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Thrifty Propane, Inc.

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Delivery was made on the 13th business day - this is within the 15 business day term.   Thrifty Propane is a Will Call propane supplier. This means that when you become a customer of Thrifty Propane, you save on propane prices, you have no contracts and you can purchase a tank at a reasonable price. It also means you have responsibilities: to place your order at or above 30%, to have alternate fuel supply, such as electric or wood in the event of a weather or supply emergency that delays propane delivery, and to make sure that your driveway is clear so the delivery vehicle can get to your tank and provide markers so we know where your driveway is.When you purchase a pre-buy from Thrifty Propane you are purchasing propane on account to save on the propane prices. Even though we have storage facilities, including multiple underground caverns, we still have to rely on the transportation networks, both pipeline and public roads, to get propane to your tank. Inclement weather or breakdowns at terminals or other points in the supply chain may delay or limit the propane you are delivered.Thrifty Propane target delivery window for each county is published on the website. This means that we expect that we will make your delivery within that target delivery window. Excluded from this are weekends and holidays. Please keep this in mind when you plan your next order.

Tank will be set tomorrow 11/17/17

I am rejecting this response because:
My pre-buy receipt states nothing of the sort. There is zero (0) mention of any terms of agreement and/or cancellation fee. With that being said, I would like for the cancellation fee to be waived and reimbursed. Please see attached receipt for details. The attached receipt was emailed on Mon 3/18/2013, 12:18 PM by [redacted]. I will gladly forward said email to the for arbitration efforts. Side note: Why is it that Thrifty is so quick to respond to the and not their customers?

Thrifty emailed the Bill of Sale to the customer on 11-3-16 and on 12-8-16.

Due to unforeseen weather and road conditions we were set back on our deliveries - I have brought this to the attention of dispatch and will get delivery made.

I am rejecting this response because:  I guess I should have read all of the customer complaints on before buying propane from your company.  I will not be purchasing any more

There was a delay in the sending of the customers check.  Check #[redacted] $429.15 to the address listed on the account was sent on 11/15/17.  We apologize for the delay.

I am rejecting this response because:
due to the unaccaptable delay, we have made arrangements with another propane supplier.  Our intent is to terminate any dealings with Thrifty Propane, and would like to receive...

a full repayment for the remaining balance of our pre-buy account.  The January pre-buy was for 1000 gals at a price of $1,250.00. We had a previous bals of apx. 450 gals, and they delivered 415 gals., so we should have more than 1000 gals in the account. Thank you for your asssistance, and we look foward to hearing from you. [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:
It was fill up my tanks or refund my money for prebuy and they did and were not able to do either.

We did deliver to a customer in [redacted], however we cannot offer a reliable and timely service for the upcoming winter months, that is why we are offering a full refund.  If he would like for us to hold onto his prebuy gallons and request a fill up after the winter we would do that.  We have refunded others in this county.  If the customer can take a delivery now, while we have good weather and another delivery in the Spring, but we cannot deliver during the winter.

Customer called on 12/26/17 to fill tank that is at 15% from prebuy.  Customer called 1/2/17 for ER fill, driver tried to deliver on 1/3/17 and tank was filled by another provider.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/03/02) */
We regret the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
On 4-23-15 the customer placed an order with Thrifty.
On 4-28-15 Thrifty delivered 851 gallons of propane to the customer. The customer was charged for the propane, $19.94 hazmat fee...

and $6.99 credit card charge.
Thrifty's driver did not hit the customer's truck or break any mirror.
On 2-5-16 the customer ordered 600 gallons of propane.
Later on 2-5-16, the customer called Thrifty to cancel the order.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/03/13) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As is consistent with the, (now apparent), Company Policy, Thrifty is creating their own version of the truth, by denying the truth. Pictures do not lie.
Thrifty did no investigation. Thrifty did not call to clarify any of the details of the incident. They obviously did not even look at the pictures of the incident. Proof that they do not care about customers. they only care about your money.
Thrifty does not deny their greedy practice of trying to force customers to buy more product than they can afford.
It is obvious that Thrifty only cares about getting as much money from customers as they can, by whatever means available.
Seniors and everyone else, should avoid doing business with Thrifty unless they thoroughly investigate and understand all of the extra charges that they will incur by doing business with Thrifty Propane company.
I will certainly do my best to make sure that everyone in the medical field and the automotive industry are aware of the need to stay clear of Thrifty.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2016/03/28) */
Thrifty's GPS in the trucks indicate when there is a point of impact or sudden stop. There was nothing on the GPS system on the date of this delivery. Therefore, Thrifty did not do any Truck damage.
When customers place an order, a customer is quoted the price per gallon on the day of the order. Once delivery is done, the customer is not subject to a price change in the purchase price quoted on the date of the order.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/01/19) */
We regret the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
Thrifty issued a refund on 1-7-16 in the amount of $1,418.11.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/03/16) */
We regret the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
At this time we are still investigating this matter.
We will update the response once the investigation is completed.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 13, 2016/04/04) */
I would...

like to accept the offer of $50 refund that Thrifty Propane countered my claim. The email from the went to the junk mail folder. I did not find it unit today, therefore I was unaware that a response was necessary within 10 days of the email. Additionally, I wanted to make it known that I received no letter response from the company as the email suggested.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 15, 2016/04/13) */
Thrifty issued a refund telecheck for $50.00 to the customer on 4-7-16.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/07/06) */
Thrifty regrets the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
Thrifty delivered 139.10 gallons to the customer on 7-6-16.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/07/11) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from...

the business.)
Thrifty delivered the propane to the residence on 7/6/16 after the request for the fill had be CANCELLED on 7/5/16.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2016/07/13) */
Thrifty has not heard from the customer after the delivery on 7-6-16, therefore, the customer accepted the delivery on 7-6-16.
If the customer wants the 139.10 gallons that were delivered on 7-6-16 pumped out, the customer needs to indicate to Thrifty.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2016/07/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I tried contacting Thrifty for a week after they delivered the propane and could not get ahold of ANYONE! I called repeatedly for days. When I was able to leave a message with someone they were never returned and when I requested a call back I never received one.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/22) */
We regret the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
On 8-20-15 the customer purchased tank, install fee, delivery fee, 425 gallons, RF&H, with tax for a total of $1,318.72.
On 9-25-15 the customer cancelled the tank order.

9-30-15 the customer wanted to know the status of the refund.
On 10-22-15 Thrifty issued a refund check in the amount of $1,318.72 by mail to the customer.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/05/04) */
We regret the customer's unsatisfactory experience.
The consumer received a delivery of 400 gallons from Thrifty on 5-2-16.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2016/05/05) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from...

the business.)
Within 2-3% of being on empty we were relieved to finally receive propane on business day 16.

Customer should refer to their prebuy agreement - the short fill fee in in the first paragraph.  If the 150 gallons are purchased from Thrifty, there is not a short fill fee.  Customer placed order on 12/18 for remaining prebuy gallons.  The fee for using a credit card is a standard...

fee - customer can pay by check by phone, or check to driver to avoid credit card processing fees.

Customer agreed to a full refund before filing complaint.  Refund will be mailed this week.

Hello,The customer placed the order on 4/40/17 and received delivery on 4/28, which was in fact a few days out of our 7-10 day delivery time.  We were delayed but in turn the customer also did not run out of gas.  For the inconvenience we can offer a $25 credit on the future purchase of...

propane. Thank you,Thrifty Propane

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Address: 3246 Lincoln Hwy E, Paradise, Pennsylvania, United States, 17562-9697


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