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Nadine West

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• Oct 15, 2020

Very unhappy with most bags lately and now I got charged when the post office didn't scan my return. I understand the charge but I went through hell contacting the post office and going between the two. I was told I would get a refund and now it's turned into just one time credit. It's over $200 and nothing in my new bag even fits right so I will lose everything. Once this is done I may have to find a new company

• Sep 18, 2020

I have tried emailing the listed address for cancellation 6-7 times with no reply and my account continues to be charged and clothes keep being delivered. I haven't liked or kept anything yet out of three months worth of deliveries so I keep having to go back to post office and mail it all back. I just want it cancelled! there is no one to call as the number says it is a nonworking number!

• Jul 30, 2020

Cancel this now!
I dont event have he shippment and you are still Taking out of my account. I have done everything to cancel this you took over 300 dollars out of my account and I want it back.ii read ;your other comments about they didnt cancel you make it hard to cancel...I want the money BACK ON MY ACCOUNT! I DONT HAVE TO SHIPPMENT AND DONT WANT IT!THE LAST WAS HORRIBLE!

• Jul 15, 2020

Worse company when it comes to customer service.
This is the worse company when It comes to customer service. My second package was delivered to the wrong address and I was charged before I received the package. I have been emailing this company and have left several voicemails and have not once got a response back. I emailed them and tried reaching them after I was charged to track the package and nothing so I had to do the research myself and thank god the person that received my package decided to be kind and bring it to my house a week later. I have returned the package and I'm not having any luck getting my $197 refunded..

• Dec 16, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Really because I have the emails from Google to prove that I sent the first one on the 3rd of November then again on the 17th of November.Also multiple times before the 25th I sent the email on November multiple times Regards, [redacted]

• Dec 14, 2019

We didn't receive cancellation request until NovOD charges are bank charges so there's no way for us to refund them

• Dec 03, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: No where on the web sight that I was on or both emails that was sent did it say that there would be a feeIt said free shippingYou could have went in and changed the detailsI sent this company a copy of the email I received that had no disclosure of the feesIt said for free shipping use NADINE as the code for the free shipping and the free it had nothing stating that it had to be used in ordersI want my fee back I have not received the package yet as soon as it comes in I will take it right back to the post office and send it back to youI dont want it I dont want anything else to do with you Regards, [redacted]

• Dec 03, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I see that you have sent me proof on your end that two refunds were issuedMay I now have proof that you have cancelled my account (I want to know that you've removed my credit card information)? On August 8th you said that you issued a refund, but on my attachment in the email you sent me, the refund issue date is the 9thFurther, you state that you canceled my subscription on August 1st, when I asked for the account to be canceled the beginning of JulyAgain, I will consider this issue resolved when you give me proof that you've canceled my account, because unfortunately I am unable to trust a company that hasn't been honest and tries to satisfy customer requests only when they are handed over to Regards, [redacted]

• Nov 30, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have not received the refund of the $or to my bank yetI will not be satisfied until that happens Regards, [redacted]

• Nov 21, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I would love to contact the company directly but when I send requests to cancel, the company responds with a link to a youtube video of puppiesI need confirmation that my account was cancelledGive me a name and phone number, something else besides an unattended email address (hint: put appropriate contact information on your website, be transparent, etc) Regards, [redacted]

• Nov 16, 2019

Here is the refund receipt issued to herHer account has already been cancelledPlease see attached

• Nov 11, 2019

Please see FAQs:'s clearly stated here that there will be a $feeThe discount she got is for $which was applied to her first shipment and half of it will supposedly be applied to her 2nd shipment

• Nov 09, 2019 are the emails I sent:Sent August 28:Hello,I would like you to please pause my account until further notice.Thank you very much, [redacted] ***Sent August 31:Hello,I had emailed previously to pause my account, but I noticed today that you are preparing another shipment Please do no do that, or charge my account Also, I noticed that I was charged the full price for the earrings that I kept I was supposed to have a credit for the shipping for the first order This was not applied.I did not recieve a response to the first email that I sent Is anyone reading these?Do not ship any more ordersCancel my account.Thank you, [redacted] *** Sent on September 1st through Facebook messenger: I have been trying to email youI asked on Monday for you to pause my accountThen the website shows you are sending me somethingSo I email again and it bounes backI have tried to contact you four times, one in reply to the email congradulating me that you are sending me more stuffThis is ridiculousPlease stop(this one was robo replied, with no real response)I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

• Nov 05, 2019

Please see refund receipt attached

• Nov 04, 2019

Hi ***, We have already refunded you for the missing bottoms even we didn't receive it back Also, the for the second shipment has already been refunded as wellPlease just send the second shipment back to us Again, we are so sorry for the inconvenience this may have causedHave a great day

• Oct 29, 2019

I hate it all the clothes that they sent me the customer service sucks the response sucks I have several times several several times for them to stop sending packages they keep sending me packages they charge me for them I don't want the packages I send them back and then they still charge me and I'm very disappointed in the whole complete service overall experience I would not recommend it to anybody whatsoever

• Oct 29, 2019

We have cancelled your account already

Hi [redacted] , We have already cancelled your account as requestedHowever, your shipment did arrive after charge date - This has been refunded last May as wee and you should see it in a few days So sorry for the inconvenience

I did a free trial and did not like the clothing. I returned it and they tried to charge me for shipping, even though it was supposed to be free. I got that refund ($9.78). Then I got notice that they sent me ANOTHER shipment even though I was CLEAR with the first one, in emails and on phone, that I did NOT want a membership or any more shipments. I told them to cancel it, but they said it had already been shipped. They apologized for the "mishap," said that it hadn't been cancelled properly, but that they had taken care of it for certain this time. They said they wouldn't charge me for shipping the next shipment, since it was their mistake--I was to just make sure to return the clothes (or they'd give me a discount if I liked them for all the mistakes). When I received that shipment (in late July 2019), I immediately opened the package and took out the return shipping label and affixed it to the package. I did not touch the clothes--didn't unwrap them; didn't even look at them. I sealed the bag with packaging tape and took it to be mailed THE SAME DAY. TODAY, a month later, with no communication in between, I GOT CHARGED $156! I called and they said they never received the clothes and therefore charged me for the full amount of the clothes. I would assume, after my last voicemail (since they have no live person answering the phone ever), that they are tracking the shipment again & better find it. I AM LIVID. THIS IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY AND/OR COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT PEOPLE WORKING THERE. BUYER BEWARE...I MAY NEVER SEE $156 AGAIN (ps the clothes are NOT worth that much either, as a side note)

• Oct 29, 2019

Absolutely correct overall experience costumer service N quality was terrible

I too, got another package after I had cancelled. I got charged $136.00 plus the $37.00 overdraft fee that my bank will not reimburse. I attempted to email again, and I got an automated reply about my shipment. I have attempted to call customer service, but I got a busy signal. I have sent the unwanted shipment back.

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