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Valvoline Instant Oil Change

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The issue identified in the customer's complaint has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction

VIOC has investigated this incident and are sorry for the inconvenience of thisVIOC does not open up or fill brake fluidWe inspect the brake fluid level during the service by inspecting through the reservoir, at no time to we open the brake fluid cylinderWe have confirmed this by video review If there is supporting documentation to show our service caused a brake issue we will stand behind our service and take care of any issue we causedFrom the information we have received thus far, we did not add any fluid to the brake reservoir so the issue brought to our attention could not have occurred at VIOC Please let me know if there is any other information available to help assist with our investigation

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/02/11) */ Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Area Manager Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] I was not made aware of the complaint until I received this notice, typically issues such as this are handled through our Customer Care department so we can work through them in a quick fashionI investigated the claim with my team at that location and also recognize that the customer is very loyal to usAfter talking with the team and investigating the claim, I accept the resolution that the customer proposes

This letter is in response to the communication received from the regardingcomplaint # [redacted] .The customer came in for an oil change on July 18, with an odometer reading of 131,Weperformed the oil change as per manufacturer specifications, showed the customer the new oil and gavethem a service reminder of 3,miles, as per the manufacturer and Valvoline.On or about November 20, Valvoline received a call from the customer that read "customer tookthe car to a friend who was a mechanic to have an oil changeFriend noticed oil filter was not installedproperly?, engine is damaged"This friend then changed the oil and the filter in the vehicle as accordingto the customer, there was oil on the tip of the dipstick which means it was low on oil by roughly 1quartWe were never able to see any improperly installed oil filter or have any record of it.On November 24, the customer brought his vehicle back into Valvoline so it could be looked atwith now 138,miles on the odometer (double the manufacturer recommendation)As there was noevidence of the original Valvoline oil filter, there was no way to tell if it was installed wrong, however anoil filter that is leaking will NOT last over miles; all the oil would have come out of the vehicle andthe engine would have seizedAdditionally, we know from the customer that there was in fact oil in thecar when the oil was changed and that a vehicle with 140k on it will burn oilWe looked the vehicle overand found that there were three check engine codes present, all from misfires and no oil residue fromwhere the filter was mountedThere was a slight ticking in the top of the engine, but with a vehiclehaving almost 140,miles on it, that is to be expectedThe engine was running and had goodcompression on November 24,2017.Since the customer is not following the maintenance schedule by exceeding the oil change interval twiceover, and that there is no proof that there was any negligence? we have denied the claim

Here is the copy of my invoiceI tried to include it in my original message but it was rejected Thank you [redacted]

Phone response - we have contacted the consumer based on a customer care complaint (Valvoline in house) , the consumer has yet to respond to the calls made I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below the belt was not the problem that the "mechanic" described, and after he changed the belt he said that it was fixed, but he never inspected the problem he assumed it was the belt and told me if I changed it the problem would be fixed, that was not that caseif he would have inspected where the belt ran he could had seen like the Upland Valvoline person saw that the belt was not the problem and on his own words "anyone looking at this would know that its not the belt"if their mechanics can not tell the difference between different problems on the car, they shouldn't diagnose offer a solution and tell you that the car is fixed when clearly it was not Regards, [redacted] ***

We are in receipt of this complaintWe will be notifying upper management of her request for video reviewWe have left MrsRoldan a voice message requesting proper documentation of repairs for further reconsideration

[redacted] ? When [redacted] came in for service we preformed our visual inspectionUpon inspection we recommended he replace his serpentine belt because it was cracked.? There was no issue with the harmonic balancer at the time of his visit with usIt was not until? weeks later? Upland was able to see a non-related problem only because it had just occurredOur recommendation of the serpentine belt replacement was not at all the reason for his harmonic balancer issueAs stated in your first letter " the belt needed to be replaced' and "the belt was not the problem the mechanic said" [redacted] visually needed a new belt, by us replacing it caused no harm to the vehicle and? was not? "unnecessary work"Because the issue is a not related, we cannot take any financial responsibility.? Thank youID# [redacted] _____________________________________________________ [redacted] Service Center Manager [redacted] Henley Enterprises / Henley Pacificdba? Valvoline Instant Oil Change [redacted] / North Harbor BlvdFullerton, CA 92835Office:? 714-871-

Hello! Please be advised that payment for this claim was issued on 7/6/in the amount of $Check#: [redacted] Sent to: [redacted] *** Because we have to utilize the corporate customer care department for payments, we were unaware, until Mr [redacted] sent his last update, that the claim was not paidAt no point was it our intention to “pass the buck”We apologize if that was the impression, as it was never our intentionI sincerely apologize for this and hope we have resolved this matter and the can update the status pleaseThanks! [redacted] [redacted] Field Recruiting SpecialistHenley Enterprises, Inc.D/b/a Valvoline Instant Oil Change1051B East Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876Main Office Tel: [redacted]

We did an oil change on the consumers vehicle, after which she noticed an oil leak. She took the vehicle to a dealership, instead of returning to us to address the issue. The dealership put in an aftermarket oil plug,designed for an aluminum oil pan. Unfortunately, hers is steal and this stripped the threads. If the consumer would have brought this to our attention first, we could have easily addressed the issue before any damagewas done to the engine. Therefore, after careful review, we are denying this claimWe wish to close out this matter based on the information provided

This is our response to *** ***'s complaint We conducted an oil change for *** *** on November the 20th, days later on April the 5th, *** *** contacted the store to inform us that we owed her for an oil change that she had conducted at
another facility*** *** states that we put the wrong drain plug and gasket on her vehicle and used vice grips to tighten the drain plugWe never have nor ever will use vice grips to tighten a drain plugThat is a completely statementThe same drain plug that was on her car when she came in was placed back on her car when she leftMrs*** has sent numerous text messages to our Area Manager stating the following."HeyCheck out your review on ***, ***, and ***! Not done yet! " "See ***.comBad customer service and not doing the right thing will cost you much more than $87.13." *** *** states that she has very little mileage on her carThe technician at the dealership stated to us that she had driven enough miles to indeed have an oil changeWe are a family run business and take customer service and customer retention very seriouslyWe have no idea if there was a problem with her car or notWe at this time are going to deny this claim and will not respond to any rebuttals by *** ***She has smeared our Area Manager's name all over the internet and made numerous unflattering comments about our business on numerous websites. Shaun S*** Valvoline Instant Oil Change *** *** *** ***
*** ** *** ###-###-#### (Work) ###-###-#### (cell) ###-###-#### (fax)

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
why is it that there's so so many reviews on google in regards of the same issue, breaking a lease shouldn't leave you with a bill of almost $
*** *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I already sent the the service orders to prove that I did indeed have my oil and filter changed at ValvolineThus, the owner is committing perjury that they only changed my transmission fluidThe oil leak is obvious under the new filterThe age of the vehicle has no bearing on the oil leak as most of the leaking oil first came from the cap on the oil filter pan not screwed on tightAlso I have the name of my mechanic in Montana who will verify that this van was a fleet van that was kept well maintained-*** ***, *** ** (listed)Thus, the leaky filter was not due to my neglect of the vehicle but the neglect of Valvoline for failing to notify me of the leak that was obvious by the mechanic I currently am having repair the leakHe stated that there is no possible way that Valvoline could have not seen the leak and would be so negligent as to fill the oil at that timeValvoline should at least refund the cost of my oil change, having my vehicle cleaned of the oil, inpection cost of $and subsequent oil I had to put in of $As far as Splashville making those comments, that is untrue as the manager explained to me he would call him to verify that indeed the oil leak was obvious and I was being honestIf he stated otherwise, I have no idea why he would have bothered to call at all (except he did mention he wanted to switch to Valvoline-a backstabber)?Regards,*** ***

I came to the Lake Underhill location for my "minute oil change" There was a car in front of me when I arrived already being worked on The employee came out and greeted me and told me it was going to be minutes wait for the car ahead of me I waited minutes and the employee came out once again to tell me that it will be another half hour because customer requested more services I waited minutes and the employee came out once again and said that it will be another minutes even though minutes ago he had told me that it would be half hour Horrible customer service and they lie about the wait time I called the customer service number and they are closed on Sundays so you can't even call and complain Unbelievable
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.
I am attaching the invoices from Valvoline and *** *** RepairWhen the repair was made the owner of the radiator shop is the one who brought it to our attention that there is no way that the radiator was flushed and he showed us the evidenceHe also noted it on his invoiceEven though we had to replace the radiator we were disturbed that we paid for a service that was not performed correctly.
R*** D***

February 8, 2016To Whom It May Concern:On February 25, Mr*** and *** *** signed a lease contact dated for February 25, thru March 21, This is a legally binding document with any changes to be in writing by all partiesNeither we nor any of our representatives can make any
oral promises, representations or agreementsWe have no authority to waive, amend, or terminate this lease contract or any part of it, unless in writing.On October 16, Mr*** turned in a day notice to vacate the apartment on December 14, The lease break was explained to him and noted on the notice to vacate formAttached signed copy of lease addendum for early termination, refer to procedures paragraph 3: Required day notice to vacate, you move out on or before the early termination date and do not hold over, pay the early term fee$for early termination fee.We did not received keys/remotes on December 14, The apartment was walked on December 15, to see if the apartment had been vacatedThe gate remote was not returned however the keys were on the kitchen counter when the apartment was walkedA prorate for one day rent of $was charged for December 15, 2015.The electric is required to be in the residents name through the move out dateIt was taken out of the residents name on November 16, We charged back the electric from November 17, through the move out date of December 15, for $The final water/sewer/trash bill was $39.96.Attached pictures for full clean, light bulbs, drip pans, carpet damage, damage to vinyl and trash outTotaling $399.41.Mr*** and *** *** were unresponsive to the final account statement mailed on December 24, and to the follow up email for request for payment mailed on January 29, Since it has been more than days from move out the account was turned over to our collection agency. Mr*** and *** *** failed to abide by the terms of the contract and were charged accordingly, his complaint is unjustified and they owe the amount of $1736.25.Respectfully,*** ***

Extremely happy with the service and customer serviceThey were very fast, friendly, and efficient, and informativeI will be recommending everyone to come here for their oil changes and stuff

He had his engine replaced and this issue has been resolved

last July we took wife's van for oil changeTechnician forgot to tighten the cap all way Our driveway has all these oil stains
Chad the manager came out to put down a chemical on it to remove stains but it it didn't work He promised to come out and pressure wash my drive way but never did Tried calling him several times and now just ignores my callsI stopped by valvoline to try to speak with him and they told Me he was busy and didn't come out to see me nor has he called me backThis is a brand new home that we moved into earlier this yearAll I'm asking is for them to do the right thing and clean my driveway but no luck and it's now almost NovemberVery disappointed not to mention my driveway looks like ***!

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