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Nadine West

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• Apr 14, 2022

I never ordered from them! My credit card was stolen and now I'm getting threatened with jail time becuase I'm refusing to pay for something I didn't receive or order! I should not be threatened with jail for my card being stolen! And I don't know how these people knew my email but it's messed up I'm being charged for this!

• Mar 06, 2022

Ripped off
I got charged 189.00 after I asked for an extention I sent the stuff back all but one thing an I told them do not charge my account cause I'm sending it all back an they approved the extention well they took it out anyway I dint no what was 189.00 I kept ut Nadine just called emails me said call support yo I gave them one account then switched it to another account I got an they had no permission to even go in that account to take anything out an I'm pissed this ain't the first time either

• Jan 14, 2022

BEWARE! I returned the items I was sent because, for the 3rd time they are Walmart clothes, not at all quality. Apparently the return, which is documented, is held up due to the holidays. I was contacted via email, which I replied that I sent it back, sent the confirmation of the return and Paula, the rep said she sees the return is held up and she would be sure that I am not charged. Today, I was charged over $300 - I emailed, called, emailed and called - I was told that I would get a refund - as of right now, nothing, not even a reply back. I also asked to cancel my account, NOTHING. They won't return my emails. VERY LOW QUALITY CLOTHING AND VERY LOW QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don't let their ridiculous response here fool you, its a scam and they withdraw money without consent. As of right now - I will have to report fraud to my account due to their inability to do their jobs.

UPDATE: as of today, 1/14 - I have filed a police report and a complaint with the BBB - Nadine West said they finally "found" my return and said they would give me a credit, Since they illegally took money from my card, which was over $300.00 - the bank cancelled my card. They said they could not give me a credit due to the card not working. Then they said they would paypal me to send them my info - I did that. Nothing. I had to follow up yet again - and they said they sent over the credit and let's "HOPE" for the best. STILL NOTHING.

I have all the emails in hand showing they said they would and still haven't. DO NOT give your money to these thieves!

• Dec 04, 2021

They stole 356 dollars
I found that I could buy the same things from Walmart cheaper. They charged me $356.00 because I didn't return their package within their time frame. They said they would credit me the $356.00 dollars. How could their 1 package costs $356? I don't want a credit, I want my money back! They literally stole $356! DON'T Trust them and don't buy their s[censored]! Go to Walmart, it will cost you a lot less!

• Oct 26, 2021

If your package is lost, you still get charged!
I was a faithful customer for a while and upon attempting to cancel my account (which in itself took four separate emails because nobody would do as I asked and they do not provide a customer service phone number) FedEx has lost one of my packages and has claimed that they lost it 100%.. Nadine West gets refunded by shipping charges (They have filed a claim I am not allowed to file a claim because I'm not the shipper) however they are refusing to refund to me anything because "You did not keep any of the items so you're not charged for the items but you're still liable for the shipping fee" how can I keep the items that were never delivered? How can you charge me for shipping when you didn't actually ship anything to my house... This is definitely fraudulent. I have of course filed a discrepancy charge with my bank along with the Better Business Bureau.

• Mar 21, 2022

They charged me $522. I’m emailing everyday. They have replied but it’s been a week and I’m getting desperate. This completely took everything but $8 out of my account.

• Oct 14, 2021

Am I being pranked?!
I'm amazed at how bad this company is and it's unbelievable they can stay in business. I signed up for an every 2 week subscription. First package arrived 2 months later. I kept one bracelet and shipped the rest back immediately. Took over a month to get back to them and they of course, charged me for everything because it was back after their return date. I cancelled the service immediately. By this time, since I was originally on a 2 week subscription, apparently they caught up with the back orders and shipped 3 other packages out. I never even opened them and returned to sender immediately. Was charged for shipping on all of them, even the one I bought an item from, that first package, so shipping should have been free for that one for sure. Then they charged me for the items in the other packages because their return shipping took so long to get back. When all was said and done, they had charged me over $400 and all I got was a $15 bracelet. It was like a full time job dealing with their customer service trying to explain everything. And as soon as I thought it was resolved, another shipment would arrive or a charge would be on my card. Even their refunds were a mess! They charged me tax but would only refund the amounts before tax. Now finally, fingers crossed, it's done and over with. After months of emails. I begged them to call because my hands hurt from all the typing by this point, but no call ever. I also cannot end this review without mentioning that the clothes were the ugliest I've ever seen. The worst fabric, awful colors, embarrassing styles, and bizarre material thickness. It was beyond comprehension. And that one bracelet I kept, itches my wrist and I can't even wear it. Nadine West does NOT love you!

• Jun 15, 2021

Too expensive
I had an issue with my first order where they charged me for a dress that was not in my package. I have to say the customer service I received was amazing, sent an email and got a response right away. They gave me credit off any item I kept in next order. Next order was missing an item again send a reply to my first email and got a response right away. We emailed back and forth within the same day. Matter was resolved. My third order loved half of what I got but a tank top for 40.00 is just too much. I am going to cancel, hopefully not as hard a process as everyone else has experienced

• Mar 21, 2022

Any idea how I can get them to do that with me? I kept 2 items. They cha¢rged me $522. Wiped out everything in my checking acct. this has been a nightmare!


Credit cards
Everyone Take your CREDIT CARD INFO out of your profile’s
You will just get texts for a over priced bill !

Please stop!
Why r you charging me $244.00 for a shirt and a scarf ?
I will not pay $244. I will pay for the Items I Kept . Please stop !
You no longer have my CREDIT CARD INFO . And why Ins the there a choice for editing purchasing .
NOT PAYING $244.00


Didn't care for the clothes at all kind of reminded me of a thrift store run. I like to hide my stomach and I got a babydoll dress I am 62 years old really


Not Worth the trouble
First time subscriber. I tried this because of the ads saying it was cheaper than other clothing subscriptions. IT WAS NOT CHEAPER. In my clothing profile I checked that I wanted to conceal upper arms and stomach area. They sent me 2 items that were sleeveless. This does not conceal upper arms. The jewelry was outrageous and the clothing was cheap looking. When I asked for subscription to be cancelled it took 3 emails before they finally cancelled it. They kept offering discounts and perks. Terrible company to deal with. I have tried other subscriptions like this and although they were just as pricey ...the customer service was far superior to Nadine West.


Not a customer’s friend
I made the mistake of signing up with Nadine West, and it was one of the larger mistakes I’ve made. First of all, the clothes were a joke, and then when I tried to return The clothing I did not want, it was a few days past the return date and they said that they cannot adjust their system for a return pass today. That seems utterly absurd to me. With all the advances in this technological age, that is the lamest excuse I’ve heard yet. Then, I had trouble canceling my subscription, and I’m still not sure if it’s canceled. And to make matters even worse, they were trying to charge my card for something I had no idea about. These people do not care about their customers whatsoever. And who doesn’t have a phone number these days? You have to go through their stinking email.


Poor quality product, poor customer service, borderline theft
I have emailed and requested to cancel my subscription. They sent another package while we were on vacation and when we returned and found it, it was sent back immediatly. I was charged just under 300 and Nadine West will not refund stating that it was not returned within their time limit. They did state they will send me another package as a credit! I will be contacting my bank , and writing reviews every day until I receive a refund.


What a joke.
The bag I received was full of items/brands I can find on Amazon for half the price Nadine West wants to charge for them. I have requested that my account is cancelled and I am sending back all items for a full refund. If I don't receive a full refund, I'll update this review to one star.
What a joke.
What a joke.
What a joke.
What a joke.
What a joke.
What a joke.


Never Buying Again (Coming from a 1st time subscriber)
This is my first time purchasing from Nadine West and I got not one but two shipments, one of which wasn't even mine. Out of my actual shipment, I only like a pair of jeggings which isn't saying much. When I noticed a charge in my account a week later, I emailed the customer service email and they basically told me that I wouldn't receive a refund but first offered to add a permanent 10% discount on all of my future shipments. Once I repeated that I didn't want anymore shipments and I had already cancelled my account, the representative then offered a free shipment that valued what I was originally charged ($228). I flat out had no response after that. I mean this representative told me I exceeded the return period but how would I know that if this is my first time doing this subscription and there's no way to really view the so-called "return policy" in plain sight? It claimed the return period was 3 days but I never knew that until I looked for it on the website myself. Also, we're still in a pandemic and many retailers have extended their return periods so I wish the return policy was made in clear view under the FAQ and extended to maybe 7 instead of 3 days, I mean what happens if you work and don't have time to return shipments right away? Disappointed that I took a chance on a company that only offered me more clothes instead of what I politely requested.


IF THERE WAS AN OPTION FOR ZERO STARS I WOULD USE IT! I have received 3 deliveries from this organization and have returned everything except 1 dress, 2 tshirts, and a sweater and some misc jewelry. I have been charged over $500 over the course of the 3 deliveries and have nothing to show for my money because they have the returned items and my money. I cancelled my subscription because the clothing they have sent either doesnt fit or is not something I would wear. I'm in a battle to get my money back at this time. They keep telling me they will send me products of equal value...I don't want any more products from them...THUS THE CANCELLATION! At this point I am about to get an attorney involved (I work for attorneys so they will take care of me!). All I can say is BUYER BEWARE! UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY AND THE PRODUCTS THEY SEND YOU, DON'T SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE!


I too I’m going thru crap with this company I too returned most items I kept a shirt and a scarf , they r trying to bill me for $244.00 I took my credit card number out of their CC spots .
Not a fan !

Very unhappy with most bags lately and now I got charged when the post office didn't scan my return. I understand the charge but I went through hell contacting the post office and going between the two. I was told I would get a refund and now it's turned into just one time credit. It's over $200 and nothing in my new bag even fits right so I will lose everything. Once this is done I may have to find a new company


I have tried emailing the listed address for cancellation 6-7 times with no reply and my account continues to be charged and clothes keep being delivered. I haven't liked or kept anything yet out of three months worth of deliveries so I keep having to go back to post office and mail it all back. I just want it cancelled! there is no one to call as the number says it is a nonworking number!


People take ur credit card info out of ur profile!

Cancel this now!
I dont event have he shippment and you are still Taking out of my account. I have done everything to cancel this you took over 300 dollars out of my account and I want it back.ii read ;your other comments about they didnt cancel you make it hard to cancel...I want the money BACK ON MY ACCOUNT! I DONT HAVE TO SHIPPMENT AND DONT WANT IT!THE LAST WAS HORRIBLE!

• Mar 21, 2022

Curious to know if they refunded your money. They took $500 out of mine. I have heard back but they want to credit it. I’m afraid to take my card
Number out because that may not refund it then.

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