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New Life Multi-Family Management, LLC

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In response to complaint ID 12670069, see below:Ms. [redacted],We appreciate you bringing your pest control concerns to our attention and are working diligently with our certified pest control providers to resolve this concern. Please note prior to your moving in we had no history of pest control concerns...

in this location or surrounding units. Please be advised we will continue our current Integrated Pest Management/IPM plan to resolve your concerns promptly and request your diligence in providing access to the home and following any and all preparation requirements necessary in order for the IPM to be successful. Should you have questions please contact the office for additional information.Kind Regards,Melissa M[redacted]Regional Director,New Life Properties of Ohio

I can understand your frustration with the issues that have been going on in your home. As you are aware per our conversation on August 4th with myself and Todd the maintenance supervisor we are taking every measure possible to ensure that any issues you have are being...

taken care of. To date and per our conversation Friday August 7th we have resolved the issues. As stated in that conversation if there are items that you are still unhappy with we will be more than happy to address those at this time. As stated in the original conversation please ensure you are keeping an open line of communication with myself so that I am able to address any issues you have be having in your home. if you have any additional questions or concerns please email me at [redacted] you

this time I am showing that there are no open service request for your home.
The last request that we have is for your air conditioner that was addressed on
July 28, 2015. If you have any additional request, please submit them to the
office, and we will have maintenance address them....

I would like to address our
on-call policy when referencing the weather. If the temperature is above 85
degrees outside then your air conditioner would be considered an emergency. We
address request in the order that we receive them. Again, we go off the
temperature outside, not inside the home. Lastly, I would like to speak to your
last concern of work being done in the parking lot. This work is being
completed by contractors not our certified maintenance technicians.

Greetings Ms. [redacted],
Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns to us.
We take the comfort and joy of our residents very seriously
and we’re sorry to hear that you were displeased with your state of repairs. However,
we cannot strive to demonstrate our concern if the...

lines of communication are
not open.
You reported a leak for your washer on 10.21.15. It was
serviced promptly.
On 2.8.16, almost four months later, you expressed your
concern for a leak to your Resident Manager. She sent you the following e-mail
the next day:
From: Brittni T[redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 5:15 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: RE: Leaking ceiling
In the event you have a service request you can call the office or call the
emergency hot line for these type of issues; in the event that a service
request is made by e-mail it will be processed as soon as it is received.
 In regards to the maintenance request:
Where is the ceiling leak?
What room?
When does it leak?
Is it an active leak? 
You never replied to this e-mail.
On 3.12.16 you phoned the emergency line in regards to your
leak. A certified maintenance technician arrived the same day and repaired the
Then, five days later, you expressed this complaint to the for a leak that was not active and had already been promptly repaired on
3.12.16. The Assistant Community Director called and left you a message on
3.18.16, and again, we never heard back from you.
The following Monday, 3.21.16, you sent an e-mail to the
Assistant Community Director in regards to your leak. However, the leak was
already repaired. We were waiting for your drywall to dry prior to repairing
We like to address and remedy situations as quickly as
possible; however, we can only act on service issues that are communicated to
In regards to the pool, that is an amenity that we offer and maintain
ourselves. We have the right to close it at any time if we feel the activity at
the pool, especially potential overflow from non-residents, may jeopardize the
safety or enjoyment of our residents.
Thank you so much for your valued tenancy. We appreciate you!

We did look into your concern in May when you brought it to us, and found that the late fees through May 9, 2016 will stand as that is the date the office received the payment. Attached will find a copy of your May 2016 payment, your June 2016 payment, and a copy of your ledger for May 2016 through June 2016. We date stamp all payments the day they are received, and charge late fees accordingly as you can see based on your ledger. In your response you stated that we have just adopted an online payment process in 2016, however, that is inaccurate. We have had the online payment option since 2010, and have recently updated the option from to our website,, in 2016. In addition we have also had the option for you to have your rent automatically withdrawn from your bank account since early 2015. I have also included a copy of your rental statement that states you have the option to have your rent automatically withdrawn from your account. We do realize that mistakes can be made, and correct them once we are made aware just as we did with your June 2016 late fees.

There was no walk thru done with me nor did I take pictures. Thank you

Ms. [redacted],
at Watersedge strives to provide timely repairs. We have made several attempts
to call you and follow up with your complaint. Please be advised, that although
not having hot water is a major inconvenience, it is not a life-threatening
emergency. You reported your...

hot water being out on Friday 12/18/2015 and it
was repaired on today, 12/21/2015 by the maintenance technician for your
section. That is a solid response time for a non-emergency issue. Please
contact the office and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear Mr. [redacted],     I have read your complaint and would like to take a minute to respond. Here at Eden of Whitehall completing an entire vent system cleaning is not standard practice and on several occurrences you were notified of this however, the resident manager whom was here at...

that time was not aware that full home vent cleaning is not a standard practice, however maintenance still came to the home and cleaned the vent system and found no evidence of mold or mildew or any issues with the vent system. In conjunction with this after you contacted us again on March 1st six months after your move in date we reached out to our attorney's office whom instructed us to re-inspect the vent system, and provide you with the information that if in fact they are clear as previously found this would fall under needing to complete a reasonable accommodation. However, on two separate occurrences you were provided with a proper 24 hour notice to enter the home and on both occurrences when maintenance attempted to enter the home to re-inspect the vents, entry to the home was refused and you contacted the police. We have been making every attempt to assist you, however at time point we are not receiving your compliance in order to proceed as needed. Regarding the leaves; it is standard practice here at Eden of Whitehall that every fall the grounds team go through the community and vacuums up all leaves that have been raked to the curbs. Prior to this taking place all residents are notified with ample time to have all leaves raked to the curb area for removal. During the leaf pick up time it had been noted that we were unable to access your curb to remove the leaves as there was a large van blocking the curb. All residents were again notified at the end of leaf season that to avoid further charges that all leaves needed to be bagged and removed as leaf pick up season was complete. Since this failed to be completed after the season was over and as time permitted we conducted another community area clean up and notified all residents again that we were conducting another leaf pick up round and to ensure that all leaves were raked to the curb. Again, we were unable to access your curb due to the large van blocking the area. At that time, you were notified that you were again responsible to rake and bag them and you failed to complete this. As per the notice the leaves were removed by the grounds team and the charge for doing so was added to the account.  Lastly regarding a bird that you feel is in your home. I wish to let you never informed the property of this problem or given us an opportunity to address this concern. Now that we are aware of it we will be happy to take steps to correct it.

At this time we
have addressed Ms. [redacted] service requests and attempted to make contact with her
to follow up to ensure those requests have been completed.  Ms. [redacted] has not
responded to those specific requests nor reported any additional requests for
service.  If Ms. [redacted] is in...

need of assistance she may contact her Resident
Manager, Taylor B[redacted], at [redacted], or
Community Director, Melissa E[redacted] at [redacted]

The last service request we have from your address was 8/10/16 and I don’t have record of where you requested for us to address an issue with your tub needing painted or a lightbulb for the oven.  We can certainly address these for you though.  You will be delivered a notice to enter today, Wednesday the 26th for maintenance to enter Friday the 28th to address the tub and the oven light.  Let us know if there are any other maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Dear Ms. [redacted],  I wish to let you know that I have received your complaint and want to take a moment to respond. First you are claiming that the stove caught fire and you are not able to cook at high temperatures.  Our records do not indicate that this issue has ever been reported to...

the office. Although this is the first knowledge we have of this complaint we would be happy to look into the matter for you. Next regarding your dishwasher, our records indicate that we have visited your home on four separate occasions to service your dishwasher and each time the dishwasher was functioning properly and the heating element was heating to the required 209 degrees. In addition, you are stating an animal is living in the attic/crawl space of your home. Per the service history we were notified of this issue and an appointment was scheduled accordingly. On 4-3-2017 pest control reported that no animals were discovered to be in the attic/crawl space of your home.  However,  we also inspected the fascia and sealed off any areas of possible entry and set a trap  at that time. Since 4-3-2017 we have not received any correspondence that there are any further concerns. If there is still an ongoing issue we would be happy to look into this matter, simply contact the office to schedule a pest control appointment. In addition, service history shows that we have been to your home multiple homes for a clogged toilet.  Our maintenance department has had to snake the toilet and upon completing the snaking of the toilet it has been tested several times to ensure the drain is free and clear.  We have documented photographic evidence that the repeated clogs are due to  excessive amounts of toilet paper being put into the toilet and flushed down the drain thus causing the repeated clogged toilet. Lastly, the claim about the screen on the storm door. Upon review of the service history we show that maintenance has replaced the screen six times. We replaced the screen for the fifth time on 03/30/2017 and then again for the 6th time 04/03/2017.  The need to replace your screen with such frequency is considered above normal wear and tear and therefore you are responsible for the cost of the repairs. Ultimately, you state that the representative that you spoke with on the phone refused to let you speak to management. I am the Community Director here at Eden of Whitehall and this is the first correspondence that I have received in regards to you having issues in your home.   Had I been contacted via phone message, email, drop box or a visit to the leasing office,  I would have been happy to speak with you.  Please note going forward that I am in the office Monday-Friday from 9AM-6PM (excluding lunch) and can be reached by the methods mentioned above.  Should you have any further business you wish to speak with me in regards to I would be happy to do so.

Dear Ms. [redacted], I have taken the time to read your complaint and first wish to apologize for the issues that you have stated. First I want to address that you have stated “I currently have raw sewage over following from my kitchen sink and maintenance will not respond or come deal with the...

issue.” I do wish to say that this was an error on our part and we apologize for the situation and have addressed this with our team and we did come out first thing this morning to rectify this issue. Also you have stated that “We have called and complained and requested services for pest control” I do wish to let you know that we were first noticed of a possible pest control issue on November 14th and at that time we did schedule for a member of the licensed pest management team to inspect the home. This was completed on November 18th and at that time it was noted that no activity was found and you have been rescheduled for a follow up inspection in 2 weeks. Again we wish to apologize for the situation and wish to let you know that if there are any more concerns to please contact me at the office.  Jamie MasonCommunity Director

Good Afternoon,Below is our response to complaint [redacted]. On several occasions, we informed the applicant of our policies regarding deposit refunds. Your deposit is non-refundable because we cancelled your application (at your request) less than one week prior to move in. We did review this...

policy with you once on your application date, and once more when we had an available apartment to hold for you. It is very important to us to have your apartment ready for the date we had agreed upon. This includes making it unavailable to all other applicants. We reviewed the attached policies with you on 7/27 and again on 8/25 where you signed that you understood. Thank you, Sam G[redacted]

I can understand your frustration in regards to
the cat in the basement. I want to assure you that I have spoken with my staff
in regards to your situation and I apologize you are having an issue in your
home. I have gotten clarification in regards to the work order/situation and...

spoken with [redacted] our Assistant maintenance supervisor and he has responded to
the issue and has completed preventive measures to help insure the cat does not
come into the basement. We also wish to let you know we have addressed the
situation with the cat owner as well to help prevent the situation from reoccurring.
Please information myself Jamie Mason as I am the community director here if
this happens again and at that point I will take additional measures to rectify
the situation. Thank you,

I apologize that things have not been taken care of to your satisfaction and will be sure to correct these issues for you in a timely manner.  We inspected the surrounding area for lights out in carports, as well as any excessive leaves building up and we may have missed the issues you are...

referring to.  If you could please provide specific areas that lights are out in carports we will get to them immediately.  I personally looked in your carport area and found the carport lights to be working and did not see any excessive leaves in the area, however this does not mean that there aren't other issues that you may be referring to and I most certainly want to get them addressed for you.  I have attached 2 photos of the area for you to view and let me know if these are the areas you are referring to so that we can make sure we are looking in the correct area.  I also apologize that you did not receive a response to emails in the past, however I do not see any emails from you in the past so I want to be sure you have my email address so that I may take care of things for you as quickly as possible.  My email address is [redacted] and if you could please send me an email at your earliest convenience with specific areas that you are seeing an issue I will be sure to address those immediately.  Thank you and have a great day!

Dear Mr. T[redacted]             I wanted to take the time to let you know that I have read your complaint and wish to let you know at this time we have already responded to this complaint in the past and have addressed this issue. Please see the...

below response as the situation has not changed.                “I wish to let you know that I have taken the time to read your complaint and review the issues that you are stating. We here at Eden of Whitehall do strive for all residents to have an enjoyable stay while living within our community and we do wish to let you know that we appreciate your long term tenancy here with us and apologize for the situation that you are stating in your review. I do wish to address the issue that you have stated “They smoke illegal marijuana on a daily basis that fills my entire unit with a stench so strong it gives us a headache.” We do wish to let you know that by law we are required to provide a 24 hour notice to enter a unit and we wish to let you know that we are working towards completing an investigation of this issue and will take any action we feel necessary if we find any unlawful activity occurring. We do also encourage you to contact the police when this issue is taking place in order for them to conduct a proper investigation as they are able to lawfully, in your original notice sent to the office we also do see that you have been in contact with them before and they did state that “unless there is an actual crime being committed there is very little they can do” and you also stated that “From a landlord stand point I looked into this and there might be very little you can do about what people chose to smoke in their homes”. If in fact the police department are called and are able to provide us (the leasing office) documentation of criminal activity taking place in the home we here at the leasing office will take any necessary measures of rectify the issue. Also I do wish to let you know that we here at Eden of Whitehall do wish to help rectify any issues that we can or deem necessary so that your stay here with us is an enjoyable one. I would like to encourage you to contact me with any further issues so that we may work together to make you stay as peaceful and enjoyable as possible. If you have any further questions please contact the office at ###-###-####.” Furthermore on 01/31/2017 I reached out to you via email letting you know that I had made several attempts to call to discuss the situation and you stated that you would contact me the following day to discuss the issue and since then I have never gotten a return call to discuss the issue. I will be happy to further discuss this with you if you please contact me at the office at ###-###-####.   Thank you, [redacted]

I am rejecting this response! I do not feel as if my money should be held if I never received any thing in regards to the apartment please inform me what exactly is my money paying for if I never entered into the apartment nor caused any damages my holding deposit for the apartment was 50 why is the remaining. 650 being kept ?

Mr. [redacted], I have reviewed your account, and saw where maintenance did attempt to make a repair to the oven door. The repair did not work, and a replacement was ordered for your home. The replacement oven was installed today,  November 18th, 2015. We wanted to thank you for your...

patience and apologize for the delay in the repair. Please contact the office should you need anything in the future. Best,*
[redacted]Community Director

Ms. [redacted],  As stated in your complaint you were advised an error was made on your rental account.  The error being two payments belonging to a former resident had been applied to your account within the last twelve months.   Upon reconciling these payments...

and applying them to the correct account  we immediately notified you of the balance due.  We also stated payment arrangements were acceptable and requested you contact us to do so.  When you came into the office November 2nd, 2016, one of our representatives attempted to assist you by providing you with a copy of your resident ledger as well as offering to go over the ledger and corrections made; however you chose note to work with that individual and advised that you were contacting an attorney.  At this time, you have since made contact with the Assistant Community Director, Jessica H[redacted], by email and have advised that you plan to pay the balance due by Friday, November 18th, 2016.  Once the agreement is signed we will make note on your rental account of the payment arrangement and once the balance is is paid in full you will no longer receive notices.  We appreciate your prompt attention with regard to resolving this matter.Melissa M[redacted]Regional Director

I apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced and assure you that we want to make sure you have a satisfactory experience with us both now and anytime in the future.  I have been able to reach out to you by phone and give you all available options and we have come to the...

agreement to go ahead and refund your deposit that you have paid in full in a timely manner.  As discussed, I will email you a copy of the final account statement once submitted to show the amount you will have refunded to you.  Thank you very much for discussing your options with me earlier and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, have a great day!

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