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Shelor Motor Mile, Inc.


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User Banach95 time 08.11.2018

I was traveling from my home in NY to GA to take my future Father in Law home from his visit with us. I was traveling in my 2006 Subaru Baja Turbo. Appx 4:45pm on Monday 7/23 my car broke down after the Ironto exit on Interstate 81. I called AAA and asked about the nearest Subaru Dealer and was referred to Shelor Motor Mile in Christianburg. I called them appx 5:15 to inquire if I had my car towed there that they could diagnose the issue in the morning. I was told yes. So I had my car towed there, explained in detail what happened; and have engine codes that that were showing as I drove down to GA. I rented a car from Enterprise because they refused to give me a loaner and continued to GA.

The next day no one called so I called them around 11:30am to get an update. Was told hadn't gotten the car in yet but they would. Around 2:30 I hadn't gotten a call back, so I called again. I was told that there were other cars ahead of me and they might not get to it today. I told the advisor Joe that I had called the service dept yesterday before having the car towed there and was told it would get looked at. Had they said no at that time I would have gone elsewhere. So he says I'll call you back. He calls back to say the car is in the service area getting looked at.

About a couple hours later I get a call telling me the issue. The Turbo fan on my Baja had broken apart and pieces were in the engine therefore stopping the engine from running. $1900 was my price to parts/labor. I told him that I needed to speak to my boyfriend and mechanic before giving an answer and I would be at the dealership tomorrow (7/25) to speak in person and decide on our plan of action.

I spoke to several friends who are mechanics who said that to do a proper job and ensure all pieces of the turbo were removed from the motor that the tech would have to take apart appx 3/4 of the engine. If you're that far into the engine then request an engine rebuild because there are some known issues for subarus that would be dealt with with a rebuild. I was prepared to spend the monies necessary for that.

On Wednesday 7/25 I arrive at the dealer about 2:30pm and discuss options with Joe, the service advisor. I repeated what I was told and asked outright for an engine rebuild. At that time Joe said that that dealer DOES NOT DO REBUILDS. They would only do the turbo replacement. I asked if they would ensure that all metal was removed by checking pistons, crank shafts etc. I was told YES. Being the fact that it was 8 hours from home I wasn't happy but agreed to the repair. I paid $950 of the cost then and parts were ordered. Joe said the parts MAY come Fri but more than likely it would be Monday and car would be ready Tuesday for pickup. I then left the dealer to continue home to NY.

Monday 7/30 rolls around and I called Joe around 1pm to inquire on the parts and if the repair was going smoothly. That was when I was told that all the parts didn't come in. I asked why wasn't I called as this screws up my arrival time to pick up the car. I had arranged transportation on 7/25 to bring back the rental on Tues 7/31 because I was told my car would be ready then. I was furious. After hanging up I made a Facebook post regarding my service thus far and tagged Shelor Motor Mile. I said "I have zero confidence right now" after the lack of customer service. I made a hotel reservation for Tues night just in case my car wasn't ready for Tues pickup.

I started my drive down to VA early Tues morning. Around 11am I got a phone call from Alan who was a higher up at Shelor Motors. He said he was made aware of my social media post and was concerned. He stressed that they didn't have to do the repair etc. After about 15 min he finally understood WHY I had the reservations (due to Joe's lack of common sense customer service AND the issue of no engine rebuild). We finally were on the same page and I hung up the phone feeling better. Then I got a call from Joe about a new issue that sprung up regarding a hose that fell apart and needed replacing. That part was being overnighted to the dealership to arrive on Wed 8/1 in the AM. After I got off the phone and Alan called a little later and set up a pickup to get me from the car rental place to the dealership.

I arrived at the dealer around 4pm. I spoke with Alan in person in his office and reiterated my concerns and he assured me that they would take care of me. I got a loaner car from them for the night and I left again feeling a better. Wed morning came and I arrived at the dealer around 11am to find out that the part overnighted hadn't arrived yet. Again Joe neglected to keep me informed. Alan comes in and we deal with the issue. Around 5:30pm the car was finished but the original engine codes that were on when it broke down were still there and never dealt with after I ASSumed it would have been. I had Alan's personal cell number and assurances all was well when I left the dealership around 6pm. I paid the remaining bill for a grand total of $2100+ due to the additional part needed.

I drove literally 100 miles when my engine failed again. I had made it from mile marker 118 to mile marker 219 on interstate 81. There was a loud bang and I pulled over. I texted Alan stating the car had died. This was at 8pm. To his credit he sent a tow truck to pick me and the car up and bring us back to the dealer. I get to the hotel at 12:30am and went to sleep to deal with everything in the morning.

Thursday 8/2 I'm at the dealer at 10am. I stated I had a few hours to play with but I needed to be back in NY by the evening because I had an event I was attending Fri afternoon (tickets, hotel etc that I had paid $500 for) So Alan gets everyone to work. Delay after delay and it was 2:30 when I was brought into Alan's office to get an update. They could NOT diagnose the issue at that time. They had checked everything externally on the engine that they couldn't find anything wrong. At that time I verbally had Alan say "We should have done the rebuild as asked". When they replaced the turbo all they did was drop the oil pan to remove debris and flush the engine with oil to dislodge any debris inside. They never went into the engine like they said they would to check for damage/debris. It was decided that they would next dive into the engine to see where there were issues and if the motor was fixable or DOA. I asked outright since I was told before they don't do rebuilds if the dealership would handle this next step/repair. Alan said "YES for you we will". I did this on the off chance that the damage was fixable without a new engine being needed.

I left Thurs around 3pm to head to a rental car place (Shelor refused to give me a rental from them because I was in NY) and head back to home.

Fri 8/3 I got a call from Alan after I requested the turbo parts from the original repair. At that time my boyfriend was with me and he asked numerous questions regarding the repairs etc. done to that date. It was agreed that Shelor would take pics of the turbo so I could see them. Alan said he was on vacation Mon-Wed 8/6 thru 8/8 and would be back at work on Thru 8/9 and would call me back to discuss the findings and discuss plan of action.

Monday 8/6 I was emailed the pics of the turbo from Joe.

Tues 8/7 I got the dreaded news that my engine was DOA and was sent pics of destroyed insides due to metal pieces from the turbo. The pieces seen in the photos was more than anyone would have had in the engine if the dealer had indeed gone inside as asked and should have. There was no way those pieces would have flushed out. In that email Joe stated they would look at pricing for refurbished/used engines and get back to me. I replied via email that he said there was a 12 month/12000 mile warranty on the repair from 8/1 and I was wondering what portion of the cost the dealer would pickup and I would speak to Alan on Thurs. regarding everything.

At that time on 8/7 due to their shoddy service from 7/23 through 8/7, I now have a limited edition award winning show car with a completely blown engine. I have been told by numerous mechanics that if they had actually gone through the engine like any other mechanic would have, they would have found all the metal debris. Additionally had they done a full rebuild as originally requested none of this would have ever happened to begin with. Nothing that they claimed they had done (engine flushing) would have removed all the debris and without pulling the engine apart those pieces would not be found.

I was awaiting the call from Alan on 8/9 and hoping that he will do the right thing and agree without fighting to an engine replacement with any more money expended on my end. After speaking to Alan on 8/9 I was told that the dealership WILL NOT pay for any damage. They also WILL NOT honor the warranty on the work done at their dealership which resulted in destroyed motor. I was told verbally in a phone call on speaker phone with my boyfriend next to me that "she could have put the metal in her engine after leaving the dealer"

To date I have paid out $2150 for repairs, $200 motels, $500 car rental, $750 for shipment of my Baja back to NY, and $1500 retainer for a lawyer.

After having to get a lawyer involved to have the dealership do the right thing, on 9/12 "Rocky Finally answered phone this morning and said essentially he was going to settle with you but decided he won’t do anything for you due to your attitude and due to the fact that they have no legal or moral obligation to you" This came after I stated I DID NOT want Shelor to perform any further repairs.

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User Reviewer9455684 time 24.05.2018

This is in response to the rebuttal from [redacted] and [redacted].  I see that the rebuttal came from Mr. [redacted].  When we agreed to reimburse them for the brake work, oil change, and detail of the vehicle, Mrs. [redacted] agreed this was satisfactory, so we sent the check and consider the issue closed based on her conversations with [redacted], Sales Manager.   I verified with the Service Department that the vehicle was Virginia State Inspected and it had been through the used car reconditioning process and that the oil had been changed, but it was obvious the reminder light was not reset.  As far as the alleged power steering leak, there are no notes in our system indicating an issue.  If there is an issue, this is not a covered item under the 90-Day Limited Powertrain warranty, which was fully disclosed at the time of sale.  We feel we have handled the situation satisfactory at this point.  Since the Mr. [redacted] does not agree, one other option we would possibly consider would be to exchange the vehicle for another one in stock.  The taxes have already been paid, so that amount would not be refundable.  It is apparent that Mr. [redacted] does not want to deal with us any further, but if they would like to discuss this option they may contact me at the number below.  
Shelor Motor Mile

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User Reviewer9484104 time 23.05.2018

Mr. [redacted] submitted an on-line lead and credit
application.  When the credit application is submitted, a preliminary
credit report is pulled.  We have not submitted the credit application to
any lender for approval, so therefore, Mr. [redacted]’s credit has not been...

illegally. We do work with any credit type, but that does not guarantee the
exact approval a consumer is requesting. 
When a consumer submits a lead on a vehicle, it does not
automatically “lock” that vehicle to that consumer.  It is just an inquiry
and no contract to purchase has been made.
There are over 70 Salespeople that can sell used vehicles
and we do not hold vehicles when an Internet lead is submitted. 
Mr. [redacted] did threaten to speak with the owner, and we did
not have an issue with this and told Mr. [redacted] we would meet with him to
discuss his concern.  He then stated that if the vehicle was not
available, then we didn’t need to talk.  Since the vehicle was sold, we
then agreed that there was no reason to meet.  Mr. [redacted] sent in photos
of the owner’s home address and phone numbers. 
The vehicle has been sold.  Inventory is listed on
multiple third party websites and it can take multiple days for the inventory
to update, depending on the website.
We have never refused to deal with Mr. [redacted] due to his
credit type.

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User Reviewer8010697 time 30.04.2018

Service Manager [redacted] called and spoke with customer.  reviewed customer's concerns.  Service Manager explained to customer the repairs that were completed and the repairs that the customer declined.
Also, there is no refund due customer.  Explained what the Service Department...

had done for the customer in an attempt to be fair and the length of time it took to complete the repair...customer was given discount on Labor--charged $30.00 per hr.  regular charge = $90.00 per hr.  Parts priced to customer @ cost--NO MARK-UP, when normal mark-up = 30%.  Customer was able to re-finance loan for cost of repairs, minus a $500.00 deductible.
Service Manager informed customer we stand behind our work and if the customer is experiencing an issue, we will re-check the vehicle @ no charge.

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User Reviewer7910357 time 28.04.2018

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The correct part has not been installed.  It was supposed to be installed on 27 December by [redacted] but [redacted] had ordered the wrong part.I have received email from [redacted] saying they have the correct part and will install it next week.

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User Reviewer8568021 time 28.04.2018

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards,[redacted]

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User Reviewer8159133 time 26.04.2018

I have attempted to contact Mr. [redacted] regarding his concern.  After reviewing the deal, it shows that the vehicle is financed through [redacted].  [redacted] is a finance company for sub-prime lending.  We only arrange financing through banks or finance companies.  Each lender has a...

collection department and if they are contacting him concerning debt collection, then by law they must identify themselves as debt collectors.  The loan is in two names. Mr. [redacted] was put on the loan as co-buyer because of his credit score.  [redacted] was put first on the loan to obtain a better interest rate.  All of the paperwork shows the buyer as [redacted] and Co-Buyer [redacted].  For credit reporting purposes, it will show a joint loan for both and it does not indicate who is first on the loan.  In Virginia, if there are two people on the title, then it is joint ownership. 

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