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Thank you for allowing me to respond to [redacted] concerns His policy started on September 16, with a premium of $His renewal premium in March of dropped to $after a surcharge for an accident expired The following renewal the premium went up $to $In March of 2013, his premium increased due to a rate change and a surcharge for an accident in January of The surcharge for the accident was removed prior to the renewal as the claim was closed without payment, leaving the premium at $After we were advised that he purchased a home, we re-rated the policy and reduced the premium to $His most recent renewal premium decreased to $ [redacted] ’ assertions regarding the varying quoted prices were unsubstantiated in our research in responding to his complaint in March of The lower quoted prices were based on him insuring his home with Farmers InsuranceThis was communicated to him on March 28, With respect to the losses listed on his policyOur records reflect that Julia Williams drove over nails and debris and damaged the tires on her vehicle on January 29, There were no damages paid for this lossWhile it is considered an at fault accident, there is no surcharge because there was no damages paid We also have a reported loss on January 12, for [redacted] This loss is listed as not at faultThere were no damages paid and no premium impact on his policyA towing claim on January 14, was inadvertently listed on the policyIt has been deleted, but was never impacting the policyThe policy is not being surcharged for any losses Lastly, I cannot find any discussion of deductible changes prior to February 14, On February 14, 2014, he advised our representative that he requested to change his deductibles the previous yearThere is no record of a request from or from when he started the policyHe was quoted the premium for the coverage on February 19, and March 24, and declined to change it both times I have contacted [redacted] and discussed his concerns regarding the January 29, lossHe disputes reporting lossOur records reflect that the reporter of the loss identified himself as [redacted] We are having the recorded statement retrieved for [redacted] If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me

Case: [redacted] To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for notifying 21st Century of the concerns presented to the Revdex.comWe appreciate the opportunity to respond to this inquiryAs an insurer, it is always our intention to provide excellent service to our policyholders, and we regret the difficulties that our customer experiencedOur records confirm that our staff did not properly consult with the insured prior to issuing the new policy for her spouseUpon learning of the insured’s frustration, the spouse was promptly notified and the new policy was canceled effective its inception dateThe customer’s spouse and the co-registered vehicle remained insured until July 27, The referenced credit was the result of removing the spouse and vehicle as of that dateWe wish to advise the customer that any retroactive cancellation of the vehicle may result in complications to her registration and driver’s license with the state of IndianaAs such, in order to credit the policy retroactively, we ask for documentation reflecting that the insured’s spouse maintained separate insurance coverage on the co-registered vehicle prior to July 27, This information may be faxed to [redacted] We request that the insured include the policy number on all documentationWe thank you for your time and attention, and we apologize for any inconvenience this matter has causedIf we can be of any further assistance, please contact us

Thank you for allowing me to respond our customer's concern I reviewed our file and found that [redacted] 's was contacted by our third party lead group following up on a quotation previously obtainedThe lead group member transferred the call to our sales rep, *** The address information was not reviewed or discussed on either call The policy was bound on September 8, at the price originally quoted on September 2nd at the address in BrawleyAs an accommodation, I have waived the $for this term only We regret that our relationship has gotten off to a rocky startWe are committed to providing a positive customer experience and we did not succeed in this instance Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns

This loss was reported on June 19, 2016, after our insured, [redacted] ***, caused an accident in which three additional vehicles were damaged, including Ms. ***’s. Both Ms. ***’s and Mr. ***’s vehicles are insured by our company; Mr. ***’s with 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company,... and Ms. ***’s with Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company. As she describes in her inquiry, Mr. ***’s property damage coverage limit may not be sufficient to cover the damage fully to all three vehicles involved. During a conversation with Ms. [redacted] on June 23, 2016, we explained this and suggested she pursue her claim through her collision coverage while we were awaiting information documenting the damages to all three vehicles. Ms. [redacted] was reluctant to proceed this way, and we agreed to inspect her vehicle in the interim to determine the extent of the damage. On June 29, 2016, we inspected Ms. ***’s vehicle and determined it was a total loss based on the estimate of repairs. A market valuation report was prepared to reflect the value of her vehicle, and she was informed of the outcome of the inspection the same day. On July 1, 2016, we spoke to Ms. [redacted] again and reiterated we were awaiting information from all parties involved before we would be able to consider payment for her loss under Mr. ***’s policy. We again suggested she pursue her claim under her own policy if she did not wish to wait for us to obtain the necessary information. On July 7, 2016, after receiving your email, we contacted Ms. [redacted] to discuss her concerns. She advised us a claim was filed under her collision coverage with Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company (our records indicate she did so on July 1, 2016). Based on the circumstances, we have agreed to waive her deductible and our file notes indicate Ms. [redacted] has accepted our offer to settle her claim. Once we have received the necessary paperwork, payment will be issued under her policy and reimbursement from the responsible party’s policy will be addressed once we know the extent of all damages. We regret Ms. ***’s dissatisfaction, but believe her claim was handled appropriately under the circumstances.

Dear Customer, We reviewed your file and sent a written response to you We appreciate the opportunity to review this concern for youPlease let us know if you have any followup questions Best Regards, Representative

I reviewed our file then called the consumer yesterday to discuss her concerns I left a voicemail and provided my contact information, so she can return my call

[redacted] reported a weather-related loss to us on August 22, 2014, and claim number [redacted] was establishedOur claims department inspected [redacted] ’s Pontiac Bonneville and determined the roof’s fabric covering was damaged by windIt was also determined the headliner and upholstery on the sunroof was damaged by rainThese damages are covered under [redacted] ’s policyHowever, it was determined the inoperability of the sunroof was not related to the loss but was the result of mechanical breakdown or failureIn a letter to [redacted] dated September 9, 2014, Office Coordinator [redacted] respectfully declined payment of the sunroof as the damage was due to mechanical breakdown or failure which is specifically excluded under the policyCurrently, [redacted] ’s vehicle is scheduled to undergo repairs at Abra Chicago South, one of our direct repair facilitiesWe regret any frustration [redacted] has experienced during our handling of her claimHowever, we believe the loss-related damages to her vehicle have been properly identifiedWe respectfully disagree with [redacted] ’s allegation that the sunroof damage was denied due to any pending lawsuit her husband has with our companyShould [redacted] have any questions regarding her claim, she may speak with [redacted] Sent on: 9/9/4:27:PM

[redacted] We have received your inquiry filed with the regarding the settlement offered on your totaled vehicle We appreciate the opportunity to review this matter and respond In your inquiry you are asking for $5,for the value of your truckOur records confirm that you settled your property damage claim for $5, The value was adjusted after we were able to confirm the aftermarket additions made to your vehicle A supplemental payment in the amount of $2,was issued on June 17, We are pleased we were able to resolve this matter amicably Please contact the claims office directly if you have additional questions regarding your settlement **Please confirm receipt of this response [redacted] [redacted]

Thank you for allowing me to respond to [redacted] concern. I reviewed our file and found that [redacted] was on our 2 Payment Plan and set up for automatic payments from his credit card. We attempted to take a payment of $108.00 on September 2, 2014. The payment was declined by... his bank. As a result of the returned payment, he was assessed a $10 Returned Payment Fee and a $5 Late Fee. On September 4, 2014, we mailed a renewal cancellation notice and billing advising that we must receive a payment of $123 before September 24, 2014 in order to continue his coverage. The proof of mailing for the Cancellation Notice is available should he wish to review it. We did not receive the necessary payment and the policy canceled effective September 24, 2014. The policy was assessed a $50 Cancellation Fee and the Late Fee was reversed. This left [redacted] with and outstanding balance of $86. The policy is not eligible for reinstatement due to the length of time the policy has been canceled, but we can offer [redacted] a new quotation to start a policy and transfer the balance from his prior policy to the new one. Additionally, we respectfully decline to waive the applicable billing fees as we made an accomodation on April 8, 2014 and waived the Returned Payment Fee and Late Fee resulting from his declined payment on April 2, 2014. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

TDI#116390, - Philadelphia Insurance co& Farmers Insurance corefused my injury claim liability against their insured Subway Resaurant by relying solely on their unprofessional and inefficient investigation, which their investigator had committed investigation misconductThe insurance companies recieved my Statement, they recieved my photos of the damaged sidewalk in the property point lines, they recieved my purchased copy of their descriptive property deed that show the property point lines in my photos, they recieved the City of DALLAS report and Butting LAW informing them that their insured is responsible for routinely checking the grounds and reporting the damaged sidewalk to the City of Dallas for repairs, which they did not doThey recieved my witnesses statement that she saw the accident and that the damaged sidewalk was on their inureds property, and still they refuse to settle the claimThey have ignored all of the court legal proceedings by not filing a timely Answer to my filed complaint against them, and nor have they appeared at the court hearings, which they have become in Default of their silent and non-response actions, with no reasonable attempt to settle my claim todateAnd they are now claiming that my claim time has expired, not true, the last court action on my claim was November 7, 2014, and the two year claim time expires November 7, 2016, this yearAll of their badfaith actions in delaying payments of my claim, accommodated with acts of malicious, intentional, fraudulant, and Grossly negligent conduct; And the injured party should not only be entitled to a TDI Resolution against them, but the injured party should also be entitled to a full settlement with the past years interest, and Extra Contractual damages, which I demand immediately.Desired Settlement:Other (requires explanation)Desired Outcome Description:All of their badfaith actions in delaying payments of my claim, accommodated with acts of malicious, intentional, fraudulant, and Grossly negligent conduct; And the injured party should not only be entitled to a TDI Resolution against them, but the injured party should also be entitled to a full settlement with the past years interest, and Extra Contractual damages, which I demand immediately$250,and annual life payments for medical care and damages

The insured’s policy was set up on a monthly, recurring/automatic bill plan with a deduction date of the 2nd Our procedure is to submit our monthly pull file during the early morning hours of the due date, ESTIt seems likely that the insured’s bank received and processed the pre-authorization prior to the intended due dateWe assume that this occurred due to the difference in time zones As a courtesy, we have waived the $returned payment fee, and the remaining balance is $ We wish the insured will with his new provider

We have reviewed Ms [redacted] 's concerns and have determined her information in our claims system cannot be removed at this time We have several pending litigation-related holds on data pertaining to California claims, and are thus precluded from complying with her request Please note the litigation in question is not related to any of Ms [redacted] 's claims specifically We are sorry we cannot comply with Ms [redacted] 's request at this time I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I have not received the $back from the company The insurance company owes me $for the period of 2/5/to 2/11/ The representative who I spoke to on February 5, indicated that I will receive a credit of $for reducing my coverage from 2/5/to 2/11/2014, not the 2/11/to 8/11/as the company later letter indicates I did not ask the company to change my name and initials to my name I would like to file a report about the company's fraud and misrepresentation to their customers due to their dishonest business practice I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I appreciate the company getting back to me, however someone is not reading their notes/files thoroughlyThe correct date of the actual accident was January 14, NOT January 12, as the company is trying to stateRegardless if it is effecting my premium or not it should be listed correctly or it should not be on there at all especially with it being a not at-faultThe January 12, is a duplicate of the January 14, accident that the claims representative incorrectly entered into the system and never adjustedBrandon Brewster the claims adjuster stated he would fix it and I guess never didI spoke to [redacted] recently about this same issue who pulled calls and verified the claims were duplicated and corrected the mistake YOUR company made and adjusted the dates and deleted January 12, not the January As far as the January 29, claim goes, I am still disputing this claim and would like for this to be investigated because this claim was NOT made by me nor Julia because we only own one vehicle and that vehicle is the Dodge Grand Caravan listed on the policy and that vehicle was still at Hubler express collision/Abra getting body work done from the January 14, accidentI was informed that your company was going to pull the call and see who it was that called on My behalf and acted as if they were me and made a claimI was driving a rental vehicle from Enterprise at that time which was being covered by the other individuals insurance company who was at-fault of that accidentEnterprise was notified that the vehicle they gave me had two flat tires by the time I got home due to the valve stems gave way, they called their roadside to pick up and transferred my contract to another rental vehicle even swapI never notified claims nor filed anything myself nor gave them permission neither did JuliaI would like the recorded calls pulled and reviewed and this matter taken care ofI have had no at-fault accidents since I have had coverage with your company and ever since I have signed up I seem to be having issues and paying more each renewal periodI have all documents needed for verificationI will take my complaint further more to get this issue resolved if neededI'm not happy that someone falsely filed a claim and that no one is looking into it and now I am being over charged and overpaying for something that once started out at a reasonable rateAlso when I started my policy it was $

As stated in our original response, we believe the loss-related damages to [redacted] ’s vehicle have been properly identifiedOur claims department advised [redacted] she would be responsible for any diagnostic fees if the damage was determined to be not related to the lossAs such, we are unable to fulfill her request to be reimbursed the $diagnostic feesShould [redacted] have any further questions, she may speak with Claims Supervisor L [redacted] Sent on: 11/17/11:38:AM I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me HOWEVER I did call to make arrangements due to them knowing the card was no good Regards,

We have talked with the complainant and her son in follto the original notification and response to the Revdex.comThe complainant has been advised that we will consider her request for reimbursement when she provides a copy of the complainant's bank statement in her name only, and a copy of the police report pursuing charges against her sonTo date, we have not received either documentOur records reflect that the complainant's son relied on our insurance in both Florida and in Ohio, and was aware that monthly deductions were occurringOur company position remains the same in this matter

October 19, face="Times New Roman" size="3"> Serving Delaware Reads Way New Castle, DE Delivered uploaded to: of Delaware Complaint Hub *** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] Dear Serving Delaware, We are writing in response to your correspondence dated October 5, 2016, wherein Ms [redacted] expressed her concerns regarding our investigation of her claim, which determined she was at fault for the damage to the claimant’s vehicle We appreciate the opportunity to review and respond to Ms***’ concerns Our records indicate Ms [redacted] reported this claim on October 31, 2015, and we obtained her recorded interview regarding the accident when she called us on November 3, During this interview she advised us another car had sideswiped her car, which caused her vehicle to go into the claimant’s lane and strike the claimant’s vehicle Unfortunately, our investigation did not find any evidence supporting Ms***’ statement that her car was struck and/or sideswiped by another vehicle (prior to her impacting the claimant’s vehicle) Therefore, in November we determined Ms [redacted] was principally at fault for the accident because her actions or omissions contributed at least percent to the legal cause of the accident which resulted in property damage exceeding $1, On December 2, 2015, named insured [redacted] contacted us and advised they disagreed with the outcome of our investigation; therefore, we agreed to take have another adjuster reexamine and further investigate the claim as part of our reconsideration process After making several attempts to contact Ms [redacted] and obtain her recorded interview, she sent us an email on December 15, 2015, advising she would be available at noon on Friday, December 18, 2015, to provide her recorded interview Unfortunately, we did not hear from Ms [redacted] on December 18, 2015, and she did not respond to our phone call made at 12:09pm on Friday, December 18, Our records also indicate we made several additional attempts to contact Ms [redacted] between January 12, 2016, and March 30, 2016; however, we never received a response and were unable to complete our investigation in reconsideration of her claim At this time Ms***’ claim is closed and if she would like to proceed with the reconsideration of her claim, we ask that she contact Claims Supervisor [redacted] Once again, we appreciate the opportunity to review and respond to Ms***’ concerns Sincerely, [redacted]

We are in receipt of your correspondence regarding the inquiry from [redacted] *** We appreciate the opportunity to review this matter and respond /> [redacted] reported this loss to us on September 3, According to the claim file, [redacted] reported his vehicle sustained damage from sandstorms that occurred over a period of time Claims Representative [redacted] spoke to [redacted] regarding this incident on September 27, In his statement to our office when [redacted] was asked when the damages occurred, he advised “they occurred over time” [redacted] asked him to clarify this statement, and [redacted] indicated it had occurred over a period of months [redacted] attempted to explain to [redacted] the difference between wear and tear from sand damage and a single incident from a sandstorm [redacted] offered to set up an inspection appointment to look at the vehicle but [redacted] became upset with this explanation and disconnected the telephone call As part of our investigation we did pull a weather history report to review wind gust speeds and sandstorm activity for reported date of loss September 2, Correspondence dated October 29, was sent to [redacted] advising him there would be no coverage for this incident as the property damage resulted from separate incidences of exposure to road and weather related wearing on the vehicle that had occurred over a period of time Information regarding the status of the claim was also provided to [redacted] ***’s agent [redacted] later requested he be provided with a copy of his recorded statement The transcribed statement was sent to him on two separate occasions While we regret [redacted] ***’s dissatisfaction with the handling of his claim, a review of the claim file indicated the denial was appropriate based on the information available for our review We are unclear as to what [redacted] is referring to with his other allegations of harassment, tracking devices being installed on his vehicle, and making an unauthorized copy of his vehicle key Our records also indicate he has filed claims for this vehicle under claim number [redacted] for date of loss September 9, through [redacted] Insurance Company and claim number [redacted] for date of loss September 11, through 21st Century Insurance Company [redacted] has also filed a complaint through the California Department of Insurance which was responded to on January 25, If [redacted] should have further questions, we direct him to contact the claims office Claims Supervisor [redacted] Should you require any additional information, you may contact me at ( [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted]

I reviewed our file and determined that this former policyholder contacted us after his initial policy canceled in December 2013. The policy voided because his bank returned the payment. The previous payments on this policy were not returned by his bank, so the ID theft from
is not related to this situation. The 2nd policy was also set up on autopay and the first couple of payment cleared the bank account, but the 3rd installment was returned by his bank. Considering the above information we are unable to waive the $in fees

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