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AutoBidMaster Reviews (94)

• Jun 01, 2023

Autobidmaster stealing parts
Autobidmaster is stealing spare parts (front side: headlights, sensors, front bumper, etc.)!
Autobidmaster stealing parts

• May 29, 2023

The most convenient platform
Satisfied with this platform. With her help, I have already bought several cars at a good price.
Delivery anywhere on time.

• May 28, 2023

I have long been interested
I have long been interested in the topic of importing cars from the United States. I was looking for different options on how to buy the right one and not get into an unpleasant situation. I found the company AutoBitMaster, went to their office, met Ilya, and things started to go well. Honest and transparent approach to the client 🤝 . The ability to trade cars at auction yourself.😎 . Exhaustive and professional advice of Ilya🔥. My cooperation with the company is already growing into a business, although I looked at this direction as a hobby. Bought myself and friends already 4 cars. Thank you guys for your customer service.

• May 27, 2023

Excellent service.
Excellent service.
We found our new car there quickly, the choice is decent and interesting.
I would like to express special thanks to the managers who were with us until the end of the registration process, helping to solve all the issues.

• May 25, 2023

This was my first time ever buying
This was my first time ever buying a vehicle through an auction. The bidding process was painless and straightforward. Once I won the bid, I knew I’d have a bunch of questions about how it would all work. The whole process was super easy. William was always quick to answer any and all questions I had. I don’t know if I’ll buy another car to restore, but if I do, I’ll be back.

• May 24, 2023

I am so impressed with the customer service of this company
I am so impressed with the customer service of this company and how easy it was to start the process. Olha walked me through all the steps and within minutes I was set up to bid for clean title cars or I could have the option to have this company bid for me. He did an amazing job was very attentive and explained everything well. The lady in sale membership I do not remember her name was very helpful too. In other words the customer service is top notch. In addition with the membership I do not have to constantly provide a deposit every time I try to buy a car and if I do not get it They would send me a check and I would have to start the process all over again. The deposit stays for the whole year but you can use it to buy a car if you wish and you would just have to replace it.

• May 17, 2023

Excellent online auction
Excellent online auction of used cars, I recommend it to everyone. Very user-friendly interface of the site, everything is clear at a glance, as well as a large selection of cars at reasonable prices. Satisfied with the support on the site and the speed of delivery. Everything went quickly! Satisfied!

• May 08, 2023

Excellent online auction platform
AutoBidMaster is an excellent online auction platform for buying used, salvage, and seized vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks from the USA. The website interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find what you need. The broker services are affordable and provide value for money.

• May 08, 2023

AutoBidMaster is a great online auction platform
Я использовал эту платформу несколько раз и нашел ее надежной и простой в использовании.

Одной из сильных сторон AutoBidMaster является отличная поддержка клиентов. Представители хорошо осведомлены, полезны и быстро отвечают на запросы. Кроме того, интерфейс их веб-сайта удобен для пользователя, что упрощает навигацию и поиск нужных автомобилей.

• May 06, 2023

I liked everything.
I stopped by to thank the company's employees for their excellent work and was struck by the large number of negative reviews. I personally liked everything. From ordering a car to getting it on the spot. The staff did everything possible and not even possible to please me. The car arrived on time. The price-quality level. With thanks from a satisfied customer!

• May 06, 2023

Thank you very much to the team of professionals of the company
I want to say a huge thank you to the guys from the company. They always responded quickly and were in touch with me the whole time. The price was as much as we planned, no overpayments. This is a decent company and I have only positive impressions.

• Apr 21, 2023

The lack of professionalism, poor website functionality, inaccurate vehicle descriptions
I am utterly dissatisfied with my experience as a customer of the AutoBidMaster online auto auction. The level of incompetence and unprofessionalism displayed by the staff is absolutely unacceptable.

From the very beginning, I encountered issues with bidding on vehicles. The website is poorly designed and confusing to navigate, with constant technical glitches that made the process a frustrating ordeal. It's apparent that the platform lacks proper maintenance and updates, leading to a subpar user experience.

Even after winning a vehicle, the problems didn't end there. The vehicle I received was in terrible condition, far worse than what was described in the auction listing. There were numerous undisclosed damages, and the vehicle had serious mechanical issues that were not mentioned. It's clear that the vehicle descriptions were misleading, and the auction failed to accurately represent the condition of the vehicles.

As if that wasn't enough, the shipping process was a disaster. The communication with the shipping department was abysmal, with delayed responses and unhelpful support. The vehicle arrived late, damaged, and the shipping charges were exorbitant. It's evident that the auction's logistics and shipping process are poorly managed, and it caused me unnecessary stress and financial burden.

The lack of professionalism, poor website functionality, inaccurate vehicle descriptions, and disastrous shipping process have left me deeply disappointed and frustrated. As a customer, I expected a smooth and reliable experience, but instead, I was met with constant challenges and issues. I would strongly advise against using AutoBidMaster online auto auction as it has been a complete letdown in every aspect. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere for a more reputable and reliable auto auction.

• Apr 19, 2023

Horrific experience with their customer support
As a customer of the Autobidmaster online auto auction, I had a horrific experience with their customer support. Not only was their English barely comprehensible, but their rudeness and lack of professionalism were beyond belief.

When I tried to ask questions about bidding on and shipping cars overseas, I was met with utter frustration and impatience. The customer support representative seemed completely uninterested in helping me, and their responses were so muddled that I could barely understand them. It was clear that they were not fluent in English, which made the situation even more frustrating and confusing.

As someone who was new to the process of buying cars from overseas, I relied on their customer support for guidance and assistance. However, they were unhelpful and dismissive, treating me as if I was wasting their time. It felt like pulling teeth just to get basic information about the bidding process and the shipping options.

Their lack of professionalism was appalling. Instead of addressing my concerns and questions, the customer support representative spoke to me in a condescending tone, making me feel stupid and inferior. It was an incredibly demeaning experience that left me feeling frustrated and disrespected.

The level of customer service I received was unacceptable. As a paying customer, I expected better treatment and assistance, especially when dealing with complex and unfamiliar processes like bidding and shipping cars overseas. The Autobidmaster online auto auction's customer support was a total letdown, and I would not recommend their services to anyone. Avoid them at all costs if you want a smooth and professional experience!

• Apr 15, 2023

Autobidmaster steals personal data and sends it to other sites((
I cannot express how disappointed I am with Autobidmaster online car auction website. I thought I could trust them with my personal information, but it turns out that was a big mistake!

Recently, I discovered that my personal data from my account on the website had been stolen and sent to third-party websites, like Clearvin and Easyhaul without my consent! I was shocked and horrified to see my personal information, such as my name, address, and phone number, being used for marketing purposes by unknown companies!

I trusted the Autobidmaster online car auction website to keep my personal information safe, but they failed to do so! I feel violated and exposed, like my privacy has been completely invaded. I never expected to have to deal with identity theft, but now I'm worried about what else might happen with my information out there!

I reached out to Autobidmaster for help, but they were no help at all! They offered me no compensation or support to help me deal with the aftermath of the data breach. It's clear they don't care about their customers' privacy or safety!

I would strongly advise against using Autobidmaster website. They clearly cannot be trusted with your personal information, and they don't seem to care about the consequences of their negligence. Don't make the same mistake I did - protect your personal information and stay far away from this website.

• Apr 13, 2023

Sold a car with hidden suspension damages and fired airgbags
I recently made the mistake of buying a salvage used Subaru Forester at autobidmaster online auction, and I have regretted it ever since. The car looked decent enough in the pictures, but when it arrived, I was in for a rude awakening.

The suspension had hidden damages and it was a complete disaster. Every time I hit a bump, the car rattled and shook like a tin can. I couldn't believe how unsafe it felt to drive. And to top it off, the airbags had been fired and were damaged beyond repair. I only found out after the car had been delivered to my driveway. It was a complete shock to me.

Now, repairing the suspension and the airbags will cost me thousands of dollars, which I cannot afford. The car was supposed to be a good deal, but it's turned out to be a nightmare. I feel cheated and taken advantage of. The autobidmaster website should have been more transparent about the car's condition, and I never would have bid on it.

I would never recommend buying a salvage used car online at autobidmaster to anyone. Save yourself the hassle and go to a dealership or find direct car seller. At least there, you can test drive the car and have a better understanding of what you're getting. I've learned my lesson the hard way, and I hope others can avoid making the same mistake.
Sold a car with hidden suspension damages and fired airgbags
Sold a car with hidden suspension damages and fired airgbags
Sold a car with hidden suspension damages and fired airgbags

• Apr 12, 2023

Hidden Car Damages. $2760 of Extra Recovery Costs
I am extremely disappointed and angry with Autobidmaster online car auction. After purchasing Toyota Camry SE 2023 from them, I discovered that the vehicle had hidden rear end damages that had been covered up by the seller at auction. When I brought this to the attention of Autobidmaster customer support, they were unresponsive and unhelpful.

To make matters worse, the cost of repairing these damages was estimated to be over $2760, which was a significant amount of money that I simply did not have. I felt completely cheated and betrayed by the dealership, and it is clear that they were aware of these damages and chose to deceive me in order to make a quick sale.

The Autobidmaster's lack of transparency and disregard for their customers' safety is completely unacceptable. I am appalled by their behavior and would strongly advise anyone considering doing business with them to think twice. Autobidmaster clearly do not care about their customers' well-being or satisfaction and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a profit, even if it means deceiving and cheating their customers.

Overall, I am extremely dissatisfied with my experience with Autobidmaster online car auction and would advise anyone looking to buy a car to find a more reputable and trustworthy used auto auction.
Hidden Car Damages. $2760 of Extra Recovery Costs
Hidden Car Damages. $2760 of Extra Recovery Costs
Hidden Car Damages. $2760 of Extra Recovery Costs

• Apr 11, 2023

Manipulating with cars live bidding process
I cannot express my anger and frustration with autobidmaster car broker website enough. I recently bid on a car during their live auction and was the highest bidder, however in the moment the price had suddenly skyrocketed, but I checked and on the parent copart website a was a top bidder! Autobidmaster is a fraud!

This discrepancy was so huge that it was clear to me that this website was engaging in fraudulent business practices. It is clear that they are preying on unsuspecting buyers and using shady tactics to manipulate the auction prices and make a quick profit.

When I contacted customer service to inquire about this discrepancy, they were dismissive and unhelpful. They offered no explanation for the huge price difference and instead tried to deflect blame onto me for not being a savvy enough bidder.

I would strongly advise anyone considering bidding and buying from this car auction website to steer clear. They are nothing but scammers and will do whatever it takes to cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Save yourself and go directly to copart without any brokers even they are official.

• Apr 10, 2023

Autobidmaster charged extra $349 from my credit card
I am absolutely livid with Autobidmaster car auction website. Not only did they charge me an additional $349 annually without my consent, but I have also discovered that they have been sharing my personal data with third-party websites.

I trusted this website with my personal information, including my name, address, and payment details, and they have completely violated that trust. I now feel extremely vulnerable and at risk of identity theft and other forms of cybercrime.

When I contacted customer service about this issue, they were dismissive and unhelpful. They refused to take responsibility for their actions and instead tried to shift the blame onto me for not reading the fine print in their terms and conditions.

I would strongly advise anyone considering registering on this website to steer clear. Their business practices are unethical and their disregard for their customers' privacy and security is unacceptable. Save yourself the risk and find a more reputable and trustworthy website to buy cars from.

• Apr 07, 2023

Auto charging of $249 annualy. Your privacy data is not yours
I am absolutely furious with this car auction website. After registering for a membership, I discovered that they had charged me an additional $249 annually without my knowledge or consent. When I reached out to customer service to inquire about this charge, they were unresponsive and unhelpful.

Not only did the website fail to disclose this additional charge upfront, but they also seem to have no regard for their customers' privacy or security. I no longer trust this website to handle my personal information, and I would advise anyone considering registering on this site to think twice.

In addition to the sketchy business practices, the website's auction process is confusing and frustrating to navigate. Bidding on cars is unnecessarily complicated, and it seems like the website is designed to make it difficult for bidders to win auctions.

Overall, I would strongly advise anyone considering using this car auction website to look elsewhere. Their deceptive business practices and lack of concern for their customers' privacy and security make them a risky choice. Save yourself the trouble and find a more reliable and trustworthy website to buy cars from.

• Apr 05, 2023

Negative experience with annual card charges without my consent
I recently participated in Autobidmaster online auto auction and was impressed with the selection of cars available for auction. However, I was disappointed to learn that the company applied automatic annual credit card charges without my consent.

This experience left a negative impression on me and I felt that my privacy was violated. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of companies to be transparent with their customers about any charges and fees, and obtain explicit consent before applying them.

I hope that Autobidmaster will reevaluate their policies and procedures and take steps to ensure that customers are informed about all charges before they occur. This will go a long way in building trust and loyalty among their customer base.

Overall, I had a mixed experience with the auto auction company and would advise others to proceed with caution until their policies are improved.

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