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We have settled the disagreement with [redacted] and her account the total amount that she disputed was actually $2895 and we paid that amount in full once documentation was provided that she was overcharged. We appreciate [redacted]'s patience and professionalism throughout this process.

We cannot seem to find any record of any outgoing calls to your business based on the information provided. We do outsource a lot of our marketing so we will definitely relay the message to get you removed from our lists.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you are having a great...


First and foremost thank you for the feedback so we can learn how to provide nothing but the best for our clients. We would like to point out a couple of items and hopefully a resolution that meets your standards.  To be clear, we have not been overcharging and after doing a review on your...

account we have been saving you money on both accounts over the past 2.5 years. In regards to the PCI compliance, we have been sending you emails and letters stating that we can not do the PCI Compliance for you. If you do not become PCI Compliant there are non-compliance charges that the card brands will put forth and we then pass those onto you.As a sign of good faith since we greatly value your business and you have been a loyal client for the past 2.5 years, we will refund the NON-PCI Charges to you. Client Success will be in touch shortly.  Thank you again for the business and we hope you are having a great start to your week

Riverside Again has provided everything we can in this situation. How Elavon is now involced is a new piece to a very confusing puzzle. We would ask that you reach out to our customer service department and ask for Amii. At this time your account has been serviced and our promise has been delivered. The facts are you signed with a new merchant service company who charged you double our lease and you want us to pay for it which is not something we agreed to. Please call if you have any more questions or concerns.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:[redacted] ( Resolutions Consultant), Thank you for taking the time to review our complaint against Riverside Payments.  In reviewing their response to our initial complaint there are many issues we’d like to address.   First, Riverside Payments states “Riverside Payments has always stood behind our guarantee. When reviewing your account it appears you were in fact saving money. Please feel free to email us details on how you came up with the conclusion that we were more expensive.”  We disagree.  We do not believe that Riverside Payments stands behind their guarantee as we did not save money.   On 3/30/2016, a Riverside Payments account executive by the name of Jessica B[redacted] came by our business.  She said she could offer us a better rate than our current credit card processor (hereinafter: old vendor) and would save us more money every month.  We told her our old vendor was charging us 3.02%.  She informed us she was able to offer us 2.36%.  We told Jessica that even though we were paying our old vendor more (3.02% vs. 2.36%) it was without any additional monthly fee.  Riverside Payments on the other hand had a $135 monthly service fee (which we later found out they could increase at any time).  We asked her why should we switch to Riverside Payments who charges an extra monthly fee of $135.00 and how would we save money?  She said that even with a monthly service fee of $135.00, we would save money compared to our old vendor.  She wrote out the break down and it appeared given the numbers she used we would’ve saved.  Based on this alleged savings, we signed.  When we signed our contract we also signed a guarantee by Riverside Payments, which was also signed by Jessica B[redacted].  This guarantee stated that they “are so sure that [they] will save [us] money [they] actually GUARANTEE it!” and that they “guarantee that Riverside will show [us] a savings, or [they] will release [us] at no charge from all processing and equipment obligations.”  We can provide this document upon request.  We are AGAIN requesting that Riverside Payments uphold the guarantee that they made to us since we did not save with them.  We will now describe in brief detail how Riverside Payments breached their guarantee with us. For many of our monthly statements we discovered that Riverside was not in fact providing us any savings.  Additionally they raised the $135 monthly fee to $145, which we were provided no notice and had only discovered through review of our statement.  For each of these months, the amount charged on our statement (including monthly fee) was greater than the amounts that would’ve been charged by our old vendor.  We received seven (7) monthly statements from Riverside Payments.  On four (4) of these statements we were charged more than the 3.02% that our old vendor charged us and still had to pay the increased monthly fee.  We saw no savings.  On two (2) of these statements we were charged more than the 2.63% that Jessica B[redacted] promised us and still paid the increased monthly fee.  When compared to our old vendor at 3.02% w/ no fee, we saw no savings.  On one (1) statement we “surprisingly” received a 2.35% fee and one would think we would see a savings, but with the increased monthly fee we still saw no savings.   When we called to ask what had happened Riverside gave us an adjustment discount.  However, even with this adjustment discount the total amount was still more than the amount we would’ve been charged by our old vendor w/ no monthly fee.  Upon request we can submit detailed summary that shows total settlement, charges based on old vendor, and charges by Riverside Payments + fee - discount.  This will show that we did not save. It is for this reason that we feel Riverside Payments is not holding up their guarantee.  We did not receive a savings as they guaranteed.  In accordance with their guarantee they are to “release us at no charge all processing and equipment obligations.”  To this date that has not been done and we are now currently on the hook for $6,238.20 obligation which we are requesting Riverside Payments release us from at no charge, as per their guarantee.  The details of this charge we will address below.  Second, Riverside Payments states “you signed and personally guaranteed a lease.  This was no trick on our part.  The lease is transferable and should have been included in the sale of your business.”  We disagree. Riverside Payments is correct that we did sign and personally guarantee a lease based on the contract.  However, we disagree that it was not a “trick” on their part.  When we spoke with Jessica, their agent, she never mentioned that the monthly fee was an equipment leasing fee for a credit card processing machine.  From our conversation with Jessica we were made to believe that the fee was for monthly services.  Additionally, we informed her that we had our own credit card processing machine and thus would not need to lease a new machine.  Further, had we known that we would be required to use their device we would’ve considered just purchasing the equipment outright rather than lease, as that was an option (our research estimated these machines at ~$250).  Today we are being hit with the entirety of the life of the equipment lease ($6,238.20).  This equipment has since been returned to First Data (we assume this is Riverside Payments equipment company) as of 2/9/2017 (tracking to be provided upon request).  So as a result of this “trick” we are being asked to pay the full life of the leasing contract even though the equipment we are leasing now resides with the equipment owner.  Equipment which can now be leased out to other vendors thereby providing double dipping of profits. Here is why we disagree with Riverside Payments that there “was no trick on [their] part.”  Their agent Jessica B[redacted] should’ve informed us that this monthly fee was for leasing equipment after we questioned her.  After we informed her we had our own machine and wouldn’t need a new one, she could’ve said something to correct any misunderstanding.  Not only did she fail to give us the correct information, she actually mislead us by telling us that the credit card machine was free of charge and was included in the deal.  When we pressed this point on her she reassured us that there would be NO CHARGE FOR THE MACHINE.  Now imagine our surprise to find out that not only was the machine not free of charge but we are now responsible for the cost of leasing a machine that is back with the equipment owner.   Finally, while the lease may have been transferable we object to Riverside Payments contention that it “should have been included.”  Perhaps they meant “could have been included.”  In any event, we made reasonable efforts to try and get the new buyer to continue with Riverside Payments.  However, they were put off, just as we are now, by the leasing agreement and the lack of promised savings.  If anything, it would seem that our relationship with Riverside Payments was a detriment in our ability to sell the business.   Third, Riverside Payments states “we signed on 2-1 and then you sold within the next month or so, we would have had no chance to help get this transferred to the new owner without proper notice which was not given. We are sorry about your issues but all issues can and would have been avoided with proper notice.” This portion of the response is very confusing to us as none of it relates to our situation.   1              What exactly is Riverside Payments suggesting was signed on 2-1?  We have the executed documents showing a meeting on 3/30/2016 and a contract signing on 5/27/2016 (provided upon request).  We didn’t sell our business until 2017.  So how exactly did we sell our business within “the next month or so” as Riverside Payments is suggesting?  2              Are you suggesting that our issues came out because you didn’t have notice?  Notice of what?  The new owner didn’t want your service, so why would you need notice to “help get this transferred” when there was nothing to transfer.  Our issues arise based on the termination of the agreement, not the transfer.3              Finally, even if we were to assume your statements were relevant (which they are not), it’s very unclear how our issues would’ve been avoided with proper notice?  How would proper notice have insured we got the savings you promised?  How would proper noticed have insured the equipment was free of charge as your agent stated?  How would proper notice have insured we could cancel at no charge or that you would release us from our obligations as per your guarantee?  It would seem to us that these are things you should’ve known as they were messages communicated to us by your agent on the day of signing.  So how is it that you need ample notice of your own promises?  Further, you also still have time to uphold your promises and prove us wrong.  This is the type of business practice that we find troubling and why we decided to file this complaint.  While we had hoped and tried to come to a resolution with Riverside Payments prior to filing the complaint they had no interest in helping us until now.   Based off our story, we ask Riverside Payments, why is it okay for you to point to a contract but disregard the statements by your own agent, that speaks on your behalf, that led to the signing of the contract?  Why is it okay for your own agent to contradict terms of an agreement and when pressed provide false information?  Finally why is it okay for you to grasp and make promises to get a deal signed but then wash your hands of those very promises when a deal ends?  Surely you must know that as a bakery business we are not lawyers.  When an agent makes promises, just like we make promises for our customers, we expect the agent and their company to follow through on those promises.  When we contacted you and Jessica B[redacted] on many occasions we got either no response or a “we’ll look into it and get back to you” without a single follow-up.  Yet, now that a complaint has been filed you are able to respond with seemingly full review of our account within a day?  Review which we have discussed above was full of inaccuracies.  We are disappointed and feel as if you took advantage of our trust. Even given this horrific experience we are willing and hope Riverside Payments will work to come to a resolution.  We are willing to withdraw our complaint IF AND ONLY when Riverside Payments adheres to their guarantee and releases us from the processing and equipment obligations at no cost, as per their guarantee.  This means that the $6,238.20 that we are being asked to pay by Hunter W[redacted] on behalf of First Data Global Leasing will all be retracted.  Without this, we will maintain our complaint and make best efforts to work with and any other agencies to ensure future customers do not suffer the same fate as ours.    Sincerely,

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: These irrevocable contracts may look “legal” on the face of things but Attorney Generals, and juries may disagree. Most people, most consumers, and the Attorney General Of New York would agree that Riverside Payments is using a confidence scheme similar to Northern Leasing to lure and trick customers into unconscionable leases. It is for these reasons that I filed complaints with the Attorney General of Washington State, and Oregon, and Texas. I also contacted the New York Attorney General’s office to obtain Northern Leasing contracts to compare with Riverside’s and to inquire as to cases regarding First Data Services which is located in New York state. I am evaluating what other paths to take in defending my consumer rights.“On April13th 2016, Attorney General [redacted] announced the filing of a lawsuit against Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., a New York company, and several of its affiliated companies, including Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Pushpin Holdings LLC and others (collectively, “Northern Leasing”), as well as principal, [redacted] a/k/a [redacted], law firm [redacted] P.C., and other individuals involved in Northern Leasing’s operations, for their fraudulent and deceptive practices that trap small business owners across the country. The lawsuit alleges that Northern Leasing trapped small businesses into never-ending lease agreements for over-priced credit card processing equipment and abused the judicial process by suing to collect on these leases in the Civil Court of the City of New York, regardless of whether the debt is fraudulent, the claim is timely or legitimate efforts to terminate the lease were ignored. The Attorney General on behalf of the People of the State of New York, and Deputy Chief Administrative Judge [redacted] are joint petitioners in this proceeding.The Attorney General’s office secured a temporary restraining order restraining Northern Leasing from selling, assigning or transferring any equipment finance lease for more than fair market value.  Northern Leasing and principal Jay C[redacted] are also restrained from transferring, converting or otherwise disposing of any asset owned, possessed or controlled by them for less than fair market value. Northern Leasing and C[redacted] also must provide a list of all assets to the Attorney General within five days of service of the order.“Small business owners – many of whom are immigrants, elderly, or veterans – are the cornerstone of the economy and deserve to be treated honestly and fairly,” Attorney General [redacted] said. “We allege that Northern Leasing not only deceived consumers, but used the New York court system to perpetrate their harassing, fraudulent, and deceptive debt collection practices. We will not allow companies to hold small businesses for ransom by using lies and forgery.”The lawsuit seeks to vacate default judgments obtained by Northern Leasing against consumers, many of whom were not even aware that they had been sued by Northern Leasing until they learned of the default judgment when they checked their credit reports.  The lawsuit also seeks additional relief, including but not limited to a permanent injunction prohibiting Northern Leasing, its related entities, and its owners and officers from continuing their deceptive business practices, ordering Northern Leasing to pay restitution to consumers, dissolving Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. and directing Northern Leasing to notify all three national credit reporting agencies that the default judgments have been vacated and should be removed from consumers’ credit reports. Attorney General [redacted] previously reached a multimillion agreement with Northern Leasing in 2013 for similar deceptive practices for siphoning over $3.6 million in unauthorized fees from the bank accounts of nearly 110,000 former customers without warning and up to eleven years after their leases had expired.The Attorney General conducted its investigation with the assistance of the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for New York City Courts and Administrative Authority of the Civil Court of the City of New York, [redacted].  The Attorney General’s investigation found that Northern Leasing has targeted small business owners across the country through its deceptive practices, which include inducing individuals to sign lease agreements without realizing they are doing so, falsely representing that the lease is “free” or that the individuals will save money, and falsely stating that the consumer can cancel the lease at any time.  In hundreds of instances, it is charged that consumers discovered that the signatures on the leases are not theirs or that material terms were added to the lease without their knowledge. Northern Leasing’s lease terms are onerous and totally one-sided in favor of the company.  The credit card equipment leased to consumers by Northern Leasing is valued at only a few hundred dollars (at most) when new, yet over the course of a Northern Leasing lease consumers pay thousands of dollars for the equipment.  Further, the lease agreements require any lawsuit under the lease to be brought in New York, regardless of where the consumer lives, and requires the consumer to pay for Northern Leasing’s attorney fees in the event the lawsuit is found meritless (but not the other way around). Once a consumer is trapped in a Northern Leasing agreement, Northern Leasing then refuses to cancel the lease.   Northern Leasing continued to deduct lease payments from consumers’ bank accounts for months or years after the lease’s initial term.In my case, as you know, Riverside Processing deducted fees before I intended to do business with Riverside as I specifically told the representative that I did not want to start processing until after I returned from my vacation in February. I stated this to both the rep and her handler on the phone. I did not want to deal with network or transfer issues while I was not in the country. Yet, your client proceeded to withdraw money and make deposits into my account prior to the verbally agreed upon start date. Your client’s representative also made verbal assurances that I could cancel at any time if I wasn’t satisfied. Taking withdrawals for fees and making deposits for any reason prior to even being connected for processing created an extremely dissatisfied customer and did not represent a “savings” which is why I returned “the equipment” which was not needed and not required for any kind of “compliance” other than to entrap a customer into a relationship that is not wanted using gross misrepresentation.Northern Leasing also includes a personal guaranty in all of its lease agreements, which traps the individual business owner (or whoever else may have signed the lease) into assuming personal responsibility for making payments under the lease agreement. When a consumer stops making payments on his or her lease,  Northern Leasing, through its own employees and the law firm of [redacted] P.C., then bombards the consumer with harassing phone calls and letters threatening to sue the consumer in New York. The law firm of [redacted] P.C. then commences collection actions in New York Civil Court, knowing  that the cost of travelling to New York and hiring a lawyer to defend such a lawsuit  would  be prohibitive for many consumers, many of whom live as far away as Texas and California. Also named in the lawsuit are attorneys [redacted] and [redacted], who are the attorneys of record on the actions filed in New York City Civil Court, and who sign the complaints and other legal documents in those actions.  The suit further names [redacted], who is the Vice-President of Customer Services and Collections for Northern Leasing and Principal [redacted]. I and other consumers are misled by Riverside Payments website and their representatives who use [redacted]’s trademark and good name to lull us into thinking that Riverside Payments is safe to do business with because they provide service to or are connected to the [redacted] Corporation, a famous and respected [redacted] Corporation. However that is a lie. Perhaps (and perhaps not) they service a few franchisees but that is not the [redacted] Corporation. I had a nice chat with [redacted]’s legal department and it is my understanding that they are sending your client a request to remove [redacted]’s logo from Riverside Payment’s website as they told me they have never heard of Riverside Processing in Oregon or Washington state or Texas. I am waiting to hear back from [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted]. I asked all of them them a very simple question. Are you a client or partner of Riverside Processing as claimed on their website? There is nothing slanderous about asking that question and reporting the answer. There is nothing slanderous about stating that I would recommend that no one do business with a credit card processing company who is pushing leases due to my experience with this company.

This claim is completely false. Per the email we sent to you at 9:50 on 2-23-17 to confirm this, the story goes as follows. You switched to [redacted]. THEY told you they could save you $88 a month and that with our company you were on tiered pricing. This is 100% false. Not...

only are you not on tiered with us but we were saving you money. Furthermore you did not even give our company a chance to match rates if they were indeed saving you money. Riverside Payments would ask that this post would not be posted due to the nature of the lies. We do not do tiered pricing nor have we ever. Also the savings the merchant is referring to is something another processor told them they COULD save.

We have spoken with the merchants Husband [redacted] and have agreed to terms for settlement. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:First of all it does not claim completely and clearly how I can break up with this company.  I do not what to do business with them anymore as I do not trust them.  I have asked numerous times for a complete proposal from them to break up our relationship they are very unclear about how I can break it off with them.  I will happily pay a $395 cancellation fee as stipulated in the equipment contract but they claim I still need to pay out my lease and won't tell me where to send the equipment please (they have multiple addresses.) Note, I should be let go for free see below but I just want to move on with my life. I have attached undeniable proof (see Rate Comparison.pdf) that they have not provided me savings after multiple attempts (i.e. rate reviews) and therefore have not met their promise.  Their agent has also stated via e-mail that they have not made money on my account and therefore they have gone as low as they can.It is very important to note that the paperwork I signed with their sales agent and scanned-in the day I signed is very different from the paperwork they sent to me via e-mail.  They have added and removed parts of the contract as they see fit.  I am not the first person to make this accusation against Riverside and I have documents that are time-stamped by my scanner that differ from the ones they sent over.  Their version has pages added as well as missing as well as add text in a different person's handwriting.  In addition, their agent had me sign that I received the equipment on the day I signed up with them which is clearly not possible.  The Proof: Scanned on 10/19, their agent initialed this paperwork and I have not seen him since even though it is dated 10/21 and I signed it on 10/19 (note, he is initialing that the lease is cancelable with the $395 early cancellation fee -- twice in my timestamped copy of the paperwork.)  I have attached the copy of the contract they sent me on February 16th (Riverside Payments Contract.pdf) and the paperwork I signed on 10/19 (The Soap Opera... .pdf.) Update: I am having trouble with the system to I am unable to upload these documents (perhaps due to file size) but can provided them upon request.As far as the contract and 'sign on screen' please see the very first page of the attached contracts (their version and mind) both say "EMV, plugs into iPad and can sign on screen".Sincerely,[redacted]

Hey [redacted]- Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback on Riverside thus far. We also apologize the experience was not a great one thus far. After reviewing the account it does look like your account has been closed with NO early termination fees and we have issued a refund request...

which is in the process of being closed/processed. We apologize that things did not work out but it does look like everything you have been requested has been taken care of. We are following up via email as well.

Riverside has gone over these rate comparisons with you and with our legal team. At this time we don't know how to show you the savings any more clear then we already have. We even deposited the $700 into your account back in January that you said you never received. We will continue to stand by our guarantee as we have mentioned several times in emails with you. There is nothing more we can do at this time.

Im sorry you have had issues with your credit card processing account. That being said from your story it appears Riverside Payments is in the right here. We cancelled out the account, and we told you about our $35 lease. The new company that you mention seems to have lied...

about buying us out, which is why I'm assuming we got no calls to ask about the lease. They also didnt tell you about your new lease of $69. At this time Riverside is willing to continue to work with you but will not pay to buy you out of a lease that is double ours. Furthermore we would ask that you place this review of another company on their own page.

[redacted] and,
First Riverside would like to thank you for your review. With any review it allows us to capitalize on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. With negative reviews it allows for both sides of the story to be told. I have read through your complaint and found many...

discrepancies. First and foremost the amount of money you are claiming to be owed is very unclear and doesn't seem to match anything you have been charged. Secondly, after a full rate review which we have done with you two times, it was clear you were saving money. Lastly, upon canceling your account we sent you an email explaining the reasons for all charges that you would be receiving. You didn't respond to that email, leaving us to believe you agreed with our calculations and procedures. Please feel free to contact us directly for any other questions or concerns.

To [redacted],
                       I am writing this in response to your letter that was filed on June 4, 2015.  We would like to start off by apologizing that you were not happy...

or pleased with the services that were provided by Riverside Payments.  We strive to ensure that each and every one of our customers has a wonderful experience here at Riverside Payments.  We train our reps to go over our agreements in great depth.  In regards, to your comment that you were briefly informed about our services; we went through an entire 14 page presentation showing and explaining all of the benefits and details that Riverside Payments offers.  We then provided a quote that broke down the rates and fees that [redacted] would be paying based on the statements that were provided.  Part of this breakdown is a line item called Monthly Service/Equipment Package that clearly stated the $80 lease charge that [redacted] would be paying.  You also signed a 10 page application in which you signed in 8 spots and initialed in 6 spots that clearly document all rates and fees that were going to be charged to [redacted], including the Lease Agreement that you signed.  In addition to that on March 20th you spoke with one of our Relationship Managers who reviewed the charges that was charged to your account.  One of those was the lease from [redacted].  After that just 6 days later on March 23rd your wife [redacted] called in stating that she was unaware that [redacted] was being charged for a lease.  On March 26th I spoke with [redacted] once again reviewing everything and specifically going over the lease for 5-10min.  After that on March 30 you spoke with one of our Relationship Managers and you discussed the insurance that needed to be provided for the equipment that you were leasing and how this needed to be provided to [redacted] Lease Group.  I find it very hard to believe that you had no knowledge that you were signing a lease.  Especially, since you spoke with 3 separate people 3 months ago about the lease.
                       In regards to your comments about “The clincher being I guarantee our company can save you money and if we don’t we will let you out of the agreement.  I agree that is the clincher of our programs.  It is something that virtually nobody in the industry is offering in writing like we do.  After you processed with us for the first couple of months we reviewed the account to ensure the savings like we do with all of our clients.  We at that point noticed that you were processing a lot more rewards cards and corporate cards then were anticipated so we immediately offered and submitted a refund to your account to ensure that you would see savings.  We then reviewed your May statement and noticed that we did save you $35 for the month based upon what you were paying before.  We quoted you a $100 in savings though and that is what we are committed to offering you.  Even though you have filed this complaint prior to speaking to us we have already processed a refund in the amount of $65 to get the savings to the $100 mark.  We also made an adjustment to your account of $65 per month which will actually lose us money monthly to make sure that based on the volumes quoted you would save the $100 each and every month.  We also locked those rates in so that we did not have to do any further reviews.  So, as you can see not only are we going to be saving you money but we are going to be saving the exact amount of money that we quoted to you. 
                       With all of that being said, we are still willing  to honor our original agreement with you.  That agreement is that we will save you money as we promised.  If that does not work for you and you still would like to close your account there would be an early cancellation fee of $695.  In regards to [redacted] Leasing that account is set up with them so you would have to reach out to them directly.
                       Riverside Payments is committed to working with you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this matter for you.  If you need further assistance, or if you have additional questions, please contact me directly via mail, email or my direct line below.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

[redacted] did sign up with Riverside Payments and the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. [redacted] accepted the equipment and has been in possession of it has continued to put off installs, despite many attempts. We at Riverside never told [redacted] there was a mistake. Rather, we have an...

automated billing system. This means once the equipment is accepted the billing is done monthly whether processing or not. The charges have been offered to be refunded once we get the merchant installed as we would be throwing away money otherwise. We have never once raised the rate on [redacted] and the idea that he has set processing fee monthly seems impossible as we do not quote a set fee on processing. Every email and phone call has been received and returned from [redacted]. In some days there have been up to 8 email exchanges. Below are some of what [redacted] claims never happened.
Hello [redacted]! I called you earlier today in hopes of assisting you in setting up your new terminals. Please feel free to reach out to us when you have the opportunity. Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm PT at 503-972-5572. It is a super easy process that doesn't take very long, maybe 5 minutes. We test the terminals here before we ship them out to make sure they are working properly so they should be ready to go out of the box!  
Looking forward to hearing from you!
 [redacted] SSE 9:31 AM (2 minutes ago) to me Thank you, Krista. I will be able to correspond with you in the days ahead. Thank you, [redacted]
This is just one of several emails indicating we had constant contact and let him know we needed to get the machines installed. Our no risk Guarantee is simple. If we are not able to save money we cancel the agreement at no cost. To date [redacted] has not given us that chance. The last part of this [redacted] refers to our numerous complaints. None of them remotely mirror his situation. Furthermore, the amount of merchant we speak to and deal with on daily basis makes our very few issues on more of an indicator that we stand behind what we say. [redacted] has been threatening over the past few days about FBI,, ATG, and the FTC. Riverside has confidence we have done everything correct on this account and more emails can paint that picture very clear.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The document titled comparison is the document you generated using my current processors statements. This is the same document used to give us the guarantee that we would be saving. The analysis document proves that to be untrue.

[redacted],We have gone over your account several times and every time we discover the exact same thing. We are saving you money month in and month out. We have never lied and everything you signed was agreed upon and we left you with a copy. You have been paying on a lease for several months and we...

have never had an issue from you until now. We stand behind our product and we are confident that we have held up our end of the contract. We have even responded to the FDMS unit that you have involved with this and shown proof of all of our savings as well. We would be happy to walk you through this again. Feel free to call us at 503-972-5572 if you have any other questions or complaints.

I believe there is some misunderstanding on how our programs work.  I will be reaching out to you directly shortly and we can walk through our account in depth and resolve the issues at hand.  I look forward to resolving the issues at hand and getting to be one of our thousands of...

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