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Native Path

1200 S Brand Blvd Ste 184, Glendale, California, United States, 91204

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• Nov 17, 2023

Don’t stand behind “Satisfaction Guaranteed “ as advertised.
I didn’t get experience with any of the claimed benefits. I took product as recommended by Dr Chad but didn’t do anything. There should be money back guarantee but they offer very little. You may get refund for one container but your on hook for everything you use - regardless of whether it works for you or not. There are other companies that DO actually stand behind their product.

In July I ordered two jars of Native Path collagen and have received endless compliments about my hair, skin and nails after only taking it for 30 days! I just turned 47 November 1st and even my family claims I look better than I did when I was 35. 🥰 I feel about 30 years old now as my joints no longer hurt, I have 100% more energy and I’ve lost 40 pounds since adding this to my coffee every morning. It’s tasteless but if you prefer coffee creamer they also have that available in many different popular flavors. I also ordered one bottle of Turmeric with BioPirene and they were buy one get 2 free which has also aided in everything from weight loss to amazing mobility! Compared to other supplements I’ve tried this is definitely my favorite for all the reasons I listed above AND I’m also sent unbelievable deals via text every month! I’ve read through some of the extremely negative reviews and I think many need to take more accountability for putting the incorrect addresses then proceeding to move from that address and when native path has called them after their negative reviews they don’t answer their phone because, once again they moved. Why would someone order anything knowing they weren’t going to be residing at the address when their packages were delivered and also didn’t leave a forwarding address? 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 Native Path’s customer service is top notch so I also can’t comprehend why people are “claiming” the company only cares about money. Yes! Your order is sent via the USPS but there is always a tracking number for every one you make which leads me to believe the “Karen” reviews just want something for nothing.There has always also been a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t feel this supplement has given your body any benefit whatsoever. I called them twice because one shipment was taking a lot longer than normal and they knew exactly where it was and when it was being delivered so they also provide you with peace of mind! They have variety of other supplements and even though their brand can be considered a tad more expensive they’ve saved me $100’s of dollars and a ton of headaches because I’m no longer tossing out other companies sub par product! I definitely recommend Native Path Collagen and Turmeric to anyone who is looking for a top notch product with customer service agents that treat you like family! 🙂

Shannon K
Unethical business practices with consumers.

October 21, 2021
Unethical business practices with consumers. This is taking advantage of first-time buyers when I have not received two shipments of creamers apparently sent on an unauthorized auto-ship when I was only purchasing for the first time in April. I ordered three flavors to try them and they kept sending and taking my money even though I moved.

Native Path kept shipping every three months to a place I no longer reside at and I did change my billing and mailing address and continued sending using my wrong UNAUTHORIZED BILLING ADDRESS for Native Path. I contacted Native Path and spent two hours trying to explain via Facebook Chat explaining that the new residents have the products they sent even though I did not reorder.

Rather than try to understand or care about "real customer" service they fought me and put me through more than anyone should have to go through. Everyone purchases more online since covid and auto-ship should be not a box filled in automatically unless unchecked. I don't know HOW they managed to get me to do auto0ship on my first trial of a new product. The customer service rep said, "Well how do I know it was your first time?" I said you have my email address, for one thing, my phone number, and can check when I first ordered.

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Native Path Shipping Policy
I ordered Native Path for my Mom for Mother's Day ( she requested it).it said "free shipping" so I placed my order for 6 bottles.

Seems they mailed it Parcel Select Service which native Path did not put insurance on the order, nor was I given that option (which I would have paid). It's now been one month as still no order..USPS asked me for senders address and I was e-mailed one which I sent to USPS and turns out it was incorrect address..Contacted Native Path again and was sent yet another sender address. Sad to say Native Path isn't sure where they products are shipped from or which warehouse. Does it matter to them? NO they have their money and I'm out of mine as they don't give refunds on lost orders. I was informed once it leaves Native Path it isn't their responsibility.

I'd give a score lower than a one if I could

A. Heintz/Hawaii


I have been very satisfied with Native Path products and customer service. I was able to talk to a person with help for my monthly orders. The 30 day challenge was amazing and got great help for 30 days... eating tips and exercises and general health tips... and lots of videos with the emails. Everything is explained very well as to why and how your body works and why eating certain foods helps your body. A fantastic program!

I ordered product from them to try it out. I was totally unaware that I was getting a subscription. The subscription was a total of $99.80 and then the product I ordered was 49.89. Please help me get the mess straightened out. I don’t want the subscription or the product after the surprise charge of $99.80.

Native Path Response • Feb 18, 2020

To whom it may concern;

Good morning, my name is *** and I've recently taken over ***'s position here at NativePath. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to ***'s order with us.Order # *** placed on February 2, 2020 at 8:10 am was a one-time purchase that did not automatically enroll into a recurring subscription. The customer had four additional units of collagen added onto order, due to the fact these items were unintended they have since been restocked/refunded. The attachment will confirm the restock/refund. We will only be proceeding with the intended purchase of the 3 units of collagen for the total purchase of $49.89.This is the first form of contact the customer has made with our team to rectify this order or advise of any error as our records do not show any attempted calls or emails to resolve the issue at hand in our system.The response communication has been attached as well to advise the situation has been resolved. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns & I'd be more than happy to further assist.

***NativePathLexiconDMGCustomer Experience Manager***.com Hours of operation :Monday-Friday 8am-8pm esthttp://www.


NativePath was so kind on the phone when I called regarding my order. I understand that with using the collagen myself, there was a delay in shipping. However, the agent who I spoke to confirmed that I received an email with tracking and I did not see that when it was sent to me. I was happy that they showed me the tracking email that they sent to me and they explained the collagen and how it can also be used in hot liquid. Now I can put it in my coffee! I am excited!
What I did not realize is that they also sell a lot more things! I am going to try the Krill Oil next as well as the turmeric!
Thank you NativePath for being a company who gets back to you when you call and answers questions without making you look silly for asking!
I will remain a loyal customer!


Lexicon Health is a poor business and can't handle simple customer service. The phone rings and it is push off with a paid customer. I made several complaints through email, phone, and social media. The people will not listen to the customer and just because you may have a sent a delivery through USPS doesn't mean that the package was deliver. The company sent me to do a complaint through USPS knowing that they do not insure their packages which means I was couldn't file a complaint. The inconvenience has caused me pain with my health. I had ask for refund numerous times and they did not care about me paying them upfront. The company has a poor history of talking and communicating with resolving the problem at hand. I have attempted to take care of the problem for two months, no resolution as of today with this company. Do not do business with them if you are not prepared to fight but you all should not because they do not put customer service in handling business. I am not happy with any of their service.

Native Path Response • Jun 21, 2019

We have called and tried to reach out to this customer multiple times she didnt want to work with us. USPS is saying they delivered her package when we called they told us she can file a claim through them. Its not our responsibility or in our policy if a package is stolen or loss from the carrier. We have had plenty of customers who made claims with USPS and USPS has paid them for their missing items. If an item never made it to their carries warehouse then we take responsibility for it, but once the carrier states that they did 100% deliver the package its out of our hands.



they are unavailable by phone to ask questions about the product. I have tried numerous times to call and the phone just rings and rings. I have left a message 3 times, and they record that the message will be answered, but after 10 days, still no response. My question regards pregnancy when taking the supplement.


First off, I was only ordering the advertised 15.95 collagen and was entered into a subscription I was unaware of until they sent me an email talking about my "monthly subscription". I decided I would give the product a try before doing anything so I received my collagen and was actually very happy with the product and decided that I would keep the subscription, as long as it stayed the advertised price of 15.95-- so I contacted the customer service and communicated with someone named *** who ensured me that my subscription price would stay 15.95-- So I said "Cool, I'll keep it!" Well long behold 2 months later they send me a receipt for a charge of 39.96! I contacted *** and he apologized and said that he cancelled my subscription and also put in for a full refund. I asked how long it would take to receive my refund and he responded with 7-10 business days- that was on 3/20/2019. Today is 4/5/19 and it has been 12 business days with no refund, the charge of 39.96 still ever-present on my account. I tried to reach out to them via email today and got a reply of a "Refund notification from Native Path" saying that I was refunded in the amount of 39.96... umm no... I was not. So not only did they NOT help me, they had the nerve to reply to my concern about my refund saying that I've been refunded...?? That makes no sense to me at all. I need to be refunded the 39.96 as that was an unauthorized charge and NEVER charged by them again. I want to make sure that my subscription is actually cancelled.

Native Path Response • May 02, 2019

im so sorry for the late response it looks like this customer was refunded and taken care of already. We show in our system that she was refunded and her subscription was cancelled.

Thank you

Customer Response • May 02, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I have had nothing but great experience with *** people. *** and *** are great with inspirational support while trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. My life is changing for the better. The supplements I've taken are of great benefit.

I saw an ad about Native path collagen I read the thing the advertisement and it said one bottle $15.76 so I placed an order they took $79.75 out of my account and set me five bottles which I did not order I have tried countless times via email and phone to try and contact this company to ask for a refund their phone numbers never amount to talking to a human being they always state that they're closed or they're busy but they never call you back they never answer their phone when I sent them emails and I sent in the vicinity of about 15 emails I only received three tickets saying that they received my email and then in the email it says if you want a refund you need to contact this contact us through this phone number and then again I called the phone number and they never answer the phone they sent me straight to voicemail and they never answer their phone and they never called back this is the worst scam ever nativepath is a con company they are a scam artists and I do not like them they took my money they will not refund my money I do not want their product I have not touched their product I don't know how to give it back to them and I'm afraid if I send it back I'm never going to see my money and then I'm stuck without no product either I don't trust them they're horrible company.

I received the trial of NativePath Collagen. Upon opening it, I noticed it was not even 3/4 of the way full. I took pictures and immediately sent an email (actually 5) and 3 calls to Customer Support, with only 1 return call stating they would email me a return label, so that I could get a refund. I have yet to receive anything by email or otherwise and they won't return emails or calls now. I don't know about the rest of y'all but I don't have $20 to just be giving away. I think this is very poor customer service and the product was only half of what it was supposed to be.


I ordered the Keto Fix diet book from an ad. $8.95 I agreed to purchase 3 more books at $37.00.All charged to my *** MC credit card. I have not received the 3 books. Called company and they say they are only for digital download only. This is not what I paid for. I would like a refund of the $37.00. I wrote them a letter on Feb 4,2019 and no reply or refund to my cc.

Native Path Response • Mar 24, 2019

This customer has been refunded. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Extremely poor customer service. Horrible. As instructed on my order email confirmation After 4 days from my initial order I called the customer service number twice to inquire on the shipping status. I've had no response. I emailed twice, again inquiring on my order status. Again, no response. I then instant messaged the company on Facebook and initially received a "oh we'd love to help you " response, but never received a response after IM-ing the requested information, the asking for a response several hours later.


Ordered from this seller 2/23 & immediately contacted them to cancel the order as they charged $10.95 shipping & handling that was not disclosed at the time of the order. They sent an email 2/24 acknowledging they cancelled the order & to call them regarding a refund. I contacted them on 2/25 & was advised they would process refund for both items ordered, $6.95 & $23.90. On 2/25, only $6.95 was refunded. I contacted them regarding the remaining $23.90 & was advised it was coming. I contacted *** regarding the refund & they advised that I wait until 3/1 for the refund. Refund still not received. I have messaged the seller multiple times last week & they continue to ignore my requests.


Horrible customer service, you can never reach anyone by phone, response time is anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks, did not sign up for a monthly charge and was charged and still waiting for my refund that was said to have been refunded on January 15th, it is not January 28th.


Your a disgusting company and scam artist. ***, I really believed in you and sent you $67-00 on my credit card. I see now I am not the only one.

• Sep 04, 2023

I just got got and I feel like such a fool. Not so I need to see if I signed up for a subscription as well?

This company misrepresented their product by claiming it was written by a doctor and address certain issues that it did not address. It claims that their product was backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee. After receiving the material and realizing it was not what I had been advertised I wrote In to initiate the guarantee and was told I must go through customer service. I have called customer service numerous times during business hours and never been able to talk to anyone because their customer service line has been closed, according to a recording. I have left my name and phone number and never received a call back.

Native Path Response • Feb 07, 2019

Looks like we spoke to the customer on the 21st of January, and they agreed to a partial refund. Screenshot attached.


Do NOT order anything from this business ( Native Path) on line. Here is the scam they run: we ordered an $8.00 cook book from them. 3 days later they charged mt checking account for a $67.00 membership fee!!! they then told me it was a free trial and because I did not tell them not to charge me, they went ahead and did it anyway. I had to cancel my ATM card and file a claim to get my $67.00 back. Do not buy from this horrible company

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Address: 1200 S Brand Blvd Ste 184, Glendale, California, United States, 91204


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