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Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We have no record of the faxed proof of payment on our email from 12/3/15 or 12/7/15. However, we did get the multiple emails from this consumer on 2/3/16. We contacted Medical Diagnostic Imaging's billing office on...

2/4/16 to verify that the payment of $79.86 was posted to this patient's account. Unfortunately, they did not have the payment credited. Therefore, the receipt copy from the payment website of Medical Diagnostic Imaging was sent to them so that they can research the matter. In the interim, we have ordered the item deleted from Ms. [redacted] credit record pending our client's research. We trust the payment will be located and, once posted to her account, will be resolved on our end as well.We have sent a confirmation letter advising Ms. [redacted]hat we have ordered the account deleted from her credit profile in response to this matter. Please let us know if there is any further information needed to address this complaint. BUREAU OF MEDICAL ECONOMICS

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.  I am very much satisfied.  This collection agency has already deleted this negative account from Experian credit bureau, and Bureau of Medical Economics has faxed over a letter stating the fact that the collection agency will delete this negative item from all credit bureaus the collection agency will work with [redacted] to contact [redacted]'s medical insurance company to get this bill paid of $269,  [redacted] is aware as well as the collection agency that this process may take 30 to 60 days.  [redacted] is extremely satisified with the Collection agency response and the Director of the Collection Agency, Cyndee was outstanding.  [redacted] is extremely grateful to this collection they were excellent no complaints at all.  Thank you very much.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
They never received a response because they were sending the the correspondence to a address I never lived at. I provide correct address after seeing on my credit report. I never received an itemized bill for the service they say they provide just placed on my credit report and now holding me to pay without ever seeing a bill. They sent the the bills to a Pecos road address I have never lived or provided to anyone. Now the account is a negative mark on my report because they failed to notify me. I provided them with a vaid address the still only sent me a letter saying they willl delete if I pay however I still have no idea specifically what I am being charged for or paying. Sorta like we put it on your report now pay us this amount, dont worry about what its for just pay us.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We have reviewed the account and are reporting thefollowing.This account was assigned to our agency on 8/31/2009. The services were delivered by Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group at [redacted] on 4/18/2009. We have attached an...

itemization of charges for the consumer in order to verify this debt.Our first notice was returned In the mail by the USPS with a forwarding address of [redacted].  Subsequent notices were mailed to the [redacted] address with no return mail. No response was made to our notices nor voicemall messages.The first communication with this consumer was on March 181h 2015. The consumer left a message to call [redacted] An agent from the agency called that number back at 10:14AM the same day and left a message for a return call. We have no record of a response to our call.On March 10,20!S, we received a dispute through E-Oscar (web-link to all 3 credit reporting agencies). The consumer stated 11Provlde or confirm complete 10. This collection does not belong to me. I do not live in [redacted] or [redacted]. I have not done business with Medical  Diagnostic Imaging Group, Advanced Radiology Heatthcare, Focused Imaging of AZ or Vascular and lnterventional  Physicians.Per federal statute, a debt collector has 30 days to respond to a dispute. The account was scheduled for debt verification when we received this complaint. On April!,201S,we received a similar dispute through E-Oscar. We are fulfilling our obligation of responding to these disputes with the enclosed itemized statement of charges.This debt is not a situation of being past statute. The [redacted] Statute of limitations would lapse on April 18th 2015, however, when an account is listed on the credit report, there is another statute of limitation of 7 years from the listing date which,In this case,would be 12/2/2015.Please be advised that we have ordered  the item deleted from the consumer's credit profile in consideration that the itemwould be scheduled to delete as past statute in December.We trust this deletion resolves this consumer's dispute. Please let us know If there is any further information needed toresolve this complaint.

The agency has investigated the consumer's complaint. Due to the address of the consumer being different than the original address provided, we have deleted these two items from his credit report. The credit reporting agencies may take a week or two to update their records and this is beyond our...

control.This complaint appears to be addressed and resolved per the consumer's request. Please let us know if there is any further information needed to close this case. Thank you. BUREAU OF MEDICAL ECONOMICS

We have submitted our response to this consumer's complaint in the attachment. The consumer has the two accounts assigned to our agency confused with the hospital facility. These accounts are for providers that are completely separate from the hospital bills. Unfortunately, as an agency representing...

the creditor, BME does not have the prerogative to issue complete write offs of debts assigned for collections. We invite the consumer to send us a financial hardship letter explaining his situation so that we can submit his request to our clients for consideration of a discount on his bills.  We have also attached an itemized statement for each account for his records.Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. Our records show that the consumer had her account assigned to our agency in March 2016 for a date of service with [redacted] of 10/24/2015 in which there was a balance of $306.00 . We show that she did make her...

initial call on 3/15/16 to request a payment arrangement of $25.00 per month. Per our policy, we would not accept a payment arrangement of this small amount because we need to clear the balance due for our client within a timeframe that is agreeable for them. In this case, the $306.00 account would take over a year to recover. However, since we don't have any record of the conversation with Veronica and she is no longer with the company, we are going to honor what this consumer says was agreed to. She can continue to make the $25.00 monthly payments and we have deleted the account information from her credit profile. The account will stay off her credit record on the condition that the $25.00 monthly payment arrangement is kept until the account is paid in full.We trust this will resolve this complaint. Please let us know if there is any further information needed for this matter to be closed. Thank you. BUREAU OF MEDICAL ECONOMICS
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

So, I still have a few issues with the "itemized list".For one, the charge from 01/07/2014 simply states EMERGENCY DEPT VISIT. PEMS, the company charging me, is charging me for a hospital visit that occurred during my time visiting a friend at [redacted] hospital. I had fainted and vomited, and never requested to be admitted to the hospital. I literally woke up in the ER, against my will. I was never diagnosed during my stay, and I've already had [redacted], the hospital itself, agree that I should not have been charged for my stay at all. I don't have health insurance, do not have any source of income, and am a full-time student, spending whatever loans I am able to secure on college tuition.  For the second charge, from 08/21/2013, the charges should be adjusted to reflect that I still have bruising from the numerous attempts from Interventional Radiology's staff attempting to insert this device time and time again, and failing. I endured severe pain from this, and my family members witnessed it all. It is one of the reasons I'll never, as long as I live, return to a [redacted] hospital for anything. I want to also reiterate that I'm not sure how you expect a student with no income to pay for services that he never authorized, and requested to decline, against doctors' orders. There's also a description of a service title "0" that I am apparently expected to pay $34 for. Please let me know what you can do for me, as I was not conscious during my admittance to either hospital, and asked to leave upon regaining consciousness at both hospitals. Instead of heeding my requests, these hospitals kept me there and failed to even diagnose what was wrong with me in the first place. In turn, I've had both hospitals retract any and all claims for payment to them, as I did not sign anything stating that I agreed to pay for said services, nor did I even request the services of either hospital in the first place.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. This account was assigned to collections on 1/16/15 for the amount of $171.60 still open on the account for services by [redacted]. We did hear from this consumer on 2/2/15 in which he stated that he had an appeal...

sent to [redacted] regarding the charges. The acknowledgement letter from [redacted] submitted is for another provider, [redacted], not for the bill for [redacted]. We don't have any further information on file regarding this account. Three messages were left on voicemail to have the consumer call us to give an update on a resolution with his insurance. We didn't receive a response to these messages. On 4/16/15, the telephone number on record was disconnected. We have updated our records to reflect the current phone number for this consumer as listed on the complaint.Contrary to the consumer's complaint, this account hasn't been resolved. The acknowledgement from [redacted] of the appeal doesn't apply to this account and if it did, there is no indication that [redacted] reconsidered and paid the balance due to the appeal after almost 4 months.We have not listed this account on the consumer's credit record due to his appeal but we do need to hear from the consumer promptly regarding any response from [redacted]. We encourage Mr. [redacted] to give our office a call at ###-###-#### in order to resolve this account.Please let us know if there is any additional information needed to resolve this complaint.

Attention: Re: [redacted] Complaint # [redacted] CREDITOR: [redacted] DATE OF SERVICE: 9/18/2011 ASSIGNED DATE: 02/20/2012 ASSIGNED AMOUNT: $ 910.00 Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We have completed the investigation of the...

dispute and respond with the following: [redacted] had a change in their billing services that no doubt caused confusion for Mr. [redacted] about this account. [redacted] (former billing company) archived their account data for [redacted] after fulfilling their contract. However, account data for [redacted] is available from McKesson’s archived records.  We apologize to Mr. [redacted] for his frustration in getting the account details from their office. The archived account data from McKesson Technologies’ system was retrieved on 3/21/17 by our office. McKesson’s account breakdown is attached for Mr. [redacted]’s review.  Please note that our office previously sent verification of the debt on 1/22/16 upon receiving Mr. [redacted] dispute letter at our office. The letter did not give a reason for the dispute. (dispute document attached). The account indicated as 621 is not an account in our system. Our office also sent him a letter asking for additional information in order to locate the relevant account so we could investigate. Our office did not receive a reply with the requested information. We sent Mr. [redacted] another verification of this debt on March 8th. (copy attached) upon a dispute recently received from him via the credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion). Additionally, please see a copy of the financial agreement signed by Mr. [redacted] on the date of service as well as the Driver’s License obtained on registration to the hospital for further review of Mr. [redacted]’s ID. The statute of limitations for Arizona is 6 years from the creation of the debt with a signature agreement of financial responsibility. (see the financial agreement from Scottsdale Healthcare).  This 6 year statute applies to the deadline for a collector to file suit or to list the debt on the credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). There is another statute of limitations per the Fair Credit Reporting Act that applies to the credit reporting bureaus’ ability to list a debt on consumer’s credit record once it is transmitted. Most debt can be listed for 7 years before the credit bureaus drop the trade-line as past the FCRA statute. Our office listed the account well under the Arizona statute in June of 2012. It appears that this debt is correctly listed on the consumer’s credit report and not required to drop off until June 2019. We invite Mr. [redacted] to contact our office for assistance. We can discount the amount due of $902.00 to $541.00 if he settles this account. The account has been suspended from appearing on Mr. [redacted]’s credit record pending resolution in light of this complaint. Please forward all the attachments to Mr. [redacted] for his records. Let us know if there is any further information needed to close this complaint. Sincerely, BUREAU OF MEDICAL ECONOMICS

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