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Jan 12, 2020

The technician went to remove the oil drain plug and it just spun in the panWe advised the customer she needed a new oil panWe did not cause the issueIt was the 1st time we had ever had the vehicle in our shopThe customer was not charged for an oil change as we were unable to perform service do to drain plug not be able to be removed[redacted]

Jan 07, 2020

last year we installed an exhaust pipe for this customer which he supplied and that time we told him that the pipe he supplied us did not fit correctly and that it was wrong partThe customer insisted it was okThe mufflers that we installed are attached to the pipe that he supplied us and since it did not fit correctly it would affect the way the mufflers fitHe was told in the beginning the first pipe was not correctAll we did was install parts he supplied and we feel we can not be held responsible for his incorrect part

Jan 04, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Jan 04, 2020

Complaint: I am rejecting this response because: This is my reply to the most recent comments from MIDAS 1- The person responding to my complaint (which I presume to be J***, the owner of the shop) wrote that he is “writing with deep regret that I am unhappy ” If he wrote this with deep regret or with any regret at all, why would the respondent fail to act on the promise he made to me in our last phone conversation? His commitment to me was to provide me with the written reply to the multiple issues I brought to his attention in the letter I sent to Midas corporate, in June and again in August of this yearBoth of these letters were sent months before the respondent and I had the phone conversation wherein he promised to provide me with his written replyThat conversation included the respondent committing to provide me with a written reply within an agreed upon timeframeA conversation that included a third party, a representative from Midas corporateThis comment appears to me to be little more than another in a pattern of examples of misleading and deceptive replies provided by the respondent The information I provided the clearly reflects that if the respondent believes “we have tried to take care of him ” then I would have received the written reply he committed to provide memonths agoOnce again this comment appears to me to be little more than another in a series of misleading and deceptive replies3- “Price” is not and never has been the primary reason behind my complaintIt may be convenient for the respondent to focus his reply on price since he cannot support the action and lack of action by everyone at Midas, starting with the respondent and going up to the COO at MidasThat said what I paid for the work done at this Midas location was one of more than a half dozen points addressed in the two copies of my letter sent to Midas CorporateThe very same letter that despite his commitment to do so the respondent has never responded toFor the respondent to try to make it seem as if price was my reason for filing a complaint is nothing more than another misleading and deceptive reoly The is in possession of a copy of the letter referred to that the respondent has not replied toI believe the facts speak for themselves4- In his reply the respondent mentioned: “book time” and “standard rates” and “market price” as if any of these were topics I raisedNot one of these topics appear in my letter to Midas or in my complaint to the Revdex.comThey do however appear in the respondents’ replies to the, perhaps in an attempt to draw attention away from the respondents’ lack of facts in support of his position and his failures including his failure to live up to his commitment to do what he said he would doNothing new here, just another in a series of misleading and deceptive statements5- In his reply the respondent mentioned things like “he has stated another shop would charge less and this may be the case of cheaper products or service offered ” What I actually stated is this: “The entire brake job I had done at MIDAS in Simi Valley on June 2, 2015, (replacing two front pads and replacing the two front rotors) took less than one hourFor that I was charged $for laborMaybe this is the real cost related to the MIDAS free brake pads for life programThis charge seems twice the labor charge it should have been for less than an hour of labor and much more than it ever has been at MIDAS in the pastI guess the old saying is true: “There is no such thing as a free brake pads lunch.” I don’t see a single reference to another shop here, but that fact didn’t stop the respondent from providing the with yet another misleading and deceptive comment6- It only serves to make my point that the respondent would say something as absurd as: “I believe we have his best interest in mind.” If failing at every opportunity to live up to his commitment, failing to answer my questions or doing anything besides write two replies to the that were deceptive and misleading, than I would have to agree with the respondent, he has had my best interest in mind7- The respondent stated that: “if he can return his parts not worn or damaged I would be willing to refund his parts costs only.” a Where do I start? First the respondent has failed to mention a relevant fact anywhere in either of his two replies to the Revdex.comThat fact is that the rotors (half of the parts associated with the work his shop performed) were free, not because the respondent is / was a benevolent business owner, or he gave me a good deal, as his reply implies, but because I paid Midas a premium price up front years ago for the right to receive free replacement of the rotors on this car for as long as I own the carOnce again the reply you received is deceptive and misleading while at the same time managing to include what I believe may be the respondents most bizarre and ridiculous statement to dateb The respondent stated: “We pride ourselves on being honest and fair, after all we are here for him.” I have no idea what “after all we are here for him” means in the context of this complaintClearly the respondent and I differ on our definition of the words honest and fair I My definition of honest includes: free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere, morally correct or even a little virtuous ii My definition of fair includes: just or appropriate, without trying to achieve unjust advantagec The respondent mentioned he believes this is getting close to the point of harassmentGiven this statement I looked up the definition of the word “harassment”It reads: “aggressive pressure or intimidation.” Where is the aggressive pressure, where is the intimidation? If the facts of this complaint show anything they reflect a respondent that since June of this years has done nothing to move towards a settlementIn fact the record shows that he has done the opposite in his ongoing attempts to deceive the, deflect the focus away from the issues, ignore facts, and by failing to reply as he promisedIt is my opinion that in the roughly six months since I first contacted Midas that facts clearly reflect that no one at Midas at the Simi location or at the corporate level has addressed my complaint with me or with the professionally, honestly, sincerely, or fairlySince Midas has been unwilling to open a dialog regarding a settlement here is my proposal to settle this matter: J [redacted] at the Simi Midas location and Roger Bell from corporate provide me their own type written apologyThese apologies will be in my possession on or before December 21, That is itNo money need change handsProvide me with the apologies I am requestingApologies that satisfy me by addressing no less than the following seven topics in my possession on or before December 21, and we will be doneThese apologies will include: 1- J [redacted] acknowledging the pattern of misleading and deceptive replies2- J [redacted] acknowledging (A) I did not meet with him at his shop after the work was done in June AND (B) I never accused him of ripping me off3- J [redacted] acknowledging his failure to keep his commitment and provide me with a written reply to my letter dated June 17, 4- J [redacted] acknowledging the mistake his shop made on multiple occasions telling me I needed work done on my car that was not needed5- J [redacted] acknowledging I have not harassed him or his business6- J [redacted] acknowledging his failure to act professionally and in a business manner throughout this process7- Roger acknowledging his role in this by failing to keep his word and get back to me after our initial phone conversation and his failure to reply to my two follow up text messages to him when I did not receive his follow up callThat is itProof that money was not and is not the issue or the reason behind me filing my complaint with the Revdex.comThat said, if the respondent would prefer to continue to make his position about money I would be willing to consider ending this by either of the following options in lieu of my receipt of the two apologies on or before December 21, 2015: 1- Midas will perform the break job on the rear axle of my car at a date and Midas location of my choosing with Midas picking up the cost for all of the parts and labor that J***’s shop stated were needed back in June 2- Here is a third option I would consider: Midas sends me a cashier’s check for $305.52, the amount I paid Midas in June 2015, with that check in my possession on or beforeDecember 21, I end my reply to the by asking you the same question I ask myself every time I read an email, text or letter from J [redacted] at Midas: “What am I missing?” In his replies to the the respondent has made statements, ignored facts, failed to respond to specifics, failed to acknowledge any mistakes, let alone any wrong doingHe has also failed to offer any type of a settlement that would move this to a conclusion, at the same time failing to acknowledge the commitment he made and has not kept while routinely attempting to mislead and draw attention away from the real issues when writing to the Regards, [redacted] B***

Jan 02, 2020

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/04/14) */ midas had customer return to shop, check plug and found no leaks, we did see residual oil by the oil filterto ensure customer had no further issuses with oil plug we replaced the gasket, changed oil and degreased motor at no chargecust was also giving his next oil change at no cost so midas has the chance to recheck for any further leaks

Dec 31, 2019

The customer brought a car into the shop requesting the replacement of the water pump and battery on 3/25/ Upon inquiry about the water pump issue, the customer said they already had a diagnosis, declined a new diagnosis, and just wanted the repairs completed We agreed to replace those parts, but additionally recommended the thermostat be replaced as well while doing the water pump The repairs were completed and the customer received their car back On 4/21/2017, approximately one month later, the customer returned stating the car was overheating We inspected the car and found the radiator had sprung a leak (Cooling systems are pressurized systems, so sometimes when a repair is done to a cooling system, the renewed pressure can cause failures of other weak components) We explained this to the customer and also conducted a pressure test of the system to check for leaks and a "block test" which tests for indications of a head gasket failure, which can happen after an overheating issue We allowed the car to run in the shop for several hours to see that all was functioning properlyNo issues were detected Five days later, the customer returned again with similar issues This time, the coolant temperature sensor, which turns on the cooling fans had failed Upon further investigation with the customer, we found that the car had severely overheated years ago, and the customer did not have the money for repairs It sat for three years before coming to the shop The head gasket has now failed on the car All these problems stem from a severe overheating of a car with a lot of aluminum components It would be difficult to ever anticipate the series of component failures under these conditions We tried very diligently to test components as we went and completed several "block tests" upon each repair I fully understand the frustration of this customer, and we have made several adjustments to later repair orders to lessen the sting We are very sorry to see them have such troubles, and will continue to assist in every way we can

Dec 27, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:*** [redacted] Good Afternoon,In reference to a recent claim that I filed (# [redacted] ), I was contacted by Midas who told me that their insurance would cover the costs to repair my vehicle However, at this time, I do not wish to close out this claim until everything is settled in case they decide to go against their word I will continue to update you on this matter Thank you for your time, Sincerely, [redacted]

Dec 18, 2019

First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our explanation on this matterIt's unfortunate that Mr [redacted] feels that we harmed his vehicleHis vehicle was in for service, there are to lugnuts on each wheel, based on his claim only one stud was over-torquedWe use torque sticks, which means we can only torque each lugnut to the maximum of manufacturer's specs, and why was only one lugnut worn out and not the othersSecond, Mr [redacted] 's last trip in this shop was in May of - we have no way of knowing that he had no body worked on his vehicle in the meantime.Midas customer relations department was involved in this matter, and they agree with our approach, they also contacted Mr [redacted] We hope that Mr [redacted] will understand our explanation and will consider us in the future for his vehicle needs.Best Regards, [redacted]

Dec 09, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Once again - the repairs suggested years ago is not relevant to the reason I am requesting this refundTo recap: I asked "If I fix the cooling lines will that fix the issue or is my transmission damaged?" Answer from Midas employee: "Yes, it will definitely not be a problem - your transmission is in great shape." That is textbook misrepresentation and a borderline scamAfter completing this work the issue persistedThat alone proves you either did faulty work, or lied to meWhich is it? I would have never authorized that work had I know you were misrepresenting the workFurthermore you suggested even more work which I completed days later, even then the issue was not resolvedThen you called to tell me in fact, the transmission was damagedYou essentially stole $dollars from meYou can not deny thatAnd I want it back Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Lat day after driving over a bump on the road, my exhaust pipe disattached from the muffler, so the car become loudly noisily and this was very disturbing I stop and check under the vehicle and I found out that to fix the problem I just need to tie the bolts on the bracket that connect the muffler to the terminal exhaust pipe Practically minutes if you have the toolsI did not have the tools After a mile or so I stop by Midas auto services in [redacted] **, at the counter explained the problem and I asked a quote to fix the problem They lifted my jeep and they start to check all around, also open the hood to check fluids etcI told them that I DO NOT Need a check out I need to fix the muffler problem ASAP, the answer was ( It is a Company policy to check all and is no charge for it) OK I I sad do it quickly and give me a quote for the muffler I wait almost an HOUR, till the guy at the counter bring me to the jeep and start with a long story that I have to change brakes, transmission fluid, oil, steering fluid also the car has serious lick etcI ask again how Much cost fix the muffler but he begin again a long story and try to scare me that I drive a dangerous car Transmission fluid was flushed 2,miles ago, Oil was changed 1,miles ago, brakes are ok ( I do a lot fixing by myself) He was upset that I do not want do any work he listed, after for the 3rd time I ask the cost to tie the bolts $plus tax That was the answer So after almost an hour waiting and other minutes arguing they ask me 40+ back to tie bolts???? This is a rip of and they try to rip me off hundreds and hundreds of dollars in services no needed And when I asked to drop my car from the lif and give me the keys, they make me wait an other minutes with no reason Total I spend an hour an half for NOTHING This company should not be in business! If you have no idea about car mantenence they will make you spend a lot of money I think that they are absolutely NOT honest with the people People avoid Midas

Dec 02, 2019

I did verify that all the information the customer provided was true.I'm issuing the customer a free Maintenance Card, good for oil changes, tire rotations and courtesy checks, totally free to the customer for the grief and aggravation the customer was put through.I will retrain my people on "The Proper way to handle customer appointments"The customer is happy with the resolution and will return to us

Dec 02, 2019

Midas is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction through operations of honesty and integrityThe vehicle repair did meet the expectations of the customerUpon inspection of the rack and pinion repair for proper installation., the two front tires were replaced at no charge and a wheel alignment service was performedThe customer request for a full refund was honored and the customer is satisfied

Dec 01, 2019

We have accepted responsibility and turned it over to our insurance companyIf you need further assistance please let me knowI am checking with the insurance company to insure the customer is contacted and the matter resolved

Nov 28, 2019

In regards to complaint #on 3/11/A [redacted] called me at the shop and asked if we do ac repairI explained we do and we charge dollars for diagnosis or check up to determine problem with this systemShe replied she had the car at another repair shop and they stated she had a leak behind the grill of her PT cruiser and it would take removing the front grill to fixI told her that is where the condenser is on that car and it is a big job to do thatShe stated she had spent dollars on the car at other shop and they could not do ac workI again told for thirty dollar we can check it for her and see if that was trueShe brought car to me and I checked car and found no Freon in system and found no leakI discovered no power getting to compressor and I went into the office to explain and she became combative and insulting me stating we charge too much money and she does not want to put to much money in this car because she was selling itI explained that in a few minutes I would be able to tell her what was wrong and that it was not what she had stated was wrong, the car was out of Freon and had no power going to compressor, I found the pressure switch broken not holding tight to connection She than stated some time when hitting bumps it workedbut the car had no Freon in itThis will not work without FreonPossibly other shop let it out while working on it, and possibly they broke the switchI quoted her dollars to replace switch and service or fill the felonShe kept insulting meI asked her what she would like me to do she stated she would pay for the diagnosis onlyTake Freon back outFreqn was added during course of inspection to check for leaksAfter a day went buy she called my service tech and asked if she could bring car back and put on the lift and show her the part that was brokenWe did at no charge and we noticed someone tried to strap the broken part togetherThen again she started insulting remarks stating she went on u tube and she could fix it herselfThat the part at auto zone was only dollarsand I was a bad man and every one she talks to says I’m not niceI explained I am only trying help her fix her acshe called my corporate manager and stated we or I did not diagnosis the car and want her money backI called her to discuss this and she was irate and should not let me talk so I apologized to her stating I was sorry she felt the way she did and she hung up on meI checked with the shop she stated she went to and they told me they refused to fix her ac because of her verbal abuseAnd she took the car to a shop next to them and the same thing happenedI regret this complaint and I do not wish to discuss this further I consider this abuse of my service and a personal attack on my shop for no reason but to extort money

Nov 18, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Nov 17, 2019

We did communicate to [redacted] by telling her the work needed to be completed within two monthsShe made the decision to not do the repair until the car began to show problems outside of the warranty period

Nov 16, 2019

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/20) */ Mr [redacted] brought in his Chevrolet Gvan on August 1stDuring this time, Mr [redacted] was informed his A/C belt was worn during our routine courtesy checkHe informed us that he had known this was maintenance coming up, and in fact opted to pay us to install all the engine's belts he already owned for $78, a strictly labor feeWe installed all belts he provided per his request, and declined the use of our own recommended belt as seen on his invoice in the "Declined Services" section A few days later we received a call stating that he was stranded thousands of miles away on the side of the roadHaving recently serviced his vehicle doing not only the belts, but a brake flush, and an oil change and a couple other odds and ends, we instructed him to get it looked at as soon as he can by a local repair shop, and to keep us informed as to what they said the problem wasIn good faith we were still willing to help remedy a problem to the vehicle had it been within any provided warranty on the work performed Later the customer had his vehicle serviced by a facility in Yakima WashingtonHe provided a picture of his alternator where the belt was no longer installedThe customer at this point informed us he believed our work to be the cause of his vehicle's failureAfter his car was inspected by the local service facility however, he learned that his water pump internally locked up and seized, causing the vehicle to overheat and the belts to dishevel due to the lockupThe overheating causing the failure Once hearing that the water pump failed, and this was the cause of his vehicle's breakdown, we informed Mr [redacted] that there would be no involvement from Midas warranty as his breakdown was unrelated to his recent maintenanceWe reached out to the repair facility during this process, and stayed informed of the situation through them, and the customer, and even had them send their invoice via fax once the work was completed - which only indicates the water pump as the cause, and correction, of the vehicle's breakdownMr [redacted] paid them $529.03, for the new water pump As far as the condition of his belts after the failure; even a properly installed belt will be dislodged if the water pump seizesThere will be rubber fragments of the water pump belt spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute the moment it seizes, taking out everything in it's pathThe motor's harmonic balancer will come off the belt train and the motor will rock violently back and forthIf there was a missing washer on an alternator bolt after the fact - that isn't even touched during the servicing of the belt by the way- that still would not prove negligence, as many parts involved with that belt train would be expected to be damaged or missing after that type of failure Even If there was a relation to the belts failing and the vehicle's breakdown during this incident; being that the customer opted out of our warrantable part, and elected to provide his own parts, there is no warranty on the belts failing from Midas Had Midas been at fault, we would have paid the repair facility to correct the issue at an agreed upon price with them, paid directly to said facilityNot reimbursing an arbitrary dollar amount to the customer weeks after we had proven not to be involvedHis request is unreasonable and outside any warranty agreement Since we informed him we would not take financial involvement in this issue, Mr [redacted] has initiated a flame campaign, complaining to all available outlets with a vague description of the events slandering our workmanshipHis dollar amount requested continues to increase and does not reflect actual repair bill from facilitySeeking out so many online avenues, including the, after already working with our corporate complaint department is now bordering harassment from Mr [redacted] as he continues to falsify blame as an attempt to hurt our business Midas is not initiating any warranty claim process for [redacted] , as the event described is unrelated to any prior servicing done by Midas

Nov 15, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Sincerely, [redacted] I disd not see the parts they change on the vehicle they said that the pump was knew the computor came from california and I was there on january 23, I did not see the sensors my check engine light is still on I didnot get a rental from them had to find my own transportaion to work for 4weeks and my light is on need transportaion to workI need better results why do I have to take day off for work with no pay may be Midas can pay me my weekly salary

Nov 10, 2019


Nov 05, 2019

The customer agreed to have his truck towed to our repair facility in Bloomfield,CT and leave it with us up to a week so we can duplicate the issue.The vehicle is running and for the last days no issues starting and runningTruck will be delivered to the customer in running order on March 1st 2016, we found issues with the electric system and fixed them free of charge

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