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Texas Blind Company

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[redacted] We apologize for the frustration you had while placing your current orderThe package is still in the process of being returned to usAs stated on our policy on our website the return process typically takes about two weeks once the package is received back to our Distribution CenterWe have gone ahead and expedited the refund so you will see a credit of $back in your account in three to five business daysCustomer Service TeamHollister Co

[redacted] I do apologize for this frustration as I can see this is a somewhat confusing situation From what you are conveying, I would still like to clarify which gift cards you are in possession of and which gift cards you were able to use on 11/25, as our system shows two gift cards, one for $and one for $were used in a store on 11/These gift cards that were used on 11/were: [redacted] for $and [redacted] for $ The latter mentioned gift card was the gift card you are referring to as being “reissued” because gift card [redacted] was used to purchase [redacted] on 10/ If you tried to use gift card [redacted] in store as well, it should have had a $balance because it was used for the re-issuance This means that the other $gift card that was purchased in the same order as the $gift card on 10/has not been used and is still active This gift card number is [redacted] If you are not in possession of this gift card, you can use that number in store and online for purchases This gift card has a balance of $and was issued on 10/ Please let me know which gift cards you successfully used in store and which you could not use Thank you, Customer Service Abercrombie & Fitch

Dear Klarissa, We apologize for the frustration this has caused you and we would like to ask you to replace your order at Abercrombie.comSince your order was cancelled before it processed your credit card was not charged Please allow three to five business days for the authorization hold to drop off your accountFor the inconvenience we have sent a promo code for 20% off a future orderA&F Customer Service Team

I believe the company is guilty of, "Fraud in the procurement of a contract" and I'm seeking a refund What they did by not posing their "Particular" return policy for this singular product, which differs form all the others is misleading and appears Illegal The fact they have it in fine print listed on the back of the card is not adequate by consumer law as you can not see it PRIOR to purchase

We apologize for the frustration this has caused youOn 1/17/you were issued a full refund of $Please allow three to five business days for that refund to appear in your accountCustomer Service TeamAbercrombie & Fitch

I will not return to the store under any circumstances. I have been contacted by your distric manager. She wants me to return to the same store, to be dealt with by the same management staff that refused to take the item in the 1st place and calls customers liars. I respectfully declined that offer. I will be contacting your legal department and voicing my concerns of the legality of your printed return policy. Wanting my to return at my expense to your corporate office is unacceptable. Why should I be out of pocket any funds due to your store managers disrespectful behavior? As well as not honoring your corporate return policy. I will gladly take my business elsewhere and donate the new with tags items to a local homeess shelter. This brings more satisfactory results than me spending more money to ship the items back to your poorly run company. Regards, [redacted]

HCo customer service representatives when responding to the consumer complaint either do not understand English or do not read the complaintMy request was not about the future orders but simply I have requested from HCo substantiated, detailed proof of accusation that I am reselling merchandise which I have ordered and bought from HCoNo more gamesIf I don’t receive from HCo in reasonable time either an apology of unsubstantiated accusation or requested proof I will file complaint with Attorney General for state of Ohio

Dear [redacted] ,We are unable to replace your gift card fundsYour gift card, [redacted] , was purchased with a stolen credit cardBecause of this, we had to remove the balance immediatelySince you purchased this gift card from a third party, please contact them for assistance.Sincerely,Customer ServiceAbercrombie & Fitch

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find the resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] My address for the Gift Card to be sent to is [redacted]

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

You have made it right by me, but I dont believe you understand you have a glitch in the system and your customer service is unwilling/unable to help I am not unable to understand promotionsYour kids jackets were not 40% off, they were buy one get one 50% offI was only purchasing one, it was full priceThank you for fixing my problem, but you will still have issues going forward and by not fixing it, it is illegal and not correctI reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

I am rejecting that response because my receipt shows that there was no change in this transaction my receipt shows that gift card was for the exact amount this transaction shows where I did not use cash at all and I am really upset that I was bamboozled into this and not being able to receive my cash back the only thing I want is to be able to give them their merchandise and I receive my cash back because I do not intend on doing business with a company that has you trained in proper people working for them they do not explain how transactions work in the store!!!!! I I am Not only attaching the receipt that shows that there was no change given back to me as well as the other receipt that she said was also for a gift card amount which was for an item that I actually purchased in the store with cash money!!!!! All I want is to be able to go into the oak court store and receive my cash back like I gave it to Alex in the store that day and when I would get to the store on the she told me that I gave her cash and she took it upon herself to purchase a gift card without explaining it to a customer that is stamped and that's not how I play games I want my cash back!!!! My receipts do not show that I received any cash back from my cash transactions so whoever wrote that response to the needs to check themselves with proper documentation Regards, [redacted]

A&F mistake and 40% off gesture with limitations does not justify why my refund request took over months to receive Nor does it explain the amount of back and forth between me and A&F of getting a straight answer as to what happened Nor does it explain why I must open a PayPal account, and nor does it explain why I did not receive any response after informing A&F I have a PayPal account The 40% discount with limitations on the next purchase offer to me by A&F will not be used as I don't believe A&F will change their operational issues and I don't need that type of hassle again If A&F is truly apologetic to me, they should recognize that they made the mistakes and financially compensate me for my time and effort on this matter As stated in the "Desire Outcome" of my complaint, I expect an additional compensation of $100.Regards, [redacted] **

Dear [redacted] Thanks for writing backWe are sorry for the inconvenienceWe will go ahead and send this refund via PayPalYou should receive it no later than business days.Sincerely,Customer ServiceAbercrombie & Fitch

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused youOur policy states that each customer is only allowed one refund or reship incidentWe have refunded the full amount for the Leather Flip Flops in order [redacted] and the Classic Logo Baseball Cap in order [redacted] In the email regarding order [redacted] there was no mention of missing cologne which is why it was not reshipped or refundedWe have not received the Boulder Brook Varsity Hoodie in order [redacted] that you needed a size exchange forYou may want to check with your carrier to see where it is in the shipping processYour order [redacted] was on back order but has shipped out and is now expected to be delivered on November For order [redacted] please ship back the wrong item and we will be able to credit you the shipping cost and send you the correct item.Once again we apologize for the frustration this has caused you.A&F Customer Service Team

We sincerely apologize for your experience with your recent Hollister Coorder [redacted] Although [redacted] was and still is experiencing delays, which we have no control over, it appears that your order is scheduled for delivery by end of day todayYou can track your package hereThe remaining amount of $was refunded back to your [redacted] ending in [redacted] on December 18, This can take up to 3-business days to post to your accountIn total you are being refunded the entire order amount of $as well as receiving the package.We do hope that you will give us another chance!Sincerely,Customer ServiceHollister Co

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for your responseI intended to return jeans (in the amount of $21.16) from the order # [redacted] I would gladly provide you with return receipt but since a store manager and then other store associate refused to process this return without showing them my ID, I was not able to make this returnI tried to explain to a store manager on duty that I am returning a merchandise with the original invoice and I was also requesting credit back to my credit card to which the merchandise was chargedBased on A&F return policy there is no mention that a customer needs to show an ID when he/she makes a return with the original invoice and the transaction went thru credit/debit cardWhen I asked them to show me that this A&F policy changed, the store associate responded that based on A&F internal policy this store requires from each customer to show them ID when a return is madeI am still concerned why a customer is asked to provide ID when it is not necessary to do so, and when it is also against A&F return policy with the original invoiceI felt discriminated by a store manager and a store associate who chose to act like this toward me for ?? unknown reasonThank you and I hope to hear from you soon

Dear ***, We apologize for the frustration this has caused youThe package was sent out on Tuesday 5/31/and everything on our end was as scheduledAccording to the tracking information it looks like their was a delay in the middle of the shipping process which pushed the delivery date back to Monday 6/6/For the inconvenience we have sent a promo code for 30% off your next orderCustomer Service Teamabercrombie kids

[redacted] Thank you for your recent inquiryWe apologize for the miscommunication and also the service you have receivedWe would be happy to honor the 40% discount on your cologne purchasePlease place an order and respond back to this message with your order numberWe will manually deduct the discountCustomer ServiceAbercrombie & Fitch

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