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To Whom it May Concern,We respond to this complaint as follows.Upon reviewing Mr***'s account we show that he signed up for The Essential hosting plan on 04/18/for a two year termThe hosting package did not changed from The Essential hosting plan since sign up and the same package renewed
every yearsWe would like to a moment to clarify what our "unlimited" plan meansiPage offers hosting through a shared environment, therefore, each site has the ability to impact the performance of thousands of other sitesWhile our pooled architecture minimizes this risk in comparison to the more common single-server design, we do occasionally experience disruptions that result from customer activityThis is an unusual occurrence (99.95% of all customers will have more than enough disk space and bandwidth to meet their needs)However, we manage this carefully to protect our users from any potential degradation of service.Our shared hosting packages offering an "unlimited" plan simply means we are not setting a preset limit, the disk usage is "unlimited" for files related to and active on the websiteIf a shared hosting account is exceeding the average resources and begins affecting other customers on the same platform, the account is flagged and we request that the customer reduce their disk usage or upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server when their site has grown to this sizeIf a customer is being notified it is because the files are not related to or active on the site and are typically found to be storage of files - particularly multimedia files, pictures, backups files, files that are not related to the website, or are ‘file-sharing’ type of files. Bandwidth and Disk Usage Policy***
Please see below our Terms of Service regarding any further questions about our disk usage. ***16.Bandwidth and Disk Usage. iPage provides Users with bandwidth, disk space and other resources, such as e-mail and/or file-transfer-protocol ("FTP") accounts, the amount of which is defined in iPage's web pages describing the package of Services purchased at the time of purchaseIn some cases, iPage may not establish a specific amount of bandwidth, disk space and other resources, and refer to that as "Unlimited"In all cases, the Services are intended for use only, and any activity that results in excessive usage that is inconsistent with usage patterns is strictly prohibitediPage reserves the right to suspend, discontinue or delete the accounts of Users whose use of disk space, bandwidth or other resources results in or presents the risk of degradation of service to other customers, regardless of the amount of disk space, bandwidth or other resources included in the User's planUser agrees that such usage shall not exceed the amounts set by iPage for the Services purchased (the "Agreed Usage") and is additionally subject to usage guidelines established by iPage as in effect from time to timeThese allotments are optimized and dedicated towards serving the Content and User's active electronic mail services related solely to User's web hosting account(s) with iPage.Hosting space is intended for use only, and is limited to Web files, active e-mail and content of the hosted Web sites, not for storage (whether of media, e-mails, or other data)Hosting space further may not be used as offsite storage of electronic files, electronic mail or FTP hostsYou are responsible for removing any files, e-mails or other data which do not meet these requirements, and for adhering to any usage requirements or limits allocated to your account(s)Failure to do so may result in removal and deletion of such materials (including without limitation files and e-mails), and/or in discontinuation of your services or account, which actions we may take in our sole discretion.iPage will monitor User's use of bandwidth, disk usage and other resourcesiPage, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to take any corrective action if User's utilization of bandwidth, disk usage or other resources exceeds the Agreed Usage, usage, or is used for other improper storage or usageSuch corrective action may include the assessment of additional charges, disconnection or discontinuance of any and all Services, removal or deletion of User's Web site, User Content, User's electronic mail and e-mail services and/or other materials and services or termination the User's account and of this Agreement, which actions may be taken in iPage's sole and absolute discretion.If iPage takes any such corrective action under this section, User shall not be entitled to a refund or credit of any fees paid prior to such actionUser will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding User's Web site, User Content and/or User's electronic mail services, including use of bandwidth, disk usage and other resources and will use such services and resources only for lawful purposesUser may not utilize: the Services to copy material from third parties (including text, graphics, music, videos or other copyrightable material) without proper authorization; the Services to misappropriate or infringe the patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party; the Services to traffic in illegal drugs, gambling, obscene materials or any other products or services that are prohibited under applicable law; the Services to export encryption software to points outside the United States (or, if User is outside the United States, to points outside the User's national jurisdiction) in violation of applicable export control laws; the Services to forge or misrepresent message headers, whether in whole or in part, to mask the originator of the messageIf iPage learns or discovers that User is violating any law related to User's Web site, User Content and/or User's electronic mail services, use of bandwidth, disk usage or other resources or Agreed Usage, iPage may be obligated to or may in its discretion inform the necessary law enforcement and/or any related agency(ies) of such conduct and may provide such agency(ies) with information related to User, User's Web site, User Content and/or User's electronic mail.User is responsible for complying with any usage requirements or limits for bandwidth, disk space or other resources, and monitoring such usage to ensure the Web site does not violate such requirements or exceed any such limits allocated for the account(s) and otherwise complies with this AgreementiPage will use commercially reasonable efforts to e-mail Users who are at or near their utilization limits, but iPage does not take responsibility if e-mail notification(s) is not received by the UseriPage reserves the right to discontinue service through the beginning of the next month for your account in the event that it exceeds the any such allotment.As a courtesy, per Mr***'s request, we have issued a pro-rated refund for his last hosting renewal which took place on 04/03/in the amount of $for a year term back to the card charged which was in the amount of $We have advised Mr*** depending on his bank merchant it can typically take up to 5-days for his bank to release the funds into his accountAs an additional courtesy, we will allow his hosting to remain active at this time and will downgraded his account to a free Domain Parking only account on Wednesday, September 27, to allow him time to transition to his new providerIf Mr*** has any further issues or concerns that he feels have not been addressed he can contact us and we would be more than happy to continue to assist him.Thank you,iPage Customer Relations

To Whom It May ConcernWe respond as follows to the complaint. On January 21, in ticket ***, the representative you were working with (***) stated " I'm not able to issue the refund directly back to your credit cardDo you have a *** account that we could send this to instead?" but we had not received a reply.Please reply to the ticket with *** information or a mailing address to issue a check refund.Thank you,A Small Orange Customer Relations

We sent multiple domain reminders to the email address listed as the registrant for the domain name (see below table).*** 2015-05-08:33:*** *** 2015-06-08:45:*** 2015-07-
08:42:*** 2015-07-08:40:*** The domain also went into redemption last year (2014), and when the customer contacted us about the issue, we redeemed the domain at a discounted rate.As a one-time courtesy, we have refunded the redemption fee of $which was charged on 8/22/The customer should see this back on your card within 7-business daysHowever, no further discounts or refunds will be offered for domain redemption issuesThe customer is ultimately responsible for making sure domains are renewed on time to avoid redemption fees.To ensure prompt renewals next year, we recommend the customer enroll her domain(s) in ADRS so we will attempt to renew them automatically before they expireAlso, the customer should update the email address on file for the domain to ensure receipt of renewal reminders and other important notifications.To enable our Automated Renewal Service for the domain name(s), please follow the instructions below: Log into the control panel with the account username and passwordClick on ‘Domain Central’ under the ‘Domain’ sectionClick on the domain name for which you want to enable the Automated Domain Renewal ServiceClick on ‘Renew’Select ‘Automatic Renewal’ under ‘Renewal Schedule’Click on the ‘Save’ buttonPlease refer to this link: learn more about our Automated Domain Renewal Service

To whom it may concern, We respond to this complaint as followsMs*** contacted in regards to concerns with double-charging as well as expressing the desire to transfer her domains and websites to a new web hostFirstly, we have investigated Ms*** concern of double billing and
found the followingWe can see indicated in previous transactions that two transactions are being processed on the same dayHowever only one of the two transactions is processing a balance, meaning that one transaction is charging, and the other is displaying a zero balanceAs far as we can see, this goes for all transactions throughout the JustHost AccountIf Ms*** can provide a bank or *** statement indicating the double charges took place, we encourage her to forward that information through our ticket correspondence already open, ticket ID (***) so that we can assist in correcting the charge as soon as possibleIn continuation, JustHost is the child company of Endurance International Group, an entity which owns and operates many different web hosting companies and domain registrarsThough these child companies share a parent, their day to day operation is managed individually, and the management of domain records is with the registrar of the domainWe are unable to send you an EPP code through the JustHost system as the registrar is Public Domain RegistryAs a one time courtesy, we have contacted our PDR team on Ms*** behalf to request they e-mail her for a confirmation of the epp code requestOnce Ms*** has responded, then PDR's registrar operations will be able to issue her EPP codesShe will also be able to request any name server or DNS changes at that time before the transfer as initiated, as that information will be unable to be altered until the transfer has been completedThis e-mail correspondence will go to the *** e-mail address provided in this complaintIn closing, we would like to thank Ms*** for taking the time to reach out with their concernsWe would also like to apologize for any of her frustrations or inconvenience throughout this processWe wish her luck with her new host and encourage her to reach back out to us if there is anything further that JustHost can do for herRegards, JustHost Customer Relations

To whom it may concern, We respond to this complaint as followsWe would like to reiterate again to Ms*** that we are able to restore the site to an earlier backup, but again, restoring the site does not delete items, only overwrites themSo there is no guarantee that overwriting the site content will completely remove the malware, as they may have injected new files and not just injected new codeIf she would like to be able to clean her account herself, then she would need to contact support as the account is only left unlocked for a certain amount of time before it is re-scanned, and subsequently deactivated once more if Malware is still foundThere are also options such as using FTP in order to be able to clean the account or other security providers as previously mentionedIn regards to Ms***'s concern about the *** product available on her accountThis is a free product which is available on all accounts to assist with identifying malicious contentSince *** is our partner, we do offer additional paid products, as well as encourage their services when it comes to the removal of malicious content, but we in no way require our customers to utilize their servicesWe deactivate customer's accounts when malware is identified in an attempt to not only protect the account from becoming infected further but also in an attempt to protect the viewersMost commonly these hackers will inject malware which passes itself onto those who are viewing the websiteIn addition, if a search engine bot were to identify malicious content on a website, then the reputation of the website will be heavily damaged as a resultSEO ratings will drop and her site could even be recognized as unsafe by engines such as ***This process is no doubt very inconvenient and frustrating, but we take these concerns and the security of our customers and their viewers very seriouslyWe would like to apologize again for these inconveniences to Ms*** and are eager to assist her with re-activating her account once she has cleaned the malware via the method she choosesRegards, BlueHost Customer Relations
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***
iPage's response did not address my requests through their tech support site as to how I wanted this issue mitigatedI sent in this complaint and then needed to get my shopping cart functional again while I waited for iPage to fix their issuesSo, I had to point my nameservers back to my old host and requested this fix through their tech support site: 02/12/10:AM EST*** *** contacted iPageSubject:*** *** InstallationCustomer Quote:I told you that I needed this resolved by 2/9/and you could not do thatNow I need to point my nameservers for *** back to my old hostyou will need to continue working to load a fully functional version of *** on the new domain I point to my account: ***I am making this change right now on my end and expect you to keep working towards a solution on your end - while paying for my old host until you are able to offer the services advertised and promised as part of the package I purchased
They have not gotten the shopping cart working on the domain name that I had to point to them so I could keep my ***.com shopping cart workingI asked them to get the shopping cart working on ***.com so I could make sure it was working without having to point my nameservers away from *** againI will use the shopping cart once installed on ***.com since it does not matter what the url is since I am embedding it in an iFrame into a different websiteALSO, iPage is the one who requested I upload the 3rd party software as a work around because their one-click *** install which IS included as part of the $was not includedThey asked me for MY HELP in this work around while they get their one-click installation working through *** - which I SHOULD be able to use to install *** on ***.com but cannot because they have not fixed it yet. Regards,
*** ***

To Whom It May Concern,We respond as follows to this complaintDuring a routine scan on our servers, malware was found in a number of website files on your accountAlthough the server is secured on our end, more local infections can happen in a number of waysThe most common ways are through
secure passwords or outdated website software.In addition to being strong, passwords should be kept confidentialYou may want to run a scan on your machines for key-loggers that would save your passwords, or other viruses as well.Software used for your website can include open source CRM's like ***, themes, or pluginsAccess to the files is normally gained through a vulnerability in the software and is used inject malicious code into themBecause our scans picked up malware that was found mostly throughout theme and plugin folders, this indicates that your software is out of date and this was the entry point for the hackKeeping these updated can be crucial in preventing malware because the updates that the software developers release are intended to patch up vulnerabilities found in older versions.Because this relates to the maintenance of your website coding and operation, Fatcow only takes part in securing the serversWe do not maintain website updates because we simply are not developers and can not always guarantee that our changes will work for the configurations you have made on your website.The suspension on the website operations is not intended to block you from accessing your content, but simply our way of ensuring that the infection does not spread or worsen while the issue is resolvedWe are happy to go over your options for removing the malware and suspension. We rely on experts like SiteLock to be our malware removal solutionThis is not required by any means, but is highly recommended because not only will SiteLock remove the current malware, but it can prevent future malware with the right plan. We are happy to offer the SiteLock Prevent service to you for 50% of the price for yearPlease let us know if you would like to go this route, and we can immediately get started on installing the service for your website.You can also opt to remove the malware code from the files, replace the files with a clean backup, or remove the files altogether. We do not have an export option, but we did not disable FTP or your control panelYou can still access the files through FTP or File Manager, or the database through the Control Panel. Thank you,Fatcow Customer Relations

To Whom It May Concern,We respond as follows to this complaint.We have reached out by telephone to Mr*** and left multiple voicemail's with the phone numbers provided within his account regarding the 50% off coupon he was offeredWe were able to locate the initial message and have expressed to Mr*** that we will move forward with honoring the offer upon the offer email being forwarded to our billing team. Due to being unable to reach Mr*** via telephone, we have also reached out through email regarding this matter as well.Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attentionRegards,BlueHost Customer Relations

As of now we have only reviewed the chat transcripts with the customer and we can't locate a statement in the transcripts confirming that the price would remain the sameHowever, if the statements were made over the phone, we will review the call recordings and ensure appropriate feedback is issued to the support agentOur support agents are unable to promise customers that prices will remain the same year to year, as prices may fluctuate, especially for promotional offerings. As of gesture of goodwill, we are still willing to offer the discounted price for the *** *** *** and *** *** ($59.88) for a period of yearsAfter the second renewal of the product, it will defer to the regular price
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***Please add your rejection comments below.
They keep their servers INSECURE and then try to gouge customers for a "site lock" service which costs more than the website they host! They get a commission from *** AND *** HAS COMPLAINTS EVERYWHERE ONLINE Site Lock is a scam Power's servers are NOT SECURE They try to pawn this off as a customer's fault, but it is there fault there server does not scan for malware IT IS THEIR FAULT this is happening and I believe it is a scam designed to push their *** service, WHICH HAS COMPLAINTS ALL OVER THE INTERNET.Powweb also says they do not guarantee the expensive and shoddy *** service will even work!I removed all the Malware they indicated from my website, installed a program to remove future malware, and scanned my website ALL CAME UP CLEAN.The very same day, Powweb says they found more and keeps trying to push the *** service This is not acceptable I am not paying MORE THAN MY WEBSITE COSTS to "protect" it from your shoddy and insecure service
*** ***

To the I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that their response does resolve my concerns in reference to complaint # ***. The Endurance International Group, Inchas been associated with wronful and malicious organizationsThere are verifiable reports that other property owners have been seriously just by such Group. The Endurance International Group, Incremains today April associated with wrongful and maliciously organizationsDenying such association and intending to continue such associations overwhelmingly expose that The Endurance International Group, Incis in business to wrongfully and maliciously hurt others. Yours kindly and respectfully, *** ***

To Whom It May Concern,We respond as follows to this complaint:On October 26, 2017, Mr*** contacted the to inquire about his experience with our servicesAfter reviewing the account we found that on December 7, Mr*** purchased the *** Website Builder -
BusinessBecause we are a re-seller of ***, there are certain features that are not included through us and are only accessible through *** directlyOur *** does not have the option for "Real-time shipping"The best option for Mr*** would be to set a weight for each product and set up the shipping rates by weight, in order to calculate the proper shipping cost. To add weight to products from within the *** builder purchased through iPage , Mr*** will need to follow the steps belowAccess the *** Builder,Access "Store". Navigate to "Products" and click on each individual product to add the shipping weight in the product details Below, are some really helpful articles that show how to set up "Shipping rates" in ***. How to setup Shipping rates: ***
In addition, we have reviewed the billing on Mr***'s account and can confirm he has paid $USD for the *** Website Builder - Business serviceWe have listed a link below that includes a breakdown of what the "*** Website Builder - Business " package includes that Mr*** has purchased. *** Plans: *** Furthermore, all iPage customers including Mr*** have the ability to disable auto renewal for hosting and domain services through their control panelWe have provided knowledge base articles below that will walk Mr*** step by step on how to set both hosting and domains to a manual renew status should Mr*** desire to do so. How to set Hosting to Not Renew: ***How to set Domain to Manual Renew: ***Please note that that aservices such as the *** Website Builder - Business plan cannot be set to a manual renewal by customers. As per our User agreement, aservices such as ***, Sitelock and Domain Privacy, will need to be cancelled by our support team via phone or chatIf there are any questions regarding our User Agreement, please visit the link below. ***In closing, we would like to thank Mr*** for providing us with his feedback in regards to this experienceFeedback from our customers is always appreciated it helps us to determine where it is that we can make improvements. Regards,iPage Customer Relations

To Whom It May Concern,We respond as follows to this complaint.Mr.*** *** contacted us on October 24th, 2015and requested our team to restore the database that he had supplied to usTypically we do charge for this but as Mr.*** *** was already frustrated we honored the restore of the database provided to us at no charge. After we restored the database on October 28th from the file Mr*** *** provided us we were notified by the customer that there were files missingMr*** *** was adding files and changing code while the backup was being done and this data may not have been captured.As we did not generate the backup and we were given consent from Mr.*** *** to move forward with restoring the database with the database he provided we would not be responsible for the database he provided being corrupt, missing files, etcAs well, at no time did Mr*** *** advise he was making changes on his files while we were working on his requestWe have only restored the database Mr.*** *** supplied at that specific timeIf content was missing, the backup may have been outdated.In light of the information above we feel that waiving the restoration fee's is an adequate form compensation considering our records do not indicate the content was deleted or edited from our end. Furthermore, per our terms of service, Section "Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement,'s maximum liability under this Agreement for all damages, losses, costs and causes of actions from any and all claims (whether in contract, tort, including negligence, quasi-contract, statutory or otherwise) shall not exceed the actual dollar amount paid by User for the Services which gave rise to such damages, losses and causes of actions during the 3-month period prior to the date the damage or loss occurred or the cause of action arose."Based on this, we have provided a three month credit of hosting for a total of $This is on top of waiving the restoration fee of $100. While we understand that this is not the outcome Mr.*** *** is seeking it is the customer's responsibility to keep backups of the files/database regularly.Thank you, Customer Relation

To Whom It May Concern,We respond as follows to this complaint.On August 2017, Mr*** contacted our support teams to initiate a restoration of his site, ***, from a previous backupIt appears that the site had been in a partially deleted state for the better part of a year
following the infection of Mr***’s account with malware in June of 2016, after which the account was cleared of malicious filesHowever, beginning at an unknown date, Mr***’s site began experiencing a database connection error, preventing the site from displaying any contentIn an attempt to resolve this issue, Mr*** contacted our support staff on three additional occasions (16, 22, and August)Each time Mr*** contacted support, he was given a different answer as to the cause of his site’s database connection error - first being told that his SSL was conflicting with a CDN, then that his DNS records were incorrectly configured, and finally that his SQL databases needed to be restored from a previous backup in order to sync properlyAt the time that we received notice of this complaint, Mr***’s site was still not displaying properly.With the help of our senior systems engineer, we were able to diagnose the issue as originating from a password mismatch between Mr***’s user account credentials and the password set up in his SQL databasesThis problem is far simpler than any of the originally proposed problems, and we were able to fix the issue quicklyMr***’s site is now displaying properly.Currently, we are in contact via email with Mr*** about this issue and are exploring options for further improvements to his site(s) in the futureWe would like to express our sincere apologies for the inconsistent and confusing experience that Mr*** had with our support staff, and we hope that we will be able to work with him in order to engineer a lasting and satisfactory solution for his hosting needsMr*** now has a direct point of contact with a member of the Customer Relations Team, and we remain open and willing to assist for any matter going forward.Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.Regards,Bluehost Customer Relations
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***
Again, why wasn't I notified that I would be losing my domain permanently? And, I don't understand why the server cannot be turned back on in order to retrieve my backup. Also, in your reply from 3/6/2017, it was mentioned that my account would be credited for months worth of hosting credit as a gesture of goodwill, but I have yet to see this credit appear in my accountOn 3/17/2017, my credit card was charged for the monthly fee.
*** **

Dear Mr***, As requested, we have enabled the website services temporarily so that you may take a backup of your *** contentWe sent you an email immediately after we enabled the account to make you aware as soon as possibleYou can feel free to get in touch with us regarding next steps. Thank you,Fatcow Customer Relations
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***Please add your rejection comments below.
I have never contacted your company to do business I have never done business with your company The only company I have domains through is *** Ironically the charge to my account from your company was when *** emailed me for renewal You obtained my personal information unlawfully You business is a scam and needs to be brought down
*** ***

To Whom it May Concern,We respond to this complaint as followsMr *** *** contacted us on 1/16/to inquire about the $charge for domain privacyThe domain privacy was cancelled on that dayHowever when the credit was issued, it was issued as a credit on the account instead of
refunding back to the card on fileWe have corrected this error and a refund for $has been issued back to Mr***'s card which would be the *** card used during the renewalIt can take to business days for this refund to be processed and credited back to the account depending on the banking institution. In closing,a full refund of the $has been issued back to the card on file, as requested. We would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. *** for any inconvenience this matter may have caused him and would like to thank him for allowing us to correct this issue. Regards, iPage Customer Relations

Good Afternoon,We appreciate the chance to address these concerns and would like to point out that requesting the billing password for the account is only one of a few verification options we provideOur policy indicates that a customer can verify by providing the last four digits of the credit
card on file, the most recent *** transaction ID or respond to an e-mail sent to the primary e-mail address on fileIf any of these options are not possible for the customer, we will then ask for the password for our system. While we agree that sharing passwords is not typically a good idea, the same password should not be used for multiple businesses and we must also point out that we would already have access to a customer's account with us, so this does not present a security concern unless a customer is not following good practices in terms of using the same password for many different websites. In regards to a request for a refund, we see at this time that the account has been fully canceled and refunded, but if we can be of any further assistance with this matter, please let us know

To Whom It May Concern, We respond as follows to this complaintOn 02/06/*** *** was auto-renewed into a three year subscription for the hosting associated with his domain ***Mr*** has stated that he did not receive notifications regarding this renewal and that since
his initial sign up was three years ago, his memory may not have recognized what the notifications were pertaining toAfter noticing this renewal charge he immediately called in to address and resolve what had transpiredThe agent he had spoken to assured him that he would be receiving his refund within 7-business daysThe next day , however, he received an email from our Fatcow team stating that he was not due a refund in light of how much time had passed since the payment was processedThe payment in question was charged on 02/06/and disputed by Mr*** with us on 3/14/Our policy states that we cannot refund anything over daysThis email prompted Mr*** to initiate a chat session with one of our agents through our Fatcow websiteIn this session Mr*** requested that we honor a prorated refund based off of his unique situationThis request was not fulfilledCompiling the costs that Mr*** has incurred amounts to This amount is what Mr*** is seeking for his resolutionWe have since addressed Mr***’ s concerns and have processed what he has requested in fullOn 3/16/we were able to refund Mr*** for $for his hosting, $for SiteLock and for Domain PrivacyThese charges amount to $457.02, which is what Mr*** has requested to resolve his complaintWe received Mr***’s complaint on 3/15/We have reached out to the phone number provided in the complaint twice in an effort to explain what we have done to resolve this issue and to address any other concerns that he may haveIn both cases we have left messages indicating that we would like to clarify that his request had been met and that we are willing to address any othersOur stance on Mr***’s complaint is that we have processed what he has requested for a resolution and consider this issue to be resolved

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