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Valvoline Instant Oil Change

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Ms *** came into our facility on March 5th for an oil changeDuring this service she had ask the CSR about oil leaks under the vehicleShe was informed that there were leaks but that we were not able to determine where they were all coming fromShe returned on April 3rd and asked
for a transmission flushThis service is performed top side through the Transmission oil filler tubeI am sorry that Ms *** was not satisfied with work we performed on her vehicleShe has never contact the store regarding her concerns only has sent threatening emailsWe did receive a call from the manager at Splasherville express on April He told my manager that he was calling us because Ms *** had been urging him to callHe told us that the vehicle was run down and that they wanted nothing to do with her or her vehicle, Ms ***'s problems were not caused by our servicesThey are simply the type of problems one would expect from a vehicle of this ageThis Ford van is over years old and has 225,miles on it at last service

Hello K***,This is a little disturbing to me when a church claims we didn't do somethingThe fact was very clear when I watched the video for minutes that our employees did the serviceThe disturbing part is that the church driver actually watched them perform the service. We will not be
refunded any services performed. Regards,A*** S***

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 7, 2015/09/10) */
Valvoline has agreed to reimburse me after I called again todayThank you
*** ***

complaint #*** has been resolved to my satisfaction

A transmission fluid exchange was performed on Mr***’s *** ** (the “Vehicle”) at mileage 116,on February 20, at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change facility located at *** *** *** *** ** (the “Brockton VIOC”), which is operated by *** ***s Inc(the
“Company”)The complaint claims that the transmission fluid exchange service was performed improperly and caused damage to the Vehicle’s transmissionBased on its investigation, the Company does not believe it is responsible for the purported issues that Mr*** is having with the Vehicle. Upon receiving Mr***’s complaint, the Vehicle was brought to a third-party repair facility, *** Transmissions, located at *** *** *** *** ** *** (“***”), for inspection and the Company provided Mr*** with a rental VehicleBased on its diagnostics, *** confirmed that the correct transmission fluid was used, although the fluid appeared dirty*** further noted that the current condition of the Vehicle’s transmission fluid was an indication of an internal transmission problemAdditionally, *** discovered that the Vehicle’s solenoid was stuck in the off positionTo remedy the issue, the Vehicle would require a transmission rebuild or replacement.The Company informed Mr*** that it would not be taking responsibility for the issues associated with the Vehicle as the transmission service was performed correctly and the issues that Mr*** was having with the Vehicle were unrelated to the transmission fluid exchange serviceRegardless, as a good faith gesture, the Company offered payment of a portion of the repair cost to Mr***, however, Mr*** declinedWhile the Company believes the transmission fluid exchange service was performed properly, without damage to the transmission, the Company is concerned about customer service and its customers’ experiences at its VIOC Centers, and as such, is willing to refund Mr*** the cost of transmission fluid exchange service in the amount of $in order to recompense him for his unsatisfactory experience at the Brockton VIOC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

We have reached an agreement with the guest. Please verify with her to ensure satisfaction.Thank you


This will be the second time Ms*** has filed a complaint with the Revdex.comThe first complaint was file number ***We are responding to this exact same complaint with a different file
number ***
MsHeather *** came to our store on the 12th of November to have an oil change and a light bulb replacedMs*** brought her own light bulb into our store because her bulb was no ***er working on her carOur manager at the time replaced her light bulb with the light bulb she furnished for us to useOur manager did replace it correctly and tested the light to see if it was working at the time and it wasMs*** returned to our store a few days later stating that her bulb was no ***er workingWe replaced the bulb again for her at no cost and once again it was working when the vehicle left our storeMs*** was informed at this time by the manager that the bulb was burned in the same location as the original bulb was and there could be a wiring problemShe was also informed that if it goes out again she needs to have it looked atIt is our contention that Ms*** brought us a bulb to be replaced the first time because her bulb housing/electrical system for the bulb had a preexisting problemWe informed Ms*** that bulbs do not just burn out as her's did and that she has other problems with her lighting systemMs*** proceeded to demand that we pay over $in repairsUnfortunately we denied her claim because of the above explanation.In reference to Mr*** accusation that I was disrespectful, I take offense to his accusationAt no time did I use any disrespectful language towards Ms*** or her father Mr***We have the entire first conversation on video tapeI did not want a second meeting in our store because of her erratic, rude behavior and I asked both her and her father to discuss the matter with me outsideInstead she stormed into the waiting area after I had asked her and her father politely not to do soUnfortunately the second meeting ended because she was extremely disrespectful and I asked her father to please have her leave the officeMs*** proceeded to use inappropriate language towards myselfOn her way out she was cussing and flipping me off as she stormed out of the store yelling at another customer in the waiting roomWe also have this on video tapeWe are a family run business and take great pride in our customer serviceOne of our core tenets is the belief that every customer that comes into our store is someone's loved oneWe go above and beyond to train our employees on treating each customer as if they were their family members
I am sending the copy of the receipts as requestedI would like to keep the complaint open until I receive restitution form Valvoline
*** ***

I received the complaint from *** *** for the service that she received at our location on March 2, 2017, compliant #***. We are always concerned when our customers have an experience that is not satisfactory. I have reviewed video for the experience in question and I can speak
to what we did perform. First, the oil change was completed and completed correctly, so the oil was changed. Second, the only fluid that was added was washer fluid, I can only assume other fluids were full since they were not topped off. Third, the air in the tires was checked, but we do not typically check the air in the spare unless a customer requests it. Fourth, I cannot say for sure whether the air box was correctly put back together, so based on that, I will issue a refund to the customer. She will receive the refund in 7-business days. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.Thanks

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
I rejected this response because I was told that it was ok to operate the vehicle after showing the technician that the oil light was on I was also told that there would be no problems with operating the vehicleApproximately minutes of driving after leaving the facility I notice absounds from the engine compartment and the engine seized and shut down forcing me to get the vehicle towed I had requested to see the security tape and was told that I would be called back to set for me to do soI was never called back It had been very difficult to properly communicate with them and I often had to call multiple times to get a response.If there is a question as to the time of engine failure in relation to Valvoline 's service, I can happily provide phone records to show when I called my insurance company to arrange a tow truck and when the car was towed to the mechanical shop as well as I could see what records that the insurance company and tow truck company has in order to prove the timeline
*** ***
I think that you have missed the points
First, my dad opened the first complaint because you told
him that any correspondence should be directed to you at the *** office. He opened the complaint and *** at the told him to reopen it at the *** office where the work was
Second, let me point out to you that the Halogen bulbs that
are used in head lights burn extremely hot and if they come into contact with
anything they burn out Bulbs do burn
out due to many conditions just like any other light bulb. Wear, improper placement, being held with
human hands and getting the oils on them shorten their life. I can only expect that the original one burned
out due to wear since I’ve had the car since July and have had no other issues
with the head lights. This is a Mazda
and was purchased from the *** *** dealership and if there was anything
wrong with it, I’m sure they would of either told me or fixed the issue before
selling the car
During the conversations that my dad and I had with you on
the first visit you were saying that the clip on the bulb was missing when in
fact the retaining bracket was broken and where the bulb is placed in the head
light was burned This only leads me to believe
it was an improper installation not once but twice. If the bracket was broken when the manager
replaced it the first time, he should have returned the bulb to *** and
told her that he could not install it because of the broken bracket just as the
mechanic at the dealership did after he inspected the headlight. It was not faulty wiring as you and the
manager told us. It was faulty
installation of the bulb. I have the
headlight to prove that the bracket was broken and the plastic was burned
After the first meeting my dad and I wanted to talk to the
manager You agreed When we arrived you expected to conduct the
meeting outside in the freezing cold when you had an office inside that you
told us you did not know about until we pointed it out. When we met with you and the manager, he hardly said a word and it was him we came
to talk to. You wanted to control both
meetings. I know that the manager might
have felt that if he said anything wrong, he could lose his job
Third and not least, you should take offense to my comments because
of the way you treated me whether it shown in the video or not. I can’t dispute what is in the video I don’t know if it includes both visual and
audioI know one thing lead to the other and you did not handle it well You should take the customers feedback (good
or bad) for the purpose of improving the way you treat your customers. We came in to see if we could resolve an
issue and you treated us very poorly which resulted in the way I reacted which
was inappropriate. When someone doesn’t
stand up and take accountability for their mistakes it makes me really angry and
frustrated. When someone tries to cover
up their mistakes by not telling the truth (you and the manager) to get out a
repair cost, there needs to be more
training in customer relations. In my
honest option, you did not know how to
handle the situation and I guess you thought if you treated me badly I would go
away. I don’t know how many others you
have treated this way or if anyone one else had run into the issue of a bad
install and if they know they have other options to get this heard.
If the mechanic who inspected and replaced the headlight
mentioned that the bulb could have caused a fire, where does the responsibility
in “treating each customer as if they were their family members” come into play? I think it is all “lip” service and I will
never go back to any of the Valvoline service stations again and I will tell
all of my friends not to have the service done there either
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
the belt was not the problem that the "mechanic" described, and after he changed the belt he said that it was fixed, but he never inspected the problem he assumed it was the belt and told me if I changed it the problem would be fixed, that was not that caseif he would have inspected where the belt ran he could had seen like the Upland Valvoline person saw that the belt was not the problem and on his own words "anyone looking at this would know that its not the belt"if their mechanics can not tell the difference between different problems on the car, they shouldn't diagnose offer a solution and tell you that the car is fixed when clearly it was not
*** ** ***

I have repeatedly cancelled any memberships, programs, or contracts and requested that Tan Republic stop charging my credit cardEvery month there is a new chargeI have written letters and spoken with the corporate officeI am always told the charges will stopThey don'tMy minor daughter used the facility under the previous ownersShe doesn't have a current signed medical form and can not tanTan Republic continues to charge a feeI have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and am working with me bank on the charges

*** *** serviced his vehicle with us at Valvoline Instant Oil Change on 7/22/Upon visual inspection our service representative recommended a replacement of his serpentine beltThe vehicle is years old had at least or more cracks per inchHe agreed to us removing
the belt then we showed him the old serpentine belt and *** said "Thank you"A few weeks later his wife called the service center demanding a refund of the serpentine belt, I looked into it &I let her know that our service was not the reason for his problem with his vehicle. Thank youID# ***

On Saturday 8/18/around 3:30pm my boyfriend and I visited the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Cive, IA for a simple oil change on his Chrysler We noticed his oil light had come on so we made sure to go to the nearest place where we could get in that day, which happened to be ValvolineWe pulled in and they began to update some old information we had in the system, then checked all our lightsAfter this, some other techs came over to begin the oil change, something that they advertise as minutes or lessAs they were doing this, my boyfriend and I were sitting in the driver and front passenger *** of his car stillWe heard one tech say "oops!" and then another tech came over and said to his coworker "Careful! You can't just do that with a Chrysler!" We looked at each other in mutual worry over what had just happenedHe got out and asked them what was going on and they said the dip stick for our oil was "already broken" when they opened it, doubtful since moments ag

To Whome it may concern, Valoline staff (AM Eugene P*** and SCM Travis H***) visted customer ( *** ***) at *** *** **, where the vehicle is located, at aprox time of 5:30pm. Upon conducting our investication we had taken several pictures of
under the vehicle to document current condition. During the investigation we found that the drain plug and oil filter area were tight and showed no signs of leaking oil, but we did notice a pre-existing oil leak located around the front seal and the timing chain cover which has no connection to the services that were performed (oil change). With the pre existing leak that the vehicle has it is possible to lose a quart if not more of oil during the days since our service center preformed the oil change service. We showed the customer the pictures that we had taken and provided them to her via a text to her phone, while we were in the driveway with her. After we reviewed, we contacted the customer and informed her that we were turning the claim down due to the current pre-existing condition of the vehicle and not being in result of anything iinvolved with the oil change servie that were preformed. Eugene P***

A transmission fluid exchange, oil change, rear differential fluid replacement, fuel system cleaning, and power steering fluid replacement was performed on Mr***’s *** *** (the “Vehicle”) at mileage 96,on August 24, at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change facility located at
*** *** *** *** *** ** *** (the “Walpole VIOC”), which is operated by Henley Enterprises Inc(the “Company”)The complaint claims that the transmission fluid exchange service was performed improperly and caused damage to the Vehicle’s transmission, allegedly from failure to replace the transmission gasket and filterBased on its investigation, the Company does not believe it is responsible for the purported issues that Mr*** is having with the Vehicle. Over seven (7) months after the service on August 24, 2016, Walpole VIOC was notified of the Vehicle’s purported gasket fluid leakThe store manager contacted Mr*** regarding the claim and learned that Mr*** had traveled to Petaluma, CA with the Vehicle and the Vehicle now has approximately 103,milesIt is always the Company’s intention to settle all customer matters as fairly, timely and amicably as possible. However, the Company cannot in good faith take responsibility for Mr***’s claim for the following reasons: 1.The Company provides a limited warranty for services and parts of three (3) months or 3,miles, whichever comes first, as evidenced by the Valvoline Instant Oil Change Limited Warranty (the “Limited Warranty”) printed on the back of every receipt. The event at issue occurred more than seven (7) months and 6,miles after the transmission fluid exchange service, outside the scope of the coverage of the Limited WarrantyDuring this extended period of time, many intervening factors could have caused damaged to the Vehicle’s gasket 2.No evidence has been provided to substantiate the claim that the Vehicle was damaged as a result of the transmission fluid exchange service nor are any estimates or invoices included with the complaintAs such, it is undetermined the damages sought The transmission fluid exchange service does not include the replacement of the transmission’s gasket and filter and those services are not offered by the Company; the transmission fluid exchange service is a replacement of the vehicle’s existing transmission fluid with new transmission fluid The Company informed Mr*** that it would not be taking responsibility for the issues associated with the Vehicle as the transmission service was performed correctlyRegardless, as a good faith gesture, the Company offered payment of a portion of the repair cost to Mr***, however, Mr*** declined the offerWhile the Company believes the transmission fluid exchange service was done properly, without damage to the transmission, the Company is concerned about customer service and its customers’ experiences at its VIOC Centers, and as such, is willing to refund Mr*** the cost of transmission fluid exchange service in the amount of $in order to recompense him for his unsatisfactory experience at the Walpole VIOC

I started tanning here in the middle of February and attempted to cancel my account when my card was charged on March 5thI knew the charges would post on March 5th and I would be able to tan until April 4thWhen I contacted tan republic on the March 5th to cancel I was advised I had to send an email to cancelI asked why because I started my membership in the physical building, I never did anything onlineThe girl told me that was the only wayShe said I had to request cancellation online and "hope" they got back to meI've since sent TWO emails requesting cancellation for both myself and boyfried because I paid for his membership tooAfter tanning at a different location I was since told that I will be charged on April 5th because I need to give a days notice and he referred me to email his bossThis is ridiculousI've made attempts to cancel and still no response

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