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Aura Laser Skin Care

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The customer already received both injections per our previous responseWe encourage her to contact us and explain her side to our physicianOur physician can and will corroborate the fact that she received the treatments she paid forAgain we are more than willing to meet with her and listen to her side and address her concernsPlease have her contact us at 425.825.7546.

Hi ***As I clarified to you during our phone conversation, the client is done with her treatments with Aura and hence we are unable to refund her or give her extra free treatmentsPlease see the log below for a list of treatment dates for ms *** thanks 4/2/20115/25/20112/22/20122/22/(treatments on the same day diff areas)4/3/20124/3/20124/3/20124/3/20124/3/(treatments on the same day diff areas)6/22/20126/22/(treatments on this day diff areas)8/10/20129/21/20122/22/201311/26/201311/26/201311/26/(treatments on same day areas)

The customer already received a $refund for the unused portion of his service.regards

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
It's a lieI received injection, per the original messageThe business is scamming peopleThey told me to follow up in weeks for my second injection and never responded to my MULTIPLE attempts to scheduleClassic scam. Sincerely,*** ***

I wish I had read any review before purchasing a livingsocial skin care deal with this businessThe experience with this business and especially with their manager Katy today was worst in my life
It took dozens of calls and voicemails to actually talk to a human who repeated said they were busy, which delayed the appointment and thus expired the couponI arrived a few mins late to the appointment but was then left in the waining zone for more than minsWhen asking how long would the wait be, Katy coldly said she didn't know and could be another minsI explained my next appointment was approaching soon and would appreciate if they could have informed me the wait timeThen all of a sudden, Katy blasted out and started blaming me for arriving late (for less than mins) and for expiring the coupon (thanks to their ignoring of my calls/voicemails)I responded that the way she talked wasn't appreciate for a customer and she went "we don't need customer like you" and "go talk to groupon"I asked for a business card and she was like "go ahead, what you are gonna do about me, I'm the manager."
Be very careful with such business because even if they did fake being friendly with you like some other reviews here said, they were only caring for your moneyOnce you are stuck with them like a expired coupon, you will be treated like a third class citizen
The response from the owner is ridiculous and untrueI visited to use the face value and never "became irate or started screaming" even after waiting for 20+ minsBut anyway, I'm not surprised by their accusation, which is exactly how they have been reacting to many other negative reviews here, i.edeny, deny, blah-blahYeah, it's all customer's faultsAnd we decided to only pick on you but not other hundreds of skin care business
Take a look at other negative review screenshot on GrouponThe exact thing happened to that unlucky custom and Aura Laser resounded the same way, I.ecustomer being rude

OH MY GODI cannot possibly express how over-the-top awful my experience at this place wasThe management of this business is hostile, combative, and abusive of clientsMy complaint is squarely in line with the other complaints against the business filed right here, on the
I bought a *** for HUNDREDS of dollars, for botox and injectables, at Aura Laser Skin CareThis morning, I drove minutes to my appointment, looking forward to the experienceWhen I arrived, the woman behind the desk seemed pleasantChattyI signed in right at time of my scheduled appointment, and I began the unavoidable task of filling out a mound of paperwork
When I finished the paperwork, I sat waiting for the woman behind the desk, who was taking care of another customerAfter perhaps another minutes – and a full half hour after my scheduled appointment time - I tried to inquire how much longer I might waitI had my service animal with me and I thought I’d take him out for relief, if I had time to spareI approached the desk and excused myself before interrupting but the woman behind the desk turned to me with fury in her eyes and virtually yelled at me to waitShe took the opportunity too to say no dogs allowed – despite the fact I’d been there with my boy for a half hour, and several of the customers kids, INCLUDING THE LADY AT THE DESK, had been playing and having a great time“He is a service animal,” I informed her“I don’t see any sign he’s a service animal and he’s not allowed” was a her aggressive, intemperate reply (For the record, my dog is, in fact, a service animal, and the lady’s response on this point alone was a violation of lawBut that is a matter I am taking up with the State’s Office of Civil Rights)
When the other customer finally left, I approached the desk again to ask how long I might continue to wait“Could be minutes,” was the woman’s replyI stated, “My appointment was minutes ago; how can I have to wait any longer?” To my astonishment, she replied, “If you asked when you set up the appointment or read our website, you’d have known this.” “Oh come ON,” I thought, but politely inquired, “What does it mean to make an appointment if one has to wait for up to an hour and half when you arrive?”
What happened next blew my mindWithout another word – and in a loud voice, so that all the women in the waiting area to hear – this woman said “Let me tell you what, I’m cancelling your appointmentYou’re not a customer of ours.” I was shell shockedSpeechlessAll I could say was “WowJust wow.” As I was collecting my jacket and purse, I said something about posting a description of my experience on social media“Yeah, yeahSocial mediaI’m sure you’re good at that.”
After stopping in a park nearby to gather my wits and calm down from this totally unexpected abuse, I came home to look into the shop onlineGoogling the company, I quickly landed on this, the siteAura Laser Skin Care has NINE COMPLAINTS, several of which sound JUST LIKE MINE!
I have no doubt that the representatives of this sorry excuse for an aesthetic salon will add insulting comments and denials to my reviewI am confident they will assert falsehoodsAfter all, that is what they’ve done to every case of complaint posted on this site
Come what may, I’ve now done my part to create an ongoing record of this abusive company and to warn potential customers of what kind of experience to expect at this spaForewarned is forearmedStay awayI know I will

I purchased a $Groupon certificate for minute in office teeth whitening at Aura Laser Skin Care in KirklandMy appointment was scheduled for 4/12/at amTwo days prior to my appointment, I received two separate texts in a row, asking me to confirm my appointmentI responded to both texts by confirmingOne day prior to my appointment, I phoned Aura Laser Skin Care and spoke to the receptionist to confirm my appointment as wellThe morning of my appointment, I drove a considerable distance to arrive for my appointmentUpon walking up to the receptionist to check in, the receptionist let me know the teeth whitening technician was out sickI let the receptionist know I was leaving for my destination wedding in a few days and wouldn't be able to reschedule in time to have it doneI also let the receptionist know I never received a phone call or text, letting me know the technician was out sickI was upset, given the separate confirmations leading up to the appointmentThe receptionist asked me who I spoke with when I phoned the day prior to my appointment and I said it must have been herThe receptionist responded with, "no, it wasn't me, and I'm the only one who answers the phone." I was upset at the implication that I was lying, and said, "Aura Laser Skin Care in Kirkland only has a 1.5/rating on Yelp" (based on reviews)The receptionist responded loudly with, "then why did you choose us?!" The has rated Aura Laser Skin Care a 3.68/star rating, based on reviewsThere is a huge variance with Yelp's overall review and the overall review

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
MrNader I*** and MsGhaemi K***
I do not agree with your claims!
The court will decide on who is guilty and who is not guilty! Everyone is innocent until proven guilty! I will not comment more the court!
The problem with your company is that you offer services with very bad result! I, as a customer pay to have service from your company - the service is poor and careless! You think you can do whatever you want with your customers and they tolerate this behavior ?! Look at all the blogs, everybody wrote negatively about you, Shame on you, take the nece***ry measures to change the operation of your company, this is a business, not a game! Laws are for everyone and everyone bears the consequences!
You, with your arrogant behavior, as owners of the business to allow my name to comment on the internet and put labels on me not know me personally is dangerous and harmful to who and what I represent!
Stop threatening me with what implications will be between you and me in court! You have no right to such behavior! Stop to assign the functions of the court!
Sincerely,*** *** is asking does this mean the refund you were seeking has been reimbursed by ***? Answer to above question is NoAs I mentioned initially, I purchased *** to get laser hair removal treatment and also bought additional full service from business itself, total : $349(***) + $350(paid to Aura) *** only refunded their share of money which is ~ ? out of $349, applicable to last treatments which this business has declined to provideHowever Aura skin care needs to refund their share of money ($350) which I directly paid to them before starting this treatmentHope this helps

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
my observations and experience, as described in my original complaint, are 100% accurateHad the business read the original complaint accurately, it would have been noted that while the Botox was effective for a period of time, it is wearing off much too quicklyAt this point, I do not care about the money and have absolutely no intention of meeting with such aggressive people; however, I would like the general public to know that this business does have questionable practicesAlso, please refer to the multiple Yelp reviews, including mine, that report similar experiences in terms of business conductIn fact, I wrote of my experience on Yelp immediately following treatment, as well as made follow up reviews, reporting most of what I included in this reportI have no reason to be dishonest and, again, am now disinterested in a refundThe filing of this report for public record is enough
Sincerely,*** ***

Sorry for taking too long to answer this complaint as I was out of town for a while and just saw the complaintI had a chance to discuss the incident with my store manager Katy and was told the customer behaved in a very threatening manner waving her arms and screaming as she walked into the
clinicIt seems that she was upset that her call was not returned but regardless her behavior was disorderly and she was removed from the premises at which point she started knocking at the window glass and camped outside the business when we were closed and Katy was concerned of being assaulted by the customer since there was no way out of business but the front door and the customer was standing by the door for almost minutes swearing at the business and flipping us offAt this point Katy called the cops and had her removedThe customer is done with her treatments and there is no money owed to her so there will be no partial refund issuedAt this point we reserve the right to file a harassment lawsuit against the customer based on he police report

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
Dear MrI*** with great respect for you, but I do not know you and I never had the honor to meet youIn my phone call, I spoke with Katie, she is not a doctor, I have not had the opportunity to talk with a doctor in your clinicI was attacked on the phone with very bad manners trying to explain what the effect of the procedure Botox from your employee, I was scared, stressed, I wondered how I look! I call for help, and got very bad tone, at this time I was not a customer, your employee attacked me as a victimShe said I should come immediately into your clinic and will see what she can do?! She told me she is a nurse, ? if she can’t do anything she would call a doctorI explained politely that I'm not happy with the service and I want my money back and I'll call my credit card to stop payment at this time your employee with the unpleasant tone attacked me and told me that if I do that, they will send ? creditors on my door knocking and I will be sued! These are her wordsI apologize, but after such behavior, how you would feel you MrI*** if you were an my place? I was speechless by inadequate attitude and behavior of the employee unprofessionally, which generally has to be careful and courteous to customers! I do not understand why we should presume the truth here? Ultimately, this is your business and your interest to have customers and your business to be productive, but for that your customers should be happy with the product of your business! I had to wait over an one hour for my procedure, my time is scheduled and in this case I had to wait, it's not my fault, but the fault of your staffI'm not satisfied with the procedure that was done, I undertake beautification of my face with botox procedure, very sorry, but I looked after the procedure in your clinic, as beaten! One month I stayed at home, I was horrified to go out looking that way, Christmas and New Year festivities were taboo for me, my friends asked me what incident I experienced? With so many Botox procedures in my life, I do not have any problem! My face looked great! After the procedure in your company I have no words for my experience, I am not happy with your service, by the way your staff served me as a customer, the outcome of the procedure with Botox and the consequences that had to bearAs a customer, I spoke up for my rights, I pay for the service! When the service is poor, very clear that I would argue that I'm right as a customer! I refused payment on my credit card because the service is poor! You don’t dispute that!? For you is more easy to take me to small claims court, you are very good Businessmen mr.I***! ? I have pictures and of course witness who was with me during my visit to your clinic and during my phone call to your clinicNone of your company did not contacted me, I made a complaint over the phone and I received a threat!
You have decided that an easy way for you to bring me to small court for $ - the money I pay as a client and not get service! We have a court date March?
Sincerely,*** ***

Client called and said her eyes are bruised and ? she is stopping her payment for the procedureDoctor tried to explain that bruising with any needle therapy and injections are common ? and will disappear and to come in and see us for a follow upshe refused said she was busy and not
coming inClient called her credit card company and reversed the $charges without our authorizationPlease close this dispute as client already received her $

Sorry for the delay in responding as this email is not routinely monitoredThe customer was informed that the location for their procedure would be at our Kirkland office and not the Bothell oneUnfortunately it seems that she went to our Bothell office and yes we were closed on that particular
day in Bothell for our yearly inventory updateRegardless, it is stated in our policy that the customer will incur a $fee for missing their appointmentWe are willing to waive the $fee as a time courtesy given the circumstancesShe can call and book her appointment with us.?

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:I have talked my bank of [redacted] and they have not received any refund from the merchandise yet. It only takes 10 mins for the merchandise to call the bank for the refund authorization. Hope that this issue can be resolved, once the merchandise takes the action. Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:  I was NEVER provided any dates, records or data from the business which I requested many times.  I had to contact them several times with no response or feedback on the situation.  I believe they simply don't have the data to back up their position so just thought they could bully me into going away by saying my visits had been used up.  Regardless, after I made a final plea to be offered those dates of service for the 2 visits I never used (which again, they obviously don't have since they couldn't provide them, which would have provided a very simple solution) the owner offered me 2 "complimentary" IPL's.  Well it is great that finally he offered me what I have already paid for and am due, but after being treated so poorly and feeling bullied in this situation, I will just let those go, as I would not feel comfortable going back to the business at this point.  What could he have done differently?  Well for starters, he could have been prompt, courteous, not accusing me of basically trying to get 2 free services (after being a customer since 2011 and spending thousands of dollars with his business), treating me like I am some sort of a bad person/scammer as opposed to a customer who has had their account messed up on the business side.  He could have apologized for the situation, offered to provide some research into the situation, etc.None of those things happened and while in the end he offered me what I was due it was done in a way in which he still wouldn't admit the mistake was on their end and no apology was made.  I will choose to take my business and money elsewhere for these services in the future and they can keep the final 2 IPL's.  I wasted far too much of my time trying to resolve the situation only to be left disappointed and feeling badly, versus getting prompt, great customer service which I am used to getting from most businesses I frequent.  Sincerely,[redacted]

This customer was rude, insulting, and belligerent to the staff and doctor. She called our doctor an [redacted] in front of the staff and other clients. She came to our clinic through a Groupon coupon which is a third party vendor. We already informed Groupon that she was removed from the premises and...

to refund her $140. She is banned from our clinic.regards Sam

Ms [redacted] complaint is both unfounded and irrational. We at Aura Laser pride ourselves at providing the highest standard of patient care while maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism, hygiene and safety. This is the reason we have sold over 1600 Botox vouchers to clients over Groupon,...

of which many have become loyal customers. Now regarding the Botox outcome or lack of Ms [redacted] alleges, our physicians explain to every patient and per Allergan's (the Botox maker) recommendation, Botox takes effect 5 to 7 days after the injection has been administered. This is the reason our physicians advise each patient to contact us no later than 1 week after the injection. Ms [redacted] waited 6 weeks and she did not even try to contact our office, but instead decided to launch a complaint with your office. Even though our physicians would refuse to see Ms [redacted] for a follow up after such a long period, we are willing to meet with her and address her concerns. As for a refund, the service was rendered, and we are a no-refund clinic so we won't be able to issue a refund. 

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:This is not true and Merchant is stating incorrect facts. I had appointment scheduled on June 8th which they cancelled. As a proof, see attached message that I received from merchant. After which I called them multiple time to reschedule however did not receive any response and hence visited merchant facility to understand what is happening. When I was at store, manager misbehaved with me and declined to provide last 2 sessions which was part of the whole treatment. In addition she abused me for being an Indian nationality that’s when I had no other option left but to call 911 which I did. (Please see attached call details which was made from my cell phone on same day - June 7 when they misbehaved with me) 911 personnel asked me to wait outside of the facility until cops arrives at the location so I was waiting for Cop and during that whole time I was sitting inside my car as per the instruction from 911 personnel. When Cop arrived at the location, they mentioned that they have received multiple complaints about this business and they advised me to raise voice through online media like Google review, Groupon review and filing complaint on As result I have filed complaint against this business on as well as on Groupon. Groupon did investigation on their end and refunded their share of money for last 2 session (~ $108.00). I can share those details with you if you want. 

Sorry for the delay in responding as I just got your voice message. I never saw the email until now. Ms. [redacted] purchased a groupon for Kybella injections with our physician. She came to Aura Laser on 4/21/16 and had the procedure by our physician. We are not sure what Ms [redacted] is disputing here....

She already received the service she paid for.

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