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Mint Dentistry

5330 E Mockingbird Ln STE 120, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75206-0941

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Refund for fillings improperly done
I received three fillings from mint in august 24 after going back to complain about pain After a month the dentist to,d me to give it time. I filed a complaint with my dental insurance they have determined that mint did not successfully fill my cavities they have been reaching out for refund of all money I paid with no response.

Desired Outcome

I would like refund of 180 dollars I paid to mint. Would be even better if they can cover the additional $100 replacements fillings I have to get this year that is going to my annual maximum which means I will have to wait another year to complete all my dental plan

Mint Dentistry Response • Feb 01, 2018

We have not received any requests for refunds of any kind. The fillings were completed and the patient has been back for an adjustment. No calls or reports of any issues have been reported to any of our offices regarding the fillings. We would be happy to have the patient come in for a post op to adjust or redo the fillings if needed. This would be completed at no charge as we guarantee our work. We have offices other than Irving if the patient desires to make a change.

Customer Response • Feb 02, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
give me a phone number and fax and I will give you the claim received from delta dental back in December. my fillings have already been replaced by another dentist now im requesting 180 back for the amount I paid to you

Mint Dentistry Response • Feb 06, 2018

We will send this to the office and have our dentist review the case to see if the refund can be approved or if it needs to be disputed.

Customer Response • Feb 09, 2018

This needs to be done promptly I have been waiting for months the dentist never replies to emails and phone calls from delta dental which is why I turned to this option. This is very unprofessional I was in pain since august and all your dentist could say was give it time so I never went back now I spent extra money to replace what should have been done correctly in the first place. Your dentist should expedite this claim

Signed up for a program and canceled it when was in the office last in May. Keep billing every month.
Purchased the smile more program on my first visit. After my work was completed I canceled the plan on my last visit. They have continued to bill me monthly each month even though I was told it was done. When I called today Katie and her boss Jordan said I would not be getting my full refund and they would only offer a partial.

Desired Outcome

full refund of all charges

Mint Dentistry Response • Feb 06, 2018

Have reached out to the patient several times to gather more information to better assist him to no avail. We need to know which MINT office he signed up in because we do not have a record for him in Dallas.

Customer Response • Feb 07, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Have called them back multiple times to tell them I was a customer of the south Arlington location.

Mint Dentistry Response • Feb 09, 2018

Mr. signed up for the smile more club on 6/27/16 and was billed by MINT 15 times for the membership. If he cancelled in May of 2017 that would be 11 payments that were approved. We have offered half of the total 15 payments back even though it's more than he should receive based on the signup and cancellation time. Technically we only over charged him if he did in fact cancel in May, 4 payments. We will happily honor this arrangement and refund him the 7 payments today. Thank you.

Mint told me I needed a root canal; therefore, I went to a specialist and they told me that was inaccurate.
This complaint is against the East Fort Worth location located off of 820. I went due to a filling in between my 2 front teeth that fell off while I had braces from Jefferson Dental Clinic. They proceeded to tell me that I needed a root canal on #30 molar. Furthermore, they stated I had an infection on a previous root canal also done at Jefferson Dental Clinic and that I would need to see a specialist. I went to see the recommended specialist. She did confirm that I did have an infection on the root canal performed by Jefferson Dental Clinic. However, she proceeded to tell me that she did not understand why I needed a root canal on #30 as I did not experience any discomfort. She then educated me by telling me that Mint gets paid for referrals which is probably why they were recommending me to a specialist without there being an actual need for a root canal on #30. I want an explanation as to why I was referred to a specialist for a root canal when the specialist stated I do not need one. This is beyond ridiculous. I was recommended to this dentistry by so many people in my family alone and I will inform EVERYONE of my experience. I cannot believe that one has to worry about sales practices with a dentist office.

Desired Outcome

I want an explanation! I do not want to be called. I want an explanation in writing! I want the following questions answered: Why was I sent to a specialist for a root canal? Why is the specialist stating that I do not need a root canal? Was Mint only wanting to get paid for a referral? How many times has this happened before? What is MINT willing to do to make this right?

Mint Dentistry Response • Jan 17, 2018

Hello Ms.,

In response to your questions I would like to start with a simple no. We do not get paid for referrals. This is completely false. We made the referral based on what we saw in your charts and mouth. We do not force patients to see specialist of our choosing. If the work needed is beyond our office's ability to complete we refer out. Patient's are free to visit any specialist office they choose. They are not required to visit any that we recommend. This is done as a convenience for the patient. The root canal you are referring to more than likely needed to be reviewed by a specialist in order to make a full diagnosis. We would like the name of the specialist in question because we would like to contact them in regards to this false information.


MINT Patient Concerns

I really like the friendly and attentive staff here at Mint Dentistry. They were able to see me within a few hours of my initial call. This was my first time coming here and I would recommend MINT Dentistry to my friends. Daryl was through, professional and answered all of my questions. Thanks Daryl! I came here for a cleaning and they did not try to push any unnecessary services onto me. I was concerned that they would up charge on some services like some dental offices, but I experienced none of that here. The entire staff was genuinely interested in my dental health. The office also has a great atmosphere with nice music, modern furniture and flatscreen televisions to watch during your cleanings. I will be coming back to MINT dental for my future cleanings.

Mint Dentistry Response • Jan 03, 2018

Thank you for the great feedback Cade! We are looking forward to serving you again!

Mint Dentistry repeatedly botched the simple placing of a crown on my tooth. I endured unnecessary pain and suffering. Misleading business practices.
1. March 18 - My original crown fell off in CA
2. March 21 - MD appointment - temporary crown put on
3. May 2 - received call from Leila offering earlier date
4. May 15 - Received message that permanent crown is ready to be put on for 5/18 although crown wasn't actually ready; received anesthesia and no procedure done
5. May 17 - Received message from Jay about crown
6. May 21 - Was supposed to get crown put on but it wasn't created correctly and was sent back to the lab
7. May 30 - Permanent crown ready (Courtney left msg)
8. June 6 - Permanent crown put on
1. During the procedure, I was asked to allow dentist to put in a bite guard to make it easier for them to work in my mouth. I explained to them that it might not be possible because I suffer from TMJ. They insisted we try anyway, which resulted in instant extreme pain.
9. June 8 - Received a call telling me that my crown was ready to be put on (the same crown that I received on 6/6)
10. July 15 - Permanent crown fell off in MS
11. July 17 - Made appointment with Jonathan for 7/18 to put crown back on
12. July 18 - Permanent crown put on again
13. September 3 - Crown fell off again while eating cake
14. September 6 - Talked to Jonathan about issue. After trying to make excuses for this ordeal, He told me to call him after I returned to Houston to set up appointment for refund.
15. September 18 - Talked to Courtney, who told me Jonathan was OOO so I left a message for him.
16. September 19 - Talked to Jonathan at 9:40 am and he tried to coerce me to allow a dentist at the North location to put the crown back on but I told him I'm only interested in a refund.
1. I first went to my previous dentist (not affiliated with MD at all) and had the crown put on without any anesthesia and experienced no pain or discomfort. Also, the procedure took a fraction of the time as with Mint Dentistry.
2. After all I've been through, you would think that there would be notes in my account that would have the personnel to pay closer attention to anything that involved me - not because I'm "special" but just to attempt to save a customer from leaving. However, my 9/19 visit was filled with needless waiting. The reason I call it "needless" is because when I first made the appointment through Jonathan, I made it clear that I only was interested in getting a refund. He told me that I had to go to the North location in order to get this process. However, the staff at the North location seemed determined to have me see a dentist. After I explained to the dental assistants that I had already gotten my crown put on by my own dentist, they still insisted that I get several X-rays taken. I complied and had at least 7 X-rays taken. After waiting for quite some time and repeatedly requesting to speak to a manager, I then spoke to Dr. Courtney Jacocks and explained this timeline to her. To some degree, she tried to make excuses also but after I refuted with details of how the dentists insisted that I use a bite guard despite my requests not to, there was not much she could say. But afterward, I was again left to wait several minutes and then started to request again that I speak to a manager. After some time of waiting, I was then greeted by Aracelly (who I had seen at the Spring location many times and who knew of my horrible experience). However, I did not know that she was a manager when I arrived to the clinic and she apparently had not been told that I needed to speak to a manager - so I was forced to waste all of that time (as well as unnecessarily being exposed to harmful X-rays) just so I could speak to a manager.

Desired Outcome

Full refund from the business with no signing away of any of my legal rights.

Mint Dentistry Response

Very sorry that this crown has been a difficult one to seat. I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Crowns can be problematic and difficult to seat at times, all of this is outlined in our patient consent forms. In order for me to look into your request further I would need the name of the location you went to. Please provide me with this and I will see if a refund is possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Customer Response • Jan 02, 2018

Document Attached***
The request for more information had already been provided to the company months ago. My complaint was very detailed and included the location of the business.

Please see original complaint attached with highlighted company location.

This case should not have been closed.

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Address: 5330 E Mockingbird Ln STE 120, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75206-0941


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