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Weed Man Lawn Care

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Weed Man Lawn Care Reviews (131)

Mr. [redacted],Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and we are sincerely sorry for your experience with us at Weed Man.  This is not indicative of who we are as a company and appreciate all feedback you shared with us.We also wanted to thank you for taking our phone call today so we...

could resolve this directly.  We have been in business for over 45 years and are a Continual Service, as our customers have the same program each season set up for them.  We know that there may have been some confusion as to having a 'contract' with us.  We do everything we can to ensure we have excellent communication with our customers but we failed in doing that in this instance.As discussed, we have taken care of the balance that was on your account.  We use instances like this to better our company in every way and should there be any questions, please reach out to us directly at 866-987-9333.Sincerely,[redacted]
Customer Service ManagerWeed Man Lawn Care

[redacted],We wanted to directly reach out to you (we left a message as well) and sincerely apologize for the conversation that took place yesterday in regards to the balance for the Spring Fertilization.  We wanted to let you know that we are not going to charge your card for the service...

as we have written off the balance in full.We are a Continuous Service company and never have a contract with our customers.  It began over 40 years ago as a request from a customer to continue on each season.  We do go to great lengths to explain this to everyone who signs up but know that was in May of last year and that may have led to the confusion since you did prepay last year.We send out 3 different Letters in the off-season letting you know that we do have services scheduled and you can prepay if you would like to do so, but that is not a requirement for services.  Was there a reason why you didn't want to continue this year as we clearly didn't live up to our motto of "Let Us Amaze You!".Please reach out to me directly at the office at your convenience so I can get some more feedback from you.  Again, we will use this situation as a learning tool for our staff to better ourselves and communicate with our valued customers.Sincerely,[redacted]
Customer Service ManagerWeed Man Lawn Care866-987-9333

[redacted],Thank you for the feedback and we are very sorry to hear about your experiences with Weed Man.  We are a franchise based company and even though we are in Wisconsin, we reached out and spoke to [redacted] to assure him that his concerns would be heard.We passed along the feedback to the...

corporate office of Weed Man USA, which has brought it to the attention of [redacted]'s local office.We value everyone's feedback and will be following up with [redacted] to ensure that everything has been taken care.  If anything else is needed, please contact us at 866-987-9333. Sincerely,[redacted]
Customer Service Manager

Review: Every year Weedman sends an invoice prior to the start of the season with the services offered. This year I chose not to complete the form electing not to take their service. This was after I traded emails complaining about the price. They came to my property anyway and sprayed my lawn, leaving me an invoice for $62. When I emailed to complain they told me there was no contract in place and they automatically continue service into the next year because that is what their customers demand. Given our earlier communication, my complaints, and lack of advance payment or approval, I feel this business practice is very unfair. I don't believe this invoice is authorized.Desired Settlement: Cancel the invoice because I disputed the price and terms prior to receiving the treatment and never provided my authorization to receive the service.



[redacted]Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention via the We have tried to reach out to you twice now to both apologize for any miscommunication that occurred as well as seeing what we could do to keep you as a valued customer.All of our customers are on Continuous Service (which has been that way for 45 years), meaning that each year the same program is scheduled for them. We offer prepay discounts but it is not required to prepay for services. This may be where the confusion happened and for that we do apologize. You have been a loyal customer for many years now and this is the last thing that we want to happen is to have a customer so upset as you clearly are.We have taken care of the invoice and the balance on the account for you Scott. We are a company that stands behind our promises and guarantees that we make to our customers. If there is anything else we can do for you, please reach out to us directly at 866-987-9333.Sincerely,Weed Man Lawn Care



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Weed Man will not stop calling my home even though I have repeatedly requested that my phone number be removed from their calling list. One week they called every night at the same time. This morning I instructed the caller that I have repeatedly asked Weed Man to stop the calls and that I would file a complaint with the if I received another call. The caller hung up before I could even complete my sentence. I want these unprofessional and harrassing phone calls to stop.

Stopped service at end of last season. They keep calling me even though each time I told them I no longer want to be contacted. Each time they tell me they will put a note in the system to not call. Then w/in a few weeks, I get another call.

Dear Weed Man Lawn Care,
I switched to you this summer due to the price of what you offered me and my lawn care. My previous lawn care provider did a good job and I wasnt looking to switch anything. However, on the initial "introductory" call, your customer service team were polite, and actually listened to what I needed. Its rare these days that a service actually listens to their customers. They are usually focused on how to make the sale and obtaining the sale for their own numbers reason. Your people actually listened. They told me that they take personal pride in their service, and actually I thought "who wouldnt say that", but the difference is, that you do. I receive a phone call prior to the applications, and when you have dogs, its extremely important to know. When the applications are done, they always leave a hand written note on the update of my lawn. Expressing what would be needed without "forcing" me to do it.
I spoke to one of your reps named Matt. He was easy going and first of all called to see how the service was, as well as letting me know additional options that I have, and working with me on a budget. He was fabulous, fun, energetic, and positive. He was very knowledgable of the product and didn't over sell a thing. He was wonderful. My experience with them is amazing, I would highly recommend their service. Never going back to the other place. Customer service is everything! Thanks Matt (my acct rep) and Andy (lawn applicator) guys ROCK!

Review: Weedman Lawn Care decided to come place an application on to my yard without a service contract being made for this year. I've contacted them by email and tried via phone only to sit on hold for more time than I should have. I do not have a contract with this company this year and told them this.

They continue to state I need to call them to cancel the account. I assume that is to put pressure on me to keep it. Again, I did try calling them but sat on hold far too long so another email was sent explaining that I do NOT have an account with them any longer and that I didn't ask for service this year.

I see other customers of their also have the same issue.Desired Settlement: I do not want Weedman contacting me about past or future services as I did not ask for them. I will not pay for a service which I didn't ask for.

The current bill they have tried to trick themselves into earning needs to be cancelled. In reality, they should not be able to pull these type of sales tactics anyway.



[redacted],First off, let us apologize for the experience that you had yesterday with our company. It is not indicative of who we are and what we believe in. It was my pleasure to be able to talk things through with you and come to a resolution in which we are taking care of the balance on the account.We have resolved this directly with the customer and look forward to bettering our company in every way moving forward. If there is anything else that is needed, please let me know.Sincerely,[redacted]

Customer Service ManagerWeed Man Lawn Care[redacted]

Terrific service for the past 4 years from Weed Man. Always personalized with great attention to detail. We have dogs, so always have to coordinate applications ~ it's been perfect for 4 years.
NOTE: THE INSECT REDUCTION PLAN IS AMAZING!!! We started using it last year when the mosquitos were terrible; now we can enjoy our yard all summer long without slapping bugs.

Review: We have had Weedman service our lawn for years, but last year we had noticed the lawn did not look at all like a professionally cared for one. I cancelled the service for this year but no confiramtion was ever given to me. In the past prior to coming out to our home Weedman would call to confirm they are coming. A few weeks ago my wife noticed a Weedman truck on the side of our home and then also noticed they had already done the work. I called to ask why they had come out to service the lawn after we had cancelled our service and their response was you were not cancelled. I also asked why I had to pay for a service that I did not sign up for and they had not made the initial call to confirm our service the next day. Reply again was you were on a automatic renewal and you owe us for the bill no getting out of it.

I paid the bill so I wouldn't get sent to collections, I am now told our service is cancelled with again no confirmation and my yard is covered in dandelions!! I feel that this is a very bad business experince when in the past I had also been a satisfied paying client. I am now out for a service I had to pay since Weedman did not follow through with their call to verfiy service and I still have lawn that does not at all look professinally taken care of.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund on my service in the amount of $53.00 for the last application and I also would them to return to the home and do the job and correctly at no charge for the inconvenience this had turned out to be. Our lawn looks horrible with all the weeds and I have also fertilized recently to get rid of the dandelions so again more monies out of my pocket for something that already should have been taken care of.



From: [redacted]>

Date: Mon, May 19, 2014 at 10:44 AM

Subject: Re: You have a new message from the of Wisconsin

To: [redacted]

The issue was resolved. Thank you

Review: After using Weedman for two seasons without results I decided not to sign a contract for the third season. They went ahead and applied their spring application (in April) anyway and then hung a bill on my front door. I called them the very next day after to say that I didn't want their service any longer and hadn't asked for it. They said they would take care of it. Shortly there after started a barrage of recorded phone messages and letters of overdue notices. I called them a second time and told them that I wasn't going to pay for something I didn't want in the first place. They said if I didn't pay the bill it would prompt legal action, which now it has.Desired Settlement: I want the bill to be waived ($69). I want the phone messages and overdue notices to stop. I want the threats from their collection agency to end. I want Weedman to stop harassing me and leave me alone now and forever.




###-###-#### Fax ###-###-####




We have reviewed the complaint filed by Mr. [redacted]. As with any customer complaint or concern, we

take these very seriously and have done a thorough review of the concerns

brought to our attention.

Mr. [redacted] was a Weed Man Lawn Care customer for two

years. He has been part of our continual

service since he became a customer.

Notification was provided at time of order verbally and clearly on the

confirmation letter. We also sent three

notices over the course of the winter in reminder that we will be servicing

their lawn again the following spring. We certainly apologize for any

miscommunication that may have occurred.

Service can be canceled or

re-scheduled at any time as long as we get notification.

Mr. [redacted] had concerns on the quality of his lawn last

season. We want to work with all homeowners

to achieve the desired results on their lawn, but when dealing with nature it

is a three way partnership between us, the homeowner and [redacted]. Unfortunately, lawns suffered from the worst

drought in 80 years. However, is not an

excuse for the lack of satisfaction and we apologize if there was any confusion.

We strive to provide the best customer service and in turn always want the

homeowner to get the results they are looking for. We are not infallible but the results are a

combination of what we do, what the homeowner does, and what nature

provides. We reviewed the correspondence

on the account from the conversation on 4/23 with our admin staff and Mr.

[redacted]. It was recorded on our end

that Mr. [redacted] did inform our admin staff that he would pay the first bill

and that he no longer wanted any services.

We strive to have the best communication and education to

our customers and we again apologize if there was a breakdown somewhere. We have since removed the charge on Mr. [redacted]’s

account. We have tried to contact him on

multiple accounts, left messages and did not receive a call back to discuss the

account, or we would have been able to resolve this much sooner.

Again, we apologize for any miscommunication with Mr. [redacted] in regards to service for 2013. We want to make sure that all customers are

happy with the look of their lawn and we communicate all potential issues on

the lawn to the customers, which in this instance, we fell short of his

expectations. We will use this situation

to improve our business in every way.





[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We're first year customers and have been quite happy with the improvement in the overall appearance of our lawn.

While I sat at my front window, a Weedman van pulled up. Two very young men got out and started to "work" both sides of the street. As one young man approached or house and rang our bell, we ignored their advances. This looks like any other scam. We will never ask them to take care of our lawn, as we already applied an application ourselves. Any professional would have seen that and been embarrassed to go any further.

This company has a great product that does not harm the environment and is safe for my dog and other animals in my area. They are responsive to my needs and always act according to my wishes.

We have used Weed Man lawn care for 2 years now. AMAZING is all I can say. We started out with a brand new lawn and it was fully seeded by our home builder. What a nightmare. I swear the only seeds that were put down were seeds for weeds! After the grass (weeds) filled in, Weed Man got to work and our lawn is lush and the darkest green ever. On the rare occassion our kids find a pker in the grass we call Weed Man and within the week they are there to re-treat the lawn. Again AMAZING customer service. We pay a little more than the fly-by-night guys, but the service and guarantee is so worth it. I will highly recommend Weed Man any day over anyone else!

Our lawn looks great, much better that in past years when we used a competitor's service.

Review: These guys are gangsters with lawnmowers.

Weedman came to my house offering a free estimate. Told me that my lawn was dying because of the presence of crabgrass. They offered a treatment and signed me up for a weekly mow. Not only did they not fix the grass, the entire lawn is ruined by whatever chemical they used to "Treat" it.

When I confronted [redacted] about it, he told me that the lawn was beyond repair. Now there were a few spots where my dog urinated, but after wheelman left, there was no lawn left. Literally left me with well, weeds.

They sent me a bill for $220 something to pay for the service, when I refused, they sent it straight to collections (NRA group). Now I have a dead lawn along with a negative mark on my credit.

These guys do not know what they are doing and should be investigated. God knows what kinds of chemicals they are using.Desired Settlement: Full refund of monies paid. Removal of negative collections from my credit report.




Review: Weed Man stopped by several years ago and gave me a free estimate. Now he constantly calls the last call was on 12/19/2013. I told him several years ago I did not want his service but he keeps calling. I WANT THE CALLS TO STOP! If the calls do not stop I am going to take further action.Desired Settlement: I want him to stop calling me or contacting me in any way.



To whom it may concern,

We appreciate the concern brought forward by Mr. [redacted]

in regards to our telephone calls to him about lawn care. We take each complaint very seriously and

have done a thorough review of the situation.

We initially stopped by [redacted] house on March 7th,

2012 and offered him a free, no obligation quote for lawn care. As with all quotes, we follow up with the

customer via telephone to discuss it further and explain our products and

services that we offer. We let the potential

customer know that we will be reaching out to them once we have the quote

complete. We were not able to make contact and discuss

our services with [redacted] at that time during our spring campaign.

During the fall and winter, we reach out to prospects that

we have done a recent quote for. We are

looking to discuss the programs and special offers we are running for the

coming season. We attempted to call [redacted] once on 12/19/13 and the call went straight to the answering machine. We understand now that [redacted] is not

interested in a quote and have taken care of his request to have his

information removed from our database.

We are never looking to disturb someone and apologize to [redacted] for

doing so. We have also looked into the

information that [redacted] provided in regards to him speaking to someone several

years ago, as the first attempt we made to contact him was in March of

2012. We do record some calls for

training purposes and have looked for any call in which we spoke to Mr.

Schmidt. We have not been able to find a

record of any time that we actually spoke to [redacted] during any of our


We want to let [redacted] know that his requests are taken

care of and we will no longer contact him by phone or mail. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience

this has caused. Please reach out to us

if there is anything else we can do.


Administrative Customer Service Manager

Weed Man Lawn Care

Review: I emailed my account representative for Weed Man Louisville to cancel service on August 28, 2015. On September 3,2015, Weed Man Louisville performed a lawn service and billed me. They will not answer their customer service line to resolve this issue.Desired Settlement: Remove the service charge from my CC account



[redacted]We do apologize for you not being able to get a hold of your local Weed Man Franchise. However, we are the Weed Man located in Wisconsin, not in Louisville, KY. Please contact the of Wisconsin to have them remove this complaint from our page.The phone number for your local office is ([redacted].You can contact Weed Man USA Headquarters at [redacted] to let them know that you are unable to get a hold of anyone at your local office and they will help you from there. We will forward your complaint onto them as well but please reach out directly during business hours to discuss your concerns so they can be addressed in a timely matter.Sincerely,[redacted]Customer Service ManagerWeed Man Lawn Care2211 Eagle Dr.Middleton, WI 53562866-987-9333



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Excellent service! My lawn looks great, no weeds even though my backyard borders a football field with lots of dendylions. I tried Nature Scape and True Green Chem Lawn earlier and they are no where near. Thank YOU!

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