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Beware rebates international will send your rebates to another person. If you paid cash and didn't save the rebate receipt to track the 16 digit on there tracking you will not be able to prove this happened. I have received rebates that were not mine. This could be a business rebate you received and they do save theirs by law. If you work at the business and theirs gets issued to you depending on your employer you could be charged. Has this happened to anyone?
Please contact me if any of the above situations have occurred with you!
[email protected]


Horrible - This place scams its customers. I have been dealing with them for a couple months now and even got the BBB involved. After so many back and forth communications, they originally lied and said I sent in COPIES of the receipt and not the original. I guarantee the receipt was the original as I do these rebates all the time and know what the rules quite well. Now after weeks and weeks, they come back and say we returned items (which we didn't - they didn't even provide any proof that it was returned, just a hand-written note that said 'returned'. It was 2x4's and we didn't return them!) and they are saying sale price items are not included (which is not true!)

They are true scammers - my rebated was for over $300 and they LIE. I am shopping at Home Depot from now on as they will match the 11%. Menards is making a huge mistake working with Rebates International.

I rarely add reviews to any company, however I write this to share my experience with Rebate International to offer help to many whose reviews were unfavorable. I have never not received my 11% rebate from Menards over several years of doing business there. In Jan of 2018, I mailed in a rebate request from a large purchase. After not receiving any rebate (by early March 2019) I went on line and read these reviews, and began wondering about being scammed! Not having the original rebate receipt I went to Menards, reprinted the receipt, talked to their customer service who showed me where to find the transaction and register number (for reference to IR). I went on-line to the IR site on March 4th, completed their on-line customer service request section outlining my information. Immediately I received a notification back that my request was received. The following day I received an email response from (a person) IR showing the details of my rebate check, essentially that it was sent to me in Feb, the amount and check number, and their records showed it was not cashed yet. They asked if they could place a "stop payment" on the check and re-issue a new one. 6 calendar days later, I have the replacement check in hand. I feel I was treated fairly and certainly in a timely manner.

I have tried dealing with this company repeatedly but they refuse to accept responsibility. I have contacted them with all of the information they require, even going as far as sending them a copy of the receipt that I was given at the Menards store where the purchases were made. It was an 11% rebate on an almost 2000.00 purchase. They tell me they cannot honor the rebate because it's not the original receipt, yet they REQUIRE you to send in the original receipt to process the rebate in the first place. Isn't it a coincidence that they require you to send in the one piece of evidence they need to decline your rebate. From the reviews I've seen this seems to happen quite often with large rebates. So now I'm out a couple hundred dollars because they misplaced my rebate. What a scam.

I utwo can check my statis on my rebate check processing and my left over balance and what processing I,m get an error.I email them they sent me a privacy notice . I lost a check I want to replace it wont work I,m screwwd what a joke rebate internatiniol doe not have a phone number

no phone number. it wont let me access my rebate .I email them they say they send me a privicy notice .I hope not if something I did it scary

Our rebate was suppose to be $246.09 and we got $200.39
448002460910730443349319401 Raelene Waltemath. 09/08/18
Just wondering why so low.
[email protected]

We had submitted a lot of rebates while building a back step
We did return some things. But they gave us money back minus the 11%

Please return

I contacted Rebate International concerning rebate #4458 Save 11% because It had been about a month since I mailed it to Rebate International, their reply was that the rebate was paid to me on 09/26/2018 in the amount of $110.22 and their records showed that it was redeemed at Menard store on 10/02/2018, the problem with that is I never received my rebate voucher in the mail, this is the second time I've had issues with receiving my rebate vouchers from them, there has to be a more secure way of delivering the rebate vouchers since mail delivery is not secure, maybe through email would be a more secure delivery method, but I have a immediate problem, trying to get my rebate voucher issued to me, their records as they tell me is that it was redeemed at Menard, I shouldn't be at a standstill with Rebate International concerning this issue, they are the ones that don't take sending out rebates as a more secure way, I like shopping a Menard but if this issue isn't resolved I will never shop there again, I will pass my experience along with friends and associates not to shop there and I will post on Facebook and tell the world. I am highly dissatisfied

Sent in a Rebate in April. Have not received it. Went online with Rebates International to 'track'. The only information I received was:

My name and address...Their date 05/02/2018 Rebate #3078 Description Save 11% Amount $50.80 Status Issued Check #0000003709...Gave NO REBATE 16(?) digit rebate number to enter to track my rebate.


Get the runaround at the store. .Within 3 miles of Menards there is a Lowes and a Home Depot. I went to Menards because of the rebate. NEVER AGAIN. $50 may not be big money to some but it is to me.

The only reason I gave them 1 star is I am willing to bet that the review would be NOT posted. OH and another thing...Tomorrow, I will call the Store Manager and the next call is to our local BBB.


We sent in a rebate adjustment in March and have not received anything yet. When we go online for tracking there is nothing that shows up. For the regular rebate we got a rebate quickly. Because we don't have a receipt for this rebate adjustment I don't have the tracking number and when trying to contact the company it's asking for the tracking number in order to submit a question. The rebate adjustment is 3000.

L. Anderson
Thank you so much for sending my social security card back to me after I accidentally enclosed it with my rebate form. I appreciate you taking the time to get it back to me.

Menards, I have sent all the inf. from this store for a product I purchased in October which had a rebate, after sending the required inf. three times and sending emails that I was told to send I still have not heard from them at all. It is a $100.00 rebate from a wood stove. This is very disappointing to me as I do all my shopping at this store spring, summer and winter, other rebates have been sent to me as specified.
Please look into this asap. Very disappointed customer.

I have submitted rebate requests 3 times. After 2 months when I check the status it says checks were sent. I finally received the first one but have not gotten the last 2.
This reeks of REBATE SCAM.
We all need to contact the Attorney General's office & the FTC & file complaints.
I believe Menards set this "rebate" company up.

Lets file a lawsuit against the Menards rebate center all of us join together , and make them pay our rebates as promised. I waited for 4 months never got mine was for $70.00. This is 2018 and the rebate center should be smart enough to send rebate checks in a envelope, and not a post card. and now all I hear is a mail carrier must have stolen them. Menards is a big Joke. Why have a rebate if they are not going to make sure their customer gets it. The rebate when being used at Menards by a customer should have a Valid ID proving they are the customer on the rebate, which would make the rebate of no value to anybody who steels it and has no ID matching the name on the rebate. Mitchell Minor

I've been waiting on mine since last Oct. In the amount of over $250 said they have reissued it 3 weeks ago. Still waiting I've sent emails written letters and called Menards corporate office sent them emails and written letters and still nothing. I'm calling to take action against Menards and rebate international.

I just asked about my rebates. Contact me at [email protected] . I've waited 14 weeks!

Where is my rebate?! Someone needs to answer me. It's been 14 weeks! I would have gone elsewhere that was having a sale. You call and no one knows anything. They just keep saying that maybe it is taking longer than usual. I spent $4000.00 with you because of the rebates!

I have been waiting on rebates since July and have not received the four that are showing paid to me. I am very unhappy with Menards and the rebate process. I have always received them in the past and am not sure what the issue is but this process needs fixed ASAP. We count on these rebates as a loyal customer to Menards. Please contact me ASAP and get my rebates reissued.
Jenny Taylor
[email protected]
(rebate# 1437, 1397, 965, 631)

Alan Sobczak 1/2/2018

I have been waiting for my rebate for three months. I contacted Menard's in Rhinelander where made my purchase. Menard' told me to look on Rebates International. This was the tracking result:

10/03/2017 #1417 SAVE 11% $101.15 Issued XXXXXX5230

I have not received this rebate check. Would you please look into this issue.
I would appreciate a response.
Thank you,

Alan Sobczak
510 Hematite Street
Hurley, WI 54534
[email protected]

12/06/2017 1717 SAVE 11% $30.06 Issued XXXXXX7472
11/16/2017 1467 CARPET PAD $199.00 Issued XXXXXX7601
This is what I get when I check my rebate status but have never received anything from Rebate International. We have been waiting for this so we can get what we need to continue working on a remodel from a flood. I am so tired of getting automated responses and there isn't any way to speak to anyone. Your Customer service in no way lives up to your written claim. Send me the rebates in a proper mailing envelop that has clarity immediately! I am beginning to wonder if this is all a big scam...someone is really profiting. All the complaints also makes me wonder if Menards knows what is happening to their customers. Fix my problem!

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