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This complaint will need to be transferred to the Eastern Missouri BBB for [redacted] *** as the [redacted] shipment moved under [redacted] interstate operating authority. For purposes of the [redacted] interstate move, Fry-Wagner was acting solely as a disclosed... household goods agent of United. As a disclosed household goods agent, Fry-Wagner cannot be liable for damages arising out of [redacted] performance under its interstate Bill of Lading. Therefore, please remove Fry-Wagner from the complaint and forward the complaint to the Eastern Missouri BBB for [redacted] ***.

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2015/08/25) */

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/30) */ As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of Mayflower Transit LLC regarding the customer's request to refund the $for container The customer signed a "Sold as Container" contract to transport their shipment in containers to destinationThis is a bound agreement that can only be changed prior to loadingThe shipment was loaded into containers on May 11, The customer contacted our offices on June 30, to dispute the containers once they had been invoiced We investigated their dispute thoroughly and found that we have no record of the customer notifying the agent prior to or on the day of loading to request a revised estimate for only containers On July 8, we advised the customer that it is too late to change the terms of their agreement We apologize that we failed to meet the customer's expectationsHowever, we respectfully decline their request for a refund in the amount of $ Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/11/25) */ Since the [redacted] shipment was transported across interstate-lines in interstate commerce pursuant to an interstate Bill of Lading and Mayflower's published operating tariffs incorporated therein, this entire transaction is governed exclusively by applicable federal lawNotwithstanding exclusive federal jurisdiction over the transaction in question, it is Mayflower's policy to cooperate fully with any inquiries made by state regulatory or consumer protection agencies The customer cites concerns over lack of communication by her claims adjusterA settlement letter was sent to the customer on 11/17/The customer then contacted the adjuster on 11/24/to dispute the settlementThe adjuster asked the customer to submit documentation for the disputed itemsThe customer was also provided information on Mayflower's dispute resolution process, which is arbitrationSince the filing of the complaint Mayflower has remained in contact with the customer and considers the matter resolved

[redacted] ***Dear [redacted] ,I found this in my "Outbox" folder this morning, So in Case you have not received it, I am Resending so you can Please forward to Customer Service.Add on information: while talking with [redacted] about our delivery in WI, 6/& 29, '17), I discussed the fact that we had rented a 1,sq ft townhouse with full basement, attached garage 12XAnd Two storage units 10X& if he thought this was sufficient space for our shipment & he responded, "Yes".Many thanks for your time and courtesy[redacted] & [redacted] , this is the VM [redacted] ***, booking agent left on my cell [redacted] on delivery day,July 05, I called him back in shock telling him I did Not Appreciate being held a Hostage at Delivery, by [redacted] demanding more money for help when they knew the size of the shipment up front and sending the driver & three movers was Not sufficientI asked him to please call me as we had a Binding Contract, [redacted] & I had stayed up All night the previousThursdayemailing photos & lists of what goes to storage & what goes to the townhouse which were NEVER given to the driver [redacted] ***: [redacted] [redacted] arrived at our townhome by7:30am, by8amthe movers arrived & we drove blocks to storageIt was Blatantly apparent from the start that [redacted] had made No effort to not only follow our emails of what items went where, But they did Not use their logic eitherPeople need beds, clothes, kitchen items, Nothing! There was no order! EVERYTHING had to come Out of the van at storage then townhome items reloadedByam [redacted] was Very upset because he had other deliveries and spending Extra time unloading & loading meant he was loosing money He spoke a lot on the phone, I was told that unless we Agreed to pay the Extra money [redacted] Demanded they could not Unload.After2pmtwo more gentleman arrived to help by3pmwe we're at the rental & [redacted] & crew were ready to leave by6pmTo date [redacted] has Yet to return my voicemail! Very Unprofessional, take your money and run!Both [redacted] & [redacted] , Coordinator, told me that the list for delivery was needed in order for the driver to pack van accordingly, yet [redacted] told me not only did they NEVER give him our emails with specifications, But he did Not pack the van in ***, FL he just signed OFF on the shipment & started the drive North.Delivery was Very Stressful & Exhausting Both for me & the movers! Because of the rush they packed heavy plastic totes which are breaking apart, wrought iron table on Top of our mahogany dinning table with China boxes underneath on the floor & we are concerned that everything is going to Collapse, so we now have to hire More movers to come to our two storage units and rearrange items.To date we have Yet to find the Parts Box with nuts & bolts for our kitchen table, we had to buy new accessories in order to assemble our table, still looking for tv remotes, more than half of ourKitchen Open boxes are still missing forcing us to go to [redacted] to buy the soup bowls, can openers etc.Where are they?So, we Paid the agreed monies on our Binding Contract of $17,709.94, another$in tips & food for the crew ANDDemanding another $for an irresponsible & lying Agent & Coordinator is Unethical!We are Disputing the Extra charge and Respectfully asking to drop the Extra money.Sincerely, [redacted] & [redacted] Hey Ms [redacted] it's [redacted] ***Looks like the driver is going to need the extra labor to sort everything out at destinationHe has requested for for men to be compensated for an additional six hours to deliver these itemsThe price for that and he is going to have to add is $We're gonna have to fill out a piece of paper called in AR it's an addendum in order to affect the delivery.......Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID [redacted] Dear Mrs [redacted] ,We wish you a Very Happy and Healthy 2018.We thank you for your email dated Nov03, and we apologize for the delayed response It is a matter of knowing you have to do something, but that something is Painful and Stressful, like a dental root canal and our move from Florida to Wisconsin with [redacted] We also had bad colds and the holiday season, all prolonged the response.On SatJanuary 08, 2018, ***, started looking through ***'s email looking for (your response which she could not find in her own email) to our request to Waive the Extra $682,on delivery day, July 05th, We were shocked to read [redacted] 's Final Notice for payment dated Nov16, sent only to [redacted], (***'s email)It had not been read [redacted] leaves home at &7:30amand is never home before 7, or9pm.Right from the beginning of our contract with [redacted] / [redacted] we had mentioned that All correspondence be addressed to both emails, [redacted] & ***( [redacted] as [redacted] has a Very Stressful & Busy job and it is [redacted] that will read emails and alert ***Through ***'s conversations and emailing to [redacted] , [redacted] had again mentioned this to her as well[redacted] called [redacted] on Mon.Jan 08, and was told that the outstanding amount has been "Debited" to [redacted] , then called you and left you a message on [redacted] ***-***asking for a return call, then called your Claims Dept., Claimsteamand was told that No Repairs to go forward to the MANY damaged items until we pay the outstanding balance.Mrs [redacted] , after reading your response several times over we understood that you had not read emails with very pertinent information sent to [redacted] onOct03, and Becky Budd in Customer Service on Oct11, There is Confusing, Misinformation & Inaccuracies that need to be Dispersed in order for us to Resolve this in an Amicable manner.ThurMay 26, 2017, 11-11:30am [redacted] ***, [redacted] came to our home in Fort White, FL and met with *** for the Inspection and Estimate.FactsDiscussed with [redacted] on 5/26/17* [redacted] had to start his new job in [redacted] in the [redacted] area, on June 19, Dec we went to [redacted] for his interview and determined that we would live on the North Shore17-miles North of [redacted] either in [redacted] or Cedarburgboth of which have excellent schools because [redacted] 's school system is below average.* Informed [redacted] that we were moving from a 3,sq ft home to some type of a rental for between 9/months before we purchase a home andStorage would definitelybe involved.* We did not have a rental in place yet, for All due purposes for the Estimate, [redacted] stated destination as [redacted] and we agreed that when we have our new address we would inform him [redacted] had no problem and told [redacted] that depending how far or close from [redacted] the rental is, it would either be a slight extra charge at a nominal amount, or even no extra charge [redacted] informed him we would be living around minutes North of [redacted] .At this time we were not interested in FULL SERVICE package (we were going to do our own packing) and he quoted us the following under a BINDING contract which he explained that your Estimate is the final priceEstimate was given for around 17,lbs.United/ [redacted] packs all our artwork, Only (we have a substantial amount of large pieces): $14,All marble and large paintings would be cratedWe pack our own artwork: $13,631.35Loading would take place aroundJune 12and the shipment would leave [redacted] for [redacted] around June 26/this being the busiest time of the year.He also gave us a quote through Mayflower which is in my notes but not important at present.Yes it was critical for us to leave as soon as possible in order for [redacted] to start his work on 6/19/and we appreciate that [redacted] accommodated us, BUT at Our Great ExpenseFrom day one, Monday, 6/12/17, the packers around six, were in a huge rush and frenzy telling us that they had another Move on Wed/Thurs, so the honest thing to have done since in Hindsight its very apparent they did not have the appropriate time to avail themselves for our move by the High Volume of Damage from Day One [redacted] would have gone ahead to WI and [redacted] would stayed behind in FL with our daughter, have found another Mover or [redacted] /United when they could actually give us the needed time and appropriate staff It is very hard to believe that professional packers would have done as much damage as took place.June 02, 2017Estimate from anther two Long Distance MoversOriginally we were going to contract with another long distance Mover who was a couple of thousands cheaper than United, but just before we were to sign we discovered that their contract was Not Binding and it could change at destination.June 07,2017, we called [redacted] who was driving from [redacted] down to Miami with his wife and he was kind enough to to spend considerable time on the phone discussing details as we were now interested in a FULL SERVICE contract with packing and he quoted us $!7, 709.94, reassuring us this was a Binding contract, with Full Packing and we might get a bit of a refund if the weight comes in under.June 12, 2017,Day One of Packing, around six packers arrivedSince we had a Full Service deal they started packing while [redacted] was trying to direct themonly far as what went to Storage and what would go to the Rental.Head packer, a rather Caustic gentleman was annoyed and called [redacted] , Coordinator at [redacted] and [redacted] explained to her that [redacted] knew about Storage from initial meeting with [redacted] on May 26, There was NEVER ANY MENTION OF EXTRA CHARGE FOR LABOR SINCE WE HAD A FULL SERVICE CONTRACT and [redacted] was responsible for All packing.June 13, 2017,Day Two of packing, between 8-packers arrived, also [redacted] showed up at our residence telling us, and especially ***, not to interfere with packing as it was delaying the packing process and the packers had another job scheduled on Wed/Thurs and we could "sort out everything at destinatilinon".June 14, 2017,loading day, only 2-men arrived and [redacted] signed the inventory and drove away in the truck.Delivery AddressDistance from [redacted] to Cedarburg which in on the North Shore is anywhere between 17-miles depending on which point in these two cities you are located.We have a doctor in [redacted] located at: [redacted] **., [redacted] , WI 53202and our address is: [redacted] **., Cedarburg, WI 53012.Door to door it takes min on I-N/S, milesWe do Not live More than miles from [redacted] Monetary CompensationWe have not asked for any monetary compensation, we are not litigious, we only requested to have Waived the Extra Charge on delivery date onJul 05, which is WrongThe truck arrived from ***, FL with [redacted] ***, driver [redacted] , at7:30amin Cedarburg, WIWe were in storage by8amwith three gentlemen from [redacted] 's, [redacted] eBlatantly apparent that [redacted] did not follow instructions from the five emails with photos of our furniture we had sent them on 6/29/ for delivery to both our Rental town house and StorageEmails we had sent to ***, ***, and [redacted] had Never been forwarded to ***Both [redacted] & [redacted] had requested from us that driver needed emails to pack accordingly, so [redacted] & I sat up all through the night of 6/28/going through the inventory trying to decipher what was what***, Never packed the truck, he only "signed off" and started the drive North.Delivery was Very Stressful & Exhausting Both for [redacted] & the Movers Because of the rush, movers packed heavy plastic totes and trunks, boxes with heavy books reaching the storage units ceiling on TOP of our red mahogany dinning table [redacted] sent a truck that had to be unloaded at storage and reloaded for delivery at our town house sending an Inappropriate short handed staff of Three men and [redacted] the driver to Unload a truck containing furniture from 3,sq ft house Terrible Logistics, Very Irresponsible!***, a very nice gentleman, and one other of the movers were Very Unhappy, because of the mess created in ***,and longer working hours than expected[redacted] and the three men worked from8am-6pm!It was [redacted] who called me from [redacted] to my cell [redacted] leaving me a message telling me that the driver is going to need extra labor, men and six hours to sort out everything at destination.Extra help arrived just after2pm, two gentlemen and delivery had been completed by6pm, so men multiply by four (4) hoursnot (6)!Mrs [redacted] , we want to know why [redacted] & [redacted] did not respond to our requests to communicate, [redacted] telling me on 6/29/17, she did not have time to talk to me about our delivery, being held Hostage on 7/05/and [redacted] is MIA to my request to discuss issues at hand has left a very bitter taste in our mouthsSeven months after delivery and no resolution[redacted] knew the shipment size, THEY should have had more men [redacted] told me that [redacted] was going to talk to me about extra help, so here I was in storage four strange men, [redacted] ***'s message, which I am sending you in a separate email, being held Hostage for Extra money, either you pay up or no delivery! What happened to our Binding Contract.The exact thing we tried to Avoid! I am Still waiting for a return call from [redacted] from Jul 05, You would think that [redacted] , manager would care enough for his customers to call us,No10/4/ [redacted] conversing with [redacted] , who had received an email from [redacted] from [redacted] on Sept25, asking for $saying that WE had not advised [redacted] about the Split in the delivery, long after my conversation with [redacted] on June 29, when he indeed did confirm to [redacted] over the phone that Storage was involved after he had gone in and seen that indeed many of our boxes had "Storage" written on them.There certainly is a huge amount of Misinformation through the chain of command between [redacted] and [redacted] ***, so Mrs [redacted] would you please reprocess the above information and reconsider your previous decision?AccountabilityWe paid $17,for Straight Talk Binding Full Service move from FL to WI$ in tips and food for movers both at origin and destination$plus $for local movers to help take the heavy load on top of our dinning table (photos will follow)Load reached the ceiling of the storage unitWe want to know where is: [redacted] The Spare Parts Box? Please ask Mr [redacted] , he signed off and drove out of our driveway in FL with our shipment [redacted] ***, (driver from Florida), was very shocked that no spare parts box was to be found, this is Standard Procedure.Since the Spare Parts Box is nowhere to be found we had to go and purchase new nuts and bolts in order to set up out kitchen table.* Where are our tv remotes?* Why did they not Crate, as agreed, our concrete Angel Madeleine? The base is broken.* Where are the four corners from our master bed canopy? Packers broke the canopy on the first day of packing while dismantling, 6/12/17, where are the corners?If these packers were professionals WHY did they break so much stuff.First day: marble foot board from our bed, marble from our dressing table?* Why did they pack a fresh green salad that I had washed, put in a stainless bowl, covered with paper towel by the kitchen sink?* Why did they just throw in Christmas glasses & ceramic lamp base unwrapped?* They Crumpled posters which were stored in ***'s office cupboard so we could frame them at a later date, just like they were used paper in "balls" and threw in a box.* Folded and put in a kitchen box a water colour painting which our daughter had won a prize for.* Packed artwork in with kitchen items causing wrap paper to stick to artwork and damage it.* Lots of broken joints of wooden chest, chairs, wardrobes, curtain rods, lamp finials, lots of broken/loose furniture legs, kitchen chairs, .....The list is Long Mrs [redacted] .Worst, they took a tin pan filled with paint which was in our garage, wrapped it in packing paper and placed it in a box with our daughter's plush toys, obviously it Spilled and ruined our daughter's plush toysWHY? Paint is toxic and prohibited to be MOVED by Law.Above needs to be addressed with [redacted] We need an answers?* We are asking to Waive the Hostage money at destination delivery of $ We did our part, paid our money on a Binding Contract, sent the emails with photos separating delivery both to the town house and our two storage units, [redacted] did not give [redacted] the emails, then [redacted] initiated the Extra chargeWe had to incur further expense to rearrange the storage units as we were very worried that our dinning room table would collapse under the weight.* We are also asking for an extension for repairs to damages, because of the extensiveness we are asking for ONE YEAR from delivery on Jul05,toJul05, 2018please.Mrs [redacted] , we respectfully are asking for you to read all the facts,evidence from photos and emails, give [redacted] the opportunity to have a brief conversation with you after you have re-examined the facts, so we can bring this stressful move to a closure the sooner the better.We thank you for your patience, your time and consideration.Sincerely, [redacted] and [redacted] [redacted] ***Dear [redacted] ,After our conversation on01/29/I was raking my memory bank trying to understand why you were told that our furniture would go into a garage instead of Storage as [redacted] & I have been insisting all along.Further reasons for Extra Charge: [redacted] , member of Presidential Staff at Home Office, [redacted] who actually made the final decision Upholding the Charge: [redacted] We were supposed to have done packing & sorting before movers arrival on 6/12/Confused with the Estimate of 5/26/when We would have done Most of the Packing & [redacted] would have Crated some of the large artworkWhen [redacted] & I called [redacted] on 6/07/& gave the final Okay we Agreed toFull Service which means Movers does ALL packing for Binding $17,709.94Another reason given to me over the phone on Oct 02, from [redacted] , Accounts Payable, United Home Office, that [redacted] , [redacted] in [redacted] told her on 9/25/Extra Charges based on the fact that We Never told [redacted] of the SPLIT! Obviously [redacted] Pnever spoke with [redacted] , Manager or [redacted] lied to [redacted] who has been Most kind & God Bless her, because he told me on 6/30/17, "Yes" to Storage by evidence of All the marked boxes!Huge Lack of Misinformation! [redacted] insists: [redacted] We live more than miles North of Stated address ( [redacted] ), we live22,miles North of the cityHave No idea where she came up with this mileage.Please review [redacted] 's email ofNov03,and our responseJan15, 2018.As previously stated, I personally told [redacted] about Storage from our initial meeting at our home in FL in May 26, I was emphatic that we would rent during our first 6/months in WIWe left a 3,362sq ft home going into a small temporary rental.06/12/16, first day of packing, I Again called [redacted] and told her that Storage delivery was to be included, because it was apparent that [redacted] had not mentioned it to her!I had accumulated kitchen items, China etc on tables and telling the packers what was to go to Storage & what was to be OpenedThe head packer, an older, caustic African American gentleman was not happy with me as he felt I was delaying them & they had another job to go to on Wed.06/13/16, second day of packing[redacted] drove to our home, Again we told him in front of 8-packers, our daughter & my sister in law, ***'s older sister who had driven from SC to help us with the move, about Storage.After our conversation the other day, I referred to my copious notes and discovered the following.June & 29, 2017.Spoke with [redacted] several times concerning our rental and we were ready to receive our furniture.Townhome is 1,200sq ft, story, with attached Garage of 12X19, a Full basement, two rented Climate controlled Storage Units 10Xat Cedarburg Storage blocks from where we live[redacted] reassured me that between the garage, basement & two storage units we would be able to accommodate everything[redacted] , we have some lovely artwork, nice pieces of furniture, some are antiques, appliances, carpets, etc we would NEVER store these items in a garage especially during the WI freezing Winters!So hence the garage confusion!During my discussion with ***, Again he did Not Remember that Storage had been planned from the beginning, he kept on insisting he had No Recollection & I was Horrified!Either [redacted] has a Very Serious memory issue or he is covering up for the Mess he and [redacted] created.FriJune 30, 2017Very Upset with ***'s Non Remembrance of Storage, I called [redacted] , Manager in ***on Friand told him about our concerns, my phone call to [redacted] on 6/12/and Especially told him to check the Myriad number of boxes with STORAGE written on the outside He told me that He had indeed gone into their storage and Yes "Storage" was marked on Many boxes.FridayI called [redacted] several times asking her to return my call, or let me talk to the driver to at least tell him some basics of what goes where, in Conjunction to the (5) emails with photos we had sent early on 6/30/I had also asked if we could be given some kind of a time frame of deliveryWe only knew it would be the second week in July, and we needed to notify ***'s sister who had driven our daughter & pets miles to Des Moines to stay with her daughter & son in law until we found a rental.NO CALL! Even [redacted] sent her an email, silence! I calledon Mondayand spoke to another young lady who I do not recall her name & she gave us the delivery date Still No ***.On Thurs 6/29/ [redacted] had faxed us the page Descriptive Inventory as we couldn't find ours so we can direct Delivery First we could Not open the document, then [redacted] had to go down to motel's office to print as our printer was not working [redacted] stayed up untilmidnight, I worked through the nightInventory was a huge mess:Firstly, most of our furniture was Down Graded to the point that it was hard to recognize, secondly we came from a room house and Inventory was listed only Under: Garage, Dinning Room, FoyerNo mention of bedrooms & baths (4) each or 3,sq ft covered patio where they moved our bar & wrought iron table with their chairs.Mr [redacted] signed Off on our shipment on 6/14/17Where is the Spare Parts Box,Wood corners of our Master Four Poster bed, [redacted] search, Nowhere to be found!Why was [redacted] ***, the driver Never given the emails!Most sincerely, [redacted] & [redacted]

Customer is seeking refund for the move and to be compensated for missing itemsInventory Control Form at destination was checked off as all items received and signed by the shipper and hauler at destination The customer initially claimed $of missing items on their claim form, but when the inspection was written, the customer then claimed $of missing items However, there was no notation of any tampering of the container and no photos of a tampered container Again, customer signed that all items were received and items were checked offMissing items were denied appropriately We do not owe for missing items Please see attachment showing the Inventory Control FormThanks!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because the response Mayflower gave is a canned response and not acceptableThey are not taking any responsibility for the damage they did to my furnitureI have attached photos of the cushions the essentially ripped off the couchAny expert mover or even an inexperienced mover would know these cushions were not meant to be removedThe couch was less than four years old and in a controlled environmentThe couch was in perfectly fine condition minus some cat scratches before it was destroyedI am no longer able to use this couch because the cushions will not stay in place.additionally they were incorrect n their statement that I did not contact the AMSAI had done that and received a responsePin order to be completely satisfied I will except nothing than full reimbursement for the couchThis is what they say you will get in the contact you sign with them when you sign on for the insuranceWhich happened to be part of my overall quote and I did not have the option to opt out Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 12, 2015/04/29) */ As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of United Van Lines regarding the customer's request for reimbursement in the amount of $1, The customer is currently a Military member, however this was a personally procured move for his wife to Colorado They had a Straight Talk Price Assurance Estimate dated January 23, 2015; A Straight Talk Price Assurance Bill of Lading GPPW, which means that the final charges are based on the guaranteed weight which is noted on the estimateThis type of contract includes a weight allowance credit, if the actual weight is less than the estimate weight, in the amount of $per hundredth weightThe minimum weight for a move is 2,pounds, therefore the weight credit allowance will not go beneath the 2,pounds threshold The estimate weight was 2,pounds and the actual weight was 1,poundsThe customer was entitled to and did receive a weight allowance credit The weight allowance credit was as follows: 2,pounds - 2,pounds = pounds divided by = x $per hundredth weight (cwt) = a credit weight allowance in the amount of $A credit card refund was processed to the customer on February 26, for this amount We cannot change the terms of his contractIn addition, we are not responsible for the difference that the Military did not reimburse to the customerWe respectfully deny his request for reimbursement in the amount of $1, We have reached out the customer and discussed his move with himWe have apologized that we failed to meet the customer's expectationsWe have offered him a $customer service gesture in the interest of customer serviceThe customer declined our offer Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 7, 2016/01/18) */ I have reviewed the complaint filed by [redacted] Since the [redacted] shipment was transported across interstate-lines in interstate commerce pursuant to an interstate Bill of Lading and United's published operating tariff's incorporated therein, this entire transaction is governed exclusively by applicable Federal lawNotwithstanding exclusive Federal jurisdiction over the transaction in question, it is United's policy to cooperate fully with any inquiries made by state regulatory or consumer protection agenciesAccordingly, I have provided a summary of the handling of this file for your consideration Per Item Section (m) of the Tariff that the [redacted] shipment moved under, when United replaces a damaged item, or pays for its replacement cost, it is entitled to take possession of the itemIf an item is damaged to the point of being considered "destroyed", United will not salvage the item and will instruct the customer that they can dispose of said itemThe buffet was not damaged to the point that it cannot be used anymore; therefore, if the [redacted] 's want to be fully reimbursed for the item, United will exercise its salvage rightsIf the [redacted] 's would like to keep the buffet, United will waive its salvage rights and reimburse the [redacted] 's for half of the replacement costIf the [redacted] 's do not wish to accept either one of the two options outlined (salvage the item and pay full replacement cost or not salvage the item and pay half of the replacement cost), United will offer the [redacted] 's arbitration, which is United's dispute resolution process

Hello After reviewing this file, [redacted] has already addressed the rebuttal. She will be paying out for missing items. The customer is correct, the signature does not belong to her. Thanks!

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/10/22) */ I have reviewed the complaint filed by [redacted] Since the [redacted] shipment was transported across interstate-lines in interstate commerce pursuant to an interstate Bill of Lading and Mayflower's published operating tariffs incorporated therein, this entire transaction is governed exclusively by applicable federal lawNotwithstanding exclusive federal jurisdiction over the transaction in question, it is Mayflower's policy to cooperate fully with any inquiries made by state regulatory or consumer protection agencies Ms [redacted] lists items in her complaint that were not included in her initial claim filed on September 17, The adjuster is waiting for Ms [redacted] to complete a claim form so that the claim can be properly processedAdditionally, Ms [redacted] filed a police report for her stolen items and the police officer assigned to her case has indicated that the case is still openMs [redacted] is encouraged to contact her adjuster to discuss the add-ons to her claim and confirm what paperwork is needed to move the handling of her claim forwardThe claims department can be reached at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 27, 2015/06/30) */ As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of United Van Lines regarding the customer's comments and request that we refund his transportation costs We apologize for the frustration that the customer experienced regarding the communication of the transport of his shipment to Texas The customer signed an estimate on May 6, agreeing to the delivery spread of June 22, to June 29, The shipment was scheduled to be delivered on July 1, and unfortunately the customer had requested a Saturday deliveryHowever, due to the high volume of shipments transporting during Peak Season (May through September 13) and the shortage of drivers and equipment industry wide, the next available Saturday was July 11, We used every available avenue to get the customer's shipment to them within a timely manner and we were able to arrange for a crew to work overtime (at no cost to the customer)The shipment was delivered on Saturday June 27, 2015, which was within the delivery spread We apologize for the frustration the customer experienced, however we respectfully deny his request for compensation or a reduction of his transportation charges Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

Dear and Staff at *** *** ***/*** ***,ID#***Our Response to *** *** *** letter from Ms*** L***.1. Initial meeting with *** *** was on FriMay 26, for the EstimateAt that time we were only interested inpartial packing,(as we had appointments for another two movers to give us their quotes) .If United packed & crated part of our artwork & marble cost of our move from FtWhite, FL to ***, WI would be $14,andIf we did ALL the packing cost to move and deliver our furnishing quoted at $13,631.35United/*** *** Agent, *** ***, reassured us their Estimates were Binding & Final!2. June 07, 2017,We decided(our plans did not fall through) Not to hire the local mover from Gainesville, because just before signing their contract, they told us that theirEstimate was Not Bindingand total final cost at delivery might beDifferent than that of the Estimate. So, because we had heard about the Nightmares of other customers been heldHostage at Deliveryfor more money, we decided to go with ***/United sinceTheir Agent had Personally Reassured us several times both in person to *** during the Initial , (5/26/17) visit and over the phone to Both *** and *** on (6/07/17) that Their Estimate was BINDING & FINAL.United cost was Higher, but we wanted a "Headache Free" move, thus we chose United! We signed aBinding Contract with United for FULL PACKING BY MOVER at a cost of: $17,709.94.3. We were Very Appreciative that at this late hour United decided to handle our move since originally the Agent had told us around days from signing of contract to actual move, and we came in at days. However, Both United and the other Mover told us that because of the summer Rush delivery would be between - days, either furnishings would lay at their storage facility (***/United) which was convenient for us as we yet had to secure a rental, or with the Other mover they would not be able to pack us and out of our home until well towards the end of June, then delivery to WI in July.In Hindsight, IF we had know of events to come, not giving our packing appropriate time, Unusually High Volume of Damage from day one, being held Hostage at delivery, lack of communication and LIES, we would Never had contracted with UnitedUnited took a Stressful life event such as moving and made it even more Stressful than having Surgery!4. June 12, 2017, First Day of Packing, around packers arrived to pack and crate and the damages to our furnishing started at Dismantling!There wasNothing for us to get Ready except point to items to be packed. We had contracted for FULL PACKING BY MOVERS thus the cost of $17, 709.94.We think that United is Confused with the May 26, Initial Estimate for Partial packing at which time we would have done our own packing and ***/United would have packed/crated our artwork and marble at a cost of $14,325.26.5. Please refer to our Feb05, email of *** ***'s voice mail, Booking Agent for our move, to ***'s cell*** ***on Jul05, requesting Extra Labour of Four(4) Men for Six (6)Hours as per driver *** ***'s request in order to SORT OUT THE VAN at destination in Cedarburg, WI.Jul05, was delivery to WI. First stop to unload was at our two storage units.WHY DID *** ***,***, FL Not Pack the Van appropriately for delivery at storage and town home? *** requested lists from us with instructions of what goes where, in order for the van to be packed Appropriately, YET this Never transpired? WHY? We sent five emails with photos and instructions that were NEVER given to driver *** ***, he never packed the van , nor did he receive any of our instructional faxes as we had been told by ***, he just signed for the shipment and drove the van North.6. Agent and Sorting:Second day,June 13, 2017, around 8-packers arrived, our home was a Frenzy of activity.Agent, who came to our home on May 26, 2017, for Original Estimate, also arrived telling us Not to Impede the packers, (*** was directing movers to mark boxes either for Storage or Rental)What the Agent actually said was that the Packers had to"move along with the packing" as they had anotherassignmenton Wed/Thurs, and they were on a tight time line and sorting can be done at destination *** explained that she was NOT SORTING, but Directing so that boxes could be appropriately marked either for RENTAL or STORAGE as we knew from the beginning that we would First Rent, then 6/months laterpurchase a homeNEVER AT ANY POINT DURING THIS TIME DID AGENT MENTION ADDITIONAL COST FOR EXTRA LABOUR AT DELIVERY! This accusation is Preposterous and a Blatant Lie! We are Very Saddened that a billion company such as United has risked it's reputation while lacking facts and communications between Head Office and Agent.7. We have witnesses, ***, ***, Sandy, ***'s sister who drove down from SC to help us with the move, and our daughter All can Attest under Oath and in court if need be, that Never were we notified about extra Cost at delivery! These lies as to WHY the extra cost at Delivery have been circulating for months and depending on who you talk with, the reasons can vary:Our Booking Agent, during conversations with *** end of June while arranging for the delivery, Never remembered that Storage was involved, yet the Manager of ***, ***, FL told *** over the phone on June 30, when she called him very upset about the lack of Remembrance from Agent about Storage, that HE Himself went into their storage and indeed Many boxes were marked for Storage.Other various members from *** told us:* We did Not advise of Split between Storage and Town home, OR* We were going to put our furnishings in a Garage, lovely furniture, artwork in a garage in the Cold WI winters! Not likely!* *** *** had No Recollection that delivery was to be Split between Storage and Rental during a conversation with *** 6/& 29/17In order to facilitate the Extra Charge.From day One of our move we were well informed by the movers and staff from *** that packers hadanother jobon Wed/Thurs, and time was of Essence!IF Movers had been honest and told us that in the Rush of a Busy moving season They underestimated their Estimate or needed more men to facilitate our move or Whatever,and can we split the Extra cost, we Never would have Objected! We are all human, mistakes happen, no one is perfect regardless of good intentions, we would not have had a Problem, But this constant Fabrication of Excuses and Lies and holding *** Hostage at Delivery, just like hundreds of other Unprofessional and Unethical Movers is Devastating, Demoralizing and Very Sad! We paid a Lot of money with the intent that we were using the Best, Professionals in the country.8. OVER CHARGE,for Extra Labour at Delivery.We did notIncur the Extra Charge for Extra Labour at delivery! The Error is Solely the Responsibility of *** ***who had not packed the van accordingly for delivery to Storage and RentalThey packed us, loaded, drove the van North and it was their responsibility to unload and also remove the crating which will never happen as crated items are in our two storage units, so in actual fact less labour than contracted took place.It was Very Unfair that the van from ***, FL to WI was not separated. The staff at Delivery worked Extra Hard and *** ***, driver and one other gentleman were Very Unhappy with the Mess on the Van, having to unload the van and separate furnishings, deliver to storage then load up and deliver to our rental, it was an Exhausting day for all of us!Mr***s voice message to ***, which we have emailed separately on Feb05, 2017 for Clarity, said that *** requestedfour (4) men for six (6), BUT only TWO Men arrived for hours, from2pm-6pm. Staff at Delivery in Cedarburg, WI, Jul 05, 2017Driver,*** ***(863) 287-0498drove the truck up from ***, FL to WI***, New Berlin, WIstaff:Eddie Longoria, Phil (Felipe) Mandujano, Todd CannonAbovestaff started working at8am-6pmwith half/one hour lunch break.The Extra LabourRequested arrived at Cedarburgh Storage, Cedarburgh, WI at2pm-6pm.Tim Gray, an African American gentleman who brought his lovely and very helpful wife Renee and an African American Youth barely years old RandyTwo(2) staff for four(4) hours!For proof purposes we also have photos of staff, minus Todd who left a ahead from than everyone elsePlease let us know if you want us to forward proof.9. YES, *** did sign the Extra Labour Charge, BUT under DURESS!*** was in storage with strange gentleman, of who were Very Upset because of the van's Mess, meaning Extra Time and Labour for them. Our agent would Not respond to ***'s voice mail on left on his cell when she called him asking for an explanation , to this day, He has Never Returned the call and, she was told that unless she agreed to the Extra Labour they would Not Unload! We were in a rental with nowhere to sleep except on the floor and *** items to eat from! In Hindsight, *** should have called the police. A Very Stressful situation that will go down in our family history and so Unbelievable from a top rated company.10. We willgladly pay the $since at contractual time, and for delivery purposes the address stated was *** because of our lack of rental, and Cedarburg is miles North of ***.REFUTING:11. Supplemental Charges are based on the Fact the Van was Not Packed Appropriately and Divided for delivery to Storage and Rental. This is a Failure on behalf of *** ***, ***, FL so Please charge the appropriate personnel for their Failure to do Their jobs! We paid for All this Upfron at a cost of $17,94t!Therefore the Supplemental clause isVoided!We are Not Responsible for irresponsible and unprofessional staff! In Conclusion:Please recalculate the Extra Labour and Refund us the Hostage Money.Reimburse us $incurred on Oct07, for local movers we had to hire to alleviate Heavy load off our dinning room table in storage.Please start the repair processWe were told by *** *** that the repairs would now go forward, yet we have not heard fromMrJohn Ganiere, Furniture Medic, ***, WIOnce again, we have been are asking for months Where is the Spare Parts Box? It should have been given to driver *** ***, it wasn't!We have been greatly inconvenience because we had to buy screws to set up our kitchen table, still missing tv remotes, we cannot watch ourBlu Ray.Where are the four (4) corners which hold up the frame of our master four poster bed? Frame was broken while dismantling and it Cannot be repaired,without the four corners.We have asked repeatedly for United to please ask *** *** who signed OFF on our shipment in FL and never received a response. This is very unkind and irresponsible.Constantly reviewing why the Disdain and the Myriaid of damages during the packing process and we are dumb founded.Packing a tray of paint found in our garagePaint obviously spilt damaging our daughter's plush toysPaint is toxic and prohibited from being transported!Scrunching into balls,posters (which were rolled up so we could have them framed & found in ***'s office cupboard) and our carpet runners scrunched and thrown into boxes.Our daughter's Cardinal water colour for which she had won an art prize, shoved into a box causing the matting to be folded over and damagedGreen salad left by the kitchen sink in a stainless bowl with paper towel covering, was packed in a box.Artwork wrapped in tissue and jammed in with kitchen items, causing the tissue to stick to artwork causing damageChina: throwing Christmas glasses and base of lamp in box without wrapping.Expensive china which includes a Lladro statue of a girl and duck not packed in china appropriate boxWhy was our Beloved concrete Angel Madelein Not Crated as agreed, half her base is MISSING?Deliberately down playing the condition of our belongings to the point that it was hard to recognize what they were talking about.Many furniture joints, legs broken or loose, broken curtain rods, lamp finials, endless amount of chipped furniture too many to mention, WHY? We thought we had hired Professionals.Breaking the frame of the master four poster bedBreaking marble from our foot board and our marble from our dressing table.We want to take this opportunity to THANK all parties involved in this dispute, *** ***, *** *** *** and the thank you for your time and courtesy of listening to our complaint. If Anyone has any QUESTIONS that need further clarification, Please do not hesitate to call *** or even to have a telephone conference with all parties so we can resolve this in an Amicable manner.Sincerely,*** and *** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/08/21) */
As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of Mayflower Transit regarding the customer's request of $per day for delay benefits
We apologize for the frustration that the customer experienced
regarding the delay of the transport of his shipment to TexasHowever, due to the high volume of shipments transporting during Peak Season (May through September 15) and the shortage of drivers and equipment industry wide, we used every available avenue to get the customer's shipment to them within a timely manner
The customer had a delivery spread of July 11, to July 21, The shipment delivered to the customer on August 13, Per their agreement, the customer was entitled to delay benefits of $daily allowance
To date, the customer has not submitted a delay request that we require for auditing purposesHowever, I am processing a delay claim settlement in the amount of $2,to be mailed out on Monday, August 24,
The delay was not anticipated when the move was accepted nor was it intentional in anywayWe apologize for the delay and regret that we failed to meet the customer's expectationsHowever, there will be no further compensation for the delay based on the customer's perceived level of service
Our records do not indicate that a damage claim has been receivedThe customer has months from the actual delivery date to submit her damage claims
Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint
Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 24, 2015/10/14) */
I have not been able to file to finalize the damage claimThey did send me a check for late delivery and my shipment weighed was less and they sent me a checkI have not had time to compute if they paid me the exact amountI have been working days a week and have not had time to get estimates on the damageI am satisfied with the the delayed delivery check of $2,and for the additional check for my shipment being under weightI will file a damage claim but consider the case resolved

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/12/01) */
Mayflower Transit, LLC ("Mayflower") has completed its review of the cargo loss and damage claim filed by Mrand Mrs***On November 17, a detailed full and final settlement position was sent to Mrand Mrs*** on their
claimIn the event Mrand Mrs*** have questions concerning Mayflower's itemized settlement position they may contact *** *** their assigned adjuster at (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Mayflower/United did not notify me of the rerouting of my container to San Antonio They repeately lied to me regarding the delivery date and did not fulfill the terms of the cotract I signed Do not do business with this company.Sincerely,
*** ***

Thank you for the information and we will have the claim assigned to a team and they will be able to address your concerns Thank you, *** *** Claims Manager

This claim is still open and no final resolution has been presented to the customer. I spoke to this customer yesterday and we are now just waiting on the inspection to take place. Once, the items have been inspected, we will present our settlement position to the customerThank you,
*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/01/25) */
I have reviewed the information and we can issue $as a customer service gesture since the items were checked as being receivedWe would like to send the repair firm back out to re-evaluate the damage to the mattress to see if they
mattress has retaken its shape

This complaint will need to be transferred to the Eastern Missouri for United Van Lines as Mr*** *** ***’s shipment moved under United Van Lines, LLC (“United’s”) interstate operating authorityFor purposes of the Mr***’s interstate move, Fry-Wagner was acting solely as a
disclosed household goods agent of UnitedAs a disclosed household goods agent, Fry-Wagner cannot be liable for damages arising out of United’s performance under its interstate Bill of LadingTherefore, please remove Fry-Wagner from the complaint and forward the complaint to the Eastern Missouri for United Van Lines. Thank you

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