to understand my complaint. The price of the material is not in dispute, it is the installation charges being disputed. I have already received credit for returned materials. I want a refund on installation charges on work not done. I returned 3 boxes of flooring, so installation charges *** /sqft)should not apply to that material. Also, they over charged me for shoe molding installation (312 ft at *** /ft when only 195 ft was installed). They also charged me for installing three bags of self leveling concrete *** /bag)which was not needed and thus not installed. Also charged for two dump charges *** when only one was needed. ALL of these charges are carefully explained on my documentation. I believe they overcharge on installation jobs in their belief that the customers are too stupid to understand their VERY complicated invoicing/billing system. Their response is VERY insulting.

LL Flooring Response time Nov 29, 2019

Good morning,

After reviewing this file again, I will offer a one-time courtesy of *** to cover the difference owed for the work not performed. Please allow 72 hours for this credit to process to the original form of purchase. I will be sending over an agreement letter to the customer today. Please let me know if any other concerns need to be addressed.

Thank you,
Sr Escalation Complaint & Response Specialist

my name is *** and I didn't receive my refund check,do to me changing contractors,ive call several times and also call corporate to switch it
Ive into the office as well to switch it from out of the contractors name ad they assured that they would note it in the computer ! And when I called them back to see whats wrong going on with my refund check and they told me that it was mailed out to a Montreal *** which is contractor who didn't do the job do me switching!I am very disappointed in there services and also very upset that they sent my refund to someone that didn't do the job, and for them them to tell me that there isn't anything that they can do.I am not please and I will take further action if nothing is done to resolve the problem.The amount was

Desired Outcome


LL Flooring Response time Nov 21, 2019

Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that there is a concern with our refund policy. Due to our products carrying a warranty to the original purchaser, our warranties (except for the Bellawood line) are not transferrable. Also to protect consumer information, we do not engage in changing any customer record for a situation as such, for this reason of any type of dispute, our records may not be changed.
The customer will need to contact her contractor for any refund requests as we would process any and all refunds/returns to the sold to party as listed on the invoice receipt via the method of payment used on the original order placed. For more information please visit our terms and conditions posted at

over sold incorrect product. 12+ months dealing with customer service with return and reimbursement, nothing has been resolved & calls not returned
Repeated calls to customer service ignored, no call back & im still stuck with product I was wrongly sold.

Desired Outcome

Refund for partial order

LL Flooring Response time Nov 21, 2019

Good morning and thank you for contacting us. We would definitely like to have an opportunity to assist and provide more information regarding the customer's concerns of being over sold incorrect product.
It does not appear that we can locate a file using the information provided. In order to provide more details, we need to know the name and contact information the order was placed under as the following is not the customer of record that we can locate at this time.

Graham ***
Phone number: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Address: *** Drive XXXXX
Gilroy, CA
Email: ***
We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you with more information to better assist you.

Purchased solid wood flooring, home delivery of flooring and installation of the flooring. Amounts of product were determined by a sub-contractor who came to our new home and took measurements of the area in which flooring would be applied. The amount of products needed to perform the installation was determined to be 36 cases of solid wood flooring and assorted additional items. After the work was completed by the sub-contractor, 7 cases of flooring weighing a total of approx 400 pounds and each case in excess of 72 inches remained. The store has indicated that if I wish to receive a refund for the product overestimate performed by their subcontractor, it is my responsibility to return the products to the Bald Hill store location which is a 50 mile round trip.
Product_Or_Service: Wood flooring

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) The excess items picked up by the vendor and a refund for the unused products.

LL Flooring Response time Nov 20, 2019

Thank you for contacting us regarding the return policy concern. We did have the opportunity to speak with Mrs. and a return was processed as of 11/06/19 where a refund was provided in the amount of *** which was put back on the Visa card used for the original purchase pertaining to order#XXXXXXXXXX. If a return receipt is needed we will be happy to provide that information upon request.

We appreciate the opportunity to address the concern, if there are any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank You

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