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Sunday Nu

12000 66th St, Largo, Florida, United States, 33773

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This company offers a free product with $7 shipping on facebook page. What is not indicated is this a monthly subscription service.
This company offersa free product on their facebook page with a $7 shipping. What is not indicated is this is actually a monthly subscription service. If it it not cancelled then there is a 79.99 charge with subsequent charge of 86.99 for next month's product. By the time I realized I was charged and called the company., the next produce had already been sent.. I did not see anywhere on initial add there was a subscription. I returned unused product, have not been given any credit., I am currently discussing with my credit card company to help get this resolved.. In correspondence with this company. was told there was an acceptance to their terms; however I did not check anything of this nature to authorize future deliveries of product., Once I realized this was a subscription service, I immediately cancelled., as this information is not clearly provided to customers.

Desired Outcome

I feel as if I was falsely charged for product. I feel a credit for the two charges beyond the $7 delivery fee is due as I was sent products without my authorization.

Billed for a product I do not want and did not subscribe for.. Talked with the company and have not received a refund or a guarantee of cancellation.
The company is bulling me for product I didn't receive or order. I ordered 2 items from this company off of a Facebook ad. I was billed $12 for the 2 items. Approximately one month later they billed my checking account $164.98 for no reason. No where in the ad did it state that this was a subscription order & I would be billed monthly. I have talked with the company and have yet to receive a refund or a guarantee that this will stop.

Desired Outcome

I would like the $164.98 refunded to my checking account that was charged on 2/15/20 and no further charges to be incurred.

I purchased face cream from Sunday NU Beauty for $12 and they sent me the product but also charged my account 14 days later $77.10 extra.
Sunday NU Beauty had an advertisement on Facebook for face cream. I went to their website and read over everything and they not only had good reviews but also have a 60 day money back guarantee. So I purchased the face moisturizer and eye serum for $12. I did receive the products but 14 days after my original purchase they also took $77.10 more from my bank account. I went directly to my bank and filed the necessary paperwork to dispute a purchase and also tried calling the company who took the money but there was no answer. My bank did not return my money because they say I made a purchase with the company so I am responsible to take it up with the company who took my money. Over the next couple of days I emailed and called the company and finally on February 18, 2020 talked with a representative of Sunday NU. He proceeded to tell me that when I put my card information in that as soon as I hit submit that I am 'subscribing' to their company. I said to him that I do not want to subscribe to anything and that they did not disclose that information any where on their website. I told him I wanted my money back and he said they do not give refunds or take returns. Despite their website saying they do take refunds and give 100% money back guaranteed if not satisfied. Also no where on their website does it state anything about a subscription or any additional monies being subtracted after first purchase. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said that he could get them to give me a call back and I agreed to a call back but have not heard from them since that date.

Desired Outcome

I want my $77.10 back. I did not consent to any other amount other than the $12 I originally payed for the face cream and eye serum. I want my money returned!

Purchased what I thought was a trial for $7. Never saw where it was for a subscription. They will not honor their 60 day money back guarantee.
On 1/23/2020, I made a free trial purchase for an eye serum that I was to only pay $7.00 shipping for. I received an email showing the item had shipped. The reviews on Facebook for the product were good, and no one mentioned anything about a subscription. Just in case, I replied to their email to cancel if this was a subscription. I also called the number and got their answering machine and left a message to cancel. I didn't receive any more correspondence from them until the evening of 2/17/2020 that product had been shipped. I called my bank the next morning, 2/18/2020, to see if there were charges on my account. The bank showed three separate charges: $7.00 on 1/24/2020; $79.99 on 2/6/2020, $84.99 on 2/15/2020. I then called Sunday Nu and had to leave messages, because no one was answering their phones, after many calls they finally answered. I told them that I had cancelled the day I received notice of the first shipment. They then asked if I had received notice of cancellation. I said I had not, but that I had replied right on their original shipment email, that if this was a subscription to cancel it and that I had also called and left a message, at the phone number on the email, with all my information to cancel. She told me that because I didn't receive notification, my cancellation was not valid. Since I didn't think it was a subscription I didn't expect to hear back, I was only covering my bases in case it was. I also thought I had purchased the face serum and not the eye serum, but thought, "oh well, it is just $7, no problem, not worth contacting them over, I will only be out $7." I told her I would like to return the original product, since I was still within the 30 day trial period, and also the product that was in transit for a full refund, minus the $7 shipping. She told me they could not do that. Their website also promises a 60 day money back guarantee, but they would not honor it. I was told I could not return it without a return approval. I asked for one and she would not give me one. After initially saying she could not give me a refund, she offered a 25% refund on the second order, but nothing for the first. I kept telling her I wanted a full refund as I was still well within the 30 day trial period for the first order. She then offered me a 50% refund on the second order, but nothing on the first. We continued to talk back and forth with her saying she had been on the phone too long and couldn't stay on much longer. I continued to tell her I wanted a full refund minus the $7 that I had expected to spend on shipping. Finally, she told me she would give me 75% back and I could keep the product. I agreed, thinking that this included the first order as well. Before hanging up, I asked for the amount that she was refunding, she told me $72.24. I told her, "no way", that I would not agree to that, because it was not a refund for both orders. She kept giving me the run around, but I got her to admit that they would not honor their 60 day money back guarantee. She kept pushing the fact that she had been on the phone too long with me. I asked to speak with a manager and she would not transfer me to one. Finally, we hung up with each other.

I called my bank today and they said that on 2/19/2020 a payment was received from Sunday Nu for $72.24. I did not agree to this amount. When I hung up with Sunday Nu they knew I did not agree with this amount.

Sunday Nu is very underhanded, their guarantees are not legit. The product doesn't even seem to be legit as there seems to be a label for something else under their label. The first box I opened, but the product is sealed. The second box remains unopened with the product inside. At this point I am so aggravated with them that I would like a full refund $171.98, minus the $72.24 they returned to the bank, for a remaining total of $99.74. I am willing to return the product.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking to be refunded the full amount of $171.98, minus the $72.24 they returned to the bank, for a total of $99.74.


Desired Outcome


Unauthorized charges and sent unordered package from an address that can not be delivered to in order to return.
1 time order of $7 on Jan 23, 2020. Website did not state anywhere that they would automatically charge you for future shipments. They made unauthorized charge on Feb. 5 for $72.99 and again on Feb. 15 for $79.99. Phone number listed on site only has a voicemail and no option to speak to anyone. Filed dispute charges through bank on both charges. Company credited back the second charge but mailed a package on Feb. 18 in order to not refund the first charge. Post office will not create shipping label to the address because it is an undeliverable address.

Desired Outcome

A refund for the charge on Feb 5, 2020 for 72.99

Website states full refund guarantee. I am allergic to it. I called for full refund and I was told no and hung up on.
On Jan 31 I ordered online skin cream and immediately called them because it showed up as colon cleanse. I called them and she said no there is no colon cleanse only moisturizer. I made it clear no other products were ordered. 3 days later the cream and some eye serum which was also charged to my account ($2.99+5.00). I figured fine I would try it all. It made my face itch and red. So I left out of the country for a week and now I get back to another full ordered and two new charges to my account! ($156.99+164.95)! No where did it say revolving subscription! So I called this morning Feb22. And after waiting 20 mins the male cancelled my subscription but would not refund my money. I mentioned the guarantee right on the website(I have a screen shot) and he said no. I said it says 60 days full money back. He said no. I told him I called the initial ordering day and he knew immediately what was said, he said you were not charged for colon cleanse. How did he know that so fast? After I said I would contact the he made a loud sigh and said. If you have any other problems call back good bye and hung up on me! I called immediately back(waiting 15 mins on hold) and once it was picked up immediately hung up on again! I have called over 10 times at this point with no answer. This is the prime case for bad business and needs to be shut down! They are a small group of people scamming the public and getting away with it! I am willing to do whatever needs to be done, this is not ok! Bad bad people and bad business! I want my refund and they can have the products unopened back!(But I was never offered even that!) I also tried to email them and the email came back undeliverable!

Desired Outcome

As the website states 90 days money back guarantee, "If You are not 100% satisfied with our products. We will issue a full refund. No questions asked." I am 100% not satisfied and the product is a bad product, I itched everywhere on my face! I want my money back! I did not agree to a revolving subscription either. I received the email my subscription was canceled(2-22-20) but that is not the full money back guarantee. I want the $156.99+$164.98. I can send the open and unopened product back and pay shipping. Otherwise its going in the garbage anyhow. This last time calling I waited on hold for 25 mins. then finally this 10th time calling, I asked him to send me my receipt with the box checked that I want the subscription but he said he could not send me any emails. I asked him to mail it to me and he said he could not. I asked for any verification that I agreed and he could not give me any. I asked to talk to someone else and he said they would call me back in 40 hours. I doubt it. He is not able to prove I asked for the subscription therefore I am entitled to my 100% refund.

They billed my credit card without my permission for product I did not order.
I ordered their product for shipping only. I read e everything because I did not want to get into a situation were they bill you if you dont cancel. No where did they say you would be billed for a future shipment. This is a scam to get your credit card number and charge you monthly. I want my money the charged my card on 2/15/20 for $164.98. I've been scammed before so read everything before I purchase. Nothing in advertisement referred to canceling product or it would be shipped monthly.

Desired Outcome

I want my money refunded and them to pull bogus advertisement.

I attempted to speak with a representative to cancel my order, but was transferred to leave a message. I left a message to cancel my order Feb. 11, 2020 at 11:02 CST. On the 15th of February, this company charged my debit card $152.98 without my authorization. I have called numerous times to speak with someone without avail, and left several messages, but have not been able to speak with a representative.
Product_Or_Service: Skin cream
Order_Number: ***

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I want my money back and want to make the public aware this company is a scam.

I purchased face cream @$7.oo and when I fininished to pay I was forced into buying their eye cream @another $5.00 for a total of $12.00,on February 9,2020. .so again puchased it @ just pay [email protected]$14.00,and have recieved the cream and eye serum.Then on Sunday February 16,2020,my card was charged $152.98,and then again @$159.98 all before 4pm.When I called I got no answer & I have also sent a couplea emails
Product_Or_Service: Sundaynu

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like my money back atleast the $313.00. The products probably fake too, so id like that bk as well , but will settle for what they took from me.

Fell for online scam _ purchase One item (7.00) - now multiple charges on CC even without additional products. Have filed dispute with CC Company - investigation just started.
Product_Or_Service: Moisturizer
Order_Number: Did not order

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Refund through CC and public awareness of scam. FYI - on CC - Company list address as Sheridan WY and lists on Facebook as Los Angeles CA

I purchased a product from this company and they have a 60 day money back guarantee. Their refund policy also states a refund for returning product except the shipping and handling. I have contacted them numerous times and they refuse to refund my money and wont give full address so I can return the product.
Product_Or_Service: Skin cream

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Not Entered

I ordered a sample product from them, in the amount of $12 and 14 days later they charged my credit card in the amount of $152.98 and Two weeks later they have charged $162.98 to my card, I have tried to contact this company several times and they will not answer, I have only received the small samples, I did not authorize anything else from them, This company needs to stop , they are scamming a lot of people

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) a refund of $152.98 and $162.98, and cancelled on anything they have me on

I purchased a facial cream through this company via a facebook ad. The advertised special was 7.00, pay for shipping of the product. The site clearly indicates a 60 day money back guarantee. I purchased this on 01/22/2020. I received the trial bottle of facial cream via USPS. Throughout the site and checkout process there was no mention of being enrolled in an membership or auto ship, nor was the information in the follow up email I received. On 02/05/2020 they charged and additional 72.99 to my account. I contacted the company same day and they stated I agreed to this when ordered product. I asked the charged to be removed and to not ship me anything additional. They refused and stated I had 30 days from when received product. At that time I did not have my order date in front of me. After speaking with them I went back to website and found their very hidden terms and agree that after 14 days would be charged 72.99 and enrolled in their monthly auto shipment, charging 72.99 plus 7.00 shipping each month. So, basically I was charged 79.99 for a product they advertised at 7.00 with a 60 day money back guarantee, for a tiny little 1oz bottle of cream. AFTER reading the terms and agree on their site which I again state they certainly did draw your attention, the terms state refund policy if not fully satisfied I may return any unused product within 30 days. Not sure where the false advertising of 60day money back guarantee comes into play. So, I contacted the company again today and stated I was not satisfied with the product and wanted to return the product and have money refunded, well within even the 30 days. They refused and stated, that did not apply to the order I received'?? After stating this is not what their site states, and no where does it say any exclusion or even make sense why there is not a money back guarantee on the product I ordered they just hung up. They have not responded to any emails. This company is total scam, hooking you in at 7.00 knowing will charge u 79.99 in the end
Product_Or_Service: sunday nu skin cream 1oz

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I want the 72.99 credited back to my account. I agreed to pay 7.00 for a trial of the product with a money back guarantee clearly listed on their site. When I requested to return the product they refuse and disconnect the call.

I have had 2 charges totaling over $300. No one will ever answer the phone. I am not happy.
This company had ads on Facebook with false pretenses stating you could try their product for $7. Unbeknownst to me and hundreds of others, this company had since charged me over $300 in the last 2 weeks. No one will e er answer the phone. This company is a fraud and their product is cheap and definitely not worth $300! They need to be stopped.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund. I have had to cancel my debit card and get it replaced because I don't know how much more money they are going to take from me. They need to be shut down and held accountable for their fraudulent activities.

Ordered $7 item and returned it in the time frame they said. Sent email and called with no answer. Now taking $79.99 after I cancelled.
Saw ad on fb with wonderful reviews and tons of comments saying how great it was. Ordered the product with credit card. After not receiving product I went back to site to check on status and it had changed. The info was no longer the same and all the comments were gone. Now it said you were enrolled in a subscription unless you canceled in a certain time period. Once I received the product I sent it back the next day unopened. I called numerous times with no answer. Sent an email and did not receive a reply. Now they are charging $79.99 on credit card. Their FB site is gone and website has changed. I ordered on January 30 and they have now taken out $7 and $79.99. Company is Sunday Nu in Largo, Florida and the order number is ***.

Desired Outcome

Refund all money and stop charging more money.

Customer Response • Mar 27, 2020

Apparently the company is going by many names. Our credit card company would not refund the charges and I'm very disappointed. The stuff they provide the credit card company was NOT stuff that was originally on their site that I ordered from. A phone number listed now is 877-730-3374. An email they provide is [email protected] Her name is Karen Magallano ans she is the chargeback manger the paperwork from the credit card company says. They are also going by the name wonder works cosmetics with a website now provided that says the http://

Thanks so much!
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They offered trial product and then they charged *** after thst they charge another 164.98 dls and sent more product without any notice
I don't really remember the date of the first time when they sent the "trial product" but they charged me on my credit card on 2/13/2020 154.98 then today 2/19/2020 I got a serum and day time moisturizer the which didn't order, but they charged me 164.98 on the 2/16/2020. I call them to return the items and get my money back. They said that is not posible. Plus they said I have an account with them the one I didn't know. The only thing the I want it is to get my money back and return the 4 items unused . Thank you

Desired Outcome

I jusy want to get my money back and return the 4 unused products I got from them

Terms and Conditions aren't provided to read until AFTER the order is placed.
Ad misleading as to the total charge. Fraudulent credit card charge.
On January 3rd I ordered product from Sunday Nu for a total of $12.00 which is what the ad stated. I received the product a week later. Fast forward to last week I was checking bank statement and there were 3 additional charges from MCD PUR COSMETICSTORE (Sunday Nu). Jan 17th for $152.98. Feb 3rd for $164.98 and Feb 16th for $164.98. That's when I pulled up their website and read the terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions are NOT disclosed at the time of ordering. They state that the customer will be billed monthly and product shipped. I have received two shipments, one at beginning of Jan and Feb. I have been fraudulently charged for an additional shipment for Feb as stated above.
I have tried to contact the company at 877-730-3374 to CANCEL the service. I just get forwarded to voicemail. I tried to email to [email protected] to cancel my order but the email was returned stating the email account DOESN'T EXIST! I have messaged Sunday Nu on their Facebook page to CANCEL the service as well as posting a comment on their Facebook page to CANCEL the service. I also left a voicemail to refund the additional $164.98 I was charged on Feb 16th and to CANCEL the service. In the Terms and Conditions it states that the customer must call and talk to representative in order to cancel the monthly service.
My intentions are to return the product received to get a full refund per what is stated on their website. One statement says "60 Days Money Back Guarantee" and the other says "90 Days Money Back Guarantee...100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If You are not 100% satisfied with our products. We will issue a full refund. No questions asked."
My desire is to get full refunds with returned product. But when you can't reach a representative to speak to then how does it stop?
This company is a scam and their products don't work. Their ad is misleading as to the total cost. And after the fact are the Terms and Conditions.

I look forward to getting this settled with Sunday Nu in getting full refund on products as so stated. And I look forward to hearing from on this matter.


Desired Outcome

I would like to get the service CANCELLED and return products for a full refund. Their ad is misleading and they have fraudulently taken $164.98 from my credit card. You can look at their Facebook page and read all the negative comments about customers being scammed.

Ordered 1 thing and they have charged me two new charges a week apart; $72.99 and 8 days later $79.99. I did not sign up for anything beyond 1 item!!!
I bought 1 product from an ad they had on FaceBook which was $7 at the end of January I believe...the ad did not state that I was enrolling in any kind of "auto shipment" plan but they have taken out of my bank account $72.99 on 2/10/20 and then $79.99 on 2/18/20 and today I received a shipment from them that I did not ask for or sign up for.

Desired Outcome

I want the $72.99 and $79.99 back asap and for them to lose my credit card info and not charge me anything else and not send me stuff I didn't ask for!!!

I purchased a product from this company weeks ago and still have not received my merchandise. The website and phone number are invalid.
I purchased a Sunday-Nu Anti-aging cream on Janurary 20, 2020. My confirmation stated that the product would be shipped in 1 business day and would arrive in 3-5 business days. I have not received anything from this company. When I went to the website to check on my purchase the site is down and the phone number is not working.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund.

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Address: 12000 66th St, Largo, Florida, United States, 33773


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