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When I purchased this 2012 Impala I was not told about a lot of this company's policy's. After I had the car almost a month, I was then informed by the car dealership I got it from, that they had to put a shut off box in it. I was never told this was a leased car from the dealer either. Has it turns out, I will be paying almost $30,000 for a 2012 Chevy Impala. I have found out that a law was passed in 2007 making it illegal to lease a used car in the USA. Sense they are leasing me this car, I need to know how they are getting away with these types of practice and what can be done to stop them from this. I have made every payment for 3 1/2 years and still have 1 3/4 years of payments left and then either turn the car in or give them another $3,800 dollars to keep it. This company needs to be investigated for in-fair trade practices and non-discloser laws.

Sorry you having that problem. I got my 2010 Chevy Impala back in 2013 through Autotrakk due to not having any credit. I never had an issue with them. I pay my note on time very week. Seems like the dealership got over on you. Had my car for 4 years now and have 18 more weeks left on it. GO ME! If I want to keep the car I only have to give them $2300.00

I signed a contract with a dealership to be financed by Auto Trakk LLC in September 2012. I am still paying on the vehicle, $401 dollars a month might I add. It's now going into January 2017 and upon doing some research and reading online, I find out that I am leasing the car and it will not belong to me once I'm done paying for it. I feel so stupid and I am fighting back tears at this moment. Things are so hard for me and I work as hard as I possibly. After stressing about making these payments because of this d[redacted] device in the car, it won't belong to me at the end. What?!!!!!! B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review: I called autotrakk on september the 3rd and ask for an extension there warranty process is bogus and they are rude I've been paying on that car for three years I was told by the peole that sold me the car and got me finaced by autotrakk told me a bunch of stories I thinl as an customer the supervisor named seth at autotrakk should not be so Rude when oi asked him for assistanced he gt very smart wit me and told me "you need to make your. Payments" because of this type of display of rideness because I am trying to get my car fixed because it has all these electrical problems I am forced to use my rent money and be late wit paying my rent. Its not fault that they think $136 every two weeks is nothing I will never buy from them again and because of them I cannot. get another car

cause no one wants to pay it off because the price is so high.Desired Settlement: I am almost done paying for that car if the warranty is not valid but or so long then they should help people out. Especially if your trying to pay something instead of.nothing.



September 9,


Review: I leased a vehicle through this company about 4 years ago. The car was returned to the dealership as a voluntary surrender/repossession and they have continuously reported this as an involuntary repossession on my credit report which is causing difficulty in obtaining a new vehicle in present day.Desired Settlement: I would like for this creditor to update their reporting for the past 4 years, provide an itemized bill of the outstanding charges and updated information on whom to pay/settle this balance with.



April 8, 2013

you're in a hard spot but what you need to do is send a letter of "Validation of Debt," request a itemized line by line detailed statement with your payment history, point of Voluntary Repossesion, Repossession Fee, Auction Sale Price less due balance of entire ordeal.

Now, this is where a good printer scanner (I prefer Brother MFC-Series) and a Seagate Outboard USB3 1TB Drive. You are going to want to start a file structure on your PC in Document something to the nature of this:

Credit Cards > Validation Of Debt Letter > Letter of Dispute & Cease & Desist > Letter Notify of HIPPA Violation and DEMAND for remove on all three major reporting Bureaus (Transunion, Experian, Equifax), REpeat last demand letter in 7 business days > Folder for Collection response {VERY IMPORTANT YOU SCAN TO FILE AND BACK THIS UP TO LOCAL USB HARD DRIVE ANDA CLOUD DRIVE AS WELL]
Personal Loans > REPEAT FROM ABOVE
Commercial Banks > REPEAT FROM ABOVE
Credit Unions / S & L > REPEAT FROM ABOVE
Misc Credit Items > REPEAT FROM ABOVE

NOTE: Letter to collections companies should be sent with a tracking number preferably certified return receipt or 2-Day with signature required and tracking number might be cheaper than aformentioned. is a great tool facilitator of getting all this done before heading to the Post Office and I think if not all of it done in your home and just slip in outgoing mail (before doing so take a picture of the letter and add to file)

Letters mention above can be googled there are tons of templates but, be mindful and to the wording, you NEVER ADMIT OR STATE THAT YOU HAD AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM NOR DO YOUR RECOGNIZE THE ATTEMPT THE DEBT AND SEE IT AS EXTORTION. If you have a person in your family that is good with words have them oversee the letter templates and reword to your best advantage.

Do your home work FIRST! Read up on FRCA, YOUR STATE STATUE OF LIMITATIONS, take at least o month to educate yourself on credit collection the does and dont's, keep nots book mark into a fold on your browser called PCR (Personal Credit Repair) bookmark items in that folder for quick access.

If they call you, just hang up don't waste your time or temper with these aes, they are scam con artist that bought your debt of pennies on the dollar. REMEMBER YOU NEVER DID BUSINESS WITH THEM YOU NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING WITH THEM (ie contract). Just, say I am sorry but the person you are looking or is unavailable and no further information can be provided, have a nice day... HANG UP BEFORE THEY TALK, if they try to interrupt you just keep talking the script and HANG UP... If they call relatives and they have the call or message recorded obtain that at all cost, you can sue for damages, typically 1500 a call up to 15k dollars, as awarded by the court.

Good Luck my Friend I hope that this information finds you well and it is helpful. Chin up the Sun will rise tomorrow and take one or two companies on at a time until you get the hang of it and start your own data flow! here is my email f you have questions [email protected] Christopher




Review: I have been late paying my car note. I received a letter dated Oct. 22, 2013 to call and make payment arrangements. When I called to pay my balance in full. The manager was rude and would not accept my payment and stated he just wanted my car back. I have tried on numerous occassions to pay my balance and full and instead I get the harassing phone calls of them wanting to come get my vehicle. Although, I just brought the vehicle, some financial circu**tances happened and I couldn't pay at that time but since then, I am more than capable of paying for the car but they refused to accept payment.Desired Settlement: I would like for them to work with a customer that experienced a temporary hardship but is still willing to honor the contract agreement and make payments.



Review: I was denied using [redacted] auto insurance after I bought the police with [redacted] and was told I had 30 days to find another insurer..I dont understand this since it is not in the original vehicle is covered regardless of what autotrakk feels of [redacted].Desired Settlement: To allow me to use the auto insurance company I desire that fits my budget.



March 17,


Review: I received a car from them on the 18 of November and have had nothing but proble** with them. I was told on December 6th that I didn't have a payment until all of the paper work had been submitted. Monday December 9th I get in the car and hear a beeping sound, the tracking device in the car was blinking red stating I had a payment due which I was not aware of. I had called customer service and was told I had missed my payment on the 6th which k was told wasn't due until sometime the following week. The reps I spoke to where very rude and very unsympathetic, I want this taken care of as soon as possible because what they did is very misleading and needs to stand behind there products. I want the call to be pulled from that day and I want a credit of some sort from them.Desired Settlement: I want them to research and give me my credit. I know what they did was wrong



Review: I have a car loan through autotrakk. For the second time since I got the car in November 2012 the box that's on the car has defected. I have had to call in work, lose wages, and not have transportation to get my children around. The customer service has been awful they have been rude and insensitive to the situation.Desired Settlement: I would like for the box to be removed from my car. Compensated for time off work.



How to resolve this issue: I would like for the device that's on my car to be removed. It has been a huge issue and has been defected twice within the 1year and 5 months I've had the car.



April 26, 2013

Review: Bought a car on 5/30/2014. Delivered at 8 PM . Come to find out payments were due that day and we had no idea. The company would not supply any contract documents to us prior to delivering the car. Well we found out they are due every Friday starting on 5/30/14. Paid $1500 down and assumed payments would start 30 days after purchase (my bad). Its now been 30 days are things are deteriorating quickly. I called them May 31 and after being on hold for twenty minutes the woman said she could not find us in the computer. Called back on June to make payment and still could not locate our file and could not take any payment. Come the following Tuesday the disabled the the via GPS. due to non payment. got the the car started using one of two emergency codes good for the life of the loan. Used the other one a couple days ago (they are good for 24 hrs). Came out of the Dr's office and the car was disabled again. Called Auto Trakk again, waited another 15 min on hold only to be told there was nothing she could do. They still could not take payments because they were waiting on Ins docs that were sent to them on 5/29. Had to have the car towed at my expense $75. No one there see** to know whats going on or what there colleagues are doing. You get a different answer depending on who you talk to if you can get through to them on the phone. This car is still not able to be driven even though my dealer said he spoke to them on 6/23 and the were to call me with a new code. Of course no call. I have had this car a month blocking my driveway unable to use it and I am sure they will want me to pay for the time I have had it even though I cant drive it. Its a big paperweight. I have called Auto Trakk every other day to get some resolution to no avail they have no answers. I have stopped calling them this week. Waste of time. They tell me to call the dealer which I do. He says he has the same proble** with them and tries to get me answers but does not succeed. I don't know what to do. Love the car . Auto Trakk not so much.Desired Settlement: If they ever get it figured out I would like the first 4 weeks payments put on the end of the loan to my inconvenience, car rental and aggravation. I don't think I should have to pay a dime for something I cant use. I don't want them to forgive those payments just put them on the end on the end of the lease. If they would forgive those payments that would be a great gesture on their part since the car is useless to me.



June 26,


Review: I purchased a 2010 [redacted]. The sales person did not verbally go over the documents with me. I was told I am on auto track payment because I have less than perfect credit. I would have never agreed to pay 28,000.00 over the course of a 4 1/2 year term. That was not what I was told I was signing. It's 2014 and I have made every weekly payment of $106.77, that is a total of 94 weekly payments totaling $10,036.38. I am thinking I am almost done with this loan. Wrong, I called today and they told me I owe approx. $18,692.00. I said, "what" how is that possible. Blue book value on the car is currently approx. 4500.00. I thought if I called, surely they made some kind of mistake. No, they did not. I was told basically that is not there problem, I signed the agreement. This is highway robbery, and this company should not be allowed to offer such ridiculous loans. At this point I am thinking I can not not continue this high weekly payment, so I ask about giving the car back, they said you can't. I am very upset about this companies lending practice. I eventually spoke to the manager "[redacted]". He was of no help either! I was placed on hold twice after being transferred to him. I wanted the financing information, so I could file a formal complaint. His dis-concern for my complaint was very obvious in his tone and unwillingness to verbally help me. I feel like this finance company owns me for another 2 1/2 years. They did tell me if I trade it in at another Auto Trakk dealership they would probably finance the "old debt" and any new debt I would have from a new car. If I pay the car off today my balance would only be $12,101.00, two times more than [redacted] blue book value. If the sales person would have followed regulation and disclosed all of these hidden fees this would not be an issue. I want this to be resolved as soon as possible. I want either one normal monthly payment (at fair value) or I want you to take the car back. If this is not resolved peacefully I will seek legal council.Desired Settlement: I want this to be resolved as soon as possible. I want either one normal monthly payment (at fair value) or I want you to take the car back. If this is not resolved peacefully I will seek legal council.



April 22,


Review: My niece has a loan with Auto Trakk. They found me through [redacted]. I received a call from them on a Friday informing me they were putting an arrest warrant out for my niece. By harassing me and upsetting me, I made a payment. Then I received another call the following Monday. I told them to loose my number. I have 26 nieces and nephews. I am sick and on disability. Then their compliance department calling me wanting information on the initial call. I gave them the information and again informed them this debt is not my problem. Now they are sending certified mail here for my niece. My husband didn't know he didn't have to sign for this. My niece does not live here. I only have contact with her through [redacted]. This company needs to leave me alone. I do not need the stress.Desired Settlement: If they don' leave me along I will sue for harassment.



July 16,


Review: After reading the paperwork that was provided to me at the time of the lease, I decided to terminate the lease agreement. After 2 years of not missing any payments I contacted [redacted] at Autotrakk to start the process of having them come and get the car. This was on June 6, 2013. [redacted] advised me that I would have to speak to a manager. She then transferred me to [redacted] advised me that he would arrange to have the car picked up the following day. He advised me to wait for a call from the guy that would come and get the car. At this point the car was still able to be started. ( there was a device installed that shuts the car off for non payment) The next day I did not receive any calls. After that I received calls several times a day for missed payments, I advised each time that I wanted the car picked up. Last Monday [redacted] called me again. She is very aware of the situation and transferred me yet again to [redacted]. I left a message and a little while later [redacted] called me back. He then advised me that they would not come to pick up the car and that I am required to finish paying the payments. I have since lost my job and do not have the money to make any payments. I advised him of this and he was extremely rude. On Wednesday of last week I spoke to [redacted] again and she then transferred me to [redacted] was rude from the start. Advising me that "We don't want the car back. Pay your payments or the $7000 early termination fee and the issue will be resolved." I was advised by [redacted] that the car would be picked up and now I am being told that they don't want the car back.Desired Settlement: I want them to come and get the car and to only charge the $250 early termination fee that the paperwork shows.



August 7,

2013 of

Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania

1411 K St.

NW, 10th Floor


DC 20005-3404

Re: Complaint number [redacted]

Dear **. [redacted],

I have received the complaint, #[redacted], filed with the by [redacted]

on August 5, 2013.

AutoTrakk is an automobile financing company that provides an excellent,

highly structured lease program for people that have had credit

difficulties. We give “credit-

challenged” customers a way to drive high quality, late model cars with the

security of a full powertrain warranty.

**. [redacted]

entered into a lease agreement on a vehicle with AutoTrakk in June of 2011. The

AutoTrakk lease agreement is structured as a lease with an option to purchase

at the end of all the required lease payments.

On July 1,

2013 **. [redacted] contacted AutoTrakk and stated she no longer intended to fulfill

her contractual obligations on the vehicle and requested that we “Pick the

vehicle up”. On several occasions an AutoTrakk representative tried to explain

to **. [redacted] that turning the car in and walking away is not an option as the

balance of the lease is still due. It was also explained to **. [redacted] that if

we were forced to pick up the vehicle it would be considered a repossession and

she would still be responsible for the deficiency balance after the vehicle

would be sold at auction plus any repossession fees.


has made every effort to offer assistance to **. [redacted] in the way of pay

arrangements to assist her in her time of need. Unfortunately, **. [redacted] does

not seem to be willing to make any payments on her vehicle. The current balance

due to pay this vehicle off as of today would be $10,934.20.

I’d be more

than happy to discuss this situation with you at any time. I may be reached at [redacted] ext. [redacted].

Very Truly





[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: when I went to Priceless Auto to get the car and sign all of the paperwork I was advised that if I would decide that I did not want the car, I would be required to pay an early termination fee of $250. The car is a 2009 Hondai Accent that has no features. There is no power anything. It does not even include cruise control. There is nothing with this car. There have been recalls on the car and repair issues which I have paid for myself. After I checked the balance of the car after 2 years of payments and found out that the balance was more than it would cost to buy a brand new car with another company. Autotrakk does not help people in need. They take advantage of people that do not have alot of choices. If there is not a regulation against that, there should be.

Company is always demanding money. Never willing to compromise with customers. Wouldn't recommend...

Review: On 3/17/2011 I went into a contract with Auto Trakk of the purchase of a 2005 Hyundi Sonta that was to be paid @ $100.00 a wk for 129 weeks because I was going through a lot of stressful issues at the time I failed to read the contract that stated after the $11,000.00 was paid on the vehicle I was to pay an additional $2000.00 because the vehicle was leased to me. Now on 1/12/12 I was layed off from work in an accident in the vehicle and had taken custody of my granddaugher I still made payments on this vehicle of $450.00 a month on June 23rd my unemployment exhausted I contacted Auto Trakk and was told I had 4 pmt left on the $2000.00 lease and the title to the vehicle would be mailed to me. On November 19th I received a letter from Auto Trakk Remarketing Department that stated Congratulations you have come to the end of your contract when I phoned them to speak to someone about my title and where it was and why did I just get this letter without the title [redacted] informed me that it was computer generated although it had her hand written signature on it she placed me on how and informed me it was in error an I still had 34 weeks of payments on a vehicle I over paid them on in the tune of $15,000.00 dollars. I have been harrassed by [redacted] in the collection department every other day threaten with Repossession of the vehicle that have been paid for 3 times over which threatens my credit. I'm not working at this time this vechile is the only way I have to and fro a job once I find one my home could be forclosed on because I told the unemployment I received in the amt of 1152.00 twice a month to pay on this vechile with a house note of $900.00 a month with home repairs and now custody of my granddaughter I do not receive a penny for. Yet I paid these people through other hardships and medical issues I have. I paid this car off all I would like is my title and the harassment of calls to stop plus how do you send a letter out which states congratulations the term of lease has been completed then state you have 34 wks of payment left. Thank you [redacted]Desired Settlement: My desired out would either be my title or a Refund of money paid to them plus they have already received $4,500 dollars more then the contract states.



December 2,


Review: I took out a lease on a car in 2012. I was told it was a loan. I pay 146 a week for a 2008 [redacted]. Despite paying my "lease" every week for 3 years - I still owe 10,000 dollars on this car and I'll owe another 4000 if I want to buy it when my lease is up. I got 1 payment behind and the company has been harassing me. They text, call and email sometimes as much as 25 times a day!!! It is bothersome and upsetting. I am so stressed that I had to change my number and now they are calling my family as much as 25 times a day. How can I make them stop?? I realize I owe a payment but I have been a good customer even though they are ripping me off - I needed this car and they took advantage of a single mom of 4 kids. Please help.Desired Settlement: The company needs to stop harassing me and my family. I am a grown woman and I'll pay what I owe.



[redacted] 26,


Review: I am admitting that I am 3 weeks behind on my vehicle payment due to fraud happening with my bank account. I have been in constant contact and not avoiding my account Manager [redacted]. I made contact with my account Manager on 04/28/14 at 8:48 am letting her know that I have resolved my bank issue and I will be bringing my account up to date on 04/29/14 at 6:00 am. She informed me that it was okay. A repo agent posing as a Police Officer showed up at my residence and threaten to arrest my mother and myself because he was there to repo the vehicle. He would not show my mother any credentials identifying hi**elf as an officer what so ever which I believe is against the law. I then called in and spoke to a very rude and non customer service like account manager by the name of [redacted]. He informed me that the President of the company without providing me any paperwork stating so wanted to end the deal. When I asked to either speak with someone higher than him or be transferred to the voicemail of someone higher than him, he refused to do so.Desired Settlement: I would like to be allowed to bring my account up to date as I stated to my account manager.



May 8, 2014

Review: I purchased a car from Autotrakk back in 2012. On November 7 2013, I sold the vehicle. I have had contact with this company in regards to stop harassing me about the transaction between the new dealer and Autotrakk. They are calling me daily in regards to a matter that has nothing to do with me at this point. Then on November 6, 2013 **. [redacted] sends me a letter stating that there has been a mark on my credit report and that I owe them the balance of the vehicle or the vehicle itself.

I sold it to a dealer and the dealer has already sold the car.Desired Settlement: They have no reason to file marks on my credit report for a car I no longer own, I will dispute this myself with credit bureaus, however, I want them to stop contacting me and send me a letter showing that this account is paid in full and no longer my responsibility



November 11,


Review: I purchased the vehicle from [redacted] in [redacted], NC on [redacted]. Upon signing the paperwork, I was told the monthly amount fo the car was $432.00 and it had to be paid weekly of 108.16. I get paid bi-weekly but agreed to pay weekly, with confirmation that a two week payment would put me ahead a week. That was made on 9/19/2014, every since then I have been told that a weekly payment is still due and if not the car will not start the following Tues. When I spoke to Autotrakk, they refused to honor this and stated that if there id five weeks in the month, I will pay $540.00 for that month even though I was told at the time of purchase the cost monthly was $432.00. I tried to speak with the dealership who refused to give me the original paperwork showing the $432.00. My friend [redacted] was with me at the time of purchase and also purchased a vehicle the next day but later voided the contarct becuase they failed to disclose this information and hidden costs once the paperwork had been signed. She can be contacted at [redacted]. I would have never signed an agreement staing I can pay $540.00 any month (they have stated it is just 4-5 months out the year this will happen) but either way I feel the information should have been disclosed at the time of purchase.Desired Settlement: I would like to get my deposit of $1000.00 back and out fo this contract. The car delearship failed to provide me with the correct information and lied about the total payment of this car. Autotrakk will not honor the two week payment and continue to bill me on w weekly basis, even though it should be a week ahead. I do not wish to continue to do business with either company.



October 24, 2014

[redacted] of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania1411 K St. NW, 10th FloorWashington, DC 20005-3404

Re: Complaint

number [redacted]

Dear [redacted],

I have received the complaint #[redacted], filed with

the by [redacted] on October 22, 2014

AutoTrakk is an automobile financing company that

provides an excellent, highly structured lease program for people that have had

credit difficulties. We give “credit-

challenged” customers a way to drive high quality, late model cars with the

security of a full powertrain warranty.

As I was not a

party to the conversation between [redacted] and the dealership, I am unable to

comment on any of the claims as to what was said in their conversations.

Please find the attached copy of [redacted]’s Lease

Agreement. [redacted] claims that there are “hidden costs” and that she was

unaware that it was a weekly payment system. As you can see, there are no

hidden costs. Our Lease Agreement clearly itemizes all costs.

In the very top box of the Lease Agreement you can

see the breakdown of [redacted]’s weekly payments. You can see it clearly

states that she has a payment of $108.18 due every Friday. If the customer does

not make her payment by the following Tuesday at noon, the vehicle may not

start until a payment is made.

As this is a weekly payment program, the customer

would have 52 weekly payments due a year. Four months each year there will be

months with five Fridays. In these months, the customer would be responsible

for five weekly payments.

The two payments made on 9/19/14 [redacted] is

referencing were part of her upfront fees paid at the time of the lease

signing. One payment pays for the code that is entered into the device at the

time the device is installed and the second code is given to the customer at

the time of lease activation. [redacted]’s first payment that she had to call

into make was not until 9/26/2014. [redacted] has called us and made 4 payments

all for only one week each. Every payment except one has been paid past her

Friday due date. Please see attached payment history.

One of the benefits of the AutoTrakk program is that

you can pay around your pay cycle. You simply have to make sure that you prepay

for any and all payments. AutoTrakk is a prepaid transportation program. If you

wish to pay bi-weekly, simply prepay for 2 weeks and you will not have a

payment due the following week as it has already been paid for. [redacted] has

never prepaid for any payments that were not part of her original down payment.

AutoTrakk never receives any of the funds paid as a

down payment. All of those monies are retained by the dealership. Any request

for a refund of down payment would best be directed to the selling dealership.

I’d be more than happy to discuss this situation with you at any time. I may be reached at ###-###-#### or

via email at rc[redacted]

Very Truly Yours,

Rod C[redacted]


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