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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: it has nothing to do with my original complaint against United Van Lines with
regards to the $1,I am owed per our contract as they were days late in delivery We will accept the $for damaged items but again, this has nothing to do with the original complaintWith regards to that complaint our lawyer will be contacting United Van Lines as they were not able to appropriately remedy the situation
*** ***

Good Afternoon- A review of your shipping documents reflects that you released your shipment to United at $per pound per articleYour settlement, based on this coverage, was outlined in your settlement letterIf you have manufacturer or other independent information that supports higher
weights for the items you have reported, please feel free to submit such information to me for additional review and considerationYou also indicated that you expected to have the items inspected and repairedHowever, the Bill of Lading governing your shipment shows, by your entry and signature in the valuation section, that you selected $per pound, per articleBased on your valuation selection, United’s liability is limited to $per pound, per article. The repair costs would exceed our legal liability and therefore, we would not pursue having the items inspectedThank you *** *** Claims Manager UniGroup * *** *** Fenton, MO *** *** *** Fax #: ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Thank you for your responseI appreciate the gesture of offering extra funds for reimbursement of damages, and I would accept thoseHowever, I cannot accept giving the bike up as salvageIt is worth more than the salvage amountI would accept a check for extra funds without giving the motorcycle up
*** ***

Good Morning, Customer *** *** has contacted to file a complaint about the process used to deny religious items (Inventory #***)Mrs*** is seeking $1,The cartons reported as missing were packed by the owner and were fast-track inventoried (see policy in section 5)The
inventory (section 4.b.)Shows that item #*** was scanned as receivedThe only missing box was a "parts box." The fast-track inventory was signed by the customerAdditionally, the adjuster initiated a trace which yielded zero resultsWithin the tariffs and policies that UniGroup operates under, the adjuster was correct and acted appropriately when denying the alleged missing items Please see the attached document for details regarding my review Respectfully, *** *** Cargo Claims Manager

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/09/03) */
As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of Mayflower Transit regarding the customer's request for $compensation
We apologize for the frustration that the customer experienced regarding the
delay of the transport of his shipment to WashingtonHowever, due to the high volume of shipments transporting during Peak Season (May through September 15) and the shortage of drivers and equipment industry wide, we used every available avenue to get the customer's shipment to them within a timely manner
The customer's has indicated that the shipment was loaded day late at originIn addition, the customer had a delivery spread of August 14, to August 24, The shipment delivered to the customer on August 26, They were entitled to delay benefits of $daily allowance, we do not reimburse for expenses
We have processed a delay claim settlement in the amount of $for the day delay at loading and days delay at deliveryThe check # XXXXXX was mailed to the customer on September 1,
The delay was not anticipated when the move was accepted nor was it intentional in anywayWe apologize for the delay and regret that we failed to meet the customer's expectationsHowever, there will be no further compensation for the delay based on the customer's perceived level of service
Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

United Van Lines, LLC and Mayflower Transit, LLC have searched their records for an interstate shipment for *** *** Without additional information, we are unable to identify the shipment Please have Ms*** provide a copy of the interstate Bill of Lading/Contract which will
provide the order # we need in order to lothe shipment and prepare an appropriate response Thank you

Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to review your concerns outlined in your letter to the We have completed an investigation regarding your concerns and wanted to further explain our settlement position A review of the shipping documents and your outlined concerns reflects your
shipment was delivered to a temporary apartment with limited spaceAlso, we do not see that the necessary packing materials were provided to the crew to protect the items that were positioned in the garage and storage unit You also stated that you contracted another moving company to move your items to your permanent residenceThis supports that the items in your shipment were moved a second time, after being delivered by Mayflower and before you filed your claimA review of the Inventory Control Form found no exceptions or notations to indicate loss or damage when the goods were originally delivered by MayflowerAccording to Mayflower’s tariff and Bill of Lading, the carrier is entitled to inspect and verify claimed damages before any goods are moved againWithout performing an inspection, we are unable to differentiate between damages that may have occurred while the goods were in possession of Mayflower or during the subsequent moveGiven this information, Mayflower must respectfully maintain the denial of your claimThank you, *** *** Claims Manager

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/08) */
I have reviewed the complaint filed by *** ***
Since the *** shipment was transported across interstate-lines in interstate commerce pursuant to an interstate Bill of Lading and Mayflower's published operating tariff's incorporated
therein, this entire transaction is governed exclusively by applicable Federal lawNotwithstanding exclusive Federal jurisdiction over the transaction in question, it is Mayflower's policy to cooperate fully with any inquiries made by state regulatory or consumer protection agenciesAccordingly, I have provided a summary of the handling of this file for your consideration
The adjuster assigned to Mr***'s claim is in the process of reviewing Mr***'s concerns about his motorcycleA final response will be provided to Mr***, by the adjuster, in 7-business days

I have reviewed the complaintThe complaint stated there were pictures attached, however pictures from the customer were not attached to the complaintI have reviewed the settlement of your file and the settlement is appropriateI have attached the settlement letter that was sent to youThanks! *** ** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/09/17) */
As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of United Van Lines regarding the customer's request for reimbursement in the amount of $2,
They had a Straight Talk Price Assurance Estimate dated
August 13, 2015; A Straight Talk Price Assurance Bill of Lading GPPW, which means that the final charges are based on the guaranteed weight which is noted on the estimateThis type of contract includes a weight allowance credit, if the actual weight is less than the estimate weight, in the amount of $per hundredth weight
The estimate weight was 5,pounds and the actual weight was 2,poundsThe customer was entitled to and did receive a weight allowance credit
The weight allowance credit was as follows: 5,pounds - 2,pounds = 2,pounds divided by = x $per hundredth weight (cwt) = a credit weight allowance in the amount of $A credit card refund was processed to the customer on September 7, for this amount
The original estimate given was for 10,poundsHowever, the customer called back and said that they were going to move all their boxes themselvesWe went out again days prior to the loading and revised the estimate to 5,pounds
We cannot change the terms of his contract after loadingTherefore, we respectfully deny his request for reimbursement in the amount of $2,
Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

Thank you for allowing United Van Lines to review your concerns. In reading your statements, it is my understanding that may items were denied because they were not available for inspection but you’re stating the items were available. We cannot adjust the settlement or accept any
additional liability until the items have been inspected. We would like to send the repair firm back to your residence to examine the items that are now available so we can determine if the damages are transit related which will determine how we resolve your claim. We do appreciate your patience and look forward to resolving your claim Thank you, *** ***

This is to inform the that I have decided to accept the offer of $settlement from United Van Line. I was called
directly and emailed by United Van Lines about the offer. At this point, I am tired of dealing with the situation and will accept the offer to bring the matter to a close so I can move forward

In response to customer’s request for $1,origin and destination residential property damage, as well as $11,for damages to their personal belongingsThe customer had a very large 34,pounds move. Therefore, the pack/load of theirshipment spanned over days. Mrand Mrs
***initially requested reimbursement for origin and destination residential property damage in September from *** ***The origin residential property damage in Georgia was inspected and denied. The denial for the carpets, walls and trim work were based on that fact that the crew was not the only parties present in the customer’s home during the packing and loading of their shipment. Our records indicate that several members of the church were helping the customer in the home during that time alsoThe denial for the garage stairwell was based on the following facts. The driver stated that he pointed out to Mr*** that the garage stairwell was unstable at the time of loading. Upon receiving the residential property damage claim in September 2016, *** *** still dispatched a repairman to inspect the stairway. It was determined that the stairway was poorly constructed, did not meet code and could have resulted in serious injury when it began detaching from the side of the house during loadingThe destination residential property damage in New Jersey for the patio lighting fixture was denied. Our records indicate that the patio furniture was already there and we did not enter the patio. *** *** accepted responsibility for the carpets being soiled and the customer received a check in the amount of $to have the carpets cleaned at destinationWe have contacted *** *** regarding the customer’s residential property damage dispute. They have been instructed to turn the entire claim over to their insurance company to review and make a final determination, in the interest of customer serviceThe customer just submitted their Cargo Claim regarding damage to their personal belongings during transit on May 8, to *** ***. It was referred to UniGroup and registered on May 18, 2017. Our UniGroup Cargo Claims Department has scheduled an appointment to have an inspection performed on May 26, and will have any unresolved re-assembly issues addressed at that time. Although, we would like to settle cargo claim issues overnight, this just not feasible, especially for one of this magnitude. However, we will resolve a claim issue as soon as we possibly canThe customer has already been advised that their move did not include Maid Service and we would not be returning to sort through or repack items for them. Ms*** was offered a $as apology for the frustration that she experienced regarding the move in September and she declined the offerUnited Van Lines did not anticipate difficulties when the move was accepted nor was it intentional in anyway. We regret that we failed to meet the customer’s expectations. Thank you for allowing us to respond to the customer’s complaint

We have evaluated the claim and supporting documents We sent our offer on 9/and our position remains the same The items being denied were denied because we could find no evidence of carrier mishandling that would support Mayflower accepting liability The items were denied
because we do not cover mechanical malfunction for this type of move We must have evidence the reported damages were damaged while in the custody of the van line If the member does not agree with our position, they will need to transfer their claim to their local Military Claims OfficeThank you, *** *** Claims Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThey clarified the claim amount and promptly issued a check for the full amount via USPS
*** ***

We have established our settlement position and will offering $for the TV and the coffee table We had evidence that supported damage to these two items occurred while in the care of United Van Lines We are maintaining our denial for the stemware and the dishes because the
cartons were packed by the customer The boxes were delivered with no indication of the cartons being damaged so there is no evidence of carrier mishandling When our customers pack their own cartons, the van operator has no knowledge of the contents, the condition of the contents, or the method of packing As no exceptions were noted at the time of delivery, United has no evidence to support that the carrier is responsible for the reported damage Accordingly, United regrets that it must respectfully deny liability on the claimed items that were in cartons that the customer packed*** ***

Please see attached

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/08/27) */
As the Lead Customer Service Specialist, I have been asked to respond on behalf of Mayflower Transit regarding the customer's concerns with his move
We apologize for the frustration that the customer experienced regarding the method of the
transport of his shipment to VirginiaHowever, due to the high volume of shipments transporting during Peak Season (May through September 15) and the shortage of drivers and equipment industry wide, we used every available avenue to get the customer's shipment to them within a timely mannerTherefore, we used our container program to transport his shipment destination and the shipment was delivered to him on August 13,
The mattresses were placed in cartons at the origin warehouse and they arrived undamaged at destination in thus cartonsTherefore, the charges for the mattress cartons, packing and unpacking are valid and there will no refund
Thank you for allowing me to respond to customer's complaint

We are maintaining our settlement position until the customer is able to provide evidence to support her allegations of the signatures and documents being forged

The consumer’s contract is with United Van LinesHe needs to file his complaint with the Greater StLouis Area and this complaint should be closed

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