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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: that's not true I attached the file with this complaint .and the charges you made on my bank account without letting me know and I also attached the quote u give me
*** ***

***, I am very confused by your response? I responded saying we were reaching out and refunding this? This is what you asked forPlease advise

Good morningYes I will try my best to explain the situationThey stated that they responded promptly and they did not I took notes on almost every call I made as well as dates and namesThe lady who came to my business was the worst one Carrie H***Several times I called text and emailed her with no responseAlso when I called the Riverside customer service they refused to let me speak to a Supervisor or Manager. Riverside said that they also took care of the different amounts of money that they charged us and they did not, we had to call every month to get a "rate review" and then try to get our money reimbursed to usAt this point our main issue is that Carrie did not inform us of the contract with First Data to lease their equipment and now since we switch back to our old provider, First Data says we have to pay$or try to rent the equipment out to someone else, which where we live would be nearly impossibleThanks, *** and *** ***

Riverside Payments signed a legal binding document with *** *** This was a business to business agreement and does not have a clause to cancel other then our guarantee of savingsRP has done everything we said we would and the merchant has notThe merchant signed and initialed that they
received a copy of the paperworkIf thats not the case we can gladly provide you with another copyWe have done everything we can to ensure a savings including refunding the entire first months fees you receivedPlease reach out to our office for further assistance

Riverside has explained this many times to the merchant and continues to stand behind our product and promiseTrace numbers provided by the bank show the funds are being sent to your bank within hours and your bank holds the money for an extra dayWe can prove this time and time againSecondly
through sage we can do your ACH for you with a lower rateSage is not only a merchant service provider but also a platformYou would be processing with us on the same platformHow this is an issue does not make any sense as we can do all of your cards for youLastly, you claim you didnt know about the $leaseThis is something that was on your initial quote, and then something you signed for over timesThis is something we take very seriously and have never not disclosed this to our merchantsAs we have stated in the past we guarantee a savings and we can process all cards for you within hours

Again you have not processed so making the statements you have made are with no meritWe stand behind out savings and would love to have the opportunity to prove the savings to you

Riverside Payments whole heartedly does not agree with this reviewJust about every point made in this review has been tweaked with info to create a different look on the actual outcome of what has transpiredUpon signing this merchant riverside did agree to lower the cancellation cost from
$to $This was written on page of the agreement and is not being used as a tactic to say we said the merchant could cancelThis was also under the stipulation that we would not deliver savingsThat being said Riverside has delivered a savings each and every month without questionNext the phone number programed on the phone was a mistake with the numbers given to the rep upon signing this dealThis since has been fixed and if it has not been we received no more calls once we did the download to fix itIm not sure how this would effect the business in any way as you claimed in your initial reviewAlso I have looked through our entire contract with you and see nothing about a customer facing iPad that you alluded tooLastly once our equipment was installed and operating you completed a verbal with the leading company that went over not only the terms and conditions but also the non cancelable partThe last remark about having to watch your account hourly also seems unreasonable as does all of the other tweaked and accusations. Riverside payments has tried working with you and has done everything by the book to make you happyWe have saved you money and provided free paper and lowered the processing cancellation costThe rest of your requests moving forward will be handled 100% but the contract and with our legal team as you have created a scenario of claims that have no merit

Riverside Payments has always stood behind our guaranteeWhen reviewing your account it appears you were in fact saving moneyPlease feel free to email us details on how you came up with the conclusion that we were more expensiveNext, you signed and personally guaranteed a lease
This was no trick on our partThe lease is transferrable and should have been included in the sale of your businessLastly, we signed on 2-and then you sold within the next month or so, we would have had no chance to help get this transferred to the new owner without proper notice which was not givenWe are sorry about your issues but all issues can and would have been avoided with proper notice

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: The reason I did not respond was, Amii had told me they had deposed $+ into my account....I was waiting, but it was NEVER put into my account. Also, if you will look back at the records, the first two deposits were, for the most part, refunds for the merchant machine, as I had not even hooked up the machine and yet I was getting charges for both monthly charges and the merchant machine. At the point of receiving the $and $refunds, you had charged me $and the rest was the refund was for the overcharge of the machine. So the % charges I paid was WAY above what I would have paid the other company. I have all the proof and statements if anyone would care to look at them and go through them with me. Sincerely,*** *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

Hey David- First off I would like to apologize for the experience that you have had with Riverside. It does look as though some errors did happen to your account and I am personally going to reach out to you to get things resolved. Should be an easy fix and we can get this resolved for

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Please make sure you are honest with the Revdex.comI have bank statements that I am happy to give to the so they can go over theover charges you do EACH MONTHEach MONTH I HAVE TO CALL AND ASK FOR A REFUNDThat is terrible!!!! Your company is NOT trust worthyYou charged me times $ on both of my businessand you said you double charged me and are going to refund, well I have to call many times to get a refund which if customers don't look over their statements with a fine tooth comb you charge them for what ever you decide to make upWhen I was solicited, I was NEVER told I would have to pay each year and additional $ service charge on BOTH my companies! It's bad enough you don't give me the agreed percentage you agreed to when I bought a second business, and you promised to save me $ that's your job, your making money off me and I get that, but OVER charging me, is illegal and you do it to a lot of people I am sureI have called you a excess of over calls this year, and all my time wasted, just trying to make sure you live up to your end of the bargain. You make it sound like you saving me so much money but honestly, every month almost you over charge meI am tired of having to call you monthly to make sure you do your job, very sad.I will be happy to take all my statements to to show I am telling the truth and give evidence.Plus Helen send me a email after I made a claim saying I didn't do my PCI this year, I didn't know I had to do it every year, you should of told be months ago, but no you didn't you took x = $ out of both my accounts ( you never told me I had to do both companies) which totals $ and said you would give me month back not a total refund??? Please advise.
*** ***

Hey ***- Thank you for reaching out and providing us with your feedback in regards to your experience thus far with Riverside Payments. I'd like to point out a few items in regards to your account on our side of things and then hopefully we can get you taken care of. First off we do
provide copies of our agreements at the time of signing and then upon installationWhen you received the agreements you did not express any interest at cancelling at that time which was years agoIt looks like you processed with us for months and during that time we spoke to you timesWe discussed your POS Conversions, supplying paper, PCI Compliance, as well as helping you to cancel your previous provider which we didAt this time we were under the impression everything was working greatAt no point did you ever ask us for a rate review or tell us you were not saving moneyAlso, I would like to point out that we were never a vendor of *** ***. We worked with Executech Lease Group and FDGLIt sounds to me like they may have sold your lease to *** ***I am sorry to hear that you may be having an issue with themWe would be more than happy to work with you and get you back up and processing and ensure that you are saving money as our agreement saysWe will reach out to you directly to try and assist with this matter as it is the first we are hearing of itI am so very sorry that you have had a bad experience with *** but that is not an issue with Riverside PaymentsWe are more than willing to try and help resolve the matterThank you for reaching out again and I hope we can help you resolve this issue

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:As per the following conversation on March 25, 2016, MrR*** was able to provide a refund for the amounts that had been debited from my accountSince that credit, funds have continued to be drawn monthly, the latest occurred 6/20/
My team is on the account nowThis is the first I have heard of any such charges and the first contact I have had with you to rectify themWe will be providing refunds today and I will have Amii reach out to you today to explain how this will take placeWhats the best number to reach you at?
Thanks for the response
Jason R***
If Riverside Payments is not affiliated, how was MrR*** able to assist with the March 25th refund?Sincerely,*** ***

This is completely falseYou absolutely signed every document and even a page that showed you received a copyAfter the TV interview that you did with more claims on record we have sought legal counselThey have advised us on our claims and have deemed them to both be true and accurateAt
this time we are letting them handle the situation as we have done nothing wrong on your account and no scam has been made

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: It happened exactly how I stated. I did not say I will contact the and small claims if you don't cut me a check. I have been saying that I will contact them since the beginning of this head ache. The cancellation of my old lease is just the last straw with you guys. When I signed with you I was told you guys would be handling all the cancellations with the original companies I was with. So far I had to do all the work to Cancel with one of the companies and yes if you guys would have just taken care of the canceling when you said then there would not have been a $495 termination fee so that should not go against the $1500 you said you would cover. The $1500 was for my credit card equipment lease which I have been getting charged for each month because you guys haven't canceled with them yet like you said you would. That is why I called yesterday to see what was going on with it and was told that I would have to deal with it and you guys just need to listen in to hear the amount. at this point I did get frustrated and said if you guy's aren't doing anything you've said you would do and now I have to take care of canceling the lease my self then just write me the check for what you said you will cover and I will deal with it. So for you saying I told you write me a check or I will contact the is another lie. which is not surprising based on all my experiences with this company.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

When reviewing your account we have noticed a few things that don't line up with your complaint. First there is no buyout listed in the entire agreement. Next every time you have called in your account has been taken care of. You have received refunds for any overages and your savings lines up...

every month. Please call in with any other questions or concerns.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
I did tell my rep Jacob my income and he knew what I was paying with [redacted]. I showed him the reports. I even asked him at Meeting of I'm making enough for this... I am not making enough money nor will I in the next year for this company to save me money. The $75 is my average monthly payment with [redacted] and Riverside is charging that for the machine alone. I was looking to upgrade my equipment but was also lied to about how it worked before I signed. Saying it was like a POS machine and he can put my menu in... Bull! This equipment will not work for my customers and business. but I didn't know that until I received it. I do not trust Riverside and even with 2.75% they told me, they will tack other charges to that as well. $99 a year! I said ok yesterday just to get off the phone cause she was too busy arguing with me when I told her it's Not saving me money.Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:That's not true, I questioned it and they said it was only a service feeSincerely,[redacted]

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