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Rebate International

P.O. Box 99, Elk Mound, Wisconsin, United States, 54739-0099

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• Nov 15, 2020

Rebates just don't seem to ever make it
I can't understand why when it comes to the low dollar rebates they always show up,but when it comes to the high dollar rebates they never show up,then I have to eventually threaten legal action before I get a response,and they still rip me off on some of my rebates.
Home depot will match menards rebates on the spot without submitting anything thru the mail,aside from menards purposely marking up their prices so you think the rebate is a deal,not so!
And I'm sure they make out like fat rats thinking people will just write it off because they didn't receive any rebates.
Not me,I fight to the end for what I am owed,pay me,cuz once I do finally get my rebates,home depot will get all the business I used to give to menards.
Menards,you have just lost another customer

• Oct 20, 2020

Rebate scam
Menard owes me over 2300$ in rebates their corporate receptionist is as unfriendly as the store employees no one is responsible they are scammers not buying a single thing there anymore and sue them in conciliation court

• Sep 16, 2020

Very slow to respond
Have had no issues with rebate international in the last 4 years when submitting Menards Rebate coupons. Received May rebates in July with no problem. Sent $300 in rebates Jul 3 2020. Still nothing yet. When emailing them, the response was that they have no record even though I sent pictures of the receipts and but they are backlogged. They are very slow to respond, uf they do at all. I have sent another round of receipts from more purchases and if these don't come I'll file a BBB Complaint.

• Sep 03, 2020

Measley $32.97 rebate mailed in June 20', now Sept. 3rd and you guessed it ! No rebate, no response from Rebates Intl., no info coming up when attempting to track and this is not the 1st time for me either ! Next time i'll spend my $300 elsewhere ! Thank you to the person stating Home Depot will match the 11%. I did not know that and since their stores are 10 times closer, I will be taking all my business there ! If Menards expects to stay in business they need to back their 11% promise and quit screwing people around ! The whole idea sucks anyway, all it does is cause you to go back to the store and spend even more money so do yourself a favor, go to Home Depot, get your savings right then and there and enjoy life instead of wasting time & brain cells worrying about some half [censored]'d companies promises that go unfulfilled and could care less ! Actually would have rated them a ZERO but of course, that's not an option !?!

• Sep 02, 2020

I've had great results with Menard's rebates . . . until recently
I've shopped at Menard's for over 20 years and processed dozens of rebates . . . until recently. This past summer 2 rebates for over $100 each have not been received. The standard reply from their affiliate 'Rebates International' has been 'we're busy' so check back. Having checked back over about a month interval and receive the same notice. They have either lost my requests or their logistics are out of control. I have asked specific questions on the status of my rebates and on 3 occasions they never replied. In an effort to escalate the issue(s) I corresponded with Menard's directly. Their reply was to check status with Rebates International . . . so they just passed the buck back to their non-responsive affiliate. Being a customer that has spent tens of thousands of dollars with Menard's over the years I did not feel their response was appropriate. Based on other reviews of their rebates programs it appears they are not the same friendly supplier they have been over the years.

This past couple of months with their lack of responsiveness has caused me to press the 'pause' button on Menard's. It's clear their customer unfriendly response does not encourage me to continue as their customer. Clearly there are other options. I've given them a chance to make a bad situation right . . . so IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

• Aug 15, 2020

95+ days and I still have not received my $200 rebate
I mailed my rebate the day after my large purchase. I made several other purchases in the following weeks, I received those rebates, which were much smaller in $ amount. I contacted Menards and rebates international thru their websites and got an standard e'mail back stating they received my message, but were really busy and it might take a while to get back to me. No response since then. I visited the management at my local store, who just kept telling me to "take it up with rebates international. They handle this." I visited the store another day and got the same ignore response. I escalated to management, who attempted to again explain that Menards was not responsible. I encouraged her to rethink the matter and take accountability for the promise MENARDS made to me, their customer. Whether this was handle by a 3rd party vendor or not, MENARDS is still responsible for the timely processing of my rebate. The manager (Casey at Menards in Waterloo Iowa) e'mailed some contacts (or at least said that is what she was doing). I waited for nearly 50 minutes. She then explained that she would call me with an answer on the status of my rebate. It is now 3 days later and I have received no phone call. Frustrating!

• Aug 15, 2020

Correction to my last review
I went through all my rebate copies and compared to what I have received. I am still due 171.56 in rebates however this amount isn’t technically due (6-8 weeks) until next week. I like to be accurate thus I am submitting this. The rebates that they did send were ones from quite awhile ago. I stand corrected

• Aug 15, 2020

Rebate numbers on rebatesinternational do not match my copies
We have been sending in rebates on average about every 3 weeks. All of a sudden there are no updates on rebateinternational as to refunds they are working on. I got out my copies of what was sent to them and realized that their rebate #’s do not match my copies. The amounts are also not matching up. We have made only one return/exchange so only one amount should have been affected. I have emailed them twice and still haven’t heard back from anyone. We have chosen Menards because of the rebates.
Rebate numbers on rebatesinternational do not match my copies

• Apr 13, 2020

FREE Products ARE well worth it
Next time you are at Menards be sure to get everything that is marked FREE. You'll have to mail in rebates in order for it to become free. Love Menards Rebate- it like the mouse trying to get the cheese! I have got so many useful things out of this game!

• Mar 11, 2020

We bought a gas cook stove in Nov. of 19. and sent rebate paperwork in shortly after. Haven't received or heard a word from them. I'm a bit disillusioned with Menards
. first of all they didn't give us the proper installation parts for the stove and now no rebate. What's with you guys? Tired of messing with you all

• Mar 09, 2020

I bought a gun safe with my brother on 11/29/19.This came with a 60 dollar rebate.I mailed in my rebate documents on 12/1/19. To this date still have not received rebate.My brother mailed his in 2 weeks after me and got his over a month ago.This is my second time writing to you. I was sent a message after first response that it was being looked into.well,what did you find?

• Mar 08, 2020

I mailed my paperwork for a rebate to them in Nov waited and heard nothing so I contacted them they said I mailed the wrong thing. I told them what I mailed was all Menards gave me they they told me that they would honor what I mailed. They sent me a email stated my refund would be mailed in 7 to 10 days that was Feb 20th I still not gotten my reabte nor can I track any rebate when I enter my info.

Rebate International Response time Mar 18, 2020

According to our records, Ms. contacted us directly and her rebate is scheduled to be issued.

• Feb 21, 2020

In November of 2019 I purchased tile and several associated items I sent a price adjustment request and rebate form for ~$380+ in rebates. I was patient as I knew the process can take time. I finally went to check on my rebates and low and behold they did not have any information regarding them. This is the second time this year I had rebates that were sent and apparently didn't get processed. I did not take pics of my paperwork or envelopes. They state on the web site that I have to go through arbitration to get action (only $200 and no guarantee). Staff at Menards completely absolves themselves of the situation and don't give you any other options. I just bought more tile this last week I hope I get my rebate. After this experience I plan on taking my business elsewhere. Please add a phone number if you care about customer service.

Rebate International Response time Mar 10, 2020

I arn sorry if Mr. did not receive the rebate in the amount he expected. The rebate in question was issued to him on 12/11/19 (Certificate #***), for $6.53. There was apparently a misunderstanding regarding the re bate Mr. submitted. The purchase was not made during an 11% off Everything Sale, During the week prior to the 1 1 % Off Everything Sale. as a goodwill gesture, Menards will offer an 11 % price adjustment on items purchased at full price, Most of the items Mr. purchased on 12/11/l9 were on sale and the 11% rebate was issued on the remaining items.

Customer Response time Apr 02, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I would like to get all of my rebates. I just order another $2,800 in flooring that I am not seeing on the rebate site. Why they don't have a way to contact them regarding customer concerns speaks volumes based on the responses I have seen about this company. People at the store basically say they have their hands tied, "You need to contact Rebates International, here's their website". This is on a small business card.


I have summited my rebates to rebates international and still to this day I have not received my rebates I have all my copies and sent them 3 times should be like 65.00 and some change

Rebate International Response time Feb 20, 2020

I am sorry if Mr. did not receive the rebate he submitted. We have received correspondence from him regarding purchases made on 1/5/2020. However. we have nothing regarding purchases in November 2019. Please have Mr. send complete readable copies of’ the cash register receipts for any other rebates he did not receive.

• Feb 01, 2020

I made a purchase at Menards in Avon OH in early Dec 2019. I submitted all receipts and rebate forms As of Jan 2020 I had no rebate check. I was told it had been mailed on 12/20/19. It had not been redeemed and Rebates International said that they would reissue. I received an email on 1/22/2020 saying that they had reissued the check for $91.90 on 1/23/2020. It is now 2/2/2020 and I still dont have it.They included a weird warning in the 1/22/2020 email saying that if I experienced an interruption in mail service that I should contact the United States Postmaster??? I just want my rebate.They also warned that it might be hard to identify because it was a folded over postcard with no markings. I think that either they or Menards are running a scam,and if they are even mailing these rebates, they are doing so in a manner that almost guarantees that they will be thrown out by mistake and not have to be honored.

Rebate International Response time Feb 19, 2020

I am surry Ms. did not receive the issued rebate. The reissue I requested was sent to the printer on 1/'22/2020. It can take up to seven days to be printed andthen sent to the Post Office.

• Jan 14, 2020

I had a rebate stolen from me and before it was even used, I had reported it to Rebate International to cancel it and they proceeded to do nothing about it. All I get are automated email responses back. I have since filed a police report, but for the police to help me find out who stole it they need the whole check number and they won't respond to give me that either. I am now out $379.26 due to the incompetence of this company. Based on all of the complaints I have been reading I am not really sure why any company does business with this company.

Customer Response time Jan 16, 2020

Does this mean your complaint is resolved? Please advise. -- Half of it was. The original issue of them voiding and reissuing my rebate is not happening due to it being spent by the person that stole it. Even though if they responded in a timely manner this wouldn't have happened, they said since it was stolen and spent they will not reissue and that I need to notify the police, which I already did. That was the second part of them not responding and me needing the entire check number they weren't releasing. Does this mean your complaint is resolved? Please advise. Complaint of Wisconsin10019 W. Greenfield AvenueMilwaukee, WI 53214414-847-6000I just wanted to follow up and let you know that they have finally responded to all of my requests. Thank you for your help!If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at ***.Thank you,--

Rebate International Response time Jan 30, 2020

I am sorry to hear that Ms. may have had a rebate stolen from her. 11’ she feels her mail was stolen and her rebate fraudulently redeemed, we would encourage her to file a report with her local police department. Ms. concerns have been forwarded to Menards and ref“erred to their Security Department. They will cooperate fully with any police investigation.

• Jan 02, 2020

I sent *** rebate Order number ED*** around 8/28/19. Unfortunately I did not made a copy of the sent rebate documents. At the same time, I have a photos of the order and payment receipt.

I tried to contact Rebate International by e-mail, but the company requite rebate tracking number. I do not have it. The company does not provide direct e-mail address anywhere. I did not receive your rebate check yet. I suppose to receive the rebate 2 months ago. I have no alternative, but to contact you for your assistance.

Thank you in advance

Rebate International Response time Jan 23, 2020

I am sorry that Mr. did not receive the rebate he submitted. According to our records, rebate certificate #*** for $55.00 was sent to Mr. on 9/28/19. It has not been redeemed. ’Therefore, we have voided that certificate and are reissuing the rebate to him. He should I receive it within two to three weeks.Please inform Mr. that the format of the rebates has changed. The rebate is now being issued on a double postcard, to increase privacy and not disclosed the rebate amount. The return address is Rebates International ***.We appreciate Mr.patience in this matter.

I waited 3 1/2 months for an accumulation of rebates over $200. I had to search and track and found that the company is claiming that a check was sent out in September...but I've never received it. After looking at reviews and calling Menards, I'm a little concerned that all that work I did preparing, filling out little pieces of paper, attaching receipts and then sending and waiting... was for nothing! It is the 21st century, there must be a better way for a lousy 11% back offer. :( Changing my opinion about shopping at Menards.

• Dec 12, 2019

I have several rebates I have submitted and they do not show up on tracking and I have not received checks. One is over $100. One I submitted in august and still have not received. That is rebate 7079. I have started keeping all receipts of rebates I have sent in and have not received.

Rebate International Response time Jan 13, 2020

I am sorry that Ms. did not receive the rebates she submitted. We will need more information before we can issue them. Please ask her to send readable copies of her cash register receipts for any rebates she may not have received, including the transaction information at the bottom, so we can process her request.Please inform Ms. that the format of the rebates has changed. The rebate is now being issued on a double postcard, to increase privacy and not disclosed the rebate amount.

Customer Response time Jan 13, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me IF I RECEIVE these rebates. I have mailed copies of the rebates to menards corporate, to WI and to rebates International. The email Correspondence I have had with Rebates International they say they mailed the check December 16 and to allow 21 days (which I have).
The other rebates I have listed do not even show on the menards rebate trackers.

• Dec 09, 2019

Back in March I had mailed in my rebate request from purchases made from Menards for $430.21 (this was the rebate amount). I contacted them again a few months later to advise I have not received the rebate cheque. They confirmed my mailing address was correct and proceeded to reissue it... It is now December 9th and the 3rd or 4th time (I have lost count) that they have "reissued" the rebate cheque and we have not received it. Something is clearly not working and I have demanded a phone call to rectify this situation and find a different mailing solution as there is NO reason why I should not be receiving these cheques (We get mail from US postal service all the time with no issues). They continue to send me the same response over and over "We have cancelled cheque number And reissued " and include how the envelope looks. This is absolutely ridiculous and I want my money that I am owed!

Rebate International Response time Dec 26, 2019

I am sorry il Ms. did not receive the rebate she submitted. The initial rebate w'as voided and reissued, because Ms. notified its that the address on her submission form was incorrect. the reissued credit was sent on 8/6/19 and voided and reissued again, at her request, on 12/4/19. The rebates have been sent to her address and have not been returned to us. If Ms. feels her mail is being stolen, or misdirected, she may wish to contact her local postal, or law enforcement office.Please inform Ms. that the format of the rebates has changed. The rebate is issued on a double postcard, to increase privacy and not disclose the rebate amount. The return address is Rebates International ***.We appreciate Ms. patience in this matter.

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