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I purchased a lemon from this place, the car didnt run for a week before it died. The vehicle was supposed to be covered by the 30 day warranty which they refuse to honor. we are out the vehicle and the money. DO NOT purchase anything from this dealership, they are unethical and scam artists.

1 trip 2 cars, my husband and I are both teachers and were in need of two inexpensive cars for work. We found Route 69 Auto Sales in Prospect, CT while looking through a car magazine we picked up at the market. They had 4 pages full of cars and when looking on their website appeared to have even more. We decided to pay them a visit last Saturday afternoon and I am glad we did. We ended up finding both vehicles there and well within the budget we had set. We worked with a gentleman named Dave and he was easy going and non pressuring like you would expect at a car dealership. Our experience here was good we picked up the cars Wednesday and Thursday (the 2nd car required more work) and both cars are running excellent!

Review: my car has safety issues heat and mirrors do not work,spare tire is flat driver side exterior door handle is broken evap monitor system not set up and an oil leak possible down main sealDesired Settlement: I want my vehicle to be fixed properly so it is safe for my kids

Review: Purchase vehicle in January. After repeated attempts to fix fuel gauge I took vehicle to my mechanic. When he put it on the lift, he was astounded that the vehicle would be sold in the condition it was. The frame was rotted through in several spots and he said it was unsafe to drive and should not be on the road. I called dealer and he said he would take a look at the car and offer resolution. He never looked at the car but did speak with my mechanic and he agreed to buy the car back. Since I did not have the title yet I needed to come in and sign a DMV statement to have a duplicate title sent. This form had to be notarized. And after I had to travel to them about 4 times so they can attempt to fix the fuel gauge (never fixed) I asked them to come to me with the form and I would have my friend notarize it. They agreed. I made several attempts for them to come to my house and they cancelled 3 different times. Then they finally said that it would be easier for us to come there and see their notary. So finally did that and after a 2 hour wait we had it notarized and they gave me my money back less the ** sales tax. They said I would have to go through the State. I called the State and filled out what I needed to but they have to fill out form [redacted]. I sent to them on 3/17 and they said they would give it to their DMV clerk to fill out. I checked on the form on 3/24 and they said they would get back to me. I had to contact them again on 3/27 to see where it was. They said their [redacted] clerk was out today and I would have an answer on Saturday 3/28. They did not email me until Sunday 3/29 saying that the DMV clerk said it was the wrong form. I told them that is what the State said they needed to fill out and it clearly stated on line that it was indeed the correct form. I have not heard back since. I just want my sales tax back. The whole process with this Dealer has been a nightmare. Their communication is horrible, mechanic can not fix problem and for them to sell an unsafe car that should not be on the road is atrouscious knowing that my 16 year old son was driving the car. AND this is not something they missed. The rusted frame and undercarriage is pretty easy to see once up on the lift. I JUST DON'T WANT THEM SELLING THAT CAR TO ANOTHER PERSON IN IT'S CONDITION. Not to mention not one apology in this whole fiasco.Desired Settlement: I want them to fill out the form they have in hand so I may submit to the State to get my sales tax back. I also would like you , if found necessary, to lower their rating. I have also filed this with the State as there are new laws for these used car dealerships to do full inspections on the cars they sell.




(P) [redacted] (F) [redacted]April 10,, Inc.[redacted]RE: Complaint I. D. # [redacted] The customer purchased this vehicle which he owned and operated for approximately six weeks. Thereafter, the customer notified us that a mechanic to whom he took the vehicle allegedly determined that the frame had some rot in a couple of areas and that in his opinion the vehicle was unsafe. Because we strive to satisfy our customers, we agreed to repurchase the vehicle and did so on March 5, 2015, as opposed to debating the road-worthiness of the vehicle. It is our position that this vehicle is in fact safe. It is unclear why our DMV clerk believed that the [redacted] form was the wrong form for this customer to obtain a refund of the sales tax, however our research discloses that this is, in fact, the correct form Therefore, I have caused this form to be completed and it has been sent to the customer simultaneously with the filing of this response. We understand our customer’s frustration but it was an honest mistake which we have rectified. Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I purchased a vehicle on 12/17/14 from Rt. 69 Auto Sales in [redacted]. A week later I had a problem with leaking antifreeze and called the dealer as there was a 30 day warranty on the vehicle. I was given an appointment over a week later to take the vehicle in. The Vehicle was driven half way and towed the remaining half on Dec 29, as a head gasket problem resulting in the vehicle being inoperable. The dealer has refused to fix the vehicle stating that I was not to drive the vehicle all the way to [redacted] from where I live in [redacted]. We called the dealer several times to ask for a status and he proceeded to tell us he would not fix the car unless we paid for the parts. We reiterated the fact that the warranty states the following:

"This vehicle is guaranteed for 30 days or 1500 miles whichever comes first. The retailer will pay 100% of the labor and 100% of the parts for the covered systems which renders the vehicle mechanically operational adn sound during the warranty period. All work must be done in retailer's shop. No outside invoice will be honored". I paid $4,500.00 for a vehicle that I drove for a week prior to it being inoperable. I have since contacted an attorney who has contacted the dealer twice without any reply from the dealer. We have contacted the dealer as well and he refuses to speak to us, claims he has spoken to our attorney even though he has not, and he still has the vehicle and our money in his possession. No written or verbal estimates as to the repairs has been given. Additionally, we have gotten conflicting information from the dealer when we have called about the repair - "[redacted]" refuses to honor the warranty, but "[redacted]" has said the dealer will take care of the repair - including giving a timeframe on repair of one week, which has well since passed. At this point my attorney has sent him a final letter stating we want our money back as they are not a reputable company to deal with. Still no reply, no calls and refuses to speak to us when we call. We have also started a complaint with [redacted]Desired Settlement: We no longer trust this dealer to sell us a product that is safe. I'm ** years old and need a vehicle for work and school. It has been over a month with no reply. Under the additional terms and conditions of the warranty, Line 3 states "Consumer's warranty period will be extended by any time period during which the used motor vehicle is in the possession of the dealer or his authorized agent for the purpose of repairing the used motor vehicle under the terms and obligations of the express warranty". He should had at least had a conversation as to the course of action and has refused for almost 2 months. I'm requesting a full refund of the vehicle price, including Motor Vehicle Fees Totalling $4,500.00. ( I have not even begun to count the amount of money hiring an attorney (name and address can be furnished upon request), plus paying for taxes and insurance for a vehicle I do not have. Additionally I have had to forego enrolling for school due to being without a car and have occassionally missed work due to lack of transportation.) Please help.



Route 69 Auto Sales and Service[redacted] (P) [redacted] (F) [redacted]April 11,, Inc.[redacted]RE: Complaint I. D. # [redacted] The customer purchased this vehicle from the dealership on or about December 17, 2014. There was, in fact, a thirty day limited warranty provided with the vehicle. Approximately 10 days later, on or about December 29, 2014 that the customer called the dealership and informed us that the vehicle was overheating. The customer was informed in no uncertain terms, not to drive it under those conditions due to the length of the trip he had and that seriouis damage to the engine could result. The customer claimed he could not have it towed but ultimately, when the car died half way to the dealership he had the vehicle towed to our facility. There has been a dispute between the parties as to whether the damages to the vehicle are covered under the limited warranty due to the operation of the vehicle when it should not have been driven. On or about April 3, 2015 a diagnosis revealed that the vehicle has a blown head gasket. In an effort to resolve this matter amicably, the owner has agreed to effectuate the necessary repairs. It is anticipated that the vehicle will be returned to the customer on or before April 17, 2015. Sincerely,[redacted]

I purchased my vehicle here 3 weeks ago. I had a positive shopping experience and then the car started acting strange and had a check engine light. They set up an appointment for me to drop the car off and fixed it within 3 days. Everything is fine now; so far they have held up on everything they said they would.

I am not a huge fan of vehicle shopping as I have had some less than pleasurable experiences with the whole process. Imagine my dread when my daughter got her drivers license - necessitating the need for a new vehicle for our family. My wife and I had been searching for a while, speaking with salespeople who were either pushy or disinterested. We eventually landed on Rt 69 Auto Sales and met John. He listened to what we needed and wanted in a vehicle and provided us many different options. More importantly, he understood our budget and never pushed that boundary. When we decided to pursue a purchase, John researched the financing options and found a deal that met all of our requirements within a few hours. We left the lot very happy. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I highly recommend Route 69 Auto Sales. Thank you John!!

Thank you to Mike and Dave for your help buying my [redacted] truck. The truck is exactly what I was looking for and I appreciate you guys doing everything you said you would to it and still getting me behind the wheel a day early!

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! I bought a car from Route 69 Auto Sales in the middle of Sept. 2014. Out of the first 44 days of owning this car, they had it for 26 days. I would be told "it will take 2 days to fix" and then I wouldn't get it back for 6 days. They never returned phone calls, they were rude, they acted like it was my fault for the car having issues.
These were minor issues in the big scheme of things. The car had a 30 day warranty. So when the check engine light came on, I had it scanned and was told it was the catalytic converter, I took the car right back to Route 69 Auto Sales. They also agreed it was the catalytic converter and agreed to replace it. They had the car for 6 days. Finally, after numerous other things being wrong, I thought I was done with this business.
In February, I took the car in for emissions. Lo and behold, the car failed due to the catalytic converter and a non-working check engine light. I took the car to a mechanic other than Route 69 Auto Sales to check 1) had the catalytic converter been changed within the last 6 months and 2) why wasn't the check engine light working. Here's the results: 1) the catalytic converter was the factory original and 2) the check engine light (behind the dash) had been "punctured and disabled". Route 69 did agree to replace the catalytic converter, but said "We've already gone above and beyond for you and we're not going to get into changing the bulb."
Thank God I had been documenting everything (even though Route 69 never gave any kind of paperwork for the repairs they did) and I filed a complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles. DMV was wonderful and they were able to get Route 69 Auto Sales to replace the check engine light bulb (which would have cost me $1500.00 at the [redacted] dealer) so my car was able to pass through emissions. Route 69 Auto Sales is so disrespectful that when I went to pick up my car, the hood was covered in motor oil and they acted like it was my fault when I asked them to clean it up.
Beware of websites where all the reviews are positive. On some sites the dealers are able to manipulate the reviews and add lots of positive reviews. Please learn from my mistake and do your own research into this company. Lastly, when I dropped the car off to have the bulb replaced, Mike L. said to me "let's get one thing clear, if I see anymore negative reviews online, I will not finish working on your car". So now that my car has passed emissions, I'm able to post my experiences with Route 69 Auto Sales. whose legal name is [redacted]. dba Route 69 Auto.

I purchased a 2006 [redacted] from Route 69 Auto Sales last week and had a good experience with Dave. He made the process easy and I didn't feel as though he was just trying to sell me something. The car had a small rip in the passenger seat which they agreed to fix and have done so and I can't even see where it was. It was priced better than others I have looked at so I feel I received a good deal also.

Review: On March 14,2014 my husband and I went to route 69 auto sales and service in hopes of getting financing for a car. We looked through their inventory and chose a car we liked, a 2007 Hyundai Sonata. We filled out the paperwork and gave them a $1,000 deposit to hold the car. The following Monday, March 16th,the salesperson we were working with[redacted] informed us we could not get financing for the car. Upon receiving this information,we called back on March 17th and asked that they refund our $1,000 deposit and mail it to us. [redacted] promised us that it would get mailed out that day. Being that we only live maybe 20 minutes from the dealership, the checked should have arrived within maybe 2 days. The check did not arrive. It is now March 25th, and we still have no check, and no car. We have called every day since March 20th and have received a different story every time. they have told us it was mailed on March 20th,21st,then either March 21st or 22nd. Now they have told us that if we call around noon March 26th, then MAYBE they can get someone to drive over to our home and hand deliver the check. I have no hopes this will happen considering our experience with them. If they actually do come through this time, I will be shocked.Desired Settlement: All I want is our deposit back so that we may purchase a car at another dealer.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9983575, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

This is a great place to check if you are looking for a good deal on used cars. I was almost overwhelmed by how much of a selection there was. They have to have close to 200 cars there. I was looking for a used Nissan and I know there were over 10 to choose from. I had a great experience with our sales guy Dave and would highly recommend him and Rt 69.

Review: we purchased the car a 2007 [redacted] from this place on January 14th 2016 we had checked out the vehicle as most people do when buying a used car there was no problems that we could see with the vehicle upon picking up the car the next day we had noticed the brake light and back lights of the vehicle are out not working what so ever so the guy had told us to take the car anyway and someone there had also stated that there uncle was a state trooper and to take the car anyway and if you get pulled over we'll handle it so we had no choice to take the car after paying for it then realizing something was wrong with it and they had promised to fix it the following Wednesday so they came to get the car to bring it back to there garage to fix the vehicle upon receiving the vehicle from them when there driver drove up we started up the car we had noticed the rear lights still do not work properly and now the car has a srs airbag deployment warning indicating upon research that in the event of a crash the airbags will not deploy in the vehicle and upon telling the driver this he said im calling the owner right now and took off ONTOP of all of that the price we had agreed to was 8000# out the door we had given him 1000$ dollar deposit a 1000$ trade in and we were so worried about the safety issues we handed him 7000$ cash thats 9000$ dollars not 8000$ and we had only realized this when we had looked at the receipt again in the middle of all of thisDesired Settlement: he had sold us a car that was unsafe for the road and just want the car to be fixed at the licensed dealership of the brand of car we purchased. lay mans terms I want the car to be fixed at a [redacted] dealership and paid for by the route 69 auto sales and service that sold it to us (Michael L[redacted]i) cause his mechanic is incapable of fixing it and is making more problems



Good morning [redacted]

Review: On 2/28/15 I purchased a 1996 [redacted] The vehicle was supposed to be picked up on Friday Morning 3/6/15. I called on Wednesday 3/4/15 to ensure that they would be able to meet the delivery date of Friday morning 3/6. I was assured that the vehicle would be ready. On Thursday 3/5/15 I received a call that the vehicle would not be ready Friday morning because they were not able to get the vehicle to pass inspection. I was to call back on Friday morning to see when it would be complete. I called back on Friday morning. They were still working on getting the vehicle ready to pass inspection. Because of the vehicle condition I decided not to go through with the purchase. I spoke with the owner [redacted] and he said they would refund the money on Monday 3/9 when the office girl came in. I called again on 3/11 and [redacted] told me that they had to send out a check because they needed to have record of the refund being issued. I called again a week later on 3/17 and [redacted] told me the check went out on Monday. I told him I know it has been a week already. He said not it went out on Monday 3/16. To date I have not gotten the refund that has supposedly been sent. I just want my deposit back. I won't even go into why they would try to sell a car that can't pass inspection. The point is I have been promised the refund back and they have not honored that.Desired Settlement: I just want the refund that has been promised. I do not have to keep calling them and them tell me another story about when it will be sent. As far as I am concerned they are lying about sending the refund and that is unethical behavior.



Route 69 Auto Sales and Service[redacted] (P) [redacted] (F) [redacted]April 10,, Inc.[redacted]RE: Complaint I. D. # [redacted] The customer purchased this 1996 [redacted] on or about February 28, 2015. The error occurred in the office with an emissions form showing the vehicle had passed and was placed in the deal jacket. Subsequently it was determined that this form applied to another vehicle with a very similar VIN. As soon as the problem was identified, our mechanics made diligent efforts at repairing this vehicle so that it would go through emissions. However, an issue with the computer proved very difficult to resolve. The customer requested a refund due to the delay and we honored her request. The month of February saw at least seven separate snow events which cause serious disruptions to a car dealership. In addition, we experienced a very high sales volume which led to the customer being told her refund had been sent in error. An internal audit revealed that the customer had not, in fact, been sent a refund. We have sent a full refund to the customer simultaneously with this response. We sincerely apologize for this error and the delay. Sincerely,[redacted], Esq.



I agree that I did purchase this vehicle on February 28, 2015. Therefore the many snow events that happened in the month of February that the dealership made reference to in this letter could not have impacted me since it was already the last day in February that I began to deal with them. As a business professional myself, I know that being busy is not an excuse to make up a response to get a customer off the phone. I called on various occasions and was told by the owner that the refund would be sent. If you already know who I am and are able to provide an answer without looking into my concern, then you also know that I had called previously regarding the same issue. Since I am making yet another call about that same issue, you would think that he would have taken the time to look into it and then communicate an accurate response. It is a shame that we had to go through this process in order to get this resolved. I hope no one else has to take these extreme measures in order to get resolution with this company. If they indeed sent out the refund simultaneously with their response, as they also stated, then it would have been sent on Friday April 10th. Since we are about 40 miles away from the dealership it should not take long for me to receive it. As of today April 14th I have not yet received the refund. I will allow for one week to receive it since I have already been waiting over a month. If I do not receive the refund within that time I will immediately follow up with this case number.With that being said

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


This arrogant and unethical enterprise and it's operators are long overdue for an audit, revocation of license and a closing of it's doors. Deplorable record and treatment of customers. [redacted] is complicit by it's lack of oversight of fraudulent reviews used as a front to lure unsuspecting clients to this nightmare business. Read all of the OTHER reviews, [redacted], both [redacted] sites for [redacted]. dba Route 69 Auto Sales", and "Rt 69 Auto Sales and Service" and here at They reveal a consistent pattern of abuse of the system, fraud and utter disregard for business ethics. I thought places like this only existed in the movies. Would never go back or recommend to anyone. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE....

I have never had an easier time buying a car then at Rt 69 in Prospect. I saw a car I liked in [redacted] Magazine so I called the dealership. They promptly transferred me to a Sales Associate, Dave, who confirmed that the [redacted] I wanted was still at the dealership and how many miles were on it. He said that it was outside and covered in pollen and asked when I would be down. I exclaimed I would be there in a few minutes, he said great Ill see you when you get here. So when I arrived I was expecting the typical wait 20 minutes, then finally get to see the car. Or even worse the" O well I have to run your credit before you can drive THIS car" To my surprise the car was pulled up waiting for me, glistening! It was spotless in and out. The salesman actually cleaned it before I arrived so I could see it in its glory. After driving the car I fell in love. They gave me about $1200 more for my trade in then the dealership I had gone to the day before, AND discounted the car $600 to match the ad they had in the Magazine! Again I couldnt imagine being happier with not only the car, and the deal, but the dealership as well. I will be referring my friends and family to this dealership, even maybe some old enemies, the deal I got here could mend family feuds!!

I needed a good cheap car to commute every day with, as I was putting too many miles on my leased [redacted]. I saw this place had a vast selection in a lower price range and went to check them out. It's nothing fancy but they have a lot to choose from and their prices were reasonable. I bought a bmw for a good price and they made it very easy for me.

Review: I purchased a 2004 Subaru Impreza from the dealer on July 29th 2014. In addition to the vehicle, I also purchased a 3 yr/40000 mile extended warrantee for $1295 offered by the dealer through [redacted] Warrantee. Over a year later, in September, 2015 I called [redacted] Warrantee Corp to find out if a repair needed for the car would be covered by them; they had no record of my warrantee ever being purchased. I called Rt 69 Auto to find out what had happened, and they swore they submitted the paperwork for the warrantee and would contact [redacted] to resolve the issue. I called a few days later, and still they promised they were working with the company to resolve the issue and were positive that it would be resolved shortly. They told me they "were covered on their end, and the mistake was with [redacted]". I called [redacted] a few days later to check on the progress from their end, and they informed me that they had no notes on file from Route 69 Auto, and that no one had communicated with them yet. They had called the dealership days ago, and had not been called back. Over the next week, I spoke with Mike at least 5 more times, and did not feel like I was getting anywhere, although he always made it sound like he had everything handled. I finally requested to just be reimbursed for the warrantee since they could not produce one (that I had purchased over a year ago) and I needed to get my car fixed. This request was not honored, but they said they would fix the situation. I was never shown any paperwork by the dealer to prove they filled for the warrantee when they said they did.

After several more visits to the dealership, and many phone calls, Mike continually reassured me that he had resolved the situation and that he would be forwarding the confirmation from [redacted] to me through email. Now, 6 weeks later, December 16th, I have not heard from them again, and still have no warrantee. I continually reminded them and requested confirmation, and still have been offered none. I essentially paid $1295 for a warrantee that I never received, and have not been convinced was ever filed in the first place.Desired Settlement: I request a full refund for the warrantee I purchased from the dealer over 16 months ago and never received.



I spoke to Mr. [redacted] earlier today. I discussed his options with him. I relayed to him that we could either refund him his $1295 for the warranty or we could offer him a new warranty from our new Warranty company [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] opted to to take the refund of $1295. We are putting the check in the mail today and he should receive it in the next few days.

I was looking for a nice family SUV and they had a lot of different ones to choose from which helped us get what we really wanted. Very friendly and low pressure. I love the 2005 [redacted] we got and will definitely recommend them to anyone we know looking for a used car.

I just brought my [redacted] home and have to say this has been by far the easiest and most pleasurable car shopping experience so far. I always buy used cars every 3-4 years and have never found a more down to earth group of sales guys as they have at Rt 69. Thanks Bobby and Mike I will see you next time around!

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