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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  The company did not tell us anything about a contract with First Data therefore we never knew that we would be paying a total of $1500.00 for equipment, we did not need new equipment our old ones work very good. They say that they did save us money but they did not, every month we had to call and get what they call a rate review and submit information so that they could pay us back the difference.  Carrie H[redacted] was very pushy and was here for 3.5 hours after me [redacted] explaining to her that my Mother was very ill and we didn't even know if she would make it.  My niece was here the entire time and my son was for about half the time and he specifically asked her if we were not happy if it would cost us anything to switch back to our old provider and Carrie said absolutely not we will handle all of that also she said they would handle the entire "break up" with our old provider. I tried my best to tell her I couldn't make that kind of decision without my husband and she pretty much bullied me into switching.  As far as her communication it was ok until we ran into problems then she completely stopped all communication, I have all the text and emails still of me trying to reach out to her. I am not able to scan or copy anything at this time because my equipment isn't working. I can however get access to copy and email this information if permitted to do so. At this point all we are asking for is for Riverside to cancel our service without any cancelation fees (which I was promised) as well help in the issue with the contract with first data for the equipment charge of $1500.00. We both have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve all of this and they say that they respond but they didn't we always had to call them back, every time they said they would call us the next day they never did.

[redacted] & [redacted]

Riverside Payments has not stated ever that you owe us money. Please call 503-972-5572 as we do not have any records of this. You signed an agreement with NPT and they turned the deal into us to do the processing and first data does the billing. We would be happy to help but this review should be...

removed from our page as again we did not sign you as a merchant of ours.

Hey Mr [redacted]- Thanks for reaching out to us and providing us with your experience with Riverside thus far. We are sorry to here that you are not pleased with the service up to this point. According to my notes you reached out back in October for a rate review and everything was great at that time....

We then did a quality call back on December 28th and you said the service so far was going well, and you rated the service well at that time but it has been getting better and better. We then have not heard from you since. We are reaching back out to you today to set up a call with one of the owners to try and resolve the issues at hand. Thanks again for the feedback and we look forward to resolving your issues at hand.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
November 12, 2015
Dear [redacted],

you for choosing National Paymentech (NPT) for your processing needs. We trust that your experience here at NPT, will be nothing but the best. We focus on building long lasting relationships here at RP that is why we have selected 1 Technical Support Manager and 2 Relationship Managers to your account. We chose to do this to ensure that no matter the question you have you will be able to contact your account specialist directly and in a timely manner. Below I have listed out who your account managers are:
Nick C[redacted]
Technical Support Manager
C: [redacted]
Amii H[redacted]
Relationship Manager
C: [redacted]
E: [redacted]
Masha L[redacted]
Relationship Manager
C: [redacted]
E: [email protected]
In an effort to make the transition the best as possible I have included some information that you may find useful.
·         We supply all of the paper for your credit card terminals FREE of charge! When you are in need of more paper please contact your Relationship Manager via phone or email.
·         Here at National Paymentech we like to do our part in taking care of your lease cancellation and your previous processing cancellation. In a couple of weeks you will be receiving more information from me about this process.
·         Being a business owner, you understand that the most effective way to grow your business is through recommendations from your current customers. Because we are committed to provide the best service possible we offer a $100 Referral Bonus for each of referral that chooses to process with us.
For general questions please give me a call. If you cannot reach me or if you have additional questions we have listed the contact information to our Corporate Office. We are dedicated to providing proactive customer service here at NPT so, you will be receiving a phone call from me every 90 days to touch base and see if you have any questions.
You can rest assured that we will strive to provide you with the quickest most efficient service, along with the highest quality products available.
Welcome, and have a great day!
Best Regards,
Christina H[redacted]
Relationship Manager
Vancouver WA, 98684
P: 503.972.5572  ex[redacted]
F: 800.887.0292
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The materials in this electronic mail transmission (including all attachments) are private, confidential, privileged, and are the property of the sender and are intended only for the use of the addressee. If you are not the intended addressee, any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the materials is strictly prohibited. If you receive this electronic mail transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender and destroy the material.

[redacted] not only is this a lie but it's fabricated. You once had an attorney look at our contract and he agreed you were savingmoney. Most recently you reached out for the first time in almost a year with a new deal from a processing company and our rates are much lower. This again is a complete lie...

and we have proved this. We would honor something if your provide something in writing which you haven't after over 2 years of processing with us.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: I have checked with my bank and they do not hold the funds and I have several emails that state they would fix this issue and nothing changed, Yes, the contract does say it is a lease but I questioned this right away and the rep assured me that it was just a monthly service fee, now that they lied to me and got me to sign it, they want to go by the contract except the 1st sheet they showed me says that it is a "Monthly Service/Equipment Package", that is nothing like a lease fee. Finally, I told them repeatedly that I did not want to have to pay a b unch of different companies and they told me that the only ones I would have to pay ar them and and they would compensate me fot, then they came back and said I would have to open an account through them to Sage and I would have another fee to pay. I was very clear with them at the beginning that I wanted to keep things simple and I asked them how they would compensate me for the cgarges and I did not recieve an answer they just said I would save money but didn't seem to want to tell me how.
I have talked to my attorney and he has sent a letter to Riverside Payments. If they will not refund the $695 I will take them to small claims court.Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: There is still the issue of promised great savings from the previous merchant servicer Elavon, which when worked out with all the surprise fees and lease payment didn't materialize, which set in motion the whole debacle.Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Riverside is not holding up their contractual obligation and they are using fabricated numbers while I provided actual evidence.The documents I sent DO NOT show a savings for switching to Riverside.  The Bill from World Pay clearly shows that I was at 2.025% for Jan 2016 and the Riverside email shows that I was 2.367% in Jan 2017 with Riverside even after a rate review and partial refund.  Note that there is less than a $600 volume difference.  What numbers are you looking at?  Your response doesn't even make sense if you reviewed the attached documents (reattached here.)

Riverside Payments did indeed sign [redacted] up for merchant services however, the tactics mentioned are quite different then what really happened. First, Riverside Payments guarantees a savings to all merchants that we sign. [redacted] has received not only a savings every month on the...

months where they didn't, RPI issued a refund check. As recently as yesterday [redacted] called in upset that we didn't cancel out his old processor. This is something we cannot do directly but we offered to help by doing a three way call. [redacted] said his previous processor must have auto renewed therefore he had a $495 cancellation and he was upset and unwilling to make that call. Riverside agreed to pay up to $1500 to [redacted] with proper documentation being provide. To date only the $495 check has been mailed leaving $1005 left. [redacted], being upset that he had to provide documentation became irritated and started to you explicit language with our customer service rep who was dealing with him at the time. Threats of small claims court and posts where made unless we cut him a check immediately. Again we asked for documentation of the charges and he said that if we agreed to the buyout amount we should just pay him that amount without any documents. We again are happy to hold up our end of this agreement with continued savings and the rest of the buyout upon proper documents.

When you signed up with Riverside Payments you did receive a guarantee of savings along with a pin pad. This is what would allow you out of the contract if we were not able to save you money. As far as the pin pad goes at the time of your signing EMV capabilities were not available. I apologize you...

did get tech support out soon enough to update your machine but it was something you had. The claims you made about not knowing you signed up for a lease or that there was a $695 cancellation fee seems almost impossible. There is at least 3 pages that we go over with our merchants and have several signatures on these pages. We did ask to see what you signed with your new processor because if it was indeed a lower rate that we cannot match or beat, then yes, we would allow you out at no charge. Lastly your comments about being part of fraud or that you see this all over the internet are false as well. We went over everything with you and the very few complaints we have received are not like yours. We have stated via phone and email what our idea outcome for this situation is. If you would like to follow up with us please call us directly on our office line and ask for [redacted].

You do not have to accept anything until I reach out to you.  My name is Brandon and I am the owner at Riverside and your account just hit my desk.  I am trying to reach out to resolve the issue at hand.  I will be in touch today and we can go from there

When looking into your account it appear the whole story is not being told. You explained to our rep that you owned your equipment therefore based on Redstone we put in we would cover $495. Your rep 1, never gambled with your money, and 2 went over this with you. It turned out you had been leasing...

your equipment therefore the buyout was significantly larger. We went over options with you on how we could help cover that but that did not seem to satisfy you. Feel free to call us back if you'd like to re discuss the options we have for you.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: The collection letter I have states the collection is for the account number that I have through Riverside, [redacted].  On this past Monday 02-20-17 I received a phone call from Amy who identified herself as an employee of Riverside Payments. She explained that she is in the customer relations department for Riverside.  She asked that I take down my post to  I explained to her that Riverside is reporting that I have over $300 that I owe when I never was notified that they took over my account from National Paymentech and that I never gave Riverside permission to have my bank account information or take money from my bank account.  Amy told me that she can not provide much information because Riverside split from National Paymentech and that there is currently a lawsuit involved between the 2 companies.  I also explained to Amy that I attempted to close any type of account with Riverside back in October of 2016 when I visited their office and had a meeting with Allan K**, however Allan told me that he could not do anything with my account, that everything had to be done through National Paymentech.  However at that time National Paymentech had already closed their business and were working as a new company called CHYP. Amy confirmed that I do owe a little over $300 to Riverside.  She stated that she has the authority to get the charges dropped.  I explained to Amy that I would be fine with them dropping the amount they are trying to collect for anything after October 2016 when I visited their office.  She stated that she would relay the information and attempt to take care of that for me.  I asked that she send me a follow-up email summarizing what we spoke about and then contact me when the account was showing a 0 balance.  Amy stated that she would do so.  I never received an email that day.  The next day on Tuesday I called her office and Ryan P[redacted] answered.  I explained to him that I needed an email from Amy still and he stated that she was out to lunch but would have her return my phone call.  She never called me that day.  I then called again on Wednesday.  An employee by the name of Brian answered and I explained to him that I still needed an email from Amy or a phone call.  At the end of Wednesday business no phone call or email from Amy or anyone else. My account still shows a balance of over $300.00 and terrible customer service.    

As I stated in my last response, we have saved you money and we have proven this time and time again. At this time we would ask that you call us for a further explanation as we have provided you everything we possibly can to support our facts.

Hello [redacted]
In regards to complaint #[redacted] on the website, I wanted to confirm that it is resolved and I am happy with results. I appreciate Riverside letting me cancel my account and understanding my concerns.
Thank you and please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

As we previously stated, you signed a contract with NPT who turned the deal into us to process the fees and payments via FDMS. If you would like a refund you need to reach out to NPT or Chyp. We can close your account but nothing else can or will be done. Allan K** is a marketer for us and has nothing to do with our customer service department.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted]
I emailed Riverside Payments with offers from another credit card company and they could not match that company's offer. Amii G[redacted] who works for Riverside Payments told me that she needed my signed contract from [redacted] in order to either match or release me from my contract with them. In a phone call with Amii I explained that I should not have to send her a copy of that contract because I had [redacted] send me an email with a break down of what my monthly payment along with fees were and that I forwarded that email onto her. I have a signed copy of a letter that states that if Riverside Payments can not match a competitors offer that I would be released from this contract. Riverside Payments does not want to match item for item and has stated that they cannot but still fails to release me. I have emails showing that I have sent them the info that they needed and they still have not complied with a signed agreement. In return I also do not have possession of their equipment because it was refused when it was delivered because Riverside Payments would match the other company's offer. I have never processed a signal card with them but they charged me the monthly fee which was more than the amount on the signed contract. I feel that Riverside Payments is in poor standing and has not lived up to their own contract and refuse to make the same offers that [redacted] has.

I am writing this in response to your complaint filed with the on December 14, 2015.  We are sorry that you were not happy or pleased with the services that were provided by Riverside Payments.  We strive to ensure that each and every one of our customers has a wonderful experience...

here at Riverside Payments.  We feel that we need to lay some of the facts straight on this account and cover what actually transpired.  In regards to your comments about not getting your money:  We have trace numbers and full documentation showing that you received every single transaction that you have processed with us.  In addition to that we were even releasing the funds to your account within 24 hours.  You mentioned in your letter that Riverside was not able to save Postal Connections of America money on its processing charges and that we actually charged you more than your previous provider.  This is just not the case.  You called in after receiving your first statement and there was an error on the billing.  We admit to that and we immediately issued a refund to your account to ensure that you were saving money with Riverside.  At that point we fixed the issue that occurred as well so that things would be correct moving forward.  The following month you called in and informed us that you were receiving additional charges on your account from your POS provider because Riverside was not its “preferred processor”.  This was something that your POS provider never mentioned to you or Riverside upon setting your account up.  To make things right and to ensure that you were still saving money on your account we issued an ongoing ACH to your account to cover these costs.  It was an unexpected charge that neither party knew about.  Again, we stand by our word and our quotes therefore we issued the ongoing refund so that Postal Connections would not pay any overages from the additional fees charged by your POS provider.  Therefore again we have full documentation that every month you processed with Riverside you were in fact saving money with us just as promised.   In regards to your comments on the batching issues:  Yes there was in fact an issue with batching on your account.  The second you contacted Riverside in regards to the issue we checked everything on our end and escalated it up with First Data as well.  We found that we had only 1 batch time set.  We checked the records and our system was only requesting the batch one time.  We then started speaking with Postal Mate who kept pointing the blame back onto Riverside.  How the system works with every POS System though is we give your MID# to the POS company and the POS company/software company is the one that actually approves and requests the batches.  The glitch was not on Riverside Payments it was on Postal Mate and the update they did with the software they were using.  In speaking with Postal Mate this issue has been resolved.  With that being said in order to try and help ease the pain on this issue we offered to help reconcile your books along with offering additional refunds even though the issue was not Riverside’s fault.   With all of that being said, in a good faith gesture to bring these matters to a conclusion, Riverside Payments has agreed to still honor our original agreement with you.  That agreement is that we will save you money as we promised.  If that does not work for you and you still would like to close your account there would be an early cancellation fee of $695.   Riverside Payments is committed to working with you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this matter for you.  If you need further assistance, or if you have additional questions, please contact me directly via mail, email or my direct line below.

First and foremost we would like to apologize that you feel you have had a bad experience with Riverside Payments.  With that being said we would like to point out the many inaccuracies to your statements.  From your FB complaint to this complaint you can actually see the inaccuracies...

in your statements.  You stated on the FaceBook complaint that “They won’t give me the phone number to the company that actually bills me (it’s a 3rd party thing), so I can’t even try to resolve it directly with them.  On the complaint here you state “I contacted another connected party [redacted] and got nowhere.”  You can see the clear inaccuracies with your own statements.  As stated before you never requested the contact information to FDGL but we will gladly provide you with the contact numbers in a separate email.  In regards to your comments with the agreement being between your business and us and Riverside attaching it to your personal credit.  This statement is also inaccurate.  First off you not only signed on behalf of the business but you personally guaranteed the agreement that you signed.  We are partnered with [redacted] and [redacted]  [redacted] attached it to your personal credit NOT Riverside Payments.  This was done because you have been in business for less than 2 years at the time of signing.  Again, this was done as well because you personally guaranteed the agreement.  In speaking with the agent that signed you up none of this was even brought up as a concern or an issue.  You just wanted to save as much money as possible and wanted us to ensure we worked with your POS System.  In regards to your comments about the lack of communication from Riverside Payments this again is completely false.  We responded to every call and email that you placed to us.  In fact Riverside Payments even offered to waive it’s early termination fee for [redacted] as a good faith gesture.  Additionally, upon signing the agreement with Riverside Payments we agreed to pay off early termination fees to your previous processor and agreed to pay fees involved with working with your current POS Software and accounting fees upwards of $1,000 ($1,423).  When you called to discuss the fact that you were going out of business we agreed to close the account with no penalties and we even worked out a deal with [redacted] to close the account if you agreed to return the $1,423 we paid to [redacted]  This was not an option for you.  In conclusion we have been lied to many times by this client and are more than happy to close the account upon the return of the funds that were paid to [redacted].  We hope to bring these matters to a close in the very near future.

Riverside Payments stands behind our contracts 100%. The claims made by the merchant are completely false. We do integrate with his system 100% and all the rewards cards will transfer. This has been confirmed by the POS company. The gift cards as well will switch over provided the merchant gives us...

the required info. There has been no lies, however, a lack of communication has been an issue on this account. We have reached out and spoken to the merchant about the issues and what we need. We will continue to follow through with everything as promised we just need the commitment to be equal to us.

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