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Republic Parking Northwest

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Hello,All of our locations have signs stating the lots are unattended The garages that have attendants, have signs stating to pay them at the booth.What is the notice number you are referring to?I will look into the information within the notice.Thank You

Notice [redacted] was issued at our privately-owned location, [redacted] , Factoria Village Shopping Center on 11/17/Parking at this location is reserved for customers patronizing the Factoria Village Shopping Center at all times while parkedAny parker seen walking off the location is considered ‘Unauthorized’ and their vehicle may be subject to a fine and/or impound as stated in signs posted at the locationNotice [redacted] was issued for ‘Unauthorized Vehicle’ as our checker saw the parker walk off the lotOur notice department stated in an email to the customer on 11/30/that the notice was issued because the parker was seen leaving the location, and as per our contact with the Factoria Village Shopping Center property owner, Republic Parking Northwest is unable to adjust this noticeThis notice was paid in full by the customer on 12/2/and is now closed Thank you, Notice Department

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: this was a request for information, not a resolution Charge line as appearing on my account is attachedSincerely, [redacted]

Hello, Are you able to attach the photos here so I can forward them to the manager and discuss it with him? I'll forward the info that you have supplied so far as well Thank You

Notice [redacted] was issued on 12/28/for ‘Improperly Parked’ at our privately-owned location 29-‘Improperly Parked’ notices are issued to vehicles parked over or outside the designated stall lines as improperly parked vehicles are deemed a safety issueNumerous Terms and Conditions signs stating improperly parked vehicles are subject to a fine and/or impound at the time of notice issuance are displayed throughout the lotBy parking in this lot, the customer is agreeing to this contractIf the customer does not agree with this contract, they must leave the location immediatelyThe customer’s first correspondence was emailed to our notice department on 1/31/to which they replied to the customer on 2/3/ The customer did not contact us regarding this notice within the 15-day contest window, therefore, the $late fee was applied on 1/13/This notice is open for $and the customer has been emailed the payment methods

Notice [redacted] was issued on July 20, at our privately-owned Century Square location for Improperly ParkedIt is unclear why the customer is discussing an incident on April 6, Improperly Parked notices are issued when vehicles are parked over or outside the designated stall lines as improperly parked vehicles are deemed a safety issueThis notice was temporarily reduced from the standard $45, to $25, as a one-time courtesy via an email exchange between our notice department and the customer between 8/15/and 9/6/During this time, our notice department granted the customer the location manager’s email address for further questions regarding the circumstances of this noticeTo the best of our knowledge, the customer has not contacted the manager with regards to this noticeThis notice has never been closedCurrently this notice is open for $($for the original notice, $late payment fee) as the customer failed to pay the negotiated rate during the 2-week negotiation window Thank you, Notice Dept

Hello, Can I please have the notice number or license plate so I can speak with the notice dept? Thank You

License plate is [redacted]

Hello, Can you please provide the notice number or the license plate number so I can look up the information? Thank You have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted]

Hello,Our company does not scam peopleThere are signs with hours of operation at all entrances to the garages.What is the notice number you are referring to?

Hello, I requested photos of the location from the notice dept to show all the signage that states which spots are complimentary for min vsthe permit only parking

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: we did contact republic in the past. They never provided details of the infraction as requested including contact info of the citing inspector. We did not see any signs indicating that touching the white line was an infraction. They did not address the issue that another vehicle parked in the space we parked, forcing us to park on the line. They also did not address the issue of double charging on 12 April after promising not to do soSincerely, [redacted] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted] ***

Mr [redacted] was parked in stall when the parking notice for nonpayment was issued to him The attached file ( [redacted] .jpg) shows his vehicle parked nose in into this stall the night the parking notice was issued The second file ( [redacted] _ [redacted] .jpg) shows stall today, as well as the signage that states that the parking lot is paid parking after PM The last attached file shows a close up of this sign This should dispel all past and future claims by Mr [redacted] that the parking lot was for the use of the public and free for all who park there Furthermore, if Mr [redacted] exited his vehicle as shown in the photo from Aug 27th, he would have been within or less feet of the sign Since Mr [redacted] original claim was that he went to get groceries and coffee the evening the parking notice was written, we would like to request proof that he did either on Aug

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: There is a picture of a sign that says you have to call a towing company but no reference as to where the sign is hidden or the hours the parking garage is open and I did not call a towing company the gate was opened by the parking attendantSo, the parking garage was contacted to send proof of signage and they were unable to locate where the hours of operation are posted to take a pictureI feel this in itself proves my point Sincerely, [redacted]

Hello, Can you please provide your license plate number? I can look up the notice thenSometimes the plate number could be off by a different numberWe can adjust it then Thank You

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:A) I was never given a parking spot, as defined in the agreementI was forced to park in the bicycle area, because my vehicle was a scooter B) Even if the debt is due on the 1st of the month, if I Pay it on the 5th, then that entitles me to month of parkingOtherwise I should have been charged less for the remainder of the monthyou cant have your cake and eat it too C) they clearly received monthly parking money from me, and thus I did pay for months of parkingD) I did not receive half the tickets they claim I oweI claim they fabricated or did not distribute the other half to me.E) I was originally told that I would not have to pay parking since I had to park in the bicycle areathen I was given a ticketI claim that they intentionally entrapped me with lies.Sincerely, [redacted] PS I will be taking Republic Parking to court ASAP

Hello, Can you please forward me the notice number or your license plate number? I will look up the information and see what I can do Thank You

Notice number [redacted] was issued to vehicle with license plate number [redacted] on 11/11/at 7:p.mThe notice was issued at 5th Ave North in Seattle, WA, a private parking lot that our company managesThis notice was issued for $as our checker could not confirm payment due to an improperly displayed receiptPer the “Terms & Conditions” posted, any vehicle that fails to pay for parking in advance is subject to a $parking notice and/or being towedPictures of the violation have been available to the customer via our web site.The first communication the Notice Department received regarding this notice was an email sent from the customer on 12/14/Customers issued notices who wishes to dispute them via email contact our general email address, "[email protected]" We have an automatic response that is sent in response to every email receivedBelow is the automatic response that is sent for every email we receive:"Thank you for contacting Republic Parking NW Notice DepartmentOur office hours are Monday through Friday from AM to PMAll emails are answered in the order in which they are receivedDue to high volume, please allow up to business days to receive a responseIf appealing a notice, please do not remit payment until a response has been received from a Republic Parking representative."In the email we received, the customer stated they had spoken to our answering service who informed them that their receipt was improperly displayed, and that they would need to contact our department to resolve the noticeThe customer asked how to resolve the notice.A response was sent on 12/19/2017, which was the third business day after the original email was receivedIn our response, we requested the customer provide proof of payment for their parking on 11/11/2017.The customer sent a response on 12/19/with a copy of their bank statement showing the chargeOur automatic response was sent to the customer, once again informing them that all emails are answered in the order that they were received, which can take up to five business days.The customer sent another email on 12/20/requesting a confirmation that the fees had been removedThe customer sent another email on 12/21/at 9:a.mwith the same information as well as stating that they were going to file a complaint with the customer also left a voicemail for us on 12/21/at 9:a.mThere is an outgoing voicemail informing customers that we respond to all voicemails in the order they are received, and that a call would be returned the next business day.Due to the excessive amount of contact we were receiving from this customer, we responded to the customer on 12/21/at 10:a.minstead of responding to their messages in the order they were receivedOur response to the customer informed them that they needed to only contact us once andthat a response is sent to all communicationsWe also informed the customer the notice was voided as a one-time courtesy and that no amount was owed.In summation, the notice was issued correctly because the receipt was displayed face-down instead of instructedThe customer contacted us, inquiring how to resolve the noticeWe informed the customer of the documentation neededThe customer sent that informationInstead of complying with the several messages from us informing them of the response time, the customer continued to contact us and, ultimately, filed a complaint in order to expedite the resolutionThis notice was voided as a one-time courtesyIf this customer receives any further notices, they will need to be paid in full

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