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Mint Dentistry

5330 E Mockingbird Ln STE 120, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75206-0941

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Disappointed customer
my husband has visited the cedar hill location several times now. there was an implant place in his mouth and his gums has been swollen every since, the office tells him that he is in need of a deep cleaning, so they schedule him for one, and they only clean the bottom teeth, but the bottom teeth are not swollen, but I guess you can't focus on the job at hand, when your opening up new offices every other week, and on the radio, looking for more people, and trying to be the big dog of dentistry! maybe, if you take your head out of your [censored]! and check up on some of these complaints, you will see that just because your offer all these different amenities, you will see that the actual smaller dentist office that everyone has gotten away from are more suitable for 90% of the population. yes! it is true you have the right to choose whatever dentist you want, but mint is not the best around! for what its worth, stay off the radio pleaded to the black audience and focus on doing a good job on peoples teeth.

I went to the Grapevine location and had a terrible experience as well as many others if you read the reviews that are not prompted upon checkout to get free supplies etc. most reviews are fake and you are given free merchandise such as free whitening, whitening tooth paste etc. I felt like from the beginning they were trying to make me remove a bridge to do implants. Of course when the bridge was removed they said they could not save the main tooth- suprise!! I asked options other than implants at this time, they offered a flipper device and made a mold. I came back to have flipper installed and it look ridiculous and did not fit right etc. So they remade it and same thing second time, I paid out of pocket for this device that I do not have nor have ever been able to use. I have emailed, called, written , left google review etc and like SOOO many others they claim they will be in touch to resolve. Never once have they contacted me or attempted to make this right... I want the amount refunded to me for the product that you could not make to look and work correctly. Next step is to file claim with Dental Board. my email and phone have not changed in 10 years so lets see if they are reputable like the reviews claim??


Mint Dentistry Response • Oct 29, 2020

Hello Mr.,

We sincerely apologize for any issues you have had with your appliance. While we understand your concern but we have no record of any issues being reported since the last appliance was delivered well over a year ago. As you know we do not warranty flippers as they are not considered a long term solution. We understand how you may feel and apologize that there is not more we can do in regards to the flipper. If you would like to consider more permanent solution please contact the office directly to make an appointment. Thank you.

Customer Response • Oct 30, 2020

The issue is you never delivered the flipper!!! I do not have it and never got it. I guess you cannot read the comments. It has never been in my possession. I want the amount refunded. You never delivered it to me. Check your records. Filing complaint with dental board if not resolved. Show me where I signed for this flipper!! Terrible service.

I bought 3 veneers costing 2000$ ! I was told on the phone my veneers were ready and I showed up and they said they were thrown away!for me to pay 600
I paid cash in 2018 $2000. I let them know I would be out of country on business and I was assured they would be safe in stock. Once I returned they fetched them from storage and I called to make an appointment. I was notified they could not find them and I need to
Pay an additional $600 for new impressions.
Because of there handling of my stored veneers which cannot be found, I should not have to pay for new impressions. They acted like it was my fault they lost them. I never received follow up calls from the mint dental employee and unfortunately covid hit and when I called no one new how to handle this situation. I'm
Grateful they are making me new veneers but the impression charges should be waived because this was a
Mishandling of their staff who threw them away or lost them.
If you could expedite this matter as my appointment is August 5. Thank you

Desired Outcome

I am Requesting that I not have to repay for impressions since they lost my veneers. They do have a policy on storage and risk assessment. I'm Asking them to find my veneers or waive the charges for new impressions since this was part of the service I paid for in advance. They have agreed to Make me a new set but the additional charges for their oversight and mishandling of my teeth should be waived.

Mint Dentistry Response • Sep 08, 2020

The patients crowns for 8 & 9 were started in 2017. The patient carried a $600 balance on the crowns and did not return. We cannot seat crowns after this much time has passed and the patient is aware of this. We must remake the crown and the patient is responsible for the fees associated. The patient still has a 600 balance as well as a 400 charge to remake the crowns. This is all covered in our consents.

Mint should credit my bill for my pain and displacement because of they mistake
I had a post opp appointment on 7-23-20 I was prescribed 3 different medications by the doctor but the office forgot to put it on file so I could not get my prescription. I was in pain over the weekend and Monday 7-27-20 still waiting on my prescription. I have been very displaced over the last few days and I'am currently paying mint Dentistry for this inhuman treatment I am receiving.

Desired Outcome

I was offered $50 credit for my next visit for my displacement. I ask for the $50 to be credited to my current bill instead. I have no future intention of visiting Mint again after all the pain I have went through. And mint is refusing to give me a $50 credit towards my current bill

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 29, 2020

We are very sorry that the patient had pain after treatment. We typically provide the patient with copies of their prescriptions as well calling them in. We also have a pain management line that is available 24/7 for situations like this.

Customer Response • Jul 31, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I called the pain line and received no answer I called the the office line and I was directed to the mint hotline and I was told they could not help me because the office didn't upload the perscription

Unethical, Rude, Misleading, Unprofessional,Unfair,Please Run , Fair WARNING!!!!
I honestly thought they were ok until after my terrible experience. If you are easily impressed with the nice modern decor than this is the place for you. If you are wanting that GREAT SEXY SMILE, please run to the next dental establishment because Mint is all about Scamming the customers ! Paid for service that I didnt get and my insurance will not allow me to file at another dentist because they paid Mint Dentistry to repair my teeth. Rip Off to say the least. Only gave 1 star to post this. They dont even deserve 1 star. I called the director of customer relations about 25 times and still has not received a call back.Terrible customer service all around.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 22, 2020

We have spoken to Ms *** regarding her concerns. She was non-compliant and took over 2 years to return to the office to complete treatment. Unfortunately, given the amount of time that has passed we now are limited on options to proceed.

Customer Response • Jul 22, 2020

This itself is so untrue. I initially went in 9/18/18 is 7/ 2020 so its hasnt been PAST two years. Please explain how I was Non compliant when I was never given any rules or regulations to comply with. I was never given a time frame and if so please provide me with that. What options were presented to me other than pay additional funds for something I had already paid for. Again I was never ever told the bridge will only be in office a certain amount of time. I did not get a call saying they are trashing what I paid for . Im sorry this is all a bunch of *** .


I have been to 2 dentist since my appointment and they all say I need a deep cleaning.I was coughing and they were uncomfortable in light of COVID-19
All the staff members were polite and kind. I was coughing because I have bronchitis and they had to stop several times, I know they were uncomfortable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Because of the pandemic I was apprehensive to go into any dental office. I was in Houston visiting my daughter and she recommended Mint Dentistry. I also needed three root canals, in which, I would choose to take care of at home.This is when I was told how much I was being charged( I would have not had them cleaned for that amount). I do not think 1100.00 from my insurance and 100.00 out of pocket from me, should have been charged for work not completely done.

Desired Outcome

I should not be charged for a deep cleaning that was not completed.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 15, 2020

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done here. The patient was aware of the costs associated with her treatment and consented to it. She received the treatment and was billed accordingly. I have attached the signed agreements along with the signed treatment plan that outlines the costs for treatment. Patient has been given this information over the phone as well.

I visited this location on 6/24/20. I asked the office manager multiple times if my insurance was in network and she confirmed to me that it was before receiving treatment. She also, told me it was no need to call my provider. This cost me $150 out of pocket and almost an extra $1500. This is not how you do business at all.
Product_Or_Service: oral evaluation, xrays

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like to be refunded the $150 I should have had to spend.

Mint Dentistry Response • Sep 14, 2020

Document Attached***
This patient never paid $150 so there is nothing to refund. The patient agreed to a small payment plan with our smile more club and does carry a small balance there. She was only billed $10 the day of service.

I am disputing the charge for service at this Mint Dentistry since the Dentist never came to see me!
At Mint Dentistry
Eldorado Prkwy Mckinney, Tx

I came for my 6 month check up and cleaning. I had the worst cleaning ever, very rough and unprofessional. Then the Dentist was called in and never came to see me. This has never happened before. I should not be billed for my insurance company when I was never checked up on by a doctor.

Desired Outcome

Not have my insurance billed for this service.

Customer Response • Jun 30, 2020

I would like to drop my case with Mint Dentistry. The store manager contacted me immediately and we talked it over. She explained I would not be charged for seeing the dentist because they never came in. I would only be charged for the cleaning. I appreciate her meeting with me afterwards too.

Please drop my case with Mint Dentistry in McKinney, Tx .

Thank you

The complaint is the advertising/false.The owner does his office a disservice; no beats, ipads, mask etc just cheap shades. Nothing changed post COVID
The advertisement talks about all the new state of the art equipment that helps with the COVID 19 pandemic. First I have never seen beats headphones and I have been there several times before. I have never received a mask. The new state of the art air suction where is that... Nothing has changed but everyone has a mask on (the one the furnished themselves). The service is great this guy Frank is the greatest at dental hygienist great personality. Nancy is also a great one. Again its not the professionals in the office. It's the false information I'm hearing in his commercials. Every-time I hear him I get upset because its false. I will say the office on Carrier has a great staff of professional I have never had any issues with them and they have been great. But the owner is doing them a great disservice with not providing what he advertises!!!!

Desired Outcome

Just provide what you advertise to all of your locations or specify the locations.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 27, 2020

We provide all of this at every location. The reviewer may have been in when we ran short of masks but I doubt it. If he had one on when he arrived as many do one would most likely not be offered. Shareable items such as ipads and headphones have been temporarily stopped in accordance with state mandated COVID-10 regulations.

Overcharged for a root canal, no contact back from Billing Dept. Price Gouged During Corona, Will not go back for crown until Mint Management corrects
Good Morning,

My name is George *** and I am contacting you all based on a visit to the South Houston Location on 5/8/2020. My primary concern is the administration of the billing portion of my visit. I was not properly educated on the fee amounts, nor provided with any explanation as to what I was paying for outside of the root canal and crown. I was presented my bill after I was already in the chair and seated even though I inquired at the onset before the initial examination.

My Insurance provider flagged each line item of the treatment plan with the following Remark:

Based on the location I am in and 5 other reputable dentist offices the range was as low as $736 and as high as $1800, at Mint I was charged $4036...for a Root Canal and Crown. Even the National average on the high end is almost half that amount. I was coerced into the Smile More club..."instantly saving $1,236". Please cancel that on my behalf immediately. I have tried calling the Smile More club numerous times and have left a VM and still have not been contacted. Nor was I given a general pricelist or options at meant to choose what I wanted. Perhaps I would have wanted a Gold crown or just had the tooth extracted.

I have already paid $650, and will not be paying the other $650 for the Crown that has arrived at the office until/unless someone in authority can remedy this situation. My next steps will be to file a formal complaint with the, provide feedback on every platform I can, and seek legal consultation which I would prefer not to do.

Please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or by e-mail at this return address to seek an amiable solution. The rest of my visit was exquisite, and I would prefer to tell that story. I work for a large corporation and we have a 100% service guarantee, and I would hope that a dentist office like Mint would value their customers and reputation just as much.

Desired Outcome

For the business to contact me to rectify. I have tried multiple channels and avenues to get in touch with someone in authority at their corporate office. The was the worst dental experience of my life.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 27, 2020

Looking over this file, he was charged accurately. Our billing department has explained this several times but he is not receptive to the information.

Customer Response • Jul 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response. The only time Mint contacted me after the appointment was to tell me the crown was ready. The biling dept. didn't explain anything to me several times. It is insulting to evens ay so. I ASKED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN CHARGE no one ever contacted me. I only spoke with a young lady in customer service, I asked to speak to someone in management. The customer service is atrocious. As much as MINT charges it should not be asking too much to speak to someone in ownership or management. Think about it...if someone takes $4,000 from you and wont't return your phone call or contact you. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT?!?!

I went back to Mint for my cleaning and to discuss the root canal and bridge, but when the hygienist came in, she told me that I needed a deep cleaning and that would cost me $300 on top of the other work that needed to be done. I though the infection and getting the bridge removed/replaced would have been more important at that point. So here I am months later and still dealing with the infection.

Whenever I came for my cleanings I was always told by the hygienist what a great job I was doing with my hygiene. So how is it that all of a sudden I need deep cleaning???

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 23, 2020

Hello ***

Deep cleanings are something that are required based on the pocket depths and health of the gum tissue in your mouth. This is a result of poor hygiene as much as it is a result of not being in for frequent 6 month cleanings. Once the deep cleaning is completed you will be placed on a 3 month schedule for cleanings until the gums have returned to a healthier place at which time we would be able to continue with regular 6 month cleanings. This is not meant to offend you and we want you to know that it is very common. Please let us know if you need any further information on this or anything else. You may contact us directly at ***

Customer Response • Jun 26, 2020

This response from Mint is not true. If Mint looked at my records they would see that I kept all of my scheduled cleaning appointments. After each appointment I was told by my hygienist that I was doing an excellent job with my hygiene. Mint's staff is lying. I truly believe that there was an issue with me because I didn't have enough dental insurance coverage. The doctor even mentioned to me "you like coming in for those free cleaning" and after that is when a different hygienist came in and asked if I was brushing and flossing. If I had poor hygiene I'm sure my regular hygienist would have told me so because they were always upfront with me!!!

I'm surprised that Mint would tell a big lie like this to avoid being reported to the

I am writing to make a complaint about the claim that was billed to my insurance company for the amount of $2500.00 for a retreat on tooth #18.
The written treatment plan,was for the amount of $1250, which I paid in full. Later, I received an explanation of benefits from Delta Dental and a summary of the claim for services rendered on March 11, 2020. The claim amount submitted to Delta Dental was more than double the amount of the treatment paln. I notified Delta Dental aobut the written treatment plan that I received from Mint Dentistry. Delta Dental advised me to contact the billing department to make the correction and to have them to resubmit the claim. I was also informed by Delta Dental that the Endodontics was out of network. There was also an amount of $1785, that I question. Prior to my appointment, I was not informed that this would be an out of network charge. I spoke with Emily, the customer service rep, several times on March 11, 2020. My appointment was rescheduled and moved around that day, again I was still not informed about my dental benefits. If I had known about not being in network. I would've opted to go to an Endodontics facility that was within my dental network benefits. After getting a retreat on tooth #18, there was no temporary crown placed on my tooth. Unfortunately, I have 3 breaks in that tooth and had to get it pulled as a result of not having a crown placed to protect it. I had to get that tooth extracted, which resulted in more out of pocket cost which I would like to be reimbursed in full for my pain, suffering and inconvenience caused by negligence of your organization(Mint Dentistry). I would like a full investigation to be carried out and for a response to be provided answering the following concerns:
1) Why was I not informed BEFORE my appointment, when benefits were verified that the Endodontics procedure would be an out of network fee?
2) Why was I not informed at the time of the procedure that the Endodontics services was out of network?
3) Why was Delta Dental billed over the amount of my written treatment plan that was paid in full?
4) Why was my appointment rescheduled 3 times in one day? Why was I told by Emily, customer service rep that Dr. Taylor was running behind schedule? I spoke with Dr. Taylor who informed me that he had been waiting for me since 1pm. Where is the accountability for the delay in my patient care?
5) I had to take off work and use unnecessary time off work. I had to reschedule my patients for my time off.

If you require any further information or need to update me on the progress of my complaint. Please contract me by phone at: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Desired Outcome

I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the retreat on tooth#18. I had to get my tooth extracted due to not having a temporary crown placed on my tooth. I would also like to know what Mint Dentistry's resolution on this issue. Due to my delay in patient care,my dental needs were not met properly.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 12, 2020

We are working on the issue internally and will reach out to Ms *** directly. Thank you.

Customer Response • Jun 17, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have reached out several times to the Mint Dentistry Patient Relations Department, I never received a follow up phone call. I also contacted Mint Dentistry in Arlington,Texas. I never received a call back. This is a reflection of poor management, lack of training and communication. As a result, Mint Dentistry still has not reached out to me. I would like to still pursue my complaint.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 17, 2020

Issue has been resolved directly with the patient. She has been refunded. Thank you.

Was told I needed treatment that I DID NOT need. Also treatment plan cost was out of network when I was told something different.
I went in for a Prophy cleaning and also a Full mouth Exam.The whole appointment was done very quickly. I was told that I needed 2 crowns and 4 fillings which 2 of the teeth was 4 surface fillings. When front desk showed me my treatment plan it was over 3419 with my insurance. I asked the lady was my treatment plan including the in network discount and she told me that it was. Come to find out she was not telling the truth they were charging me out of network fees !!! I went to another dentist office today and was able to get all my fillings done for 250 dollars which was 6 fillings vs 529.58 for 4 fillings that mint told me that I owed. Also the teeth that I was told that was needing crowns was also just fillings. Also the dentist that I seen today told me I needed a cleaning :( which confused me because I had just got a cleaning 3 days ago. So pretty much my insurance was charged for a cleaning but my teeth really did'nt get cleaned which I felt like my cleaning was done to quick. I will never have any work done at Mint I was ripped off and im glad I didn't go through with the treatment price and diagnoses was off. Do not go to mint do not let the fancy office full you, I would rather go to a family denist instead of them.

Desired Outcome

I want to know why my cleaning was not done and why did it feel rushed. Also why was I told I was getting my in network discount when I wasn't. Thank You

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 01, 2020

The treatment notes do not indicate anything was mentioned in regards to an "in-network discount". This is not something I am familiar with at all. Also, dentist often have differences of opinion in regards to treatment. We can not verify the effectiveness of the treatment the patient has received elsewhere. we do stand by our diagnosis and would be happy to compare findings. If the patient was unhappy with the cleaning we would be happy to revisit it with a different hygienist.

Unable to get complete refund.
On 1/16/2020 I paid 735.00 down payment on a partial, receipt number NXXXXX. On 1/31/2020 I paid 1036.50 for the final payment on the partial and for 5 extraction . I had two teeth extracted. I never got the partial or other extractions. I was refunded 735.50 on 5/18/2020 and another 156.60 on 5/19/2020. I have had to make several calls and have sent several emails and still cannot get my complete refund. I was told that I would receive a call back, that the lady was gone to lunch, I never received the call. I had to call back today spoke to someone, she refunded 156.00. I called back because I am still owned a refund now I'm being told it will take 48 hours for someone to call me. I started this before the covid started, when I went back to complete the work I was told I needed to pay 1200.00 more for a root canal. I just want my money back.

Desired Outcome

I want the second payment of 735.50 refunded and the extractions that I didn't get refunded.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 23, 2020

A final refund of 770.50 was processed on 6/10/20. There is a note that we reached out to the patient in regards to this but were unable to reach her.

What I think. Hmm, not much other than a franchise run by crooks who need to be shut down. Maxed out my insurance $1275 on one visit, charged me $633 and did absolutely nothing.Just kept scheduling me appointments and I went through about 8 dentists because they kept changing. They caused more damage mentally and emotionally than physically. I went in to get one anterior tooth replaced from having an open face gold crown there and they ended up convincing me to remove the other tooth that was perfectly fine, in order that the two anterior teeth would be uniform in color. They could never seem to get the color or shape correct even after I personally drove to the actual lab for a match. I kept taking off work for nothing, being injected to numb gums only to realize each time the color was wrong or tooth wasnt there.You talking about negligent and irresponsible.I finally decided to go to corporate office thinking it would be different and it was worse. They didnt return calls and after telling them several times that I cant keep leaving me sister alone because she is terminally ill and cant take off work they did not schedule me or rerturn call. She passed away and when I called back to get my permanents they lied and stated they had already did them and after an hour on the phone, they finally admitted they hadnt. So an appt was scheduled and when I arrived, they had an mold in place and told me I would have to pay $200. This in not even for the permanent they never completed,but for the temporary they needed to put in while I wait on the impressions to be sent to the lab.After dealing with them that long, I was actually shoked that after all the trouble they put me through, that they would have the audacity to do such an evil thing......Well,I get it now, I see that is how they operate and with his wife and him claiming to be Christians, I can only imagine what the consequences of their actions will bring. They have so many complaints its ridiculous. They have opened up all these offices al over the place by stealing money, maxing out insurance claims and doing absolutely nothing.The dentists are fly by night and have some of the worst practices and habits Ive ever seen and because the Board of Dental Examiners supports their unethical and deceiful practices, it will only last for a while. I hope a government shut down happens again and major businessses that are corrupt are closed long enough to have to be closed permanently in order that this minimize some of this.its a shame that a government agency you are to complaint to is actually working on behalf of the company you are complaining about. Well, collect all you can because you wont be around much longer because God going to shut you down.

Mint, Dental Empire Legal Rep, made the conscious decision to dismiss me from their Dental Practice-with an active infection in a bridge
I had major reconstructive dental work on my entire mouth. Upper arch- 4ea Crowns, 2ea (4 teeth) bridges.
I requested COLOR -dentist chose another-resulting in redoing original work to provide COLOR I ordered.
The second time was at Mint's expense. Two months after the second treatment-the Dentist that did all the DENTAL WORK was no longer employed by MINT Dentistry. I was not notified nor transitioned to a different dentist.
An infection occurred in one bridge. I had great anxiety with my dentist being gone, but finally contacted a different MINT location for evaluation. Mint Mesquite location-Dr *** determined there was indeed an infection, prescribed antibiotics and referred me to an Oral Surgeon and Endodontist for consultation at Mint expense.
This is where the Worst problem started. Both of the referrals did NOT agree with Mint suggestion of treatment, due to compromising support teeth in existing bridge. Their referral Endodontist suggested more specialist opinion, which I did-Periodontist and Prosthodontist...again-these specialist didn't agree with treatment. Now this was going to cost Mint way more than they wanted to be responsible for-so my case was immediately turned over to Mint in house legal counsel. Their attorney was the ONLY communication after referrals-NO DENTISTS EVER SPOKE TO ME AGAIN.
On a phone call with Ms.-I was first offered a refund to the way I came to Mint-to figure out on my own-then when I tried to confirm via email-she told me she Never offered any refund-She had my notes reviewed by a professional and Mint had met the Standard of Dental Treatment. Emails with Ms *** were upsetting-back and forth...insisting she would only talk to my legal counsel. It is my opinion she was taunting me as she knows professionally the loop holes of Dental Law/Protection.
Dr *** Founder CEO registered his business as a PLLC -to protect himself from any extenuating circumstances. He has built an Empire of Dental Services including Dental Hygienist training and Dental Insurance-with very Elaborate Advertising Campaign-emphasizing TEAM Treatment from Highly trained Dentists if there is a complicated case.

This began my
1. Treating Doctor from Mint dismissed NO notification or transition to New Dentist for me as patient

2. Infection in bridge #5-8 6/2019

3. Mint Dentistry denied recommendation from Endodontist and Oral Surgeon referred to by Mint Dentistry

4. I (patient) Dismissed from Mint Dentistry Practice X-XX-XXXX without Notification

Title 22. Examining Boards

Part 5. State Board of Dental Examiners

Rules and Regulations

Chapter 8 Professional Conduct

108.5 (a), (b), (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (c)

Patient Abandonment

(documented in Mint Corporate office)

5. *** -founder CEO developed Massive Dental Services community, numerous locations,
countless Dentist and Dental Assistants as a PLLC -so he as a dentist/owner is NOT responsible professionally
for ANYONE he hires- and leads consumers via ALL SOCIAL MEDIA to believe he will PERSONALLY handle complicated
cases with a team of professionals. False Advertisement (I feel all three of you wanted me GONE)

7. CORONAVIRUS- COVID19- ongoing INFECTION and my age put me at Higher Risk for complications.

8. Dental Law- deep GRAY area-STANDARD OF CARE more of an opinion than fact based-complicating
expert witness per my attorneyBridge #5-8 Situation was less than Ideal, 4 (four) documented specialists
would have chosen a different route, but did not treat originally do not know condition to testify

9. Mint Dentistry does not have to respond to

10. Per Dental County Dental Society (DCDS) file complaint with OFFICE Of The ATTORNEY GENERAL
Mint must respond to complaint.
Attorney General of Texas
Consumer Complaint Form

With all above facts- I must pursue #10-so at least my case will be documented with the state for my family.


Desired Outcome

I want Mint to follow treatment plans reccommended by the refferal Specialty Dentist Mint sent me too, or refund money so the work can be done correctly.Mint told me and the specialist Mint would be financially responsible. They would not pay one of them-so pay that as well. This situationn could turn quickly -becoming life threating situation for me. Mint was losing money on my case- and want me to go away. The Dental Standard laws are are in complete favor of the Dentist- as a paying patient I expected the dental treatment Mint advertisements to be provided. Mint is registed as a PLLC- business-so *** has to be held responsible if a dentist is no longer employeed by Mint.

Mint Dentistry Response • May 28, 2020

This situation is being handled by our general counsel and cannot be discussed here. The patient is aware of this and may contact her directly.

Customer Response • Jun 05, 2020

please see attachment

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 24, 2020

This is being handled by our general counsel and can no longer be discussed here. Thank you.

Me and my son came in separate times to have a service on our teeth and it was not done for unknown reasons.
My son has a temporary crown for 6 plus months and he had an appointment to have the permanent crown placed and was sent away and not knowing why nor has anyone contacted me his mom explaining this. I called and they people were confused and would get back to me but never have about it. I am still not knowing I have called in for an explanation and they tool a message and was to get back to me about my son.

I have gone in for a broken crown about Nov 2019 and the lady said it was approved the year before 2018 and I dont remember that part, but that what she said. Nor did I have anyone call to be concerned if I was coming in to get the work done because it would be not good for my teeth to not get the work done. I believe it may have been cracked in 2018 because it feel apart in 2019 when I came in concerned. They said they would have to put the insurance estimate/request/benefit approval or something like that (still in Nov 2019) and it would not be able to be done before the end of the year and to expect them to reach out to me about Feb 2020.. I NEVER got a call so I called in Feb 2020 and got excuses about the management changed and the last manager didnt send in the insurance request and how that was common that they are now finding out since she was gone. Now in 2020 the "new people" with excuses said they were sending it "now" to my insurance and it is now April 2020 and no call from Mint Dentistry to help me save my and my sons teeth we could have cavities or anything becuase our shaved down teeth are exposed or have not complete work and it seems no one cares. If we have to end up with extraction as a recommended option I will want compensation. I have asked the current staff to send a formal complaint to be escalated. They said they have to do that for me. It is not comforting that the people I complain about are writing up my complaint for me and because I have not had a phone call for resolution for me and my son the complaint has not reached corporate/ headquarters or Field *** does not care about my circumstance and want me to go soemwhere else.

Desired Outcome

Complete my familys work at a discounted rate if it is not covered by our insurance.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 10, 2020

Issue was resolved with the patient. Patients work was redone at a lower rate and has been back to the office multiple times since this was reported.

Terrible dentist work and customer service. Came in as a first time customer. The left-bottom side of mouth hurt to chew on so I got the recommended fillings even on the right side that didn't hurt but they said needed a cavity filling. At least 4 appointments later and so many hours taken off work I still can't chew on my left side. On the last visit they decided to blame my pain on another tooth, never mentioned before, that has no pain when they examined it and it's outside of the area where it was painful to chew. That's when I realized they had no idea what they were doing. Nobody from the office will call me back after telling me multiple times that they would. I've requested a formal refund multiple times because every time I call they say there is no record of refund request. I feel disrespected and unappreciated as a customer who came in with pain, paid good money, and still have the exact same pain.

Location: *** N ***, *** XXXXX

Mint Dentistry Response • Mar 17, 2020


We understand how you may feel and apologize for any inconvenience. We have offered to have you come back in to address your concerns but you have declined. As such we have already resolved this issue for you and you have agreed to the terms we suggested.

Customer Response • Mar 18, 2020

To be accurate I mentioned multiple appointments. Multiple chances were given to address my concerns without success. Specifically, the dentist said she didn't know why my tooth was hurting. A bit discouraging coming from my dentist. I have accepted the new resolution we discussed.

I went for an appointment at MINT Dentistry Uptown to have a small lump in my mouth looked at. When I made the appointment online, this was the reason given for making the appointment. Upon arrival, X-rays of my teeth were taken and I had a cleaning, none of which I had asked for or expected during my visit. I was then told that while the lump was not an issue to my health, that I had seven cavities that would require fillings. I had last been to the office for a cleaning on August 28th where I had just one filling done and no indication was given that there were others.

I was then told that three fillings could be done during my appointment, which I felt somewhat pressured to have done, and I was given an estimate of $500 for the procedure. This seemed wrong to me, since my insurance covers 80% of in-network basic services. However, when I reached out to my insurance, the claim receipt showed that the dentist was listed as out-of-network. I immediately called MINT for clarification. The fact that my new insurance was accepted but out-of-network was never made clear to me and I had specifically asked if I was covered with my new Humana Insurance prior to September 1st because my company was moving from Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental to Humana Dental. When I asked if MINT still accepted my insurance I was assured that they did and that there would be no problems with the transfer. It was never disclosed to me that I would be moving from in-network with BCBS to out-of-network with Humana. Had I known, I would never have made an appointment or had any procedures done, and I feel this information was withheld from me in very bad faith.

The bill was nearly $500, which is at least a week's pay for me. I went to the dentist for a minor inquiry, was pressured into services I did not go there for or felt that I required, and am now burdened with a large medical bill. When I first reached out to the office I was given a weak apology and an offer of a $25 credit. I then sent a letter to the office and the main headquarters, and have been met with complete silence. I believe what MINT Dentistry did was underhanded and hope that some recompense can be made.

Mint Dentistry Response • Feb 19, 2020

We sincerely apologize for any miscommunications that may have occurred here. We take your feedback very seriously and will investigate the situation and contact you directly with more on this issue. We typically do not bill patient's unless your insurance was not active, termed or exhausted at the time of treatment. What you may be referring to is an explanation of benefits from your insurance provider which is not a bill.

I am currently being billed for a service I did not receive.
I visited the Irving office for the first time on September 19, 2019 at 11:45a for a routine teeth cleaning. I usually visit the Addison office. Upon my visit I was told I would need a deep cleaning. I received a cleaning; however, I noticed my mouth was never numbed or anything which is usually done when a deep cleaning is performed. As well, most deep cleanings are done in two sessions. This was done in one day. When I left, I received a bill for the charges outside of my insurance, which I believe is over $600. In addition, they set up by bank card to deduct $5 a month, which has been coming out since September. The following week I visited an orthodontist as I was in the process of getting braces. Once I went, they asked when was the last time I received a cleaning and I advised I received a deep cleaning the previous week. They then showed me the results of the x-rays of my gums and there was build up that should not have been there if there was actually a deep cleaning. They then confirmed that I only received a basic cleaning, as I thought since I never received the numbing treatment prior to the service, and that I would have to get another cleaning. I received another deep cleaning and of course had to pay for that one as well. So, I'm currently paying for two deep cleaning from two different dentist, although Mint Dentistry did not do what THEY recommended. I've attempted to call several times, spoke a manager shortly after who I believe her name was Daisy, and was told she would reach back out. I never heard back. I called again, the receptionist took my name and placed me on hold. Once she came back the message from Daisy is that she had not heard anything back from corporate and would call me back once she did. I never heard anything back and that was in September. I then found another number to call but got a messaging service. The gentleman I spoke with took my message and said someone would call back within a few days, still nothing. Two weeks ago, I got a call from the Addison office to set up a appointment. I voiced my concerns and was told hopefully this could be resolved without me filing a complaint. The young lady said she would look into it and give me a call back. Still nothing. Today January 29 I received a call from the Irving office confirming my appointment for next Monday. I advised the young lady I would not be returning due to this ongoing issue not being resolved. Her response was "Ok, I will cancel your appointment". I am not looking for sympathy, I just do not want to continue to be billed for a service that I did not receive. I feel like I've exhausted all my resources with getting this resolved. After two years of using their services, I will never return to or recommend Mint Dentistry again.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the billing to be adjusted to remove the services I did not receive. I would also like a refund of any money I've already paid since September that was not due.

Customer Response • Jan 31, 2020

Business Response /(1000, 5, 2020/01/31) */ We are looking into this issue now and will contact the patient directly to resolve the issue. Clinically our notes indicate that an SRP has been successfully completed. We have no data to support otherwise at this time. Consumer Response /(3000, 7, 2020/02/04) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I do not accept the response because I've been told I would receive a call back to resolve the issue several times before and no one has reached out to me, besides trying to book me for another appointment. Business Response /(4000, 9, 2020/02/06) */ After review of the the clinical notes we have concluded that the treatment was completed in September. Because of this we cannot offer a refund to the patient. We can however, offer a redo of the treatment at no charge. We would be more than happy to have this completed by our lead hygienist as well. Please contact the office directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Consumer Response /(4200, 11, 2020/02/07) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I would like a explanation of the treatment that you say was completed. Anytime I've had a deep cleaning at the Addison location, it was done in two visits AND my mouth was treated with the numbing gel AND I received numbing shots to my gums. NEITHER OF THIS WAS DONE. I will continue to dispute this matter. No one ever reached out to me to rectify this matter as said in the previous response, which proves my original point!! I will not continue to be charged for a service I did not receive. I have records and xrays from the dentist I visited the following week showing the work was not done! Business Response /(4000, 20, 2020/02/24) */ We have concluded that she was billed for services that she did receive. Consumer Response /(4200, 22, 2020/02/26) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) That does not prove that the service was provided, because you all sent a explanation of benefits?? Its you word against mine and of course you all will do anything to save your name and make the response in your favor! No medication or numbing was provided before the procedure! As previously stated none of the normal operations were performed when I get a true DEEP CLEANING. Please know, I will not quit until this is rectified. You all have handled this in a very unprofessional manner. IT TOOK ME TO FILE THIS COMPLAINT TO GET A RESPONSE!! Not only will this review be posted on but anywhere else I can think of. I did not ask for a refund, I simply asked not to be billed for a service I did not receive! Its obvious you all only about the money and clearly not the patients!

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