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AutoBidMaster Reviews (95) have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI still disagree with their business practices in not being truly transparent with their system nor their customer complaint officer, but I have now been refunded my money due to the intervention Thank you!Sincerely, [redacted] ***

AutoBidMaster take individual customers who are not directly qualified to bid in Copart auctionThis business has made the process to take customers with less knowledge on these auction processSo, the business can't skip responsibility of customers making mistake due to not aware of business's non-user friendly systemsThis is a chain from step If I would be aware that I already won or highest in a bid, I would be happy to wait more than few hours for new purchases to show up in my accountminutes is nothingAll of these system delay, unfriendly system led me make mistakes over and overHow will I be sure that these were not intentional from AutoBidMaster?I would say that there are gaps in business process or industries using which business like AutoBidMaster is taking advantage on new customersBusiness offered me consignment which was another round to make money on meThey clearly said to me that a fee of $will be charged for each consignmentThere is also no guarantee of getting my money back that other way aroundThe consultant also said over the phone that they don't want me to lose any money on these, they will help me to sell or register cars after I pay for themThese were to make me pay for it and then to run with hassles.They are working on a resolution of documentation concerns, because they had toThey sent me “FL – CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION" without my name on it and without their signature as sellerThis is another indication to prove that they know they were not doing the right thingThis is a statement from businessI didn't accept them for shipping of my last carsI only asked them a quoteI have that email as proofI was looking for pricing with other shipping companies and asked ABM for shipping price tooThis is another indicationThey probably realized that I may not stay with them because I only need cars for my personal useSo, they shipped the car to take my deposit$to ship cars from Miami to Tallahassee??I still have the last car with “FL – CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION"I may use parts of it to build or different other rebuildable carI may choose AutoBidMaster to purchase those if they make a full refund of my $depositI will call all hassles end in hereIf they don't, I will be left with no choices to go to civil court and seek compensation for all hassles, time, effect on personal life, effect in my job performance and reputation, all other that will be advised by my attorneyCourt will decide who is right or wrong.Regards, [redacted]

AutoBidMaster is sorry to hear that one of our customers was dissatisfied with our servicesWe strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service at all times, and we would like the chance to work with the customer directly to resolve any issues and provide a true resolution In regards to vehicle shipping, our website states: AutoBidMaster’s shipping experts know how to handle all the details of transporting your vehicle from the auction yard to domestic or international destinationsWe pick up your vehicle within 1-days of receiving your shipping paymentWhen ordering shipping with us we guarantee you will pay no storage fees as long as the vehicle and shipping are ordered and paid for by PM the following business day We also have an FAQ of: Once I've won a vehicle, how long do I have to pick it up or arrange shipping? You're given calendar days of free vehicle storage at the auction facility, including the date of saleSo if your auction ends on a Friday, you'd have until Thursday to pick up your vehicle or make shipping arrangementsAfter your free storage has expired, you'll be charged a storage fee of $per day for each day that your vehicle remains at the auction facility.You are responsible for any and all storage fees accrued on your vehicle while it remains at the auction facility We have reviewed the calls and account history for Mr [redacted] to confirm the application of our guidelines The vehicle was purchased at auction on Friday, June 10th In order to avoid paying any storage fees, we would have to have had received payment for the vehicle and shipping costs in full no later than pm PST on Monday, June 13th Mr [redacted] was informed of this deadline during the phone call on June 13th in which he placed his shipping order We received payment for the auction and shipping on June 14th, the day after the deadline This means he was not eligible for our “No Storage Fee Guarantee” Our goal for our customers is to have their vehicle shipped within 1-days after receiving payment for said shipping In Mr***’s case, it unfortunately took days to ship his vehicle For this reason, we covered the cost of storage for the 8th day, crediting his account for $ However, Mr [redacted] is still responsible for storage fees between June 17th – June 20th (days of storage at $20/day = $80) Timeline: June 10th – car purchased June 13th – due date for payment (shipping + vehicle purchase) June 14th- payment received (day late) June 16th – last day for free storage June 21st – vehicle picked up (days after payment received) June 24th – vehicle delivered In regards to Mr***’s concern that he paid $in order to see vehicle history reports, we show that he upgraded to our Preferred Membership on 10/16/ Our Preferred Membership allows our members to purchase an unlimited number of vehicles, and bid on multiple vehicles at the same timePreferred Members enjoy exclusive discounts on shipping with AutoBidMaster as well as free vehicle history reports, whenever they’re available Not all vehicles will have an AutoCheck history report available At this time, Mr [redacted] has a $balance due to us and has received delivery of his vehicle We will continue to communicate with him directly to resolve these or any other concerns he may have

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I talk to the owner and they were going to return the car all they needed was get in contact with them because I was not the owner and they didn't they didn't email me or inform me of anything Intel it was to lateI thought they processed everythin because I saw a refound in my bank statement on to see it dispear a week latter Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because in this case auto bid master didn't act right.Misrepresentation is never Ok in not mentioning there were cigarettes burns on seats which extended the damages.I tried to upload pictures of car seats but it is not working .Anyway ,yours services or copart someone has to be responsible at some point .In response to late payment .I was compelled to pay it the same day by our costumer services when I was ready to give up the deposit to minimize my loss.And I Blames your unfair tactic sales for that .I haven't signed your bill of sale yet to show my disagreement and wait for the outcome from .I was just hoping that I can get compensation due to the deceptive marketing practices and misleading website.In response to your last statement.I will never repeat the same mistakes doing business with auto bid master due to none costumer protection Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because it is not truthful I have pasted three emails from autobidmaster below AutoBidMaster SupportTo [redacted] Aug at 7:AMHello ***, The AutoCheck report option is temporarily unavailableRegards, Lily K.AutoBidMaster Support TeamAutoBidMaster SupportTo [redacted] Aug at 2:PM***, I have just verified this information for youIt looks like we do not provide Autocheck reports any moreRegards, Lily K.AutoBidMaster Support TeamAutoBidMaster SupportTo [redacted] Aug at 4:PM***, Unfortunately the membership is not refundableYou can do more searches on places like Google to find out more informationBest regards, Olga M.This is still in the website but I cannot locate one vehicle that the AutoCheck offer is honored"A VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number assigned by the manufacturerAutocheck vehicle reports are available to the yearly members."One point is true in Autobidmasters response, I did attempt to purchase a vehicle today I had to purchase a report from another vendor to get any information about that vehicle I was a not immediately able to bid because my account had been made inactive after my complaints As I look online, there have been at least complaints against Autobidmaster Sincerely, [redacted] AutoBidMaster Support To [redacted] Aug at 7:AM Hello ***, The AutoCheck report option is temporarily unavailable Regards, Lily K AutoBidMaster Support TeamOffice Hours 6am-4pm Pacific, Monday-Friday Telephone: + Connect with us: | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ Let us know how we are doing! AutoBidMaster Support To [redacted] Aug at 7:AM Hello ***, The AutoCheck report option is temporarily unavailable Regards, Lily K AutoBidMaster Support TeamOffice Hours 6am-4pm Pacific, Monday-Friday Telephone: + Connect with us: | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ Let us know how we are doing!

Dear ***, Autobidmaster is sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our customer serviceAfter reviewing the account and seeing how frustrated you were when chatting with our representative, we went ahead and refunded your membership feeI did e-mail you directly this morning and am waiting for your response ***, we also advise you to review the terms before proceeding with paymentBoth our website and customer service team make it a point to be absolutely transparent about our feesWe sincerely care about keeping our customers happy and we hope that this will change your negative impression of our company.Thank you,Michael W***AutoBidMaster

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: There is no intention for autobidmaster to resolve this, all they have is excuses, I have never used a monster bid before and it was never explained to me, this is a loophole for them to make money, hopefully court will have the right decision and shut them down to make an example and protect the consumers Sincerely, [redacted] ***

The Preferred Membership comes with many benefits, including exclusive discounts on shipping, a flexible bidding limit, and moreThe free AutoCheck report is available only on select vehicles as stated on our websiteWe do recommend securing a vehicle history report prior to any vehicle purchase, salvage or otherwiseBecause we are not affiliated with other vehicle history report providers, we try not to name specific companiesInstead, we suggest that our members search Google for a history report provider that best suits their needsThis suggestion is meant as a helpful recommendation, and we are saddened to learn that this member interpreted it negatively.Our membership fees are nonrefundable, and we make every effort to make this clear during the registration processThis member selected the Preferred Membership option and received benefits of this option, including the exclusive shipping ratesFurther, this member is continuing to bid with the membership as I type this responseEven if we were able to refund the membership fee, the membership would become inactive and their most recent requests would not be fulfilledIt is our goal to help this member get the most out of their membership with us, and we welcome them to contact us with any questions or concerns

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:shouldn't listed as run and driveThe car doesn't even move forward or reverse under its own powerI called in they told me if it's listed run and drive it mean the car can move feets into the parking spotWhich the car doesn't even move at all Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Thank you for your partnership and correspondence regarding case # [redacted] AutoBidMaster takes all customer concerns seriouslyOur goal is always to provide efficient transactions and excellent customer service in a timely mannerWe are sorry to hear that a customer has experienced otherwise We understand Mrs [redacted] concern(s) are the following; Late Payment Fee incurred due to payment not being received within the specified timeline stated in our terms and agreement Copart Storage Fee incurred when a purchased vehicle has not been picked up from the lot after calendar days We have reviewed the information and researched Mrs [redacted] account with due diligence as this matter is important to AutoBidMaster and we wish to address the concerns in order to come to an appropriate resolution A member of our Customer Relations Management team last reached out to this customer on 05/04/@ 06:am and will be happy to follow up again on Monday, 5/to provide any additional information requiredPlease see below communication and/or action steps already done in efforts to reconcile this situation We advised Mrs [redacted] that we unfortunately are not able to refund the late payment fee at this point in timeMrs [redacted] believes this late payment to be caused due to her selected financial institution’s verification processWe did inform her on 04/that we would be happy to further evaluate; however would need confirmation of receipt showing payment was initiated 03/25/as she suggested in order to move forwardConfirmation has not yet been supplied Though AutoBidMaster offers shipping services, Mrs [redacted] did elect to use a separate partyOn 4/4, we advised our customer to follow up with her transporter in order to request a refund of the shipping fee due to their negligence and late pick upWe are more than happy to assist in verifying the fee with the Mrs [redacted] transporter in order to assist her in obtaining resolution from them If there is any additional information we can provide, please do not hesitate to let us know

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Adding a $membership to my invoice that I didn't request and claiming because I paid the invoice meant that I wanted a membershipI do not want you membership, I just want the $you forced me to pay under duress.Sincerely, [redacted]

AutoBidMaster is declining arbitration
To whom it may concern, Thank you for allowing the opportunity for arbitration, however AutoBidMaster is declining this option.We have a Dispute Resolution process in place. When Mr*** became a member of AutoBidMaster he agreed to our Terms and Conditions which outline the dispute resolution processMr*** has not followed our process as agreed on 02/02/We would encourage him to review and proceed with dispute resolution as outlined on Thank you,Tabitha M***Customer Service & Sales Manager


AutoBidMaster is very sorry to hear a valued customer was dissatisfied with our services. As a company, we are dedicated to customer service and have reached out to Mr*** in order to help clarify the situation and resolve any confusion he may have regarding his purchase and our Terms
and Conditions
The customer signed up for a Starter Membership on January 20th, at 12:amPer the Terms and Conditions that Mr*** agreed to during registration, we placed an authorization hold on his credit card for $as a security depositThis would have shown up on the customer's account as a pending transaction from AutoBidMaster
Mr*** then bid on an Subaru WRX three times during the vehicle's live auctionHe was the high bidder and won the vehicleAll three bids were made via the customer's account, which possesses a secure lunique to Mr***
After winning the Subaru, Mr*** failed to pay for it; when an auction is won but not paid for, the auction facility (Copart) charges a fee to relist the vehicleMr***'s $security deposit was captured and applied towards this $relist feeOur Terms and Conditions clearly state that a customer's security deposit will be applied towards any unpaid relists fees
Again, we are very sorry to hear that Mr*** has had a negative experience with our companyUltimately, however, we must abide by our Terms and Conditions
Thank you,
Michael W***


AutoBidMaster is sorry to hear that the customer was dissatisfied with our servicesWe would like the chance to work with the customer directly to resolve any issues and provide a true resolution.To avoid any confusion with preliminary bidding and live auctions, AutoBidMaster actively works to educate its members on the bidding process. Our Support Center covers topics of How to BidOur live support agents also work directly withmembers to help place bids and make winning auctions possible for our membersWe provide live support agents that are dedicated to place bidsCustomers may reach us via phone, chat and e-mail if help is neededBoth our website and customer service team make it a point to be absolutely transparent about our fee scheduleAll fees, including transactional and membership are listed on our websiteWe have established the fee structure to support our online portal, customer service staff, vehicle shipping, title processing, and in general to continue facilitating successful auction purchases for our membersOur fee structure is comparable and competitive in comparison to other Copart brokers.We will contact *** directly to resolve any issues and provide a true resolution.Thank you,Michael W***

This company is a fraud!
I agree to sign a contract that said I had no repayment, but also said membership in the contract that I would be active for one yearThis is not so because they want to charge me dollars for membership againI do not understand if I already paid dollars because I want to charge againworking poor and I have rightsWhere are my dollars that the Bank pay them? where my active membershipThey are a fraud and are not complying with the terms of the contract that made me signaturesthis motibvo debueltos I want my dollars or to activate my membershipNote: I send the documents in PDF file is the online chat where the lady tells me that the money from the membership was given to my bank and that the bank has the money something that is because there is that prueva my bank has dollarsBesides this test an email where I asked to pay my membership to buy a carAnd as further evidence I send the status of my account AutoBid Mastes(Email Address-***) (password- ***) where it says pay is now to activate your membershipAs additional data I give my mail and PASSWORD to enter my account and they can see AutoBidMaster my account is inactive for failure to pay membershipThis company is a fraudSinceramente, *** ***


AutoBidMaster takes all customer concerns seriouslyOur goal is always to provide efficient transactions and excellent customer service in a timely mannerWe are so sorry to hear that you experienced otherwise
We have reviewed the information submitted and researched your account with due diligenceThe fees in question were charged by Copart as they have a storage fee for any vehicles not picked up within the allotted time (see Online AutoBidMaster Rules and Policies for additional information)Your vehicle was available for pick up 4/8/6:55am, however the payment of $has been forwarded to Copart for processing and the remaining $has been issued back to the customer via checkIf you have any further documentation to provide taht you feel may assist in the matter, we would be more than glad to to review it
We apologize for any confusion and inconvenienceWe hope to maintain your business and feel confident that any future visits to our website will better reflect our commitment to our customersIf you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your account or order, please feel free to reach to call us at (503)298-We are always happy to helpThank you for your feedback and appreciate your partnership with AutoBidMaster

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: I just spoke with a Wester Union Supervisor and am now awaiting documentation with delivery time and date
Please be advised if we use the verbal delivery time of and 10pm, that's still only days late and I think any other fees came about as a direct result of Autobidmaster not "recognizing" the payment was made.Sincerely,*** *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, *** ***

We apologize for any confusion or frustration this has caused youWhen you opened your membership with AutoBidMaster you agreed to our Member Terms and Conditions and Rules and Policies, which outline all fees and pricing in US dollars, as we are a US based company We would like to remind you that since your payment was received prior to the second business day, you were not charged a late payment fee of $ While we offer the opportunity to get some great deals on many vehicles, customers must do their own research to make sure they get the right vehicle that suits their specific needs. We advise that the Vehicle Information on the auction listing is provided for convenience only, and that we provide no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of any Vehicle Information Customers are strongly encouraged and advised to obtain a vehicle history report, inspect the vehicle, and do their own research into the condition of the vehicle, the cost of any repairs that may be necessary, in this case there was no inspection done prior and all lots are sold as is where is We do value you as a member and would like to work with you again in the futureAgain, we ask that you reach out so we may be able to resolve this matter with you

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