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Mint Dentistry

5330 E Mockingbird Ln STE 120, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75206-0941

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Mint Dentistry continues to make unwanted calls to my cell phone and leaving voicemails.
I went to the business once and was unhappy with the service. I found another dentist that I prefer. I have not been to this business in 2 years. The first time they called me back 1.5 years ago I let them know that I found another dentist and would not be back and asked them to remove me from their list. They said they would. 6 months later another phone call, I repeated that I found another dentist and asked them to take me off their list and to stop calling me. 6 months later, same process. Again today, I have received another phone call reminding me of their great deals and specials and to "come in before this years benefits run out!" This company continues to call me over and over again and never removes me from their calling list.

Desired Outcome

I want to be removed from their list and I want them to no longer contact me.

Mint Dentistry Response • Dec 19, 2018

We will look into this and remove his phone information from any existing files we have.

Paid for a membership and they wouldn't give me my free cleaning without wasting 1 1/2 hour of my time, and told me it's business protocol
Went in for an annual cleaning (membership that I've already paid for). After doing exams, they wanted to tell me how much my procedure would be. Literally took an hour and a half total to tell me how much I needed to pay to fix all of my teeth. After coming to me an hour and a half later, the lady desperately getting me to sign more forms, pay an additional 5 dollars and waste more of my time that day just to meet the requirements of their insurance billing cycle! I have insurance and my cleaning was never done. Lady who was deseperrlt trying to sell me more even thought they finished my cleaning and told me to come up front when I told her I'm not paying a dime out of my pocket, when I came in for a simple teeth cleaning. Talk to manager and she was not understanding that I should of got what I paid for and not been hassled about getting work done, NOT ASKING AT ANYTIME IF I HAD EXTRA TIME TO HAVE WORK COMPLETED THAT DAY! After all, I just gave up and told them I've wasted a lot of my day and never received a cleaning, which three other guest walked in and were giving treatment orally and I never received anything but an exam. I feel I was completely cheated out of my money/membership and service to their company, because they seen I had a lot of work needing to be done, and they wanted to make it a priority to get it done before their business needs, versus the customer. When you barely have time in a day to do things and you expect to come in and waste a hour and a half to someone asking more money out of you when you've paid them, is completely wrong!

Desired Outcome

Them to refund me half of my membership fees, I've had issues with two out of three locations I've been too and this has been a total disaster for someone not expecting much. When someone is wanting what they pay for and you continually want more out of them before proceeding is the wrong approach. Ask the customer how much time they have, do they want to get work done today that will cost money today, is the right approach, rather than wasting the whole time and not providing care to a patient who has already paid!

Mint Dentistry Response • Dec 26, 2018

We apologize for the long waits the patient has experienced. We can provide the patient a regular cleaning. If he has been treatment planned with needing an SRP a waiver must be signed first.

Customer Response • Jan 04, 2019

Not satisfactory. Needing company information who responsed

Mint Dentistry Response • Jan 07, 2019

We have already been in direct contact with the patient. Thank you.

During a cleaning I believed the lady damaged my tooth causing it to break. They refuse to fix it unless I agree to services not needed or wanted.
On 11/21/18, I went to Mint Dentist to get my teeth cleaned and get whitening done. They did full set of x-rays and exam before the cleaning. My teeth did not show any decay or cavities. After the cleaning my gums were very sore. So sore I could not brush or floss for two days. When I did floss the back part of my tooth came off. I made another appt. and told them I believe they damaged my tooth during the cleaning and they got me back in on 12/03/18. Again a female took xray's of the damaged tooth and doctor gave me another exam again she did not find any decay in the broke tooth. But she immediately started making excuses why they were not responsible for the damage. I told her the tooth has no pain, but I just wanted a Crown on it because the broke tooth was sharp and causing pain to my tongue. She sent lady over to tell me the cost. Lady came over and told me it was about $1,700 but would only be $400 out of pocket at Insurance and discount program. I told her that was fine. She then told me she would be right back. She came back and stated she spoke with another doctor who wanted me to agree to a Root Canal at the cost of almost $2,400 and said after insurance and discount it would $1,600 out of pocket. I told her I did not want the Root Canal, just the Crown. I told her that I just needed the Crown because my tooth was broke, I did not need a root canal because there was no decay the tooth already had new filling in it. LAdy came back and stated the doctor Okamoto refused to do a Crown unless I agreed to the Root canal. She said the doctor told her it was unethical to do a Crown without a Root Canal. I told her it was unethical to require a Root Canal that was not needed when I only needed a Crown to fix a broken tooth. I believe since they found out I have insurance that are just trying to run up the bill which I believe is unethical. They refuse to do any work on my tooth unless I agreed to the Root Canal. They should be prosecuted for extortion. I would be happy to speak with the media regarding my experience with Mint Dentistry in Cedar Hill, Texas. I want it fixed before it does get infected and causes bigger issues from being exposed.

Desired Outcome

I want the Crown done to fix my broken tooth. The should be responsible to fix it. But I agreed to the Crown at the cost of $400 out of pocket after insurance and using there discount program.

Mint Dentistry Response • Dec 05, 2018

The tooth in question was filled prior to visiting MINT. The patient wanted to dictate his own treatment and not take the clinical direction of the doctor. The doctor explained but the patient felt he knew better than the doctor. The doctor could not change the treatment plan and let the patient know he could seek a second opinion.

Here are the notes the treating doctor left.

Headed to room where patient was to re-explain treatment to patient that was previously presented to him. patient used profane language towards me as soon as I walked in the room. patient threatened to sue me before I could begin to speak about the treatment plan for #19.
explained the following previously planned treatment to patient:
#19: possible RCT core+BU due to caries encroaching upon mesial pulp horn in xray. there may be a pulp exposure during caries excavation towards the mesial aspect of tooth. notified patient that there is a chance that during caries excavation, there may be a pulp exposure due to the proximity of decay to the mesial horn just from looking at the xray . in that case he will need root canal therapy. showed patient the xray. Patient repeatedly mentioned that all he wanted was a crown and that we were trying to "get more money from him" informed patient that this was not the case. patient also thinks that its our fault that his filling broke off. informed patient that he could get a 2nd opinion before getting the treatment done. As I was still talking and explaining this to patient, patient dialed a number and started talking on the phone. informed patient that previously treatment planned for #19 will stay as is.

I was diagnosed with a chipped tooth that he dentist said would require a crown. She was very clear that there was no decay, the tooth was perfectly healthy and there was no need for a root canal. When I returned for the crown, a different dentist performed the procedure.

The next week I had increasing levels of pain. extreme temperature sensitivity and a constant dull ache coming from the tooth. When I returned explaining these symptoms, the doctor did a small bite adjustment on the temporary crown and then showed me the x-day they had taken. She explained that when they shaved down the tooth for the crown the root became exposed and it was in need of a root canal.

I went to an Endonics specialist the next day who confirmed that the tooth had been shaved down too far and that the nerve was inflamed and swollen. He performed the root canal at additional cost to me.

I am very frustrated as the tooth was clean and healthy and should never have had to receive RCT. The chip has been clean and healthy for years, but I can understand the dentist wanting to place a crown. However - she was absolutely adamant that I would not need root canal. Had I even been advised there was the possibility I would have refused treatment. I don't believe I was properly informed before giving consent. Additionally - I am unhappy with the quality of the work performed which resulted in a substandard outcome involving lasting pain and additional cost to me.
Product_Or_Service: Crown Treatment

Desired Outcome

Refund I have already filed a complaint with mint directly through the website and was never contacted by the patient advocate as I was told I would be. I am requesting a full refund of the partially completed crown service performed at Mint, as well as reimbursement for the out of pocket costs for my root canal at a local Endonics specialist - $126. I would like to pick up the crown when it arrives at the mint location to have it cemented by the Endonics office.

Mint Dentistry Response • Nov 26, 2018


Our records indicate that we attempted to rectify the situation with the patient but he declined and stated that he no longer wanted to be a MINT patient. Root canals are very common after a crown is placed and are outlined in our consent forms.

Mint sent me to Dr. *** to perform another root canal on same tooth MINT had done.The tooth is now fractured and I'm left to pay over again.
Mint did a root canal and placed a bridgr over the tooth (to save it they said) in 2015.In March 2018,was in pain, MINT confirmed I needed another root canal on the tooth they had did, but because of the bridge over the tooth, they had ti ref me to Dr.***. I paid over $1k(pymt plan)started in March 2018, my mouth now has an infectin under the same tooth.MINT said it was because of the root canal Dr.*** just performed,sent me back to him/Dr *** confirmed my tooth is fractured only option to remove the bridge(that I paid for) pull the tooth, do implant and another bridge at my expense. Dr. Pate did say he would refund his portion, but MINT is not offering any assistance with this expense. I went to a Dr.they ref me too. I have never a=missed payment. I should not have to pay for a bridge all over again. I struggled and paid for that and a single parent, Money don't come easy for me, and I NEVER missed not one payment to MINT or Dr. ***. I should not be left with the expense, this financial BURDEN - ALONE.

Desired Outcome

I'm not asking for all of the expense for free, I Know I have to pay something. But because of the situation, and I fully paid for my bridge that MINT recommended me to get, to PROTECT my tooth, that is now infected and fractured. I would like some financial assistance and/or possibility of redoing my bridge.

Mint Dentistry Response • Nov 09, 2018

We offered this to the patient as a courtesy but she declined. WE have since dismissed the patient from care.

Hello Ms ***,

We are very sorry to hear you are having these issues. Unfortunately, our
records indicate that you have not returned for your regular 6 month cleanings
over the last 3 years after having the bridge placed. This is our policy in
order to maintain your warranty on this type of work. We also see that tooth
#30 had to be retreated by a specialist after your initial visit to us for
treatment on #30. We cannot hold liability for or warranty for the work
completed by the specialist. That being said we have still extended the
extraction of tooth #30 at no cost to you. We also had you treatment planned
for a root canal for tooth #4 which you declined. We have also referred you to
a specialist for your issues with your lower right.

Ms ***, we want you to be happy with the service you receive and are
trying to work with you. The main issue here is what you are needing done
cannot be completed by MINT and requires a specialist. We can still provide
the extraction at no cost as a courtesy if you would like to proceed.

Please let me know if you would like me to schedule you for your extraction.


Rome ***

Director of Patient Experience

MINT Dentistry

I had a terrible experience with them taking over 2 month for an immediate denture that normally takes 1 week in all other dental offices in town. Come to find out all of their doctors "must" send all cases to their very own "Mint Lab". I could not find the location of the lab from an internet search, which makes me wonder if indeed it is located in the U.S. Then I saw this review page where all the reviews are either 0ne or five star! nothing in between! I know the Mint Dentistry staff would never leave a one star review for their own office!

I had an appointment yesterday to get a crown, the receptionist was great the dentist and the dental hygienist, now that is another story. They were extremely rough with me and had a non caring, nonchalant attitude. The hygienist Olivia rammed the suction down my throat so that I was gagging and she never apologized, so when I lifted up to address her the dentist said " "look we are pressed for time" because she had applied the cement/glue to hold the crown in place, so she basically wanted me to just disregard what had just happened, but what was also amazing to me is the only person that apologized for that mishap was the reception. I proceeded to inform her that I had been a customer of Mint Dentistry for approximately 2 + yearsrs and that I would never return to the Westheimer location or any other location for that matter. The dentist and the hygienist need a customer service course, not a class but a course. I am a customer, or shall I say, was a customer and I should have been treated better than that!!She apologized for the dentist and the hygienist but that just doesn't cut it with me because she didn't do anything wrong, so there was no need for her to do the service recovery!!!!!!!!!! I imagine Dr. *** Harrison has made a lot of money off of customer like myself so he probably feels at this point there is no need to sweat the small stuff or even be concerned about a customer complaint!!!!!!!

Had an amazing visit here! A+ service and care!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 11, 2018

Thank you!

I was floored by the atmosphere as soon as I came through the door. Service was top notch throughout my visit. Two big thumbs up!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 06, 2018

Thank you Robert!

I absolutely love Mint Dentistry. From the minute I walked in, I was treated like a celebrity. I loved my hygienist and the office manager *** was very helpful.

Shout out to Dr. *** for being so informative and accommodating. I actually liked going to the dentist.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 05, 2018

Thank you ***! :)

This is my second visit to Mint and it was just as good as the first! Top notch service and patient care! This is my new dental home!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 05, 2018

Thank you *** :)

The people were so nice and the office was beautiful. My last dentists was not like this. The front desk staff were fun and the dentist was very personable. I look forward to going back.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 05, 2018

Thank you *** :)

I suffer from deep dental anxiety so I can't go to just any dentist. After seeing all the advertising and new locations popping up I decided to give them a try and I am glad I did. From the beginning to the end nothing but the best service and treatment. I will definitely be coming back!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 03, 2018

Thank you ***! :)

BEST DENTAL VISIT YET! I have been going to the same dentist for years and when he retired I had to find a new place to go. I was referred here by a coworker and I am so glad I gave them a shot. Dr. *** did an amazing job along with the rest of the staff! 10 STARS!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jul 03, 2018

Thank you ***! :)

I was seen at the Grapevine, Texas location for my yearly exam and cleaning. I had B *** as the hygienist and he was EXTREMELY rough. I have several crowns and bridges and he was prying underneath them to the point where I thought the pressure was going to pop them off. He pinched and scraped my gums through the entire cleaning causing me a lot of pain and to bleed to the point where he had to stop and rinse my mouth for several minutes. Instead of using the high pressured water, like all my previous cleanings, he only used the scraper. I have high dental anxiety anyway, but this was too much! I was supposed to get additional work done on this visit, but I was already in too much pain. I rescheduled the work for next week. I am honestly afraid to go back, but I do not have the money to go to another dental facility since they already charged my insurance for the exam. I went home and ate dinner Friday night after the cleaning and my crown popped off when I was chewing my hamburger. I had a panic attack! I have had this crown for two years! With all the dental work I have had, I have never had a crown come off! I knew this cleaning was bad, but now I am severely worried that he has damaged other teeth! I called the office and told the answering service I was in severe pain, but he said there is nothing I can do until Monday. I went in this morning and the receptionist said that the office is closed. I asked if I could go to a different location and I was told no and that they could see me in the morning on Tuesday. So now I have been in severe pain for over four days caused by a terrible cleaning, and no one from the office seems to care. They could at least have given me a prescription for the pain... I am miserable!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 12, 2018

We are extremely sorry about this. I will have someone reach out to you as soon as possible.

Paid to get 4 teeth extracted but never got treatment done. Was told I would be refunded and was charged instead on 6/1
I came in to get 4 teeth extracted on 5/18 but instead sat in the chair for 1hr30min just to be told they would no be able to do it. I was told I would be refunded for my payment and was given a paper showing it was cancelled but that wasn't the case. I just checked my statement and the payment official posted on 6/1. On top of them over charging me for my cleaning a few weeks prior.

I feel as though they maxed out my dental benefits to get more out of pocket for my extractions and never ended up completing or starting my treatment.


Desired Outcome

I want to be compensated for the out of pocket ive paid for the extractions that never happened and they should also refund for the cleaning they over charged me for.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 06, 2018

If we billed for treatment we did not perform we will refund that amount. We cannot refund money for treatment we completed.

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There wasn't any treatment by your terrible staff. REFUND MY MONEY!

Mint Dentistry Response • Jun 12, 2018

I will look into this and if the patient has been wrongfully charged I will have it reversed.

They said I had 2 cavities I believe it was not true. They even showed me the film but I could not see anything. I am very clean with my mouth.
My first complaint:
My crown was placed in my mouth haste and now every time I floss I have blood in my molar. The dentist hurried through as I had waited over an hour and it was in lunch time and I believe he did not care how he treated me.
My second complaint for two times: They said I had tiny cavities and I did not see them in the film.
My third complaint: I waited for a 1/2 hour to be told that my federal insurance was not accepted any more and Courtney, the manager and her staff of immature workers, were not at all courteous or in concern about my wait and the fact that they had scheduled me on a Wednesday when the office was closed. I just happen to confirm the appt. and was told they gave me the wrong day!

Desired Outcome

My other dentist I turned to said I had no cavities now and was told that this company advertised too much and the service given was probably not good. I believe they are for the money and that is why they "fixed" my no cavities to pocket more money.

Mint Dentistry Response • May 25, 2018

We support the decision our dentist made in diagnosing the cavities and treating them. We cannot refund the patient for completed treatment. MINT doesn't pay our dentist based on production. They are paid salary and have no incentive to perform unnecessary treatment. We will be more than happy to provide follow up care for any treatment that we have performed. We also will be happy to send the patients records anywhere she wishes.

Mint Dentistry on Copeland Rd. in Arlington botched my crown and now refuses to refund the $ I paid, so I can get it re-done with another dentist.
I recently got a root canal, a temporary crown, and then a permanent crown from Mint DEntistry. The permanent and temporary crown left me in a great deal of pain. My gum is still irritated. The extraction on the right side is still painful as well.

I came in to have the bite adjusted on the crown and was very displeased. Dr. Tanase and the temp on duty made me very uncomfortable. The temp kept suctioning my lip and gum with the instrument. This seemed to throw off Dr. Tanase. She proceeded to file my bite down to a flat state that has left me unable to chew properly. She did not give me the option to look at it in the office and see if I was pleased.

Something told me to look at my tooth when I got to my car. Unfortunately, my tooth has been shaved down to where it is not even with my other side teeth. It looks ridiculous. I went back inside to complain. Dr. Tanase lied and said that both sides were the same and looked fine. I responded that she just didn't want to admit that she messed up (which she did) and before she walked off like a 7th-grade girl, she said that she would have Dr. Hardaway do a new crown for me. So basically she admitted that she botched my crown.

I do not want Mint Dentistry to do any more work for me. My gums are still irritated (which Dr. Hardaway noticed but did not provide any explanation for upon examination) and I can't chew properly on my left side. I also can't chew on my right side at all due to the extraction ( I have bone growing out of the extraction site). So basically this is a quality of life issue.

I want my approximately $500 for the crown back, and I want to be reimbursed to go to another dentist and have my teeth fixed properly. This is the worst experience I have ever had at a dentist's office.

Upon speaking with Amber last Friday, she said that she would not be able to refund my money because I agreed to the appearance of the crown when it was put in. Yes, I did. But this is not a valid argument because when my bite was shaved down, Dr. Tanase conveniently did not have me look at the crown, because she knew she messed it up. I had to see that for myself. When I went back up to the office immediately after realizing that she had botched it, she lied like I can't see. This is not acceptable for any service organization.

Desired Outcome

I want them to pay back the $500 I spent out-of-pocket for the ruined crown. Then, I want them to pay the full amount needed to another dentist for them to re-do it. My insurance is already maxed out and this location did not complete the job right. So they should pay a more capable dentist to fix it.

Mint Dentistry Response • May 31, 2018

We have already dealt with this case internally and have given the patient the outcome. We apologize but the decision stands.

I *** made an Appointment due to I have an issued as of pain in my Mouth so she the Lady we is the Manager at this office state to me that they can do a Root Canal or can Filled my Cavity I remember early this years I had my teeth clean and I notice that they who I talking about Mint Dentistry did not do and X-Ray on my Teeth and when I went in on April 25 @ 3:30 even got an call back and stating that they have an Dentist to do my teeth well when I got there @ Mint IN South Arlington I was check in by the Receptionist and they clean my Teeth and did not repair my Root Canal and the Lady lie to me I call this Number XXX-XXX-XXXX and told this Guy he promise to call me back I am still waiting for his call back Mint only specialized in teeth whiten this people or fake I know for a fact that they can not perform an Root Canal nor Filled a Cavity or pull a tooth they charge your Insurance and tell bald face *** lies and can not provided Services other then teeth Cleaning these people need to be put out of Services

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I need my teeth fix please

Mint Dentistry Response • May 03, 2018

We have already spoken to Ms *** countless times and have made arrangements to assist her that she is never satisfied with. She was never promised same day treatment and has failed to reschedule her appointment for treatment after numerous calls. She does not understand that we have to perform a cleaning and x-ray prior to setting a treatment plan. This has been explained as well.

Customer Response • May 07, 2018

Good Morning this matter have not been resolved I Was told by the Manger he will reschedule appointment for me when I had an Appointment this place are student and there is no Doctor I witness this when I had an appointment for an Root Canal I had already had my teeth clean an they Meaning Mint Dentistry preform another teeth cleaning and did not do my Root Canal I was promise a Call back this gentleman took over a week to call me back after I call another number an voice my opinion to them and the young lady reach back out to the Manager and that when he decide to call me state he been very busy really.


Mint Dentistry Response • May 08, 2018

We cannot fix anything if Ms *** refuses to schedule and appointment for treatment.

Customer Response • May 09, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
and it an whole week out I am in pain and not able to take off I had an valid appointment and they who mint lied to me about my appointment and I was there for over two hour it not me it them and student employee when I made the appoint I stated to the manager I need an doctor not an student who do cleaning I need an root canal and cavity doctor not a week longer the time of my appointment an they had an whole five days to get one .

The dental procedure performed was poor quality, bonding completely fell out of my mouth within 24 hrs-refund refused and complete info not provided.
On 4/11/18 I went to Mint Dentistry for a cleaning and bonding on my two front teeth. I was quoted a price of 360 which included an annual cleaning plan that I would have to purchase to get the bonding at the reduced price of $300 (reg price $820). On 4/12/18 at approx 5:15 pieces of the bonding stating falling from my mouth until all of the bonding fell out around 6:00 p.m. I immediately called; got answering service and asked for a call back the next day. No one called by 10:00 am the next day so I call and spoke with the Manager, Jordan. I told her what happened and that I was not satisfied with the quality of their work, specifically the bonding material they used as bonding on my teeth and I requested a refund. She (Jordan) stated she could not give a refund and that's why they "recommend veneers" instead of bonding. I explained, I did not want nor need veneers. I also asked about the quality of the bonding material used and inquired that the bonding material should certainly be guaranteed to last for more than 24 hours. Jordan said they could not guarantee that and again stated "that's why we recommend veneers". I explained that other dentists have provided quality bonding that has lasted for certainly more than 24 hours, most last for more than 24 months. So, I then explained to Jordan that I also didn't realize the retainer on the back of my two front teeth was removed by Mint until I finally got feeling back in my mouth after their procedure the day before. I explained that the retainer was placed there by prior dentists and I wanted it placed back behind my two front teeth. Jordan, first denied that I even had the retainer! I had to argue with her for several minutes and informed her that that could be verified by my X-Rays. She then stated "we don't have the equipment/tools" to add the retainer/bonding (but the removed it and didn't tell me). She said they could not add my retainer back after they removed it without my permission. She also said that boning can easily fallout due to pressure and could not guarantee ANY bonding procedure for ANY amount of time. I became more adamant about my refund and she said she could just use the same materials as before. Unfortunately, my mouth was sore because Mint Dentistry stuck me with 5 needles to deaden my gums for the original procedure and I have had quality bonding and know that it does last longer than 24 hours so I just wanted to get a refund and go to another dentist.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund due to Mint Dentistry's poor quality materials they used on my teeth and their "questionable" business practice of trying to coerce patients to get expensive veneers that some patients may not need or want. They were not apologetic for their poor work nor did they state they would provide quality materials if they did re-bond my teeth.

Mint Dentistry Response • May 03, 2018


We are very sorry you are upset with the performance of the bonding agent that was used. This was not meant as a permanent solution. This was explained to you as well as the fact that we cannot warranty it because of this. This is why a permanent solution was advised. All of this is covered in the consent forms that were provided as well as the verbal notifications that were given to you.

Thank you,

MINT Dentistry

Customer Response • May 04, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have received bonding from other dentists and board certified dentists can verify that bonding can last up to 10 years. It certainly is guaranteed to last more than 24 hours. Furthermore, I was not "specifically informed" that the dental work would not last 24 hours. Bonding falling out of my mouth within 24 hours is not considered a "permanent solution" but an issue of quality and practice/skill of the dentist. There are few dentists that will not guarantee dental work for at minimum of 30 days much less 24 hours. Mint Dentistry's statement regarding signing a disclosure statement about a "permanent" solution the disclaimer should not absolve them of providing patients with quality dental work. It appears they provided poor bonding to entice patients to spend money on veneers which is something I certainly did not need. Additionally, the disclose I signed did not state that any previous orthodontic retainers/bonding would be removed without my knowledge-which is precisely what happened. So, they removed my retainer and said they could not replace it and they would not refund my money. This is just ripping of the consumer.

Finally, the statement from Mint Dentistry is a "blanket statement" that they use to get them out of standing behind their bonding procedures. There was never any statement about them standing behind the "quality of their bonding" because they don't want patients who desire bonding. They want patients to spend money on veneers. Any patient who goes to a dentist should receive quality work and that would should last at least more than 24 hours. If not, then the disclosure should specifically state there is no guarantee of work for any length of time even 24 hours. I was not looking for a permanent solution but I certainly did not pay money for a procedure that may not last a day! This practice seems unethical.

As you can see their response is a generic ambivalent response. They don't care about patients who don't want veneers and they can easily take unsuspecting patients money and say " you signed a consent (vague) and move on...These actions caused a lack of confidence in the company which is why I would like my money refunded. When I went to Mint Dentistry my teeth were closed and I wanted some bonding. After 24 hours from my visit with Mint Dentistry, I now have a gap and less money. They made my teeth worse!

Thank you

Mint Dentistry Response • May 11, 2018

We have already offered to redo the treatment at no cost. Bonding is not a permanent fix for this type of treatment and will not serve as such. This is all we can do at this point.

Customer Response • May 14, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I disagree with the response. Furthermore, the company has not addressed the fact that they removed an orthodontic device from my mouth without out my knowledge and they stated they "did not" have the equipment to replace said device. There is no "offer" if the business in not willing to refund or do anything regarding the matter.

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