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Amazing Pet Expositions LLC dba Amazing Pet Expos

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I have spoken with the AE Group outside of the system and I would like to close my complaint [redacted] as? having been resolved.? Thank you for your assistance[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: This company has refused to refund the costs to my business, after canceling the event I booked months prior without even notifying meI was hoping for a speedy resolution, but they would rather a judge tell them to pay me Sincerely, [redacted]

As of 04-11-2016, Mr [redacted] had not received his refund check (which had been sent via US Mail)A replacement refund check was delivered on 04-28-via UPS (tracking number [redacted] ) and the refund cleared on 04-29-On 05-23-2016, [redacted] , left a message for Mr [redacted] ( [redacted] ext***) and sent an email (please see attached) so that, as the owner of the company, she could offer him a personal apology and see what else she might do to further rectify the situation, even though he’d already received his refundMs [redacted] has not yet received a response and will update the once she does

We wanted to try and find out where the charge card dispute stands from the consumerOur processor only shows it as a pending dispute, so we are not certain how to proceedWe cannot process a refund to a card with a pending dispute, but we have no other information? Thank you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The company failed to acknowledge my request for a full refundPlease refer to attachment which proves that an authorized member of their staff agreed to issue my refund Sincerely, [redacted]

No, as of 6/13/we have not received a refund of $275.?

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have not yet received any refundThis is not the first time I have been told that the refund was sent so you will need to pardon me if I seem a little skeptical until the check is in my hand and clears the bank.I do also think that after making us wait almost a year so far, that an apology on their part would also have been the decent thing to doIt's just a shame that I need to mention it Sincerely, [redacted] ***

To Whom it May Concern -We are in receipt of this complaint from [redacted] and Ms [redacted] and appreciate being given an opportunity to respondWhen this year's Seattle Pet Expo had a change in date due to unforeseen circumstances, Ms [redacted] initially wanted a refundAfter [redacted] , the president of the company, discussed the matter with her at length, Ms [redacted] decided to stay in the show.? Although the terms and conditions accepted by Ms [redacted] outlined the fact that Ms [redacted] was not due a refund, our company not only agreed to issue a full refund, we also invited her to stay in the show, upgraded and increased her exhibitor space, and included an ad in the show program - all at no cost.? Per that discussion, a refund check was issued and provided to Ms [redacted] in person at the event she attendedThe week following the event, Ms [redacted] contacted us and said the check should have been made payable to her personally and not to her business, which is highly irregularHowever, we agreed to do so.? In terms of her not yet receiving a replacement check, we will be happy to research the matter and will reach out to Ms [redacted] today to ensure arrangements are completed in a timely mannerThank you in advance for your assistance.Sincerely yours,Amazing Pet Expos

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: As in true form, Amazing Pet Expo has once again not come through with what they said they would do.? Here are their words in the email they sent to the ? ? "However, we remain dedicated to upholding our word in terms of what was promised in regards to Ms [redacted] ’s (and all of our exhibitors’) refunds and we will contact Ms [redacted] ? tomorrow, 11-21,"I have not been contacted as of this email on November 22nd.? ? It has now been months that I have not gotten my $refund.? This is not the first time the company has done this.? There are many complaints on the site.? Very sad this company is run so poorly.? It certainly wasn't my fault the expo was cancelled.? ? Sincerely, [redacted]

We've spoken at length with Ms [redacted] and believe her concerns were resolved prior to our being notified of the complaint.? We were extremely apologetic when Ms [redacted] notified us on 08-04-that a refund check written to had been returnedWe determined our bank rejected the check as a result of an unacceptable error on our part; we unintentionally issued a duplicate check number so the payment was not presented to our account for paymentWhen we learned of this, we immediately responded to Ms [redacted] and said we'd be happy to ensure she's made whole via wire transfer instead (to include any fees she may have incurred)On 08-11, she let us know that some of our emails had gone to her spam/junk folder, and now that she'd seen them, Ms [redacted] provided us with the banking details required for us to complete the transfer and issue her refund.? Because we were provided with this information on the evening of 08-(a Friday), we were unable to initiate the wire at that time, but let Ms [redacted] know we would ensure the wire was sent on MondayAs promised, the wire transfer was initiated very late in the day on Monday, 08-14, and posted on 08-15, which according to the information regarding the complaint details, was filed by Ms [redacted] on 08-At the time she filed the complaint on 08-15, she hadn't yet seen the transfer post to her accountHowever, on 08-17, prior to our receiving notification of the complaint (please see the Complaint Extranet), Ms [redacted] sent us an email which confirmed receipt of the wire transaction.? In addition, in the interests of customer service, at no cost, we've also been assisting Ms [redacted] with other marketing goals she has for her business and will continue to do soWe value our relationship with [redacted] ? and look forward to our continuing partnership.(I will send copies of the emails in a separate message in just a few minutes!)Kindest regards, [redacted]

In short, Ms [redacted] called our office on 09-14-and was understandably frustratedWhen I learned of Ms [redacted] ’s dissatisfaction, as president of Amazing Pet Expos, I reached out to her myself on the evening of? 09-and we spoke at great lengthThis discussion included both my own sincere apology as well an apology on behalf of each member of our team.? Fortunately, Ms [redacted] was kind, understanding, and compassionate and she gave me the opportunity to address each of her concernsWe were able to resolve matters to her complete satisfaction (which included the immediate issuance of a full refund, sent via UPS).? With that said, based on the fact that we came to a resolution prior to the involvement of - or notification by - the, we humbly request this complaint be dismissed as being "beyond purview."? We plan to call Ms [redacted] tomorrow to follow up; I suspect she won't mind affirming each of the facts outlined aboveThank you in advance for your patience and fair consideration - we know the response to this complaint is long overdue.Sincerely yours, [redacted] President, Amazing Pet Expos

Thank you [redacted] !

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Amazing Pet Expos' answer was, "Will provide a thorough response BEFORE Monday, October 30th."? ? I have not received any response.? ? Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 18, 2015/12/28) */ We are resending hers out and getting the tracking together for her todayThis is resolved

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to address thisWith regard to the rescheduling of the Virginia Beach Pet Expo, we were left with no choice based on information provided to us by the State of Virginia regarding Hurricane IrmaHere is the notice from the Department of Emergency Management- [redacted] /Our contract allows for rescheduling due to Acts of God and the Pet Expo was moved to June & 10, 2018All vendors booths have been transferred to this dateWe apologize for the inconvenience, however we place the safety of the our attendees, vendors and pets firstI hope this answers the client's concerns?

To Whom it May Concern - We are currently in receipt of the complaint filed by Ms [redacted] on behalf of her company, [redacted] ***Ms [redacted] ’s refund is currently being reviewed by our insurance companyThe entire reason said insurance claims exist is because the factors which caused the show cancellation were outside of our control and it’s had a devastating affect on us as wellWhile this is no one else’s problem but our own and none of our exhibitors should have even been aware of the underlying problem, we can’t change what occurred - we can only show through our actions that we’re doing everything in our power to meet their needsWe’re deeply apologetic that Ms [redacted] has been put in this positionWe’re not breaking any promises made to Ms [redacted] ; she was aware that her refund and reimbursement would be underwritten by insurance and we know she was dissatisfied by how long the process has taken so farUnfortunately, we’ve had to remain in a holding pattern as wellHowever, we remain dedicated to upholding our word in terms of what was promised in regards to Ms [redacted] ’s (and all of our exhibitors’) refunds and we will contact Ms [redacted] tomorrow, 11-21, to see if we can come to an alternative resolution which she’d find acceptable; we will then update this complaintAgain, we’re sorry Sincerely yours,Amazing Pet Expos

After reviewing and researching this complaint at great length, we were able to determine that Happy Endings No-Kill Cat Shelter received a full refund of $(check number [redacted] ) on January 14, While we plan to contact Ms [redacted] to better determine where a possible breakdown in communication took place and ease her concerns, according to our bank statements, this check cleared on January 30, Because we had more than one contact at Happy Endings, we suspect that perhaps Ms [redacted] is unaware that the refund was already addressed quite some time agoSince we hadn't had any additional communication from either Ms [redacted] or anyone else at the rescue since January 11, 2015, we had no reason to believe otherwise.Further, per? National Complaint Acceptance Guidelines, "The does not handle complaints that involve purchases made more than days ago"; since Ms***'s original purchase was made nearly four years ago (and resolved more than two years ago), we're fairly clueless as to why this particular complaint was accepted by the of EMissouri and SIllinois and then submitted to us for a business response when it clearly doesn't meet the basic criteria outlined by the's National Complaint Process.?

We have sent a refund to this business

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Sent as an attachment is the history of my email communication with Ms *** regarding the refund matter. As is demonstrated, Ms*** has repeatedly stated she would refund the booth fee and had repeatedly apologized for her errors with assurances that a refund check would be forthcoming, which still has not happened. In her most recent response she indicated that I requested that the check be made out to me personally, which is not accurate. As seen in the email history, I have repeatedly asked the check be made out to my business, *** *** ***, instead of the *** *** trade name as was on the check she gave to me. I cannot process a check made out to my product's trade name.Ms*** has made several promises of follow through, which simply have not occurred. I am still seeking a refund check made out to my business name, *** *** ***, in the amount of $and will feel the matter is closed after I have received the check and it has cleared processing for adequate funds through my bank
*** *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

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