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No, as of 6/13/we have not received a refund of $

To Whom it May Concern - We are currently in receipt of the complaint filed by [redacted] ’s Pet SittingWhile we desire to meet Ms***’s expectations and resolve this matter to her satisfaction, after carefully reviewing each statement made by Ms***, we must respectfully disagree with the vast majority of her claimsWe would like to preface our response by stating that although the cancellation of the Windy City and StLouis pet expos (as well as the others in which were also similarly affected) were caused by a situation outside of our control and for which we’ve taken full responsibilityWe’ve also provided independently verifiable documentation and letters from our attorney so that exhibitors could confirm the details surrounding our show cancellationsThe entire reason said insurance claims exist is because the factors which caused the show cancellations were outside of our control and it’s had a devastating affect on us as wellWhile this is no one else’s problem but our own and none of our exhibitors should have even been aware of the underlying problem, we can’t change what occurred - we can only show through our actions that we’re doing everything in our power to meet their needsWe’re deeply apologetic that Ms [redacted] has been put in this positionNothing said by anyone representing Amazing Pet Expos has varied since the day the Windy City Pet Expo was cancelled and each exhibitor, including Ms***, has been communicated with regularly and been provided with consistent updatesNo excuses or promises have been made and more than half of our refunds have already been issued even though we’ve not yet received any kind of insurance payment yet ourselvesWith very few exceptions, our exhibitors have been extremely supportive and believe issuing refunds, providing free exhibitor space, organizing claim paperwork on their behalf, and being reimbursed for expenses they incurred for the show has been a fair resolution which demonstrates our willingness to make things rightMs [redacted] accepted our company’s terms and conditions on June 7, As recently as October 5, 2017, our insurance adjuster with [redacted] explained to Ms [redacted] via email that her insurance claim was currently being reviewed because, “there is the issue of the vendor contract which you signed with Amazing Pet Expo and whether the exculpatory/hold harmless language applies” to your claim [redacted] ’s insurance adjuster went on to add, “We understand that you are anxious to resolve these issues and move forward with the process We are working with counsel to expedite the process on our end.” With that said, Ms [redacted] has breached those same terms and conditions on numerous occasions via multiple means by which we’ll discuss with her privatelyShe also makes a very serious allegation by claiming we’re a “scam” and then compounds it by insisting the “give us an ‘F’ rating.” Nonetheless, when the event was cancelled, we offered to provide her with a full refund, free exhibitor space in our Windy City event, and to reimburse her for any documented expenses she incurred for the event - all of which we offered in the interests of customer service since, according to Ms***’s signed contract, our only obligation was to issue a pro-rated refundOn July 31, 2017, we acknowledged receipt of the information Ms [redacted] needed to send in order for a claim to be filed and she stated she understood the claims process would be lengthyAccording to the attached documentation, you will see that Ms [redacted] is aware that she is to be reimbursed via the third-party insurance claim filed on her behalfShe has been provided with complete contact information for the associated insurance adjusters and was advised by the insurance adjusters to contact them directly with questions or concerns since they will have the most up-to-date information on each individual third-party claimUnfortunately, our adjuster with [redacted] sent out an email to a group of exhibitors without BCC’ing each recipient which is far different than our sending out a mass email which publicly displayed every exhibitor’s email addressHowever, since the show program and other marketing materials had already been published prior to the Windy City event, each exhibitor - just like the general public - could easily access the complete contact information for all of our participantsWe also communicated with and updated Ms [redacted] - via a combination of email, text messages, and phone calls - on the following dates (this does not include her correspondence with insurance adjusters which would be in addition): July 20, July 21, July 24, July 25, July (multiple times), August (multiple times), August 4, August 24, August 25, September 18, October 3, and October The last time we spoke, although she was understandably frustrated with the whole insurance process, Ms [redacted] didn’t exhibit any of the anger or frustration she’s exhibited here or we would have addressed itWe remain dedicated to upholding our word in terms of what was promised in regards to the Ms***’s (and all of our exhibitors’) refunds and reimbursements and hope we’ll be able to satisfy her concernsAgain, we’re sorryHaving said that, the situation is clearly difficult enough without incorporating hateful comments and untrue accusations - that doesn’t help anythingSincerely yours,Amazing Pet Expos

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/10/23) */ This is clearly buyers remorse, and beyond the purview of the

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I never heard from AE Group, LLCas promised by today October 30, No call & no email, just more promises Sincerely, [redacted] ***

We apologize for the factual error and, as in the last response, have stated that we would resolve the matter as requestedThat is our intent and we've not changed our stance on our intentions

12/8/2:I received your email asking me if I got my refund back from Amazing Pet Expo I was able to get my money back, however it wasn't from Amazing Pet Expo I called my credit card, [redacted] Told them what had happened and they disputed my charges And in typical Amazing Pet Expo form, when it came time for them to reply to [redacted] regarding the dispute, they did nothing I'm not the only one who this company has done this to And this is not the first time this has happened I'm grateful I was able to get my money back, but feel really bad for the other organizations this company has taken advantage of People should know about this company and how it's mismanaged Thank you, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The company failed to acknowledge my request for a full refundPlease refer to attachment which proves that an authorized member of their staff agreed to issue my refund Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you! I did manage to reach Mr [redacted] by phone yesterday and speak to him at lengthSince the complaint is closed, I don't know if we can add the verbiage below since I think the whole complaint is published publicly, but just in case, I'm sending this (I tried to post it to the complaint, but couldn't since it was closed) if someone there wouldn't mind adding it to the complaint on my behalf, please:The owner of AE Group, [redacted] , did manage to reach Mr [redacted] by phone yesterday (05-25-2016) so that she could personally apologize for his unacceptable experience and spoke to him at lengthShe stated that she'd be willing to do whatever she could to further rectify the situation - even though he'd already received a refund - in an attempt to repair the business relationship and change his perspective on our companyHe initially declined the offer, but agreed to contact Ms [redacted] directly if he were to change his mindThank you so much! Warmest Regards, [redacted] B [redacted] President & CEO, Amazing Pet Expos™

I was not aware [redacted] agreed to a refund or why, but it is irrelevant as the client did a chargeback on their credit cardBased on [redacted] 's email, I have accepted the chargeback without dispute

To Whom it May Concern - Due to unforeseen circumstances, the New England event was postponed to the spring of Although Mr [redacted] s accepted terms and conditions which stated he knew was ineligible for a full refund, Amazing Pet Expos has, in good faith to our exhibitors and long time partners / vendors, made the decision to issue compensation upon request to exhibitors who were unable to attend or accommodate the updated schedule, although we stressed to each individual client that since we were operating with an event unexpectedly moved, this was weighing heavily on our company as well and we were accommodating each request as quickly as we could, given the circumstances [redacted] reached out to our offices in response to our initial update regarding the cancellation on September 13th and left a messageHe was called back the same day and was unavailable, according to his fiance, who answered his phone number (the only number we have listed) multiple times A member of our staff spoke to his fiance, [redacted] , who explained, in earnest, that they would definitely like to do a future event, however, [redacted] was an active military member who was regularly re-stationed and therefore they were unable to commit to many things long term for 2018, in case they had been transferred to another city and therefore out of distance to reasonably attend the new weekendShe said that although they were unable to commit for a specific new date at this time, they were very interested in perhaps attending an event held by APE in an alternate city in the case that they were relocated [redacted] was given, in great detail, the situation regarding the rescheduling of the event, as well as the fact that we reserve the right to reschedule an event if it is in the best interests of our attendees and vendors, and that a refund is not due in such a case [redacted] was told that we understood her circumstances, and under such, we were happy to issue a refund, but that the amount of time could not be guaranteed as we worked to accommodate several exhibitors who had extenuating circumstances prohibiting them from our new date, in face of the fact that we were not usually issuing refunds for such a situation.After our conversation with [redacted] , we were notified in mid-October of a complaint expressing concern about a refund, and perhaps an instance of fraud, from ***, stating that he had not been reached out to or updated regarding the situationWe immediately contacted [redacted] and explained all of the above details [redacted] stated that he was aware of the call with [redacted] , and the details surrounding the postponement and his refund, and that he was merely making the complaint as a "precaution" and that he understood what had originally been explained and that he would not "further pursue" the complaint, as he understood that while not initially eligible for a refund, that we were working to accommodate him as quickly as possibleHe also stated that he had known of our company previously, and that he knew that we had produced multiple events beforeHe confirmed that his complaint was made after all details had been provided him and his fiance.This leaves our staff baffled in regards to a statement of fraud, considering that we have been in communication with this person before, plus his immediate family, and is familiar with our shows, while claiming to be concerned that we were not a valid company and that we were shirking any type of responsibility with our vendorsAPE has produced more than events in less than a decade, and has hosted thousands of vendors and attendeesWe understand that Mr [redacted] is eager to have his funds returned, however, he has been spoken to, and acknowledged, multiple times, the circumstances regarding that refund and his original contractual obligationHe has yet to give an original explanation for his initial complaint (he has continued to accept and participate in calls put out to him for clarification throughout this complaint) other than as a "precaution" (to our staff when asked during our follow-ups, plus the fact that all other concerns expressed via just the complaint have already been addressed, although he has not personally shared them with us when given the opportunity on the phone, such as the fraud claim), while readily agreeing to the fact that he understood his original contractual obligation as well as our efforts to still accommodate vendors dealing with circumstances that could not be changed - again, going as far as to express interest in other cities that we host eventsWe are unsure why either [redacted] or [redacted] would show interest in other events for cities they could potentially be stationed in if there was a degree of worry that the event, or company that hosts the event, was a fraudWe are still actively working to take care of Mr [redacted] 's refund request and are happy to accommodate any calls or communication he has regarding that update - however, we must dispute the fact that there has been lack of information or any instance of fraud, as claimed, per the original agreement entered by Red Dogs and the multiple conversations and updates subsequent to our original postponementWe are happy to provide any additional details or proof pertaining to this situation, as well as any follquestions for clarification.Sincerely yours,Amazing Pet Expos

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 10, 2015/10/21) */ We have no record of any contract with a [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 18, 2015/10/26) */ This company has responded that they will send a refund by Oct I would like to keep this complaint open until I receive the fundsPlease see below email from [redacted] Sales ASsistant with Amazing Pet Expo Original Message Subject: Re: Refund for Majestic Pet Products From: " [redacted] ***" Date: Thu, October 1, 4:pm To: "***" Hi ***, Thanks for confirming the amount and mailing detailsI [redacted] make sure that the check is made out to [redacted] and sent to the address you specifiedThe refund [redacted] go out on Friday, 10/On that Friday I [redacted] get the tracking number and email it to you I appreciate your patience as we've dealt with this messAs a gesture of goodwill I want to offer you a free campaign on the Atlanta Pet Expo Facebook pageI know that the Atlanta page still has a lot of followers from your area, so a series of posts could really benefit you! If you're interested in this, I'd be happy to work out the details with you If you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime, please let me know Best wishes, [redacted] Sales Assistant, Amazing Expos [redacted] On 9/30/XXXX X:XX PM, [redacted] wrote: > Hi [redacted] , > > Thanks for the emailYes, $is the correct amountPlease make the check out directly to [redacted] , and mail to XXX > > Looking forward to hearing further details later this weekThanks > again, [redacted] > > > Original Message > Subject: Refund for Majestic Pet Products > From: " [redacted] ***" > Date: Wed, September 30, 10:am > To: *** > > Good morning, ***, > > I'm sorry I missed your callI know it's been a while, and I think > you deserve a brief explanation > > While this is not a justification, we recently had a staff member who > was handling the refunds and made a jumbled mess of them, franklyShe > is no longer with the companyI am now auditing our finances to > determine exactly who is owed what in refunds and to make sure that > they are sentPart of the reason that I was chosen for this is my > strong background in customer service; please know that I am available > to answer any questions you may have > > What I'd like to do is verify that we have the correct refund amount > on file for Majestic Pet Products, after which I will speak with my > supervisor to determine a set date on which to send out the checkI > will contact you by the end of this week to let you know the specific > date the check will be in the mailMy records show that your refund > amount is $425.00, is that correct? > > I sincerely apologize for your wait up to this point, and I want to > thank you for your continued patiencePlease tell me if you have any > further questions

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: This is an improper business practice I do not have my money yet and the Amazing Pet expo has violated its terms of agreement by note refunding vendors for a cancelled event within days of cancellation My attorney has reached out to the company and has been told that Amazing Pet Expos would be contacting me; this has not happened In the previous message left on here I was given an individuals contact info; all attempts to contact this person has been unsuccessfulI will continue to persue legal action until I receive my refund Sincerely, [redacted]

I have spoken with the AE Group outside of the system and I would like to close my complaint [redacted] as having been resolved Thank you for your assistance[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Per the terms of agreement that I agreed to, Amazing Pet Expos must refund vendors fees if the event is cancelled Per the attached email on September 12th, the New England Pet Expo was cancelled this year due to a disgruntled employee No official word has been sent to vendors other this email about refunds, rescheduling the event or how their insurance claim has turned out We had talked to [redacted] shortly after this email was sent and we were assured that a refund would be sent within days This has not occurred Per Amazing Pet Expos terms of agreement, if an event is cancelled, they have days to refund vendor fees This information is in paragraph of the attached terms of agreement These terms can also be found at Amazing Pet Expos is still within days of the refund window, but it is closing fast It has been extremely difficult to get into contact with [redacted] or [redacted] at Amazing Pet Expos and their legal representation [redacted] This is extremely concerning to me because of their history of cancelling events last minute which puts the financial burden on vendorsAmazing Pet Expos has acted extremely careless by cancelling events the last minute and not being in constant communication with vendors Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear Ms***, Thank you for following upAlthough this matter should be beyond the purview of the because the original transaction took place four years ago and National Complaint Acceptance Guidelines state they do not handle complaints which involve transactions dated more than days ago, it doesn’t change the fact that I would like to address your concerns and resolve this matterMy name is [redacted] and I’m the president of Amazing Pet ExposI don’t believe we’ve ever spoken or emailed directly, but when I learned of this complaint and investigated the issue, I was disappointed in the level of customer service you’d received in the pastI was on a leave of absence for a very lengthy period of time and, while it’s no excuse, certain levels of quality were not maintained in my absenceWhile I can assure you the people you worked with previously are no longer with the company, I take full responsibility for the frustration you encounteredI’m sorryWith that said, I’m sure I would feel the same way if I thought a company had failed to issue a refund after four yearsHowever, we are in receipt of a bank statement which reflects a check for $issued more than years ago was cashed by Happy Endings No-Kill Cat Shelter on January 30, We can provide you with a copy of the bank statement which reflects the cashed checkThis morning, we also contacted our bank to request copy of the cancelled checkOnce we receive the check image (in five to seven business days), it will be forwarded so your bank can investigate and/or verify the transactionNo matter what, I’ll work with you until this issue is resolved to your satisfactionAccording to our records, we worked with two people from your rescueIs it possible the other individual didn’t pass along these refund details? Even though your previous experience with us may demonstrate otherwise, customer service is - and has always been - my first priority; the relationships we have with our exhibitors and community partners are the basis upon which our entire organization restsSince my return, we’ve developed countless systems, undergone extensive training, and implemented full accountability for each and every member of our team to ensure our standards exceed customer expectationsWe have a zero-tolerance policy for poor serviceIn view of this, I’d also welcome the opportunity to do more to make the situation right (above and beyond the refund)We have numerous resources at our disposal which may benefit your rescueIf you’d like to explore this further, feel free to contact me directly whenever you’d like - I have many options at my disposal, all of which would be complimentaryBecause this situation doesn’t fall within the accepted guidelines for a complaint, see my complete contact information below, including my cell phone number - moving forward, please don’t hesitate to call/email/text any time at all by whichever means you find most convenient I will notify you as soon as we’re in receipt of the cancelled check copyAgain, I sincerely apologize and look forward to (hopefully) discussing more about the offer I’ve made tooIn the meantime, I hope you have a lovely day Sincerely yours, [redacted] [redacted] B [redacted] President, Amazing Pet Expos E: s [redacted] P: ( [redacted] • [redacted] C: [redacted] F: [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Although Amazing Pet Expos has claimed that they are working with an insurance company, I have failed to hear from any insurance company or attorneys offices regarding my refund request of $which encompasses cancelled Amazing Pet Expos and expenses incurred from traveling to the Schaumburg, IL, show.I am requesting the name of the insurance company and any and all agents involved with phone numbers and claim numbers so that I may follow up directly on the status of these claimsThis company has had ample time to render satisfactory results to me and many other vendors who are in the same situation This is another stall factor [redacted]

To Whom it May Concern - We are currently in receipt of the complaint filed by Ms [redacted] on behalf of her company, [redacted] ***Ms [redacted] ’s refund is currently being reviewed by our insurance companyThe entire reason said insurance claims exist is because the factors which caused the show cancellation were outside of our control and it’s had a devastating affect on us as wellWhile this is no one else’s problem but our own and none of our exhibitors should have even been aware of the underlying problem, we can’t change what occurred - we can only show through our actions that we’re doing everything in our power to meet their needsWe’re deeply apologetic that Ms [redacted] has been put in this positionWe’re not breaking any promises made to Ms [redacted] ; she was aware that her refund and reimbursement would be underwritten by insurance and we know she was dissatisfied by how long the process has taken so farUnfortunately, we’ve had to remain in a holding pattern as wellHowever, we remain dedicated to upholding our word in terms of what was promised in regards to Ms [redacted] ’s (and all of our exhibitors’) refunds and we will contact Ms [redacted] tomorrow, 11-21, to see if we can come to an alternative resolution which she’d find acceptable; we will then update this complaintAgain, we’re sorry Sincerely yours,Amazing Pet Expos

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:In the brief message response from Amazing Pet Expos, forwarded to me by the, the message read that a thorough response would be provided before Monday, October 30th.I have not received any response as of Monday, October 30th (9:AM PST) from Amazing Pet Expos Sincerely, [redacted]

Please note that we have been made aware of this complaint and will offer a thorough response tomorrow, 10-Thank you! I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 12463693, and will await what their response is and will at that time make a determination as to whether it is acceptable or not Sincerely, [redacted] ***

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