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Seating Mind

1000 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States, 07201-1394

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We ordered several chairs from Seating Mind in January of 2018. We were told the chairs would ship in 7-10 days. They arrive 6 weeks later. Countless emails are calls to them, and they couldn't tell us any information. When they finally did ship, the tracking number showed our items sitting in their warehouse for 4 weeks. When asked why they hadn't moved, but they had provided a tracking number, they couldn't answer. When chairs finally do arrive at our office building, they arrive during a time of day our building doesn't accept furniture deliveries . We had told Seating Mind that countless times, and they did not relay to their carrier. Not only did they arrive late, they arrived BROKEN. The arms were wonky and broken, some would not move, some fell off. We told the company and they agreed to replace the arms of the chairs. This takes another 4 weeks to ship. When new arms arrive, they are once again broken pieces! We tell them again, after 2 weeks of poking, they send us new arms, but this time the WRONG arms. More back and forth that now takes a month. We finally get a few new arms, but not the amount they said they shipped. So here we are 9 months later, and we're still going back and forth with them on sending us new arms for the office chairs. They sent us a tracking number from FedEx, and they said they'd put in the mail 2 weeks ago. Tracking number looks like it is still at their offices. When asked, they tell us everyone is out for the holidays (3 weeks???) When we ask again, they tell us that they have shipped them, despite me showing them that the tracking shows they have not.

Seating Mind Response • Nov 13, 2019

This has been resolved with the customer over the many months between the customer and the company.

Customer Response • Nov 15, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: My complaint was never resolved. Seating Mind continued to never respond to my emails or voicemails, and a resolution with our broken chairs was never identified. Seating Mind has continued to be fraudulent, and making unethical business promises to customers. Customer service is nonexistent.


Seating Mind Response • Nov 25, 2019

This customer has been bad mouthing this company on many web sites all over the web under different pseudo names. There was communication between this company and the 'original' person dealing with this complaint.

Customer Response • Nov 25, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I have only written reviews under my own name, and this statement doesn't have anything to do with whether or not my issue was resolved? Review sites have advanced algorithms that prevent multiple reviews being posted anyways by a user. Regardless, Seating Mind never resolved my issues, and we are still stuck with multiple broken chairs that broke within weeks of us receiving. Seating Mind also never responded to us after asking for new parts, or refunds. No one answers their phones, and no one answers their customer service emails if they do not like what you are asking them for. This is obviously their M.O. as multiple customers complain of the same issues. Our issue with them has never been resolved, and likely will never be. Not asking for anything else from them, just want to make sure that other consumers know about the scam that is Seating Mind.

I ordered a NEW GREY Aeron and got a USED BLACK one instead. They wouldn't acknowledge that it was used. I even ordered the additional soft wheels which they threw in the box instead of putting on the chair leaving me with the casters on the chair that showed obvious use. When I sent a pic they saw the one good wheel I had installed and accused me of trying to scam them. I have put in a Paypal dispute. DO NOT ORER FROM THESE SCAMMERS.

Seating Mind Response • Nov 11, 2019

All products have a condition in the features. This one does say Restored to New Condition. Unfortunately you did not notice this even though the price should have been an indicator that this was a restored chair rather than a new one. From your explanation there may haven been an error department considering that hundreds of chairs leave our warehouse monthly. It does seem a bit unfair to put a PayPal dispute when this could have been resolved in a different manner.

Customer Response • Nov 11, 2019

By changing your website to now reflect that condition is disingenuous at best and a plain lie at the most. This complaint was in 2017 and they're just now getting around to refuting it? SCAMMERS.

We (Activu Corporation of Rockaway, NJ) purchased 46 refurbished chairs from Seating Mind in early March for immediate delivery. After an endless litany of excuses we finally got delivery after approximately eight weeks, despite us being located less than 45 minutes away from their warehouse in Elizabeth.

The price was fair as was the cosmetic quality, but their quality control much less so: 12 of the 46 chairs where unacceptably wobbly or worse. We immediately informed the company and were similarly asked to provide a video - a quite pointless exercise.

They promised to replace the chairs, then later to repair at our facility. At one point they even suggested to send parts and have us repair ourselves! Two months later we are still waiting. We even purchased another four chairs from them and although these were quickly delivered the defective chairs were neither swapped out nor repaired.

I have personally sent 49 emails and made many calls as has our warehouse manager during the course of this saga.

I get the sense that despite their sophisticated web site, there is very little 'there, there': Jacob, Goldie, Abe in the warehouse and Ryan a driver who's truck keeps breaking down. Meanwhile we have paid them nearly $8,000 and ~25% of what they shipped remains un-replaced or repaired.

They gave me an estimated delivery, but failed to ship the product on time to meet that delivery. The chair came in a week later. I ordered an upgrade, that they did not install, but instead just shipped with the chair. The chair is also very dirty, but was refurbished, which apparently does not mean they even attempt to clean.

Seating Mind Response • Dec 10, 2019

The product was deliver on June 28, 2018, eleven business days after the order. This is well within the shipping time posted on the web site. Since we send out thousands of chairs annually, it seems to have skipped the QA department. If you would have contacted the customer service department, they could have helped you resolve the issues you mentioned. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I purchased a table from a website called FINEMODERNDECOR.COM. Owned by Kerry ***.
the table was a knock off of the knoll Tulip table. A Marble top with a white aluminum base. I did not pay knock of prices.
It came and I could not have been happier- even though the first time the company delivered and the base was scuffed and chipped.
However I was accommodated and they changed the base. Once switched I was very happy again. The table was getting used as it was my kitchen table but nothing too alarming beyond breakfast, lunches and dinners.
The table had a warranty of a year and as the year elapsed the base of the table cracked vertically by 5 inches. I was devastated so I contacted the company that I purchased it from They avoided my emails and my phone calls. When I finally got hold of someone they continued to brush me off until I became firmer and they realized I was not going away. They told me that the table from FINEMODs no longer under warranty as the year had elapsed. I understood this and was frustrated as they had purposely dragged their feet so they could give me this answer.
I asked them to contact the manufacturer and ask if they would honor the issue since it was in my opinion a manufacturing defect. It was also in my opinion that a table that cost 2000$ should not break within the first year. I also felt that any base that was going to hold a very heavy marble top should be of solid construction and not buckle and crack at all. Let alone within the first year.
I was even prepared to pay for the cost of a new base as I liked my table so much. So agreed to ask FINE MOD IMPORTs if that was an option.
They did as I asked and included me onto an email that had the manufacturers details.
Once I found the details I contacted the manufacturer directly and spoke to them about the issue that I was having. FINE MOD IMPORTS DID NOT WANT TO TALK TO ME NOR HELP ME. I explained the difficulty I was having with the original website, who at that time that was ignoring my calls and emails and were being very unresponsive, and so they reluctantly started to listen to my problem. But referred me back to Kerry ***.
Eventually A resolution was found - which would be that at the end of the summer I would receive a new base. I would pay for the shipping and have to figure out dissemblance and re assemblence on my own. I was just happy that I would get a new base.
The end of the summer rolled around around and a further 8 weeks passed and I had heard nothing. so I reached out to the website by email. No reply. I reached again a week later - no reply. I reached out by phone and they had blocked my number. I know this as when I called from my husbands number it just rang and rang and rang. However my number connected me to a response that told me I was blocked.
When I went onto their website - it no longer existed. The company had closed and along with it had disappeared all that who worked for it and my money!!!!!
In my desperation, all I could do was reach out again to FINE MOD IMPORTS INC. My phone call was initially answered by Chavi who I had over seen the situation through out the initial problem. She put me on hold and left me there. I soon realized she was not coming back. I called back and was sent to her voicemail and my next call was never returned. When I called again the same thing happened and so forth. I never heard back from her.
Fine mod imports knew exactly what the situation was and did not stand behind their product. They did not stand behind their name but they hid behind their automated calling service and voice mails. Once had gone out of business they wiped their hands off of a stranded customer and the problem their own product had inflicted on me.
The base should never have cracked under the pressure of its own table top weight, and least of all never with om a year of anyone owning the table. The base should be constructed to hold a 150lb table top for a lot longer than a year.
I am disgusted by how I was treated by both companies. And I am very disappointed by the quality of my table. But Most of all when FINE MOD IMPORTS INC should have recognized the situation that I had been conned into BY FINEMODERNDECOR.COM they should have honored their promise too delivering a new base - but they did not.

We ordered a large order of chairs from weeks ago. on 12/7/2017. We asked that these chairs get delivered by January 15th. They told us no problem. The week before Jan. 15th rolls around, we ask to make sure everything is on schedule. They tell us yes. We ask for shipping, and get no answer. Finally last week we hear that they won't ship on time, but gave us a tracking number without telling us who the carrier was. We ask them again, takes two days to get an answer. They give us a random website. We finally get around to figuring out, and see that the items haven't been picked up yet. We ask what is going on and their customer service copies us on an email asking support what is going on. Support never answers. We've just been run around. The shipping number they provided just says our order is pending pick up, but when I ask SeatingMind, they tell us they aren't sure why it says that, but can't tell me if the order has actually shipped out or not. They tell us they'll get back with us, and never do. When my boss emails, they don't answer his email. When we call, no one picks up the phone. We're afraid that this isn't a real company and we've been scammed out of $5,200.

SEATINGMIND.COM is scamming individuals out of money on the pretense of luxury office chairs and furniture at discounted prices!!! They run another website which has terrible reviews and ratings as well as F ratings.

They also operate under the name:
I & L Distributing Inc. (closed for business - but still doing business under other companies!!)
It is all the same company!

Designerseating has “F” rating on⇄ />
other rating of this company can be found here:

If you look at their website it is set up in a manner to make you think it is legitimate but the customer reviews and internet verification SSL are borderline fraudulent.

Spoke with someone on the phone the first time I called; Once Paid $799 for a Herman Miller Embody Chair, they made a sticker for *** shipment but never delivered the chair. Instantly, I opted for a refund because poor customer service and failure to provide said service. I have yet to receive a refund. There was an ambiguous email sent to what appears to be a fictitious email account. It seems to be a one man scam with multiple failed attempts, maybe it was reputable at one time but this person is now committing fraud among other.From what I have read from other accounts of incidents they use stock images and then send you a product that was not in the picture. They then make customer service difficult so you give up and they keep their profits they made off selling you a product you did not desire. I have reached out multiple times to get a refund, leaving messages, sending emails; I still have no response.

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Address: 1000 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States, 07201-1394


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This website was reported to be associated with Seating Mind.

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