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Valvoline Instant Oil Change

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The Heritage Statement:On August 8th, I took over as the new assistant manager on the property. I was going over emails, charges and etc. regarding everyone’s account to be sure it was accurate. When I came across [redacted] account, she had an NSF check that bounced in June. She was aware of...

the NSF fee during that month which I have in email. She said she paid it in full but yet it was not charged to her account. We told her it wasn’t charged to her account due to the fact that assistant managers do not have that authority in main office. Our accountants at corporate office have the authority to post NSF fees, and also get the notification of the insufficient accounts. We tried multiple times to explain that if this was not paid, we can go a different route to take care of this situation. We gave her an entire month and a half to pay it because we took it into consideration that she is military. By law, we could have reported a hot check and took her to court but we gave her opportunity after opportunity to handle this within our office. When she paid she had late fees and utilities that were not paid. In our system, when you make a payment to your account, it goes to rent, utilities, late fees then NSF charges. She was 39.14 short for that month so it reflected to the following month which she refused to pay. She carried that balance for 3 months (June, July & August). We told her it needed to be paid in full before or on her move out date, which she paid. Now she is causing issues about paying her Final account statement which involves her Last three utility bills, damages to her apartment and cleaning charges.  On top of that, we were aware she moved to another property down the street from Ft. Sam Houston which is still local. She put in her notice to vacate on “military order” due to her “separating from the military.” So now we will go forward on charging her an early termination fee for lying and signing a binding contract under the TAA law as well with going to commanding chief. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  Date: 0811712017 To: [redacted]To whom it may concern:I am responding to a letter dated Tuesday, August 8, 2017 in regards Mr[redacted]....

The payment he made online of $864.00 was returned due to insufficient funds, There wag a $20.00 reversal fee that was charged by the third patty "Aptexx" since the resident chose to pay his payment via our online payment system. The resident has options when it comee to paying rent We do not charge resident a fee for paying by check, money order or If they chose to pay online with a check. Howevert because Mr. [redacted] chose to pay with hls debit card the thtrd patty does charge a convenient fee to process the payment. The Paragraph 6 of the TAA contract Informs the resident that any retumed check or rejected electronic payment will be subjected to a retum fee of $75.00. The resident le at80 reeponslble for late fees when a payment relected algo per Paragraph e. The Heritage did not charge late fees to Mr. [redacted] as a courtesy. I do not feel that we are responsible in reimbursing any fees to Mr. [redacted] considering the fact that his account did not have the correct funds when processing the payment and wag not charged the legal tate fees as stated on the TAA Lease Contract; Paragraph.If you have any questions pleage feel free to contact. I am attachtng a prlnt of the payment he processed online. [redacted] h Dashboard Payment #[redacted]     people [redacted]  Messaging Person: [redacted]e Payments Method: eChecks/ACH #[redacted]Transactions Authorized: Jul 20, 2017      Transactions Calendar Memo: $849.00 Rent $15.00 TrashDeposits Deposit: Jut 25, 2017Deposits Catendar Export: TBDExports Created By: PayerScheduled PayCreate Guest Payment Source: PORTAL  Export Files Target: RentProcessed on: Jul 20, 2017          Surveys Payment Status: e Reversed on Jul 27, 2017          Company Reversed: (ROI) Insufficient Funds - Original Payment [redacted]Reversel Withdrewl: Jul 28, 2017  O Details Notes Gross Amount $864.00 Service Charge $0.00 Nit Amount $864.00 Reversal Amount $864.00 Reversal Fee $20.00 8/17/2017

When the customer visited our Locations there was bolts/connectors missing from the vehicles Belly Pan/Skid plate at the time of service. We only have to remove the skid plate to do the oil change. The skid plate was removed and re installed correctly minus the missing bolts/Connectors. This was...

verified and documented on video. There was also evidence of previous damage to the underside of the vehicle, it appeared to have been bottomed out casing damage to the skid plate/belly pan assembly. When we spoke with the dealership, the mechanic verified that the car appeared to have bottomed out or ran over something causing damage that could NOT have happened due to a skid plate/belly pan not being installed correctly. I do acknowledge that this a frustrating situation for the customer and we are sympathetic. Unfortunately, we can not assume responsibility for damages that occurred from things that are beyond our control(previous damage, missing parts)
Area Manager
Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Horrible. I've taken my Edge here for the last 3 years for oil changes. Recently my car wouldn't start.. My battery was so corroded that it wouldn't even hold a charge. Very costly. Valvoline never once mentioned the need for a new battery or the fact that mine was in terrible shape. And I visited them every 4K miles for 3 years.,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
Valvoline sent me a check for a full refund of the services I paid for.
Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for your help. I have attached the copy of the receipt as requested.
As far as consideration for the clean up of oil spill, I'd have to get an estimate from a cleaning company in order to provide an exact amount. I have attached a photo of the oil...

stain in my driveway. 
Please let me know if anything else is needed. Thank you.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and while I am far from "100% Satisfaction", in the spirit of bringing this matter to a close, I find that this resolution is ultimately satisfactory to me.  However, I will not be removing my online review ratings - the customer service I received was extremely poor throughout this experience and the 1 star ratings are accurate.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
On November 20, 2015, my vehicle with 30,204 documented miles driven was taken to your Valvoline station for an oil change.  On January 6, 2016 and February 28, 2016, the check oil light came on and oil needed to be added.  Since the car had been driven less than 3,000 miles during that time period and three quarts of oil were required, the car was taken back on March 3,2016 to Valvoline where it was requested that an employee look at the oil to make sure there was not a problem. The employee snickered, got into the car, turned the engine on, pointed to the oil indicator gauge and said "ok, your oil's fine." 
At 33,119 miles driven, the car was then taken to the dealership for an oil consumption test because of this falsely suspected oil usage. I stress, an oil change was NEVER requested by the car owner nor was it ever the intention of the dealership service team to perform an oil change. This is also clear by looking at the included receipt from this service department which states that the intent was diagnostics for a frequent check oil light.  The mileage driven since the last oil change was only 2,915 miles. Audi does not require an oil change until 7,500 miles!!!! I would never have my oil changed when I had driven less than 3,000 miles.  On the work receipt by the Audi dealership which I have forwarded along with this complaint, you will read that the dealership certified mechanics wrote "found that the oil plug was damaged and had the WRONG washer on plug causing it to leak." The service department also included photos (which I have included) of this plug and washer and the damage done to the plug when it was last put on. Using proper parts and tools would not have resulted in that damage. Since your store employees were the last people to touch these components, also documented in my auto log, the shoe does fit! 
The $87.13 bill was for plug, oil drainage and refill necessary to change the plug, and oil pan cleanup from the leakage.  Be honest about what the bill was for.
I was called by Shaun S[redacted] and threatened with a slander lawsuit if I did not take down my online reviews.  I have every right as a consumer to share my experience in online reviews. The $87.13 caused by Valvoline's poor workmanship is no longer a concern for me.  Informing others of their dishonest business practice is more important.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.

received a phone call from [redacted], the area manager I suppose. 
being interrupted a hundred times and unable to get a word in edge wise, Mr.
[redacted] informed me that in fine print on my invoice it is written that
Valvoline is not responsible for oil pan damages in cars over 100,000
is written in a "comments" section on the invoice which directly
leads me to believe that during my last oil change, the tech noticed the damage
that was inflicted, typed into the comments box and sent me on my way. No where
is it broadcasted that this is in fact a legitimate clause and if I had known
Valvoline would not be held accountable for their poor workmanship I would have
absolutely taken my vehicle elsewhere.  
[redacted] was rude on the phone call and would hardly let me explain the
situation, and when I would he would immediately interrupt me and plead that
they're not responsible. 
I am
extremely unsatisfied with the way this is being handled and I would like to
speak with someone else. 
I am
aware that Valvoline is a multi million dollar company, probably because they do
not pay on out claims such as this. I said it once and I will say it again, I
am not going to stop fighting this. I feel I was completely taken advantage of
because I am a younger female and I am not being taken seriously because of
that as well. 
went in for a $50 oil change and a month later I have lost $1,200. I am a
recent college graduate buried in student loans and this entire situation has
been compromising - I have had to borrow money from several family members just
to be able to afford rent and make ends meet. 
is not an appropriate way to handle your customers and if nothing results of
this I will ensure to inform everyone I know of this situation. I work for an
auto insurance agency so my contact base spreads very far in my area. 
I am
once again requesting reparations be made to me for the diagnostics and for the
oil pan replacement my car had to urgently receive at the end of last week.
 It is absolutely NO coincidence that one week after my Valvoline oil
change my car got what was quoted as an "aggressive, awful, pouring"
oil leak from my drain plug. 
contact me back at your earliest convenience. 

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/11/02) */
We had the vehicle looked at and repaired for the guest. Vehicle was delivered back to the guest last week.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2015/11/06) */
Thank-you for your assistance, my complaint with the Valvoline Instant Oil...

Change store has been resolved and I am satisfied.

The issue identified in the customer's complaint has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
the belt was not the problem that the "mechanic" described, and after he changed the belt he said that it was fixed, but he never inspected the problem he assumed it was the belt and told me if I changed it the problem would be fixed, that was not that case. if he would have inspected where the belt ran he could had seen like the Upland Valvoline person saw that the belt was not the problem and on his own words "anyone looking at this would know that its not the belt". if their mechanics can not tell the difference between different problems on the car, they shouldn't diagnose offer a solution and tell you that the car is fixed when clearly it was not.

[redacted] [redacted]
[redacted] [redacted]
[redacted] [redacted]...

[redacted] [redacted]
[redacted] [redacted]
[redacted] [redacted]
[redacted] I am responding to the following complaint id # [redacted] on behalf of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in [redacted]. Please consider our response to the customer's complaint below for proper closure: [redacted] contacted our Customer Care Department in which we opened a claim for proper investigation. Upon review of the service video and inspection of the vehicle, the claim was denied. It appears the oil change service that was performed was completed properly. There were no problems present while the vehicle was in bay. Video shows employee verifying oil pressure. No mention of any lights on. We are not responsible for any electrical problems. Oil level was full. Drain plug and filter was tight and secured. [redacted] was called to come and review the video but never showed. He claims issues occurred 10 minutes after service, but was not notified until 2 days later.   Please be advised, any future complaints will need to come directly to our Corporate Headquarters below: Valvoline Customer Care [redacted] 
[redacted] [redacted] 
[redacted] [redacted] 
[redacted] [redacted] Please advise if further assistance is required. _____________________________  Thank you, Marquesha B[redacted]Valvoline, Customer Service Representative II ###-###-#### fax: ###-###-#### [email protected] [redacted] 
[redacted] [redacted] 
[redacted] [redacted] 

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I already sent the the service orders to prove that I did indeed have my oil and filter changed at Valvoline. Thus, the owner is committing perjury that they only changed my transmission fluid. The oil leak is obvious under the new filter. The age of the vehicle has no bearing on the oil leak as most of the leaking oil first came from the cap on the oil filter pan not screwed on tight. Also I have the  name of my mechanic in Montana who will verify that this van was a fleet van that was kept well maintained-[redacted] (listed). Thus, the leaky filter was not due to my neglect of the vehicle but the neglect of Valvoline for failing to notify me of the leak that was obvious by the mechanic I currently am having repair the leak. He stated that there is no possible way that Valvoline could have not seen the leak and would be so negligent as to fill the oil at that time. Valvoline should at least refund the cost of my oil change, having my vehicle cleaned of the oil, inpection cost of $100 and subsequent oil I had to put in of $60.00. As far as Splashville making those comments, that is untrue as the manager explained to me he would call him to verify that indeed the oil leak was obvious and I was being honest. If he stated otherwise, I have no idea why he would have bothered to call at all (except he did mention he wanted to switch to Valvoline-a backstabber)?Regards,[redacted]

Ms [redacted] came into our facility on March 5th for an oil change. During this service she had ask the CSR about oil leaks under the vehicle. She was informed that there were leaks but that we were not able to determine where they were all coming from. She returned on April 3rd and asked...

for a transmission flush. This service is performed top side through the Transmission oil filler tube. I am sorry that Ms [redacted] was not satisfied with work we performed on her vehicle. She has never contact the store regarding her concerns only has sent threatening emails. We did receive a call from the manager at Splasherville express on April 21. He told my manager that he was calling us because Ms [redacted] had been urging him to call. He told us that the vehicle was run down and that they wanted nothing to do with her or her vehicle, Ms [redacted]'s problems were not caused by our services. They are simply the type of problems one would expect from a vehicle of this age. This Ford van is over 20 years old and has 225,807 miles on it at last service.

Review: Valvoline changed our oil and forgot to tighten the oil plug and attach the skid plate. This resulted in the oil leaking all over my drive way. I notified them immediately that the oil has leaked on to my drive way and they assured me that someone would be there shortly to take photos, clean the oil and repair the car/add oil. They never showed up. I called each day until finally on the 4th day someone was sent. At this point the oil has stained the driveway. They were very negligent on their efforts and only made attempts because I called every week. The drive way is still stained, the skid plate was never replaced and I had to pay for the oil change. Valvoline's regional Manager [redacted] states that they did everything they could and the drive way is fine, and there is nothing more they can do.Valvoline is not a business that has competent customer service. They don't stand by their work and they don't value the customer. They are full of excuses and are quick to push the customer away. Be wary of this company.. there are a ton of complaints out there on Valvoline.Desired Settlement: The cost of the oil change was $66.31The cost of a new oil skid plate/shield is $75.67 plus labor to install The cost to have our driveway professionally cleaned and resealed is $1480Total cost seeking= $1621.98

Valvoline did an oil change on my [redacted] and checked my tire for a nail later that week my car was making noise I only had 2 lug nuts in Valvoline replaced it saying they stripped them putting them in couple months later they did my brakes on a Monday jan12 Jan. 30 Friday I went by told them it was making noise they brushed it off and sat jan 31 my tire fell off I had to get it towed and the bumper came off and they don't feel they are responsible Desired SettlementI would like a refund on my $60 towing fee my bumper replaced and headlight fixed Business Response Ms. [redacted] Came to us and said her right front wheel was making a noise when we looked at it the wheel was smoking. We informed Ms. [redacted] that it is not her brakes but most likely a wheel bearing. She was informed not to drive the vehicle until she had is checked out. Wheel bearing is not something we do. She continued to drive on it the wheel fell off due to undo stress on the lug nuts. She informed us that is was the tow truck driver who ripped her bumper off while he was towing it. We feel we are not responsible for the bumper or headlight because it was done by the tow truck driver. As good gesture we replaced the studs and lugnuts on her vehicle.Consumer Response I went to craven tire they checked my car out they said my wheel bearings were fine and my lugs nuts on both front wheels where still loose because vslvoline didn't do their job correctly

Had my oil change done on May 16th 2016 on July 30 my engine seized due to oil plug came out company is claiming zero liability. Company refuses to take responsibility for an issue that is clearly a failure to place the plug in correctly or it would not have come out.Desired SettlementPay for the cost of the engine repair. Business Response [redacted] had her oil changed by us on the 12th of May, 2016. Over 3 months later she states the dealership told her that we put in the drain plug incorrectly. We would contend that it is impossible for the dealership to know what we did and did not do if they were not present. The drain plug was found on top of the skid plate by the dealership personnel. It is highly unlikely for a drain plug to back out of a car after 3 months and land on a skid plate and stay there while driving and turning a vehicle in normal everyday driving conditions. The skid plate did not have a puddle of oil on it and there was no evidence of oil spray back on the rear of the car or the exhaust system. Our Area Manager inspected the vehicle at the dealership with the dealership personnel and both agreed that it did not add up. Where did over a gallon of oil go? Her Hyundai holds 4.90 quarts of oil. That oil was not present on the rear bumper nor was it on the skid plate as stated earlier. We are a family run business and if we thought we were responsible for one minute we would take ownership of this issue. We are denying this claim at this time. Consumer Response The above business must understand regardless of when the oil was changed the plug still came out I did not change the oil I did not tamper with the oil plug if it was placed correctly it should not have come OUT! This is ridiculous that they are claming they did not cause this issue how exactly did the oil plug come out if it was placed in correctly.

Went for oil change, one hour later engine was found with no oil, engine now needs to be replaced.Valvoline (Smithfield location) completed an oil change on my wife's 2010 Ford Fusion on Sat Oct 31, 2015. Oil change took 30+ minutes, my wife noted they were extremely busy and seemed to be going from car to car doing other task. During that time someone confronted staff about how long it was taking at which time my wife noticed staff seemed to be rushed. My wife left and 1 hour later while returning home the engine started to make a loud knocking sound. Wife contacted the store and was told it could be a skid plate that was loose. When I arrived home that night, her vehicle was found to have no oil in the engine. To rule out any leaks 5 qts of oil (purchased at walmart, receipt in hand) was placed in the engine and was started. The engine had a very loud metal knock that varied with RPM. I went to the store on Sunday Nov 1, 2015 and was told a manager would contact me. Later that evening "[redacted]" called to say a manager would come look at the car on Monday Nov 2, 2015. [redacted] arrived that afternoon and inspected the car. After explaining the situation he stated if they were at fault they would pay for any damages. [redacted] inspected the vehicle and was unable to explain why the vehicle lost 5+qts of oil in less then and hour stating "I can't explain why their wasn't any oil unless we did something wrong in which case we'll cover the cost" He stated someone would tow the car to their location so they could find the problem. However later that evening he called back stating I could take it to my mechanic which was done so Monday night. Today my shop examined the car to find no signs of any oils leaks and no negligence on our part. My shop advised their was catastrophic damage to the lower portion of my engine due to lack of oil. [redacted] contacted my shop asking if they saw anything they (Valvoline) did wrong, which my shop told them they weren't their and couldn't say but they needed to account for a loss of 5qts of oil in an hour. [redacted] told my shop that they had to fill the car up twice but said it was due to the fact they didn't put enough in the first time.It is my belief the oil changed was completed however due to the fact they were busy, someone inadvertently drained the oil a 2nd time causing the loss of oil or they pumped oil into the car without having a drain plug in place which would account for needing to put additional oil into the engine. The car sat two days in my drive way with oil that I placed in the engine and no leaks were noted. [redacted] were unable to find any signs of leaks or any abuse by my wife and I that would attribute to the engine failure.[redacted] stated the entire engine needed replacement and would cost around $5500.00. [redacted] implied several times that they must have done something wrong when he was at my house however when talking to [redacted] seemed to think otherwise.Desired SettlementDue to the fact Valvoline can not give me a reason why the engine was found with no oil only and hour after they changed it and with no signs of any oil leaks, I feel they are responsible for the repairs. After searching for other people who have had this problem it seems Valvoline has a reputation for not owning up to their mistakes. If nothing is resolved after filing this complaint, media coverage, and legal action will follow. Area manager [redacted] contacted me today to say after re-reviewing the tapes an error was found on the part of Valvoline. Mr. [redacted] also has provided my wife and I with a rental while the new engine is being replaced at Valvoline's cost. At this point I'm satisfied with the out come and do not foresee any other problems arising from this case. Even thought it has been a difficult week trying to get everything straightend out both managers lived up to their word of making everything right if they were found at fault.

Review: On 2/**/16 my car was leaking fluid onto my driveway. I was due for an oil change, so I brought it into Valvoline Instant Oil Change to have them look at it. I was advised that there was oil all over the engine components, but they were unable to find an oil leak. The technician explained to me that the correct amount of oil was drained during the oil change, so there did not appear to be a leak. His explanation was that it appeared that I may have driven over a puddle with oil in it.

The technician advised me that I did need my transmission fluid changed. I took his advice, since I wanted to ensure my car was safe for my family.

On 2/** my car was still leaking oil onto my driveway. I decided to drive to my dealership to have them look at the issue. My dealership (Infiniti in Greenwich, CT). I let them know about the work that Valvoline had completed on the car two days earlier. Our car is a 2013 Infiniti JX, and the service manager said that CVT fluid does not need to be changed in car with our mileage (38K). The service manager stated that she has never seen a car of our age with a transmission fluid change. After inspection by an Infiniti mechanic, they said the wrong transmission fluid was used by Valvoline and that it would have to be drained and refilled at a cost of $179.95.

The Infiniti technicians were also able to find the issue causing the oil leak. There was a clamp that was loose that needed to replaced. They informed me that is was a really easy diagnosis, and that the mechanics at Valvoline should have been able to notice the issue immediately.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed for the amount of the transmission fluid replacement at Valvoline (144.99 plus tax). I paid for a service that was not necessary and caused an additional expense of 179.95. The Infiniti service invoice documented that the wrong color fluid was noticed in the transmission.

As a consumer, I would expect that the proper fluids are used to maintain the safety and performance of my vehicle.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Valvoline Instant Oil Change regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

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