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• Mar 30, 2023

Got a car with flooded and broken interior
I'm beyond disappointed with my experience with Autobidmaster car auction. After purchasing a car from them, I discovered that the interior of the vehicle had been flooded, leaving it completely ruined. When I brought this to the attention of the Autobidmaster represenatives, they admitted that the flooding had occurred during transportation because the driver's window had been left open.

I cannot believe the level of negligence and carelessness that would allow something like this to happen. Not only did the Autobidmaster fail to properly secure and transport the vehicle, but they also failed to inspect it before selling it to me. It is completely unacceptable that they would sell a car in this condition and then refuse to take responsibility for their mistake.

To add insult to injury, the Autobidmaster's customer service was abysmal. They were unresponsive, unhelpful, and showed no concern for the fact that I had just spent a significant amount of money on a car that was now completely unusable.

I would strongly advise anyone considering doing business with Autobidmaster to steer clear. Their complete disregard for their customers' safety and satisfaction is truly appalling. Do yourself a favor and find a reputable online car auction marketplace instead of Autobidmaster that takes their responsibilities seriously.

• Mar 29, 2023

Rat in the car's interior. Zero $ refund
I cannot believe the appalling experience I had with AutoBidMaster. I recently purchased a car from them, and to my absolute horror, discovered that there was a rat living in the interior of the vehicle!

The smell was overpowering and the rat had left droppings and damage throughout the car! When I tried to return the car, customer support of AutoBidMaster refused to take any responsibility for the infestation and suggested that it was my own fault for not inspecting the car properly before purchase.

Not only was their customer service completely lacking, but their attitude towards such a serious issue was completely unacceptable. This is a major health hazard and the dealership should have taken immediate action to rectify the problem.

To add insult to injury, the car also had several mechanical issues that were not disclosed to me at the time of purchase. I feel completely ripped off and taken advantage of by this dealership.

I would not recommend anyone to do business with AutoBidMaster. They clearly do not care about their customers or the quality of the vehicles they sell. Save yourself the hassle and find an another reputable online auto auction that takes pride in their service and products!
Rat in the car's interior. Zero $ refund
Rat in the car's interior. Zero $ refund
Rat in the car's interior. Zero $ refund

• Mar 28, 2023

Cars at Autobidmaster are in much worse condition
As a customer of Autobidmaster online auto auction, I had a truly terrible experience. From start to finish, it was nothing but frustration and disappointment. The website itself was clunky and difficult to navigate, with confusing menus and a lack of clear information about the cars available for auction.

When I did manage to find a car that I was interested in, the bidding process was a nightmare. The site was slow and unresponsive, and it was impossible to tell if my bids were even registering. I lost out on several cars that I was really interested in, despite bidding what I thought was a fair price.

When I finally did manage to win an auction, the car that I received was in much worse condition than I had been led to believe. It was riddled with mechanical problems and had clearly been in a serious accident, despite the listing claiming that it was in "good" condition. It was clear that the auction site had not done their due diligence in inspecting the car, and I was left with a lemon that I couldn't even sell for scrap.

Overall, I would strongly advise anyone considering using Autobidmaster online auto auction to steer clear. The process is frustrating, the website is difficult to use, and the cars themselves are often in much worse condition than advertised. Save yourself the time and hassle and find a different way to buy a used car.
Cars at Autobidmaster are in much worse condition
Cars at Autobidmaster are in much worse condition

• Mar 24, 2023

Unprofessional and rude customer support service
I have to share my disappointment and frustration with the unprofessional and rude customer support service I received when attempting to participate at autobidmaster online car auction.

As a customer who was interested in bidding on a vehicle, I expected to receive clear and timely communication from your team regarding the car bidding process and any questions I had. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

When I reached out to your customer support team for assistance, I was met with a disrespectful and dismissive attitude that left me feeling undervalued as a customer. The representative I spoke with was rude and seemed more interested in ending the call quickly than in helping me resolve my issue.

Furthermore, when I tried to escalate my concern to a supervisor, I was met with even more resistance and unprofessional behavior. It was clear that your team did not care about providing quality customer support and instead was focused on pushing me through the process as quickly as possible, without regard for my needs or concerns.

Overall, my experience with your customer support team was extremely disappointing and left me with a negative impression of your company. As a result, I will not be using your service in the future and will be sharing my experience with others in my community to warn them against working with autobidmaster.

• Mar 21, 2023

Sorts of hidden fees and charges, additional car damages found
It was a really frustrating experience to purchase a used salvage BMW 540i 2019 at car auction on the The auction listing had seemed like a great deal, but once I started the purchasing process, I realized that there were all sorts of hidden fees and charges that had not been disclosed in the listing.

The delivery time for the car was also much longer than I had anticipated, and I ended up having to wait several weeks before the car was finally delivered. When it arrived, I was disappointed to find that the car had additional damage that had not been disclosed in the auction listing. I felt misled and taken advantage of by the auction platform.

To make matters worse, when I tried to dispute the fees and additional damage, I found that the customer service was unresponsive and unhelpful. The whole experience left me feeling frustrated and disillusioned with the online auto auction process.
Sorts of hidden fees and charges, additional car damages found

• Mar 14, 2023

Autobidmaster Hidden Fees
I was very surprised to found hidden fees in my invoice. When I contacted with autobidmaster customer support they've just said that they can not do anything with that. Pure quality customer support. I just want to get bring me back my own $105 of the extra hidden fees. Is autobidmaster legit? Sure, no! Keep away from this scammer website and their service!
Autobidmaster Hidden Fees

• Nov 29, 2022

Great to deal with!
Yes there are auction fees and delivery fees but with the deal I got I can't complain. The fees are all laid out and the car was better than expected.The worse company I ever also ever deal with. I will never forget the pain they put me thru. They come up with unexceptional fees and charges. They're full of lies and corrupt

• Nov 29, 2022

Trustworthy Company
Never thought I will buy a used car from USA sitting in Russia but it happened. They delivered in time and in agreed price. All of this was done through their easy to use website.

• Sep 05, 2022

Great Cars
Used this site. I liked the support on the site and the convenience of using the auctions. The car was not delivered to Russia very quickly. The choice of cars on the site is enormous. And the prices for the broker's services are very reasonable. I recommend it.

• Sep 04, 2022

The transaction support was at a high level.
The auction saved me $2,000. Who would have thought? I had never heard of auctions before, and then an acquaintance brought a car and decided to brag about it. I took his contacts and decided to use the services of this company as well.

• Sep 02, 2022

Really good service, and quite affordable prices. In addition, the choice of cars will also probably suit everyone.

• Sep 02, 2022

Cool company
I recommend this online car auction to everyone. Very convenient interface of the site, a large selection of cars and adequate prices.
Recently I was looking for Hyuindai Sonata 2019, searched through many sites and decided to stop here. I was pleasantly surprised with the shipping prices and brokerage services. Completely satisfied with everything. Fast delivery.

• Sep 02, 2022

Great cars
Thank you so much for the great service, There was a short delay but I got my car which is absolutely amazing.

• Sep 01, 2022

Chevrolet Bolt
Everything is good, except short delay in shipping. In June, I won Chevrolet Bolt on Autobidmaster and it is already shipped. No disadvantages.

• Aug 25, 2022

this is a modern scam
shipping order 2 vehicles it took 6 months to get the cars on the ship, because every time the ships were cancelled! according to them
now they want 880usd in storage fee
What do I have to do with this?
and 200usd service what I paid before they want again!
this is a modern scam


forcing to pay fictitious cost
I have brough a car to Georgia country with them. I paid everything online in advance. After car came, they forced me to pay again creating unreal invoise under "terminal handling fee" although I paid every customs duty and tax myself.

I wrote them about this. No-one cared it. Such a horrible company. I would never recommend them.


Appalling Customer Care Service
2018 Toyota Camry L lot#55762001 - This is the bid I have recently won. I elected to make this shipping to Nigeria by RORO and I am having additional 1000 USD charges. It was not mentioned that shipping by RORO will cost an additional amount including a ridiculous 750USD for forklift. Your Buyer Services Agent Hunar Assad has responded to me in the most impolite manner without providing me a direct response to my enquiries.

This is unacceptable.


Worst Customer Service. Terms & Conditions only represent the company not the consumer.
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT USE SERVICE. I signed up with this auto broker to buy a car at an auction. Instead of representing and advocating for me, they only look to help themselves. English is their 3rd language and clearly they have no respect for women (they're foreigners). They don't answer questions or explain the bizarre paperwork they send out. In order to get anything done you have to speak to management, who are harassed they have to take the time to do the job their employee failed too.

The terms and conditions, when you sign up, says you essentially give up all consumer rights. Which they take seriously each time they referred me back to them after I requested they provide the title for the car I paid them for. Apparently those terms and conditions state AutoBidMaster doesn't have to provide the title after the car has been paid for. Buyer BEWARE.

+16 have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI still disagree with their business practices in not being truly transparent with their system nor their customer complaint officer, but I have now been refunded my money due to the intervention Thank you!Sincerely, [redacted] ***

AutoBidMaster take individual customers who are not directly qualified to bid in Copart auctionThis business has made the process to take customers with less knowledge on these auction processSo, the business can't skip responsibility of customers making mistake due to not aware of business's non-user friendly systemsThis is a chain from step If I would be aware that I already won or highest in a bid, I would be happy to wait more than few hours for new purchases to show up in my accountminutes is nothingAll of these system delay, unfriendly system led me make mistakes over and overHow will I be sure that these were not intentional from AutoBidMaster?I would say that there are gaps in business process or industries using which business like AutoBidMaster is taking advantage on new customersBusiness offered me consignment which was another round to make money on meThey clearly said to me that a fee of $will be charged for each consignmentThere is also no guarantee of getting my money back that other way aroundThe consultant also said over the phone that they don't want me to lose any money on these, they will help me to sell or register cars after I pay for themThese were to make me pay for it and then to run with hassles.They are working on a resolution of documentation concerns, because they had toThey sent me “FL – CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION" without my name on it and without their signature as sellerThis is another indication to prove that they know they were not doing the right thingThis is a statement from businessI didn't accept them for shipping of my last carsI only asked them a quoteI have that email as proofI was looking for pricing with other shipping companies and asked ABM for shipping price tooThis is another indicationThey probably realized that I may not stay with them because I only need cars for my personal useSo, they shipped the car to take my deposit$to ship cars from Miami to Tallahassee??I still have the last car with “FL – CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION"I may use parts of it to build or different other rebuildable carI may choose AutoBidMaster to purchase those if they make a full refund of my $depositI will call all hassles end in hereIf they don't, I will be left with no choices to go to civil court and seek compensation for all hassles, time, effect on personal life, effect in my job performance and reputation, all other that will be advised by my attorneyCourt will decide who is right or wrong.Regards, [redacted]

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