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Aloha Pools & Spas of Paducah

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Dear Mr***,Thank you for providing the receipt for the replacement of the rear view mirror on your Mini CooperAs a courtesy, we will be mailing a check to your for the cost of the repairsThis is not an admission of liability, simply a gesture of goodwill.A check in the amount of $will be mailed to you at the address we have on filePlease allow 10-business days to receive the check

Dear Mr***,I'm very sorry for the trouble we had getting the correct back glass for your Audi AIn a conversation with your mother, we clarified that you did have the glass replaced by another provider and everything is fine with thatAs a courtesy, we agreed to compensate you in the
amount of $for the out of pocket expenses you incurred while you were unable to use your own vehicleYou should see the check in about 7-business days.I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this caused youYou have enough to deal with and I regret that this burden was added

Dear Mr***,I'm very sorry for the issues you have had since we replaced the windshield on your Lincoln NavigatorI see that you have been in touch with members of our Executive Service team about a water leak and a torn seatWe did have a warranty appointment scheduled on
8-19-17 to inspect the moldings on your vehicle because you were under the impression that they would be replaced along with the windshield.I have reached out to the store manager and the operations manager in your area asking for their assistance with your concernsWith the upcoming Labor Day weekend, it may take a few extra days to hear from them.I would also like to ask if you could provide specific information regarding any damages that you believe are associated with our workIF you have pictures and estimates, I'd be happy to add them to your file and forward them to the field management for review.Again, I apologize for your concerns and the delay in getting answers for you

I feel that Safelight broke the windshield in order to facilitate the necessity for an immediate new windshieldI have since had the windshield replaced by a different company but feel Safelight should have to pay for the expense of the replacementThe damage to the windshield was only the size of a quarter and it cracked out across the windshield about inches by the time the technician was finished "repairing" itEven though Safelight claims they do not warranty their repairs, that information was not given to me when I made the appointment or when the tech showed up to repair the windshieldI never signed any paperwork or was disclosed about the lack of warrantyThe amount for my deductible is $which has been mentioned before in earlier emails regarding this caseSafelight should reimburse me for this amount as the small crack in the windshield that was "fixed" turned into a large crack that necessitated a replacement

I am rejecting this response because: I don't believe themThat means I have to wait yet another weeks or more making it a minimum total of weeks that my car has been damagedI have not heard a word from Safelite and was told on several occasions that they were already going to order the moldings and it still has not been doneI'm now going to go to a repair shop of my choice and get an estimate to see what they are going to charge to repair my front window molding and fix the inside molding the way it was before Safelite damaged my vehicle
*** ***

Dear Mr***I'm very sorry that the windshield on your Chevrolet Malibu has the appearance of watermarks at night or when it's rainingSafelite does provide a national lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.It appears that we were first
notified of an issue on April 26, A no-cost warranty appointment was scheduled for you on April 28, but you apparently weren't able to make it to our shopIt does appear that at some point after that a technician inspected the glass and found no defect in the glass itselfIf the glass we installed had a defect, the issue would have presented immediately after the work was completed on September 12, A manufacturing defect would not take over months to appear.On May 24, a representative of our Customer Care team spoke with you about your concernsAt that time you were conferenced with the Safelite store manager to discuss the issueWhile the manager didn't feel that the glass was defective, he did offer to replace it at no cost to youThis would be as a one-time courtesyYou stated that you didn't want to permit this.Because the issue you are having isn't a defect in the glass, we must respectfully decline your request to refund you for the work we didIf you would like to schedule the courtesy replacement, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team at ###-###-####

Dear Mr***,
I do understand your frustrationIt isn't every day that a vehicle requires glass replacement and as a customer there may be some assumptions about what will or will not happenThis may include the expectation that every auto glass replacement is automatically performed using OEM or dealer glassIn the auto glass replacement industry as well as the automobile insurance industry, the standard is to replace damaged glass with what is commonly referred to as "aftermarket" glassThis is glass that is of "like kind and quality" and is readily availableOnly if a request is made to install OEM or dealer glass by the customer, will OEM be mentionedThe cost of dealer glass is generally higher than aftermarket glass and it usually requires contacting a dealer with the vehicles full VIN to order the glassThis also adds a few days to the timeline to receive the glassIn a few cases, we stock both the OEM and aftermarket glass but our sales representatives don't have that information immediately available to them when they are speaking with a customer
Again, when your representative stopped into the Safelite shop on the day of service he discussed both the OEM and aftermarket glass options with a Safelite representative because we happened to have both in stockAt that time, your representative made the decision to have the OEM glass installed and agreed to the increased priceHe stated that he was personally financially responsible for the damage and the decision was his to have the OEM glass installed and pay the increased priceAt every step of the process, from the original request for a quote to the final installation, Safelite representatives provided accurate information according to our company procedures and protocolsI'm sorry if you were under the mistaken impression that the quote you received would be for OEM glass when you called Safelite or any other glass installerWe are not willing to refund the difference between the OEM glass that your representative chose and the aftermarket glass that was initially quoted

Whether Safelite accepts it or not the facts remain that the amount of rust was less than their limit of square inchesFurthermore all of the nuts and bolts were stolen by the technicianAs per the inspection sticker, it was needed for a replacement to be issuedSafelite's explanations are feeble and self serving.
*** ***

Good Afternoon,
I'll make a long story as short as possibleI have attached a screen print of what Ms*** is trying to point outOur work order numbers are recycled over timeWhat happened in this case is when Ms***'s claim was first entered our system assigned the work order number 01812-Unfortunately, in another customer's job was assigned that same work order numberWhen our scheduling system encounters this it will combine some information from the current job and some from the previous jobIn this example, Ms***'s vehicle information is reflected but the customer's name and billing information is reflected
When our shop attempted to confirm the order by phone, they found that there was incorrect information on the work order and obtained the correct information for Ms***I'm not sure if Ms*** is claiming that we shared her information with our customer Jessica Liccardo, but that didn't happen
I hope that helps to clarify this correspondenceIf there are any other questions, please let me know
In addition, I have attached the amil confirmation sent to Ms*** that states her insurance coverage hasn't been confirmed and she may be required to pay for the work if it is completed before we receive verification of coverage

I have contacted *** Insurance regarding this incident and they said that when the technician decided that he was going to make four repairs to the windshield instead of the two that were authorized that he was obligated to call that in to the insurance company, whether they were free or notThey further stated that they would not have authorized that repair because they limit windshield repairs to three because any more that three repairs could compromise the integrity of the glass, which is exactly what happened! Your technician drilled four holes in my windshield and then started the repair processWhile attempting to cure the resin in the first repair, a huge crack materialized from one of the other holes that he had already createdThe evidence for this is that I now have a windshield with one repair and three small holes that were created by your technician.I have handed this over to my insurance company who said that they will now represent me in this case against the faulty repair job that broke my windshieldI realize that as just one person, your big corporation thinks that they can just blow me off and claim that I was aware of this because I signed the authorization but I was never shown any document or given a verbal warning that this was a possibilityThe fact that you are sending me what I supposedly signed a day after this happened is irrelevant to this matterAll the technician said was to sign here to authorize the repair and handed me a cell phone with a completely white screen with a line to sign onI should have been given or shown the document before or at least when I signed the authorization on his phone. Maybe you will change your mind when you hear from *** Insurance on my behalf later today as they told me that this was not properly handled by Safelite and apologized for the incident since they referred you to meI doubt you want them to stop referring your company or at least this branch in Fairfield for not standing behind a mistake made by your technician

I’m very sorry to hear that the windshield replacement we did on your Nissan Pickup was not able to stop the water leakI see that you have been in contact with us through social media as well as contacting the Revdex.comAs a result, we have offered to refund the amount you paid for the
installation so that you can go to another provider of your choiceWe are waiting to receive the signed Release of Liability that was emailed to you on December 28, Once we receive the signed document we will be able to refund the full amount of $that you paid
Again, I apologize for the issueIf you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-212-

To whom it may concern,
I’m very sorry that we weren’t able to replace the windshield for your Toyota Highlander on May 23, I understand that you have little time away from work and setting aside time for a windshield replacement is challenging
Our glass deliveries are
scheduled based on the jobs for that day or sometimes for the following day and not shipped immediately when the order is enteredDue to limited storage space in many locations we rely on “just in time” delivery of partsI apologize that the delivery on May 23rd was running lateThen the issue grew larger and more frustratingWhile you were at the car wash, the technician called to let you know he was on the wayHe arrived at your location about minutes later and the vehicle wasn’t there so he left to complete his next installationBecause he had spoken to you earlier in the day and left a message at 12:39, neither the technician nor the shop manager attempted to contact you when the technician found you weren’t home
Again, I understand your frustration and we would still like to be able to complete your windshield replacementWhile we are unable to offer a no-cost replacement the Safelite manager did offer a significant discount as a courtesyIf you would like to take advantage of this offer, please feel free to contact us at 1-*** and we would be happy to schedule the installation

they never intended to fix my windshieldthe day arrived in which they were supposed to replace and the tech showed up with NO windshieldIf I was your mother,sister or daughter how would you feel about a company that values their negligent employees over their customers They pretended to check the windshield and made up an impact point if it was an impact it was due to safelites tech the day of servicesI never cleaned the windshield or wipers and haven't even washed my car in weeks yet to this day.we don't have muddy places or dirt roads in which I drive onThe tech that arrived with no windshield told me he was noir going to discredit the services of his friend\coworker and the manager who never seen the windshield argued with me as though I'm at this the image you want your company to portray.sending this letter viral.The people need to know what to expect if they choose safelite for one but windshield really worth losing multiple possibly thousands of customers.God bless you and enjoy your day.People even your employees aren't perfect and can ,will and in my case has made mistakes

I guess they keep lying and there is nothing I can doAll I want to see is their camera showing the technician didn't do anything
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.1st of all I have no idea who *** is I have never spoken to him Secondly I am at a loss with this business in making up all these lies to cover themselves with the response to the above is:Yes the installer did come to my house over Labor Day of last year to see what my issue was with the leak in the pool He and two other guys were there and checked my liner for a leak and he did tighten the bottom drain This DID NOT fix the problem and I don't know why this is being stated As I have said before I spoke with *** in Service and with *** in sales almost on a daily basis being told they would get someone out to find the real issue to my problem If I need to I can get my personal cell phones records from Verizon if it is possible but I can not get the records from the state office in which I work from (and numerous calls were made from there and my co-workers can testify to that because they over heard many many conversations and I even left work on one occasion to pick out a different liner since the one I had in pool was not in stock I have no idea why *** nor *** work for this company any longer but obviously there was lots of lack of communication or whatever the reason may be that this was not relayed on to whomever needed to know this, but you would think by talking with the service department as frequently as we did it would eventually get relayed And you are totally correct in saying my pool sat all winter with not being properly winterized because up until November when I spoke to the new service guy (and I don't recall his name) I was still under the assumption this issue was going to be taken care of And actually it was the new service guy that told me there was no need to cover the pool at this point and for us to just take care of winterizing the pump and the filter (in which we did) As far as something that was mentioned to us about blowing our lines out for winterizing (we have never done this with the two pools we have had previously) and was never told to do this by the new service guy when he was telling me about what to do with the filter and pump for the winter (This is when I asked for something in writing from the owner so I wouldn't have to explain everything again in case he was no longer working there when it came time to open the pool) Filter was drained of all water and pump was removed and stored inside My husband wrapped the bottom drain pipes that were exposed to the winter elements with insulation and heat tape Again up until this we were told they were going to be out to fix our issue I have photos on my phone that actually have the dates of when they were taken where I can show where it was leaking last year and where it is leaking this yearAs far as leaves yes we did have leaves in which I really didn't think we would have because we have no trees but then again this was our first pool that we have never covered in the winter and I didn't realize that many leaves would come from a neighbors tree, but this is totally irrelevant due to the fact the pool was still leaking before the leaves ever started to fall Why you are saying this issue was fixed is beyond me And my pool did not leak at all over the winter when the pump and filter were not running I was told on November by the owner *** *** by email (because at this point I asked for documentation because I had waited all season for my pool to be fixed and it wasn't and noone seemed to know I existed after *** and *** were no longer there) that she would supply my chemicals to open my pool and if I had a leak it would be taken care of I was asked to open my pool in April or early May so we could see if we still had an issue I which I did After the 1st set of chemicals I stated the pool was not leaking (but mind you I had not ran my pump nor filter at this time) After the 2nd set of chemicals in which I was given I was told to start running my filtration system and add chlorine so we wouldn't loose what clearing up we had going Once we started the filtration system is when the pool started having the exact same leak I took a picture and went to the pool store to report of my issue I believe this was on May 13th I showed *** *** the photos and told her the pool was leaking again At this point we had been working on this pool since April 22nd we we got our first chemicals from her I totally understand there is some work to be done when opening a pool for the season since this is my 3rd pool that I have owned over the last years but I have never had to open one that has not had a cover over it for the winter If you can imagine I was trying to clear water that looked like a pond to water that could be swam in We were doing work either of the mornings prior to work or daily after work even taking off of work early to where we could try and get more done (I have witnesses to that also) You know but the issue is not a green pool nor the amount of time it was taking to clear this pool the issue WAS and STILL is that is was leaking since it was installed I will be the first to admit I WAS and STILL am very agitated over this whole ordeal for the fact we would not be going thru all of this had the pool been fixed LAST year like I was told by her employees Why? Good question When I asked *** *** (the owner) about were they going to fix my pool or not all she wanted to know was if the pool had cleared or not I understand this somewhat so they could do a liner test in which *** did that in September of last year and there were no leaks He had already checked everything inside the pool and found nothing but did tighten the bottom drain (and it didn't stop it) so the issue had to be on the outside of the pool or either under the pool Over these last several months we had talked to numerous people about how the pool was leaking and so on and many many people we spoke with said they thought it was a plumbing issue with the bottom drain (and some of those being professionals) So my main concern was if the pool was going to be fixed in which more than likely the pool was going to have to be drained to fix the problem because we had a soggy bottom in areas under the liner Like I said I asked numerous times was she going to have my pool fixed and even asked her to call *** or *** and talk to them about it but she just telling me she was doing me a favor by giving me the chemicals to clear my pool and it had to be clear before they would no what to do Well by now I am tired of working on clearing this pool (that was no fault of mine) and wanted it fixed I got louder in front of potential customers when asking this and was asked to leave the store Actually I wanted them to hear me say I had had this leak since last year in a new pool and nothing was being done I told her I would leave and she would hear from my attorney and she stated her son was an attorney also I left and NEVER did she or anyone from Aloha call me to set up a time to come look at this pool to repair I then contacted an attorney and was advised by him to give her days to fix my pool before we decided to seek action On May 19th I send *** *** a text message (in which I have proof of on phone) stating I had contacted an attorney and sent her pics of last years and this years leak asking her was she going to make good on her contract that I signed when I purchased the pool which stated a one year warranty on installation Again I contacted her that afternoon when I got off of work *** (the installer was at my house to take a look at the pool to see if he could see what the problem was This was at approximately 5:in the evening he stated yes it was leaking right where it did last year and dug around the main drain area (that we had wrapped in insulation) then got into the pool and admitted there was soggy areas under my liner and my pool was still not clear by this time Getting better but still very cloudy and thick looking He gets out of the pool and tells us yes we have a problem and he will go back to report it to *** I stated to him to also and make sure she knew she had days to fix my issue He was very nice while talking with and said he thought it was fixed last year and I told him NO and that I had called several times and talked to either *** or *** to let them know I was still having issues after he left on Labor Day weekend If I had of had his number believe me I would have called him also during this time I text her on Sat to see what was going to be done and she replied they would get with me on Monday after she talked with everyone involved Didn't hear from her till Tues when she asked to call instead of text When she called she stated that *** had come back and reported we did have a problem and they were willing to fix it She also stated it they wouldn't be able to have service come take a look till the end of the 1st week of June At this point I'm not sure I heard much more of what she said other than this call was being recorded (which I didn't care) and I told her it was totally unacceptable because I had been waiting since last year to have my pool fixed and she had days or I would proceed with my lawsuit and hung the phone up WHY would I want them to put me before other customers,number one is because I have been waiting since last year and it was even stated in her email to open early so I wouldn't miss swim time this year and secondly my pool was paid for in full when it was purchased and I did not get what I paid for because it was still leaking Now if they had that many other customers that had paid for in full and didn't get what they paid for then shame on them for having that many warranty issues but NO I would nearly bet it is because they were doing work making MORE money from opening pools or installing pools Now to address *** coming out to repair our pool this year (after I told her I had contacted an attorney) and couldn't because of the leaves*** did come to our house in his own personal truck since he was done for the day and *** asked him to come see what was going on(I don't think you can fix a pool when you are in a truck that doesn't have the tools you would need to make any repairs and again he was done for the day) How have I been told multiple times you were going to fix the problem when I have only spoke to *** once (when she called after I told her I had contacted an attorney) since I told her the pool was leaking again Next I would like to see any documentation on which I was told the pool would be repaired other than the email in November from *** ***, any replies that have been made to the, social media or thru a review on your website I CAN ASSURE YOU THERE ARE NONE because nothing was being done till I decided to go public with the problems I have had with this pool I have never once said it was the installers fault, it could be from something not sealing accordingly or a split in a gasket, I don't know but I DO KNOW YOUR SHOULD STAND WITH YOUR WARRANTY without a customer having to go thru all the crap I have gone thru in trying to get something done As far is rants on social media you are more than welcome to go to my facebook page and view what *** is talking about They are only upset because I have posted pictures of what my ground looks like due to my pool still leaking naming Aloha Pools in Paducah Kentucky as the business I purchased from and pictures of something that was in my filter that was causing sand to be blown into the pool (in which I never even brought up to them about fixing, we did that on our own because it wasn't anything major that couldn't be fixed by us) and I of all the people that are seeing and responding about all the horrible experience that they have had with them also. Now in my closing - I will state againI believe I have waited plenty long for them to repair my pool (it is no fault of mine that there is lack of communication among *** *** employees at the time I was reporting my pool was still leaking last year) there was plenty of time after I told her about the leak this year.And that this company has NEVER ONCE contacted me about any of my concerns and issues even after it was brought to their attention it was leaking this year UNTIL I went public with itAnd I would like to see any documentation stating they would honor my contract other than the ones I have listed above (there are none)
*** ***

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Dear Mr***,
I’m very sorry that your rain sensor isn’t working properly after we replaced the windshield on your BMW XIn reviewing our records, I see that Safelite did purchase a brand new rain sensor and installed it on your vehicleHowever, the rain sensor feature still
isn’t working properlyThis may be an indication that the rain sensor needs to be recalibrated by your BMW dealer
On July 7th, you spoke with a representative of our Executive Service team who suggested taking your vehicle to a BMW dealer to see what they believe is the reason the newly replaced rain sensor isn’t workingIf the dealer states in writing that this issue is related to our installation, we would be happen to review this for further warranty work covered by Safelite
Again, I apologize that you have been inconvenienced by thisWe did replace the rain sensor under our warranty, because you and your BMW dealer stated that was the issueIf you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the local Safelite shop or the Executive Service team at ###-###-####

Dear Mr***,I apologize that you didn’t receive a response from the “regional manager” after leaving a message with your contact numberI reached out to him with your concerns by emailI’m certain he will be in touch with you as soon as he is ableYou may also reach out to him again as you have his name and number.I was also in touch with the manager, CalebHe let me know that he would be happy to come out to view the windshieldIn his multiple conversations with you, he stated that it’s likely that the pitting in the Audi windshield was but he couldn’t tell for sure without looking at it himselfHe didn’t specifically exclude the possibility of defects in the glass, he just couldn’t make that determination without seeing it personallyPlease feel free to reach out to him directly to arrange a time for him to inspect the windshield

I’m very sorry for the negative experience you had when we replaced the windshield of your Kia OptimaIn speaking with the Safelite location that did the work, we determined that we were able to resolve most of the issues during a no cost warranty appointment on May 2, Based on your most
recent contact with the Safelite manager, we have the interior pillar molding on order to replace what was stainedAs soon as it arrives, you will be contacted to arrange for the installation
Regarding the notations on the pre-inspection report, our technicians are asked to be very thorough and detailed both on paper and by taking picturesOnce the technician enters the information, there isn’t any way to change itThe pre-inspection results are internal to Safelite and aren’t shared with any third partyThe pictures that our technician took show very little indication of staining or body dings prior to the installationThe damages that were caused by our installation either have been or will be corrected at no cost to you under our warrantyYour dispute of the details on the pre-inspection are on record; along with pictures of your vehicleI don’t expect there will be any future issues regarding the pre-inspection however it isn’t possible to change the details
Again, I apologize for the unsatisfactory installation and the urethane smudgesAll issues either have been or will be addressed at no cost to youIf you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-212-

I am rejecting this response because: I am having the dealer replace the window today because saefelight cannot be trusted to deliver a quality nor safe productI find it hard to believe that I can have the original glass in that window for years without issue and the only to have your glass for months and it failed totallyI want a full cash refund for the windowAlso, I don't have an accordI have a civicThis might explain why the window had an issue - the wrong window was installed for the modelI'm getting the impression that your company does not have an atterntion for detail.
*** ***

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