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Aura Laser Skin Care

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The client has used up all of her pre paid services. We understand she is upset but there is nothing to refund if she wants a record of her treatments and dates she can request it in writing to [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because I have not...

received the full refund back to my credit card yet.  On May 1st, I have offered the credit card information to the manager and she promised that the refund would be implemented in a short period of time but never happens.  The following information is my credit card information and this is my second to provide it to the merchandise.  Unless the refund is issued, the resolution won't be satisfied.   MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS:Please inform client we need the following info in order to process her full refund credit card number[redacted]name of cardholder [redacted]expiration date10/2017ccv code[redacted]billing zip code98103Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
my observations and experience, as described in my original complaint, are 100% accurate. Had the business read the original complaint accurately, it would have been noted that while the Botox was effective for a period of time, it is wearing off much too quickly. At this point, I do not care about the money and have absolutely no intention of meeting with such aggressive people; however, I would like the general public to know that this business does have questionable practices. Also, please refer to the multiple Yelp reviews, including mine, that report similar experiences in terms of business conduct. In fact, I wrote of my experience on Yelp immediately following treatment, as well as made follow up reviews, reporting most of what I included in this report. I have no reason to be dishonest and, again, am now disinterested in a refund. The filing of this report for public record is enough.

The customer already received a $1000 refund for the unused portion of his service.regards

We have explained to the client several times that she had exhausted all of her treatments with Aura that she purchased back in September of 2013 yet the client is refusing to believe us and insists she has 2 treatments left in her balance. She can provide us with a list of treatments she received...

along with the dates and point out if there's any discrepancy. We can compare with our records in her files and verify (which we did already but are willing to do it again). Just because the client threatened bad reviews and reporting does not mean we should give her free treatments. If we do this for every client who threatens then we would have been out of business by now. Regards [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Dear Mr. I[redacted] with great respect for you, but I do not know you and I never had the honor to meet you. In my phone call, I spoke with Katie, she is not a doctor, I have not had the opportunity to talk with a doctor in your clinic. I was attacked on the phone with very bad manners trying to explain what the effect of the procedure Botox from your employee, I was scared, stressed, I wondered how I look! I call for help, and got very bad tone, at this time I was not a customer, your employee attacked me as a victim. She said I should come immediately into your clinic and will see what she can do?! She told me she is a nurse,  if she can’t do anything she would call a doctor. I explained politely that I'm not happy with the service and I want my money back and I'll call my credit card to stop payment at this time your employee with the unpleasant tone attacked me and told me that if I do that, they will send  creditors on my door knocking and I will be sued! These are her words. I apologize, but after such behavior, how you would feel you Mr. I[redacted] if you were an my place? I was speechless by inadequate attitude and behavior of the employee unprofessionally, which generally has to be careful and courteous to customers! I do not understand why we should presume the truth here? Ultimately, this is your business and your interest to have customers and your business to be productive, but for that your customers should be happy with the product of your business! I had to wait over an one hour for my procedure, my time is scheduled and in this case I had to wait, it's not my fault, but the fault of your staff. I'm not satisfied with the procedure that was done, I undertake beautification of my face with botox procedure, very sorry, but I looked after the procedure in your clinic, as beaten! One month I stayed at home, I was horrified to go out looking that way, Christmas and New Year festivities were taboo for me, my friends asked me what incident I experienced? With so many Botox procedures in my life, I do not have any problem! My face looked great! After the procedure in your company I have no words for my experience, I am not happy with your service, by the way your staff served me as a customer, the outcome of the procedure with Botox and the consequences that had to bear. As a customer, I spoke up for my rights, I pay for the service! When the service is poor, very clear that I would argue that I'm right as a customer! I refused payment on my credit card because the service is poor! You don’t dispute that!? For you is more easy to take me to small claims court, you are very good Businessmen mr.I[redacted]!  I have pictures and of course witness who was with me during my visit to your clinic and during my phone call to your clinic. None of your company did not contacted me, I made a complaint over the phone and I received a threat!
You have decided that an easy way for you to bring me to small court for $ 279 - the money I pay as a client and not get normal service! We have a court date 22 March  2016.
Sincerely,[redacted] is asking does this mean the refund you were seeking has been reimbursed by [redacted]? Answer to above question is No. As I mentioned initially, I purchased [redacted] to get 6 laser hair removal treatment and also bought additional full service from business itself, total : $349([redacted]) + $350(paid to Aura) [redacted] only refunded their share of money which is ~ 108.00  out of $349, applicable to last 2 treatments which this business has declined to provide. However Aura skin care needs to refund their share of money ($350) which I directly paid to them before starting this treatment. Hope this helps.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Mr. Nader I[redacted] and Ms. Ghaemi K[redacted]
I do not agree with your claims!
The court will decide on who is guilty and who is not guilty! Everyone is innocent until proven guilty! I will not comment more the court!
The problem with your company is that you offer services with very bad result! I, as a customer pay to have service from your company - the service is poor and careless! You think you can do whatever you want with your customers and they tolerate this behavior ?! Look at all the blogs, everybody wrote negatively about you, Shame on you, take the nece[redacted]ry measures to change the operation of your company, this is a business, not a game! Laws are for everyone and everyone bears the consequences!
You, with your arrogant behavior, as owners of the business to allow my name to comment on the internet and put labels on me not know me personally is dangerous and harmful to who and what I represent!
Stop threatening me with what implications will be between you and me in court! You have no right to such behavior! Stop to assign the functions of the court!

The Client received a full refund for $2500 on June 9, 2015please verify with client as our bank account was debited on the day above for $2500

Client called and said her eyes are bruised and  she is stopping her payment for the procedure. Doctor tried to explain that bruising with any needle therapy and injections are common  and will disappear and to come in and see us for a follow up.. she refused said she was busy and not...

coming in. Client called her credit card company and reversed the $279 charges without our authorization. Please close this dispute as client already received her $279.

Sorry for taking too long to answer this complaint as I was out of town for a while and just saw the complaint. I had a chance to discuss the incident with my store manager Katy and was told the customer behaved in a very threatening manner waving her arms and screaming as she walked into the...

clinic. It seems that she was upset that her call was not returned but regardless her behavior was disorderly and she was removed from the premises at which point she started knocking at the window glass and camped outside the business when we were closed and Katy was concerned of being assaulted by the customer since there was no way out of business but the front door and the customer was standing by the door for almost 45 minutes swearing at the business and flipping us off. At this point Katy called the cops and had her removed. The customer is done with her treatments and there is no money owed to her so there will be no partial refund issued. At this point we reserve the right to file a harassment lawsuit against the customer based on he police report.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: I have tried numerous times to explain the same (told them I sent the scanned receipt in email) on phone calls and they did not want to correct this at the time. I have wasted enough of time and resources with them. I am not comfortable going back to their business because of the displeasure that they gave me in their service and response.I would like to just get my refund back!Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:   This is the third time I have requested records (email is not a record) of services provided.  As I have indicated previously, Aura Laser does not provide any type of receipt when [redacted] Coupons are used to indicate the type of service provided.  As per my first email, I indicated specifically the services that were purchased.  Their reply of dates and treatments does not clarify what service was provided - which further indicates their elusiveness in keeping adequeate patient records and history of transactions.My intent is for the to take action on their business practices.  Again - they offer sales on [redacted] - and then they stop answering their phones and returning calls - to delay folks from being able to schedule appointments.  This allows them to benefit from cash income without providing services.I would HIGHLY recommend that the review reviews on YELP to see the issues that customers of this business have experienced.In addition I bet the IRS would take great interest in auditing their books based upon the lack of documentation that this business is able to provide regarding appointments and transactions.What I am asking for is not new.  Originally I had requested backup documentation (not an email) of services provided and dates of those services.  I  have indicated the services I paid for and it is clear that the services are different.As is typical - their reply is inadequate and made up.Sincerely,[redacted]

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