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Sunday Nu

12000 66th St, Largo, Florida, United States, 33773

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• Jul 27, 2020

NEVER, did I give my permission for this company to keep using my credit card for multiple purchases.
Gave CC number to this company, with my permission, to charge $7.00 for a sample jar of cream. NOTHING on the offer page mentioned a subscription and/or automatic shipment. Nothing on their website regarding automatic shipment. Received cream, 2 weeks later charged additional $72.99 and received another cream 12 days later with yet another charge of $79.00. Tried several times to get thru to company and finally reached someone and was able to cancel only to be told I should have known that's how the business works. I believe the last two charges were made illegally to my account without my permission. I feel what they did is illegal activity and should not be allowed to do business this way. I have ordered from other sites that clearly state their intention.

Desired Outcome

I authorized $7.00, (received cream) but not the $72.00 which I want refunded. Even though I received another jar of cream it was not authorized and my permission was not given to use my card again for another $79.00 which I want refunded. A total of $151.99 should be returned to my account.

• Jul 06, 2020

Ordered a "free" product that claimed "just pay shipping". That allegedly signed me up for a subscription for a product I never even received.
On 1/25/2020 I ordered a product that claimed to be "free, just pay shipping" for $7. There was an "add-on" product, claiming the same, for just $5 in shipping cost. I declined the additional product, but it was magically added to my order. I emailed customer service immediately, and never got a response. I did not pursue that refund, as I assumed it was simply the $5. No where in my ordering process (I read, because I know that often you have to cancel a trial before a full subscription is activated) did I read there would be recurring charges. On May 23rd there was a charge (listed differently than the original one, of course, to cause confusion) so I called and was given some BS about how I signed up and they tried to charge my card the full subscription price but it wouldn't go through so I go the discounted price....balh blah way could they issue me a refund (again, even though I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT), but that they'd cancel all future billings.

Well here I am again, with another charge on July 3rd from the same company as the one in May, and yet another call to customer service where they told me I authorized a new subscription! And again they told me they sent a confirmation email, tried to charge the $73 billed, but it "bounced back" and so I was only charged the discounted price of $44. UNBELIEVABLE! They even told me they had record of my call in May cancelling all future billings, but that I magically re-authorized the new subscription! Oh and they cannot refund me!


I cannot attach "supporting documentation" since the company provides nothing for contracts, or receipts other than "order confirmation", which gets you NO WHERE when you finally make it through to some over seas customer service rep.

They also keep telling me I'm getting emails confirming (both) cancellations but big surprise I'm not getting those either!

Desired Outcome

I just want the most recent charge of $44 billed on July 1st returned. You can't even tell me where I "authorized" this new charge. I can't believe this company is still operating with all these complaints

• Jun 22, 2020

Shady business, please save yourself the hassle and do not order. 4 months later they are attempting to charge my card for thing's I have not ordered.

Sunday Nu is scam, fraud, bad company, misleading advertising.

I purchased their product from FB heavily advertising back on Feb 2020 for anti ageing cream 70%off free shipping , when ordered 2/4/2020 nothing indicate it is trail and add me to their subscribe , and asked me to add eye serum for $5.00 and I did.
Received the product and after 10 days Feb 15 , found a charge of $159.98 on my credit card, I called and called and emailed to know what is this charge for, no body answered me, so I disputed this charge, but after almost 15 days received an email to cancel my subscription ,so I called and a customer service finally answered and explained that If I didn't return the product within 10 days unopened ,they charge me for full price,and I know nothing about that from their advertising, I tried to return and refused since the product was open which is by the way make my eyes tears a lot with heavy headach. In 4/15/2020 the credit company re bill the charge on my account telling me that Sunday Nu provided them with my approval which is untrue or they tricked me some where when I paid the for my order.
They are scam and fraud, the product still there unused and looking for your help to get a refund of the charges which I didn't know about or agreed to. I want to warn customers from this scam .
Please help.

Desired Outcome

close this scam .

I was being charged for the free trial offer of their creams and they delivered another set in 2 weeks but I was not home and didn't know about it!
I ordered from them thru ads in Facebook said free trial of Sundaynu anti aging cream and if you add eye serum just pay $7 and shipping of $5 only. Dated 01/03/2020 order no. *** which I received in 2 days . I went to other place for a month then I learned then that they delivered another set in 01/17/2020 but I learned about it after a while. So I called my online banking credit card of my statement and surprise me of big charge of $164.98 which is for the second shipment that I immediately dispute for it not knowing that even the first free trial was also being charged at $152.98. I called my family to return the second shipment to 12000 66 th St. Largo, Fl 33773 and was able to mail it back. In February 14, 2020 upon knowing this charges I called Sunday Nu at 8777303374 to complain and learned that they will keep on sending me every 2 weeks as subscription of these products so I immediately cancelled it. My Purchase ID was E1B4B27DOB. I called also my Credit card company to put on dispute these charges! I tried to return also the free trial items to the same address but the post office personnel couldn't accept the package because of they said nowhere to find the address! I said how come? I was able to return the other set! So I just kept the items! Upon learning from my card company that they put into dispute the amounts from SundayNu I thought I was relieved. Today, I happen to check my bills online and I saw a rebill transaction amounting to $152.98 which I think refers to my free trial order that I failed to mail back because of wrong address and also I wanted to return the product coz it's not really satisfactory I mean no effect for the wrinkles. Will not recommend this ever for that price and small size and now knowing you'll be charged every 2 weeks wow incredible! I hope this will stop because a lot of seniors will be misinformed and took advantage of with hidden agenda . I am not sure if I will receive another bill for $164.98. I hope not. Please get me out from paying these craft! Another form of their communication was initially thru email . info[email protected] for the welcome for ordering the products and also for the cancellation!

Desired Outcome

All I need is for me not to pay whatever they are charging me especially the first delivery because it was clearly offered as free trial they charged me $152.98. I was trying to return but the post office personnel said it was a bogus address couldn't get thru (12000 66 th St., Largo, Fl 33773. And the second set of delivery for $164.98 which I was able to return on that same address above on an earlier date hoping I won't receive any more rebill. Please be considerate! Thanks additional is please avoid false advertising/ misleading especially the seniors! Be discreet!

This company has fraud my credit card. I ordered a cream form that was suppose to be free, just pay for shipping, then I was put on a subscription, which I did not want. Tried to cancel it, but they still charged me $169.00 from The Cosmetic Store. That was in February.

In April, I saw a $25.00 charge on my credit card from Wonder Vida. I called and they said that I paid for a "esubscription", which has already been activated and cannot give me back my money. I did not sign up for any subscription. When I told them that I'm going to dispute the charge, they finally said that they would give me a refund. The email that it came from was from

This is not a reputable company. Do not give them your credit card information. Not worth any of the products they send you, or continue to send you even after you've cancelled. Please keep checking your credit card statement for any unauthorized charges, because they will use your credit card again!!!

This company engages in thievery. I placed an order for a single one time trial of a face cream for $5 and eye cream for $7 through a Facebook ad. At no place anywhere on the site, or order form for the product, did it state that purchasing the trial would automatically enroll you in a reoccurring monthly subscription. And yet, I have been charged $137.68 AND then again another $164.98. Their site clearly states they offer a 100% money back guarantee but NOTHING about becoming enrolled in a monthly recurring purchase. When I tried calling, several times, to dispute and cancel this product, I get nothing but a recording stating their business hours, even during their stated business hours. I have even sent an email to them requesting to cease all and any future shipments to no avail. I have had to contact my credit card company in order to request them putting a stop payment from this company on future charge attempts as I have gotten absolutely no response from the company itself and continued outrageous charges !

I have purchase products from Facebook advertisement, but they never made it clear that I am entering subscription. Their methods are misleading.
I purchase products from Facebook advertisement. I carefully review all order, but was no any indication that I am entering into subscription. Once I found out for first charge, 2/4/20 I have attempted to call them but they did not answer.
On 2/15/20 they made another charge and then I called my credit card.Total is about $318.00 Their customer service answered once that they will not issue any refund. I only canceled future orders and made complain with credit card.
I believe that this company is using illegal methods, and I hope there is a way to hold them responsible

Desired Outcome

I am requesting full refund of $ 317,96

I purchased the skin cream on January 27th and on February 10th this company charged my credit card against my knowledge. I demand a full refund! SCAM
I purchased the skin cream on January 27th and on February 10th this company charged my credit card against my knowledge. I had tried to dispute this charge with my bank however the company supplied where I had ordered the free sample. I have called on 3 different occasions to request a refund and have gotten no results. I have requested to speak to a supervisor, however I was told one was not available and would call me back within 30-48 hours. It has now been 3 days without a call back. I called again only to be told the same thing and that my call has been escalated. I had cancelled this on the same day of my purchase of the free sample, however it's convenient that they do not show a record of my cancellation. The products do NOT work neither. I am requesting a full refund for the $152.98 that they have charged my account and would have repeatedly charged if I had not cancelled that credit card. This is a SCAM!!

Desired Outcome

I am demanding a full refund in the amount of $152.98.

Ordered sample from them w/ a shipping fee of $7, they start charging my cc 79.99 a week later. Company will not respond to any communications
I ordered a sample from them in 2/2020 and was asked to pay a small shipping fee of $7. A week later they are trying to charge me $79.99 under a completely different name around 2/23/2020 (BG Fresh You). Around 2/15/2020 my credit card company contacted about a $70(completely different name than BG Fresh or SUndayNu) purchase and I didnt recognize the company so they didnt approve it. Next thing I know I get a charge on 2/23/2020 and then again on 3/09/2020. I did receive an email from them about a shipment and it stated if I had any questions to email them at the same address. I did that about a week ago and they will not respond. They also have not responded to my credit card company in regards to the dispute. I am in the process of trying to stop these charges with no response from said company.

Desired Outcome

I would like to be reembursed the money they have charged me for a product I have not received and have them stop the automated billing.

I ordered merchandise on 01/25/2020 for $12.00. I knew immediately that this was a fraudulent company when I received it and someone else's packing slip with information was in the box. I contacted the company through Facebook messenger to tell them I was dissatisfied with the product and wanted a refund and that I was upset my name and address (packing slip) was in someone else's box. They never read it and it went from saying the Sunday Nu name to "Facebook User". On February 8th, they charged my credit card for $152.98. I have been unsuccessful in reaching them through the phone number or messenger. Their Facebook page is Sunday NU Beauty. There you will find over 308 people with the same story as mine. I have reached out to my credit card company, but I can't afford for them to continue to charge my credit card. Whoever these people are, they need to be shut down so people don't keep getting scammed.
Product_Or_Service: Cream

Desired Outcome

Refund I need my money returned!! And these people stopped!

Signed me up for auto ship and charged my card. Emails to correct come back undeliverable and they do not answer the phone calls.


Ordered sample from Facebook in January for $7.00 in February charged card $79.99 and will not refund.

Order #

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund on my $79,99 I had to cancel my credit card and get a new number to prevent them from charging again in March as they are unreachable. Thank you

This company is a scam. I ordered a one time eye cream through an ad on Facebook for $7. Nowhere did it say I was going to be enrolled in a monthly subscription and be charged $72.99. Their website says they offer a 100% money back guarantee. When I called numerous times within business hours to ask for a refund, message keeps saying hours are 9-6, and they are closed. I will try to call again and then call my credit card company back to inform them to put a stop payment on this charge.

I purchased product from Sunday-nu on 12-23 in the amount of 19.00. Without my permission they took out 154.00 then about 3 weeks later they took out 164.00.. I sent back there product as return to sender. You can go to there page on Facebook an see how many other people they have done this to also.

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I want my money put back into my acct ASAP.

This company states a 14 day trial period which is not correct. They begin your so called trial period the day you place your order, not from the date the product is received. How can a trial period begin when you don't have the product? I called today (10 days after actually receiving the product) to cancel, and was told that I was charged yesterday (9 days after receiving the product) for $152.98. This company is a SCAM. They have multiple addresses ranging from New York, to Florida to California, but only one phone number is consistent. The product is AWFUL, cheaply made, and caused my skin to dry out. Buyer beware with this company and their products.
Product_Or_***: Eye cream and moisturizer
Order_Number: BXXXXXXXXX
Account_Number: n/a

Desired Outcome

Refund A reputable (which this is not) company should allow you to actually test the product during their announced trial period. A trial period should not start the date of the order, but instead the date the product is received by the consumer. How can a trial period begin when you aren't in possession of said product? It took 5 days to get to me, and one more day to begin the use. This is a complete and utter SCAM. I want my money back. Besides the fact that the product is not efficient.

Web page offers face cream at 90% off which is $7.00. I ordered and was charged $152 on 2/9/2020. Then another charge came through for $165.00 on 2/17/2020. I called and asked about these charges and was told I enrolled in a subscription. No where on their site did I agree to sign up to receive this product on a regular basis. They now have scammed me out of $~317.00. Please help! The offer said $7.00 for a sample. That's it, nothing more...
Product_Or_Service: Sunday Nu daytime mousteruzer andeye serum

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like my money returned. I will send back the product as well if needed. This company needs to closed down. I will report to the FTC as well. They base a business on lies and deceit.

This company has a Facebook page and on Sunday 1/26/20 they were having what they called a "flash sale" they had a moisturizer normally 79.99 on sale for $7.00 and then an eye serum for $5.00. They immediately took the money from my checking account. I screenshot the order number. They then never sent a email confirmation. I sent them several messages without any response. I sent emails with no response. I called them and they have an answering machine, they never answer the phone, I left several messages. I also messaged and let them know I wanted my money back to no reply. I had to call my bank and stop payment to them on my debit card. I received a message from someone who has been scammed. What thus company does is 15 days later they charge your debit card 79.99 for each product you received at the $7 and $5 for a total if $160.00. This was never mentiled durin their "flash sale". I had to deactivate my debit card to avoid these future charges that I bever agreed too. I can't imagine how manybpeople are getting ripped off over this. I turned their Facebook page in. I have screenshots of the fkas sale ad they were promoting as well as my order number and my messages if that is needed for investigation.
Product_Or_Service: Skin care
Order_Number: 9

Desired Outcome

Contact by the Business I want this company invesigated and anyone they have scammed they need to pay back every dime. They are ripping people off!

Ordered trial size eye serum and skin lotion. Charged $12, received no merchandise. Company then charged me $152.98 two weeks later. I did not place another order or receive merchandise. Called company and sent emails (email address on website returns emails undeliverable). My bank is currently investigating the dispute. Company is a scam and fraudulent. Their FB page is full of similar complaints.

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I want to be refunded in the amount of $152.98. AND I want this company to not charge me for anything in the future.

I bought a jar of face cream from Sunday Nu in January 2020 which was advertised on Facebook for $7.00. Then approximately 14 days later I noticed another unauthorized charge on my bank account for 73.00 which totaled 80.00 total. When I asked about returning the product for a refund she stated I only had 14 days to get a refund which that's about the same time I noticed the 73.00 charge. She refused to let me return the item for a refund. This company is totally fraudulent.
Product_Or_Service: Sunday Nu face cream

Desired Outcome

Refund Would love to return the product which I thought I was paying $7.00 for but ended up paying $80.00 for it for a full refund.

This company offers a free product with $7 shipping on facebook page. What is not indicated is this a monthly subscription service.
This company offersa free product on their facebook page with a $7 shipping. What is not indicated is this is actually a monthly subscription service. If it it not cancelled then there is a 79.99 charge with subsequent charge of 86.99 for next month's product. By the time I realized I was charged and called the company., the next produce had already been sent.. I did not see anywhere on initial add there was a subscription. I returned unused product, have not been given any credit., I am currently discussing with my credit card company to help get this resolved.. In correspondence with this company. was told there was an acceptance to their terms; however I did not check anything of this nature to authorize future deliveries of product., Once I realized this was a subscription service, I immediately cancelled., as this information is not clearly provided to customers.

Desired Outcome

I feel as if I was falsely charged for product. I feel a credit for the two charges beyond the $7 delivery fee is due as I was sent products without my authorization.

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Address: 12000 66th St, Largo, Florida, United States, 33773


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Sunday Nu, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Sunday Nu, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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