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Wheel adapters sent me the wrong part and now refuse answer their phone or emails in order to remedy the situation. I have sent email after email and their only response is an automated email saying they are busy.

Still waiting
i’ve been waiting on my package to make it to the usps facility for a week now. it said the postage slip had been printed but no package has been received by usps. honestly i’ve been told to get a refund or dispute it for fraud but I just want the lug nuts I ordered

Told you this was a scam. Had to put at least 1 star to post
Dear Sean Shoemaker,

This is in response to your inquiry regarding the delivery of a package. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

According to USPS Tracking, your item was scanned as shipment acceptance. There is no indication that the shipping partner presented your item to the Postal Service. We received a manifest where your item was listed as one of the items being deposited. There are no physical scans that your item was either received or processed. It is possible that your item was not included with this large shipment. We recommend you contact the sender regarding the delay.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Francis Franklin



Your privacy is important to us. If you would like additional information on our privacy policy, please visit us online at:®.

THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY ! No 0 Review Allowed Had to put 1 star to post
HIS IS A SCAM COMPANY ! No 0 Review Allowed Had to put 1 star to post
THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY ! No 0 Review Allowed Had to put 1 star to post
I ordered wheel spacers invoice #51198
Post Office said They only sent a label NO Package!
So when you go to the Post Office Website it says accepted
No package ONLY a label !
When you call them they answer Only in Sales and they direct you to Tracking
Guess what No One answers
And when you call again from the same number again
Guess what?
No one answers at all !
So you call again from a Different Number , Guess What?
Only Sales Answers
Total Scam!
Then when you do a little research you find out Parts are Supposedly shipped from a used car shop in CA
06/22/20 DBT Purchase
Sp * Integrity Autintegrityautoca 8568
- $243.27

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 6, 2015/09/16) */ Hello, Per our return policy in our website where the buyer purchased: "Refunds will be given as direct money back minus a 25% restocking feeBuyer is fully responsible for all shipping costs, including sales with free shipping and return shippingAll items must be UNMOUNTED and unused in same new condition they were shipped out inBuyer must contact us within days after receiving the product about a request for return or exchangeItems will not be accepted without a return authorization numberPlease do not reuse the original shipping boxes as they are not meant for reuseThank You!" The return request has past days, per our company policy buyer has days to contact us to return items purchasedDate of purchase for these items is on 8/21/we did not received any emails or calls from buyer Unfortunately we can not accept these items because they are outside of our return policy and these spacers are used Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 8, 2015/09/17) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Purchase date was 8/21/Confirmation states 5-business days to be shippedBY the time we received this product on 8/- we checked the product and it was not the correct itemThis item is unusedOnce we held it up to it - we say it would not workOn 9/I emailed the company and left a message on the voicemail9/Left a message9/Left a message at 11:9/8:am Voice mail box was full and unable to leave a message9/emailed company againNo response then contacted and made a claim to Revdex.comAbove is the first response I have heard from the companyHow was I supposed to return it without the company giving me a "return authorization number"??? WE did not "mount" this productThey are not usedWe were within the days of contactWe did not mail back because we were not sure we would get the correct credit and we did not have a return authorization numberI can ship these unused items back asap if we are guaranteed to get a credit backPlease let me know what credit will be issued before we mail this product back Regarding the last line of your response.....we were within the return policy time of days and the parts are UNUSED!!!! I feel your company did not contact me back until I contacted the This response from [redacted] is unacceptable Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 18, 2015/10/14) */ From: Integrity Automotive / Wheel Adapters USA Date: August 21, at 1:57:PM CDT To: [redacted] Subject: Order confirmation for order [redacted] Thank you for placing your order with Integrity Automotive / Wheel Adapters USA! This email is to confirm your recent orderAll orders have a 5-business day handling time prior to all items being shippedIf you should have any questions feel free to call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX! Date 08/21/ Shipping address [redacted] pleasant view road [redacted] , Wisconsin XXXXX United States Billing address [redacted] pleasant view road De [redacted] , [redacted] XXXXX United States 2x WHEEL SPACERS ADAPTERS 2.5" INCH 5XCHEVY CAMARO CORVETTE S-for $each Subtotal : $USD Shipping : $USD Total : $USD

We spoke to the customer on 12/about this order from December 16thwe stated "...When USPS comes to our facility they pick up about 350-packages a dayThey take them from our bay and scan them in and then proceed to sort the items at the nearest regional hub to continue onto the package destinationsWe're very sorry about any delays or lack of updatesIt could be because of the holidays, however, we still should be seeing some updates from them very soonIf USPS can't provide an accurate status on the location of the item(s) then we will be happy to go ahead and send you out a 2nd shipment (since we have these items in stock)Would this be an acceptable solution for you Joshua?"Customer response "AbsolutelyI really appreciate your timeIf I don't see any change by next week let's please send out a new set and I will return one if I receive both"The items were delivered to the customer on 12/26/via USPS with a confirmed tracking numberWe contacted the customer on the phone 12/and wanted to discuss the order with Joshua and he was understanding of what was going onWe apologized about what happened with USPS and the customer was very nice and understanding given the unfortunate delivery time of their packageThe customer stated they are returning the package and we will be accepting their return for a refund back to the customer.The customer purchased a set of items locally to get his car on the road but they understood that things can happen which are out of our control sometimes and we did everything in our power to get them the items as quickly as possible.This has been resolved

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2016/05/23) */ The order was placed over the phone we stated to please give us a call or email us as soon as then invoice has been paid to ship out the itemsWe did not receive a call nor an email confirming the invoice was paidWe have issued a full refund to buyer

I am rejecting this response because: I did not "threaten" this business nor try to "strong arm" them in any wayI informed them I would be filing a claim with my bank and with the, I have a copy of the email communication stating soI was instructed over the phone by one their associates to return the package in that mannerI also would like to make clear the reason there is multiple months gap there is because wheel adapters USA would not answer their phone number which is on their website and majority of the time their voicemail was fullAs I stated before when I was able to leave a voicemail it was not returned nor were my emailsThe original package was lost and I told them I didn't want the order any moreI asked them to cancel and refund the original orderThey resent the package and I had to take it to the post office to return to senderI tried to give another opportunity to do business with them which they advised me were onsite and they were unable to provide their product in a reasonable amount of time so I cancelled the most recent orderI have tried to place orders with this company the first one took months to receive and by that time I didn't need or want them any longer, the second order I never received in a reasonable amount of time so I canceled

The customer was contacted via email per our website email which might have been sent to their junk or spam folderWe understand due to the influx in calls/orders because of tax return season that getting through might take longer than normal, however, the return information was sent to the customer email on file [redacted] @yahoo.comWe will happily accept the return per our websiteWe have not received the items back yet to process a refund back to the customer

I am rejecting this response because: I called on Friday august 4th and the guy told me that my refund would be in my account in hours its august 10th and still no refundThey have there prodcut I called and made sureI would just like my refund on my purchase is not in my accountIm just asking for my money back on a prodct they haveI have tracking numbers where they have there product have tracking for when they finally sent it after about a month laterI even tried to get in contact with them for days before I contacted Revdex.comNo answer mailbox full no return email

We tried to remedy the issue the customer was having with the item they ordered because their wheels were not fitting the hubcentric lip on our itemWe tried to give them an option for a new part to replace the ones in their possessionThe customer opted for a refund and we sent them a pre-paid return label to send the items back to our facility at not cost to them I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 12122374, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

Hello [redacted] , Buyer received exactly what was ordered we did not sent the wrong itemsBuyer placed an order for wheel adapters that go from 5xor 5xto 5xWhich is exactly what he received attached is a snap shot of the order placed by buyerOn 10/11/buyer informed us that he needs 5xor 5xto 5xwheel adapters and he wanted to return the itemsWe issued an RMA number (6119) with instructions on how to return the items and our return policyWhich clearly states there will be a 20% restocking and buyer will be responsible for all shipping cost including those on sales with free shippingThis policy is also in our site right before checking outThank You, [redacted] Supreme Engineering Technologies [redacted] Ave Suite A, Chino, CA ***

Hello [redacted] , Attached is a snap shot of ***’s order with the tracking information from USPSThe items have been delivered and buyer has received what was ordered on 10/5/If you have any questions or need me to send more information please let me know USPS Tracking Information: [redacted] Customer information: [redacted] M [redacted] m [redacted] east Kalkaska, MI [redacted] Daytime Phone Number: ###-###-#### complaint ID: [redacted] ( [redacted] ) Thank you, [redacted] Wheel Adapters USA I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

[redacted] , Per the items were delivered to this customer */15/@ 11:47AM per tracking # [redacted] 79* The customer received their refund which was agreed to upon once we contacted the customer and the items were delivered which the customer requested be the end resolve

A major detail in the complaint is that the customer has an open chargeback for this transactionThe bank has stated that since there is an active chargeback we're unable to issue a refund of the funds because they were removed from our account from the customers actionWe've attempted to refund the customer about a week ago and that failed due to the mentioned reasoningWe've told the customer this, however, they will not accept our answer and keep demanding money from us which we're unable to electronically send back to their original form of payment due to their open inquiryWe have attached a screenshot of the attempted refund which was again unable to be processedWe contacted our credit card processor and they have stated since the customer has an open chargeback that we are not able to issue any type of credit/refund until the chargeback is closed and the processor has confirmed w/the bank our funds have been released back to usOnce this is done we have no problem sending the customer their money, we're just absolutely unable to because of an action the buyer took

Hello,Per tracking #[redacted] VIA the items were delivered to the address on file with the zip code on file provided by the buyer at checkoutWe spoke with the customer on the phone about this and kindly explained to her we would need the documentation from USPS prior to issuing any type of refundThe customer became very angry and demanded a refund without providing documentation from USPS apparently stating the items were delivered to a wrong address that the customer stated they hadWe gave the customer the below options:Provide said documentation to us so we could review the situation since this is out of the ordinary and once the documentation was reviewed we could call them back with a resolvePatiently wait while we contact USPS about this issue so we could obtain the same said documentation from them about this shipmentThe customer again demanded a refund without our company being able to investigate further which is completely unreasonableWe assured the customer we would happily do this for them but they wouldn't take any type of positive resolve over the phone because they demanded a refundWe cannot issue a refund when the items the customer ordered show delivered to their address and zip code on file unless we have a certified document from USPS stating there was in fact an issue with deliveryOur communication lines are always open to all customers if there is a problem of any kind and we encourage the customer to send us the documentation they're stating they have because USPS has yet to provide that to us

We have spoken with the customer and a lost package claim was open with USPS for the packageWe apologize for the inconvenience and while we do understand things may happen that are out of our control we have issued the customer a full refund per their request

I am rejecting this response because:I have provided Wheel Adapters USA as well as the with the attached picture, that clearly shows the package I received from Wheel Adapters USA is marked in several ways:1.Written in blue ink on the package is "Exceeds Dimensional Capacity" --unfortunately I can only upload one picture with this response, but I provided Mr*** as well as with a second picture that clearly shows that the package I received is bulging substantiallyStamped on the box in red ink is "POSTAGE DUE _____"On the blank line provided by the aforementioned stamp, written in black in, is "33.50"All of these marking on the package I received would lead to the reasonable assumption that there is no possible way that I could have obtained possession of this package without paying the additional postage due of $33.50.Mr*** also claims that he is "not stating that we do not believe our customer," however his use of the phrase "if that were to be true" clearly implies that he does in fact believe that I am not being truthful.Mr*** also states that "never have we (in years of business) encountered this scenario that a customer was asked for cash payment for a postage due," however, clearly stated in the FAQ's section of USPS' website, under the title of "How is Insufficient Postage ("Postage Due") Handled?" is (verbatim):If the item is short paid, it will be delivered postage due to the addressee and the letter carrier will endorse it to show the amount of the postage due. Before shortpaid domestic Priority Mail Express is dispatched to its destination, attempts will be made to contact the mailer to pay for the remaining postage.The recipient must pay in cash for postage due mail before the mail is delivered(obtained from Mr*** may not have yet encountered a scenario such as this, the website of USPS clearly states that it is their policy to request payment in cash when insufficient postage is due, which provides substantial validity to my claim Additionally, no where does the website of USPS state that it is common practice for them to issue receipts for said cash payments.Given this undeniable policy of USPS, I believe that I have provided more than enough evidence to Mr*** and to the to prove that I am indeed owed $by Wheel Adapters USA for failing to abide by their own shipping policy - stated on their website until the title of "Shipping & Returns" - which reads "we offer our customers FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States!" (, no where on the website of Wheel Adapters USA do they provide their customers with instructions on what steps they should take if their packages arrives with extra postage due Mr***'s statement that my most appropriate course of action would have been to deny delivery of the package, at which point it would have been returned to the sender, is absurd Considering this policy is not explicitly stated anywhere on their website, it is unreasonable to expect me to have denied delivery of the package in the manner that Mr*** would have preferred.The website of Wheel Adapters USA states, "Our number one goal is total customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll promptly get exactly what you ordered." ( customer satisfaction is indeed the number one goal of Wheel Adapters USA, then they are firmly responsible for reimbursing me in the amount of $for the additional postage due, considering that I did not "get exactly what I ordered" (a package with free shipping).Thank you kindly for your time and consideration Ms. Carmona, and I look forward to the next step in this claim process.Best regards,~*** ***

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Address: 14403 Ramona Ave STE A, Chino, California, United States, 91710-5768


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