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AutoBidMaster is sorry to hear that one of our customers was dissatisfied with our servicesWe strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service at all times, and we would like the chance to work with this customer directly to resolve any issues and provide a true
In regards to the title for Mr***’s RV, we sent the title to him along with a Statement of Intent Affidavit and he received it on June 30, 2016. In our experience, this affidavit has been accepted by the DMV in instances where the original title has potential discrepancies such as crossed-out writing. After we spoke with Mr*** on 08/02/and he expressed concerns about the title, he was advised to send the paperwork back to us so we could review further. The title was received back in our office on August 10, without the Affidavit. We spoke with him again on August 18, and advised him that we would be sending the title back to him. We let him know that the title, along with the Affidavit, should be sufficient for the DMV. At this time, I have a call into a *** *** clerk in his state to confirm that the affidavit or some other equivalent will allow him to register the vehicle and we will continue to follow up with both the DMV and Mr*** directly
In regards to Mr***’s concerns about the condition of the RV in comparison to what was advertised, we have attempted to explain to him on multiple platforms our company’s position in this issue. We are the broker between *** and our customer. All auctions are sold AS IS and we personally are not responsible for the inspection of the auctioned items, nor do we verify any statements made by *** as to the condition of the item at the time of the auction. This is made clear in multiple areas on our website and during the bidding process. That said, because of the circumstances of his situation, we are currently communicating directly with *** in an attempt to reach a resolution outside of our terms and conditions. We will continue to work towards a resolution and will communicate with Mr*** directly as any potential options are made available to us

AutoBidMaster is dedicated to customer service and is very sorry to hear that Mr*** has had a negative experience with our companyPlease be advised, we have reached out to the customer and hope to work with him directly to reach an amicable resolution to this issueIn Mr***'s case,
the title documents were sent to a registered tag agency as required under Florida lawMr*** was then contacted by one of their agents to pay the state sales tax charge and title transfer feeThese were not double charges or hidden fees, but simply a legal requirement for Florida to Florida title transfersAfter remitting payment for these fees, Mr*** will receive his title and be able to go to any DMV location and register his vehicleIn regards to the customer's complaints about the condition of the vehicle, I must refer him to our Terms and Conditions, which state that "All vehicles are purchased 'as-is.' […] It is the sole responsibility of Buyer to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and/or investigate any and all Vehicle Information prior to buying the vehicle." Unfortunately, Mr*** did not inspect the vehicle prior to purchase and is disappointment with its condition. However, as a broker for salvage vehicles, AutoBidMaster must abide by these Terms and ConditionsThank you,Michael W***AutoBidMaster

We are terribly sorry for the confusionWe have not actually gotten rid of the AutoCheck offering, and it is still a feature of the Preferred MembershipThe AutoCheck report has always only been available on select vehicles, and we unfortunately do not have any eligible for it at this momentA recent announcement of this fact in the office may have confused our support representatives or they may have used simpler language in explaining it, though this current state is what they were referring toThe AutoCheck report is only one of many benefits of the Preferred MembershipWhen this member signed up for a membership we did have a number of AutoCheck vehicles available, and we will again as soon as possibleFurther, this member was able to take advantage of other benefits of the Preferred Membership, such as exclusive rates on shipping and the ability to bid on multiple vehiclesWe offer our apologies for the confusion and hope that we will be able to help this member use even more benefits of their Preferred Membership

Dear ***,I am not under any process of filing in courtsI mentioned that in the complaint to let the business know that I may proceed to court if they don't come up in any resolutions through,*** ***

Dear Mr***
We are so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with the seller of your vehicle, and AutoBidMaster by proxyThe seller does have until 6pm PST two business days after the auction to make a final decision on whether to accept your bid, and it seems that in
your case they took the full allotted time to make the decision
Based on the account information you provided, it seems that your balance due has been paid as of this morning, 3/28, and your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up this weekThere was an additional fee of $for the late payment, as we must may Copart within one business day of the sale and are unable to grant extensions for special circumstances.
Regarding your deposit, the $is a pending authorization, not a charge, and will be held until your car is picked up from the auction lot. Once the car is picked up, you can request a refund of your deposit, which will be issued via the original form of payment
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your order, please feel free to reach out to us and it would be our pleasure to further assist you

Again, I must remind the customer that AutoBidMaster is a broker for Copart and as such is not owned, controlled by, or otherwise affiliated with CopartWhen he signed up for our services, he reviewed and agreed to our Buyer Terms and Conditions, which state in no uncertain terms that "by registering with [AutoBidMaster], Buyer acknowledges and understands that Buyer is registering with and purchasing vehicles from [AutoBidMaster] and not from Copart." Any agreement made between Mr*** and a non-AutoBidMaster employee is not binding when it comes to this transaction
In regards to Mr***'s complaint about a retracted refund, AutoBidMaster never issued a refund of any kind for this vehicle purchase
Of course, I am very sorry that Mr*** is unhappy with his experience as an AutoBidMaster customerWe pride ourselves on customer satisfaction; however, at this point, we have made every effort to assist Mr*** and help him come to some kind of resolution that is agreeable to himBut, as I've noted in my prior response, his claims simply do not justify a refund, and we will continue to abide by our Terms and Conditions
Thank you,
Michael W***

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: Adding a $150 membership to my invoice that I didn't request and claiming because I paid the invoice meant that I wanted a membership. I do not want you membership, I just want the $150 you forced me to pay under duress.Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because in this case auto bid master didn't act right.Misrepresentation is never Ok in  not mentioning there were cigarettes burns on seats which extended the damages.I tried to upload pictures of car seats but it is not working  .Anyway ,yours services or copart someone has to be responsible at some point .In response to late payment .I was compelled to pay it the same day by our costumer services when I was ready to give up the deposit to minimize my loss.And I Blames your unfair tactic sales for that .I haven't signed your bill of sale yet to show my disagreement and wait for the outcome from .I was just hoping that I can get compensation due to the deceptive marketing practices and misleading website.In response to your last statement.I will never repeat the same mistakes doing business with auto bid master due to none costumer protection .

AutoBidMaster takes its customer's concerns very seriously, and we are sorry to learn that Mr. [redacted] is dissatisfied with our services. However, all of the complaints levied by the customer are directly addressed in our Buyer Terms and Conditions, which he was required to review and agree to in...

order to gain access to our members-only online auto auction.
On January 20th, 2016, Mr. [redacted] bid on and won a '96 Nissan Sentra. Unfortunately, he was unable to pay for the vehicle. When an auction is won but not paid for, the auction facility (Copart) charges us a fee to relist the vehicle. In this case, the fee totaled $650. Per our Terms and Conditions, we applied the customer's $400 security deposit to this charge, meaning $250 is still outstanding.
Regarding Mr. [redacted]'s attempts to contact Copart, I must remind him that he registered with AutoBidMaster and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, which clarify that we are not "owned or controlled by Copart or otherwise affiliated with […] Copart." Though we did contact the general manager, Donald D[redacted], on the customer's behalf in order to see if he would reverse the sale, Mr. D[redacted] was unable to do so, and as a Copart employee, he is under no obligation to speak with or assist Mr. [redacted].
Furthermore, while our customer service team did agree to reach out to Copart on Mr. [redacted]'s behalf regarding a reversal, this was merely a courtesy. Our Terms and Conditions are transparent about the fact that bids cannot be retracted, deleted, or cancelled.
Again, we do apologize that Mr. [redacted] feels that our company has wronged him. We've made every effort to work with the customer and explain our policies. In this case, however, Mr. [redacted]'s claims simply do not justify a refund, and we must adhere to our Buyer Terms and Conditions.
Thank you,
Michael W[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted]
I don't have title and nobody contacted me to give me a title. The mentioned title company doesn't respond to two my calls. These title company is autobidmaster company and is another way to collect money from the customers. When they sold me the car I didn't receive any document from them, They involved another person who is not in our contract. I don't want to deal with him. Autobidmaster already collected from me transaction fee, and auction fee and document fee in amount of 1000 dollars and dint give me any document about that car. It is a fraud.
The condition of the car even not inspected is somehow described on their site. It didn't said vandalized, but run and drive. Their company was the only one bidder at the auction who was trying to squeeze more money from the clients Arent they restricted from bidding. They organized the whole show trough copart in Miami, their partner, where we picked up the car, without documents again. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I still disagree with their business practices in not being truly transparent with their system nor their customer complaint officer, but I have now been refunded my money due to the intervention.  Thank you!Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: There is no intention for autobidmaster to resolve this, all they have is excuses, I have never used a monster bid before and it was never explained to me, this is a loophole for them to make money, hopefully court will have the right decision and shut them down to make an example and protect the consumers. 

There are no information regarding the shipping the vehicle within 1-7 days after receiving payment. The FAQ does not provide this information.
You should be more clear with this information, I could ask my brother to pick up the car since he lives in Los Angeles, but in any moment I was informed that could take up to 7 days  for pick up after receiving the payment.
Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I signed in for a free membership you guys sent me an invoice with a preferred membership .then I let know your agent I wanted to cancel my membership .But instead of that she advised me to pay to avoid late payment  .the company took advantage of the situation .In this case lose the deposit makes more sense than to pay it.They always mislead people not giving right information. .always Using late payment or tricks if something does not go you want .I asked for options the agent talk me the only way is to pay .Why not to tell me to give up the deposit instead of all of this.?i did a mistake to access your website but you guys sent me an invoice with preferred membership that has to be pay.then you correct your mistake and wont let me do the same taking advantage of the situation .Anyway I contacted AMVIC to report your unfair business practices and will do whatever that is legally possible to fight back .

Thank you for taking your time to communicate to us your concern involving the key to the Land Rover that you purchased. AutoBidMaster is only a broker for the auction in which you purchased the Land Rover. As a broker, we do not operate the vehicle auctions. We provide an online platform that...

connects a consumer with independent third-party sellers who offer vehicles for sale through the auto auctions. We encourage our customers to do their research and inspection of the vehicle prior to placing a bid, purchasing a vehicle and at time of pickup or delivery. Per our Rules and policies, each vehicle is sold “As is-Where is, all bids are binding and all sales are final” and we, AutoBidMaster assume no liability.
We verified with the auto auction (seller) and provided you with this information, the emergency key for the Land Rover purchased, is in fact the only key that is available for this vehicle.  As a customer, you have access to the photos of the vehicle online, the photo that is available online is also the same photo in which we emailed, showing you the emergency key around the steering wheel and no actual remote entry key fob.
We offer each of our customers terrific customer service, we always educate our customers and strive to provide an excellent platform for buyers to use our services while outlining our rules and policies.

[redacted] bid and won a vehicle on Copart salvage auction using AutoBidMaster as the broker.
As stated in the Rules and Policiesthat customer agreed to when he registered for a membership with AutoBidMaster, vehicle payment by wire transfer must be received by the next business day...

after the sale date. I
 If the payment does not arrive at that time, a late fee is added.
As stated in the Rules and Policies the vehicle has to be picked up from the auction location within 7 calendar days from the purchase, afterwards the storage fee if $20 per day is added by the auction facility for storing the item. 
Due to the payment being submitted via Western Union Direct Deposit and not a standard bank wire transfer, the funds were made received by AutoBidMaster until several days late on 05/08/2016, at which time we paid the auction the vehicle purchase amount plus a late fee of $50. What added to the confusion is the fact that Western Union advised incorrect funds availability date of 05/05/2016 10:00PM to Mr. [redacted].
When the vehicle was being picked up, AutoBidMaster had paid storage to Copart (the auction itself) in amount of $80. When Mr. [redacted] arrived at the yard, Copart advised him there is nothing outstanding, creating an impression that he was not charged, rather than that the fees were paid on his behalf.
AutoBidMaster has adjusted the invoice to reflect only the amounts that were paid to the auction on customer’s behalf, leaving $130 ($50 late fee and $80 storage) beyond the initial purchase price. 
The paperwork for the vehicle registration has been sent and delivered via FedEx.

Dear [redacted], Autobidmaster is sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our customer service. After reviewing the account and seeing how frustrated you were when chatting with our representative, we went ahead and refunded your membership fee. I did e-mail you directly this morning and am waiting...

for your response.  [redacted], we also advise you to review the terms before proceeding with payment. Both our website and customer service team make it a point to be absolutely transparent about our fees. We sincerely care about keeping our customers happy and we hope that this will change your negative impression of our company.Thank you,Michael W[redacted]AutoBidMaster

AutoBidMaster is sorry to hear that one of our customers was dissatisfied with our services. We strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service at all times, and we would like the chance to work with the customer directly to resolve any issues and provide a true...

In regards to vehicle shipping, our website states:
AutoBidMaster’s shipping experts know how to handle all the details of transporting your vehicle from the auction yard to domestic or international destinations. We pick up your vehicle within 1-7 days of receiving your shipping payment. When ordering shipping with us we guarantee you will pay no storage fees as long as the vehicle and shipping are ordered and paid for by 5 PM the following business day.
We also have an FAQ of:
Once I've won a vehicle, how long do I have to pick it up or arrange shipping?
You're given 7 calendar days of free vehicle storage at the auction facility, including the date of sale. So if your auction ends on a Friday, you'd have until Thursday to pick up your vehicle or make shipping arrangements. After your free storage has expired, you'll be charged a storage fee of $20 per day for each day that your vehicle remains at the auction facility.You are responsible for any and all storage fees accrued on your vehicle while it remains at the auction facility.
 We have reviewed the calls and account history for Mr. [redacted] to confirm the application of our guidelines. 
The vehicle was purchased at auction on Friday, June 10th.  In order to avoid paying any storage fees, we would have to have had received payment for the vehicle and shipping costs in full no later than 5 pm PST on Monday, June 13th.  Mr. [redacted] was informed of this deadline during the phone call on June 13th in which he placed his shipping order.  We received payment for the auction and shipping on June 14th, the day after the deadline.  This means he was not eligible for our “No Storage Fee Guarantee”. 
Our goal for our customers is to have their vehicle shipped within 1-7 days after receiving payment for said shipping.  In Mr. [redacted]’s case, it unfortunately took 8 days to ship his vehicle.  For this reason, we covered the cost of storage for the 8th day, crediting his account for $20.  However, Mr. [redacted] is still responsible for storage fees between June 17th – June 20th (4 days of storage at $20/day = $80)
June 10th – car purchased
June 13th – due date for payment (shipping + vehicle purchase)
June 14th- payment received (1 day late)
June 16th – last day for free storage
June 21st – vehicle picked up (8 days after payment received)
June 24th – vehicle delivered
In regards to Mr. [redacted]’s concern that he paid $150 in order to see vehicle history reports, we show that he upgraded to our Preferred Membership on 10/16/2015.  Our Preferred Membership allows our members to purchase an unlimited number of vehicles, and bid on multiple vehicles at the same time. Preferred Members enjoy exclusive discounts on shipping with AutoBidMaster as well as free vehicle history reports, whenever they’re available.  Not all vehicles will have an AutoCheck history report available.
At this time, Mr. [redacted] has a $0 balance due to us and has received delivery of his vehicle.  We will continue to communicate with him directly to resolve these or any other concerns he may have.

AutoBidMaster is very sorry to hear that a valued customer was dissatisfied with our services. However, the terms and conditions that Mr. [redacted] agreed to in order to gain access to our members-only online auto auctions clearly state that all membership fees are non-refundable. We are therefore...

unable to honor his request for a refund. Mr. [redacted]'s bank has also denied his chargeback for this amount, deeming AutoBidMaster's $150 membership fee charge valid and lawful. Though we take it very seriously that Mr. [redacted] feels cheated by AutoBidMaster, both our website and customer service team make it a point to be absolutely transparent about our fee schedule. All fees, including transactional and membership, are listed on our website. We have established the fee structure to support our online portal, customer service staff, vehicle shipping, title processing, and in general to continue facilitating successful auction purchases for our members. Our fee structure is comparable and competitive in comparison to other Copart brokers. Once again, we regret that Mr. [redacted] has not had a positive experience with our company, but we must abide by our terms and conditions.Thank you,Michael W[redacted]AutoBidMaster

To Whom it may concern,   Thank you for contacting AutoBidMaster with your concerns related to the 1995 Honda Civic (Lot# [redacted]) that was won by Mr. [redacted] on 5/1/17. We are sorry to learn that Mr. [redacted] was not satisfied with his experience.   While we value him as a customer,...

unfortunately, in this instance, we are unable to honor his request for a refund. AutoBidMaster is not like your local used car dealership. Rather, AutoBidMaster operates a membership-based online auto auction marketplace and acts as a broker to facilitate the purchase and sale of used and salvage vehicles through its website at   AutoBidMaster members are provided with access to the online auto auctions operated by Copart, the world's largest online auto auction company. To purchase a vehicle through AutoBidMaster's website, you must be a registered member of AutoBidMaster, which requires you to acknowledge and agree to the website Terms of Service ( and the Buyer Terms and Conditions ( Based on our records, Mr. [redacted] registered with AutoBidMaster on 02/02/12 at 8:37am.   Mr. [redacted] has 9 prior purchases, indicating that he is well aware of our processes for bidding and buying as they have not changed. The claim of using “monster bidding”, or bidding as “Oregon”, are the same practices as the previous purchases made by Mr. [redacted].   Mr. [redacted] agreed to the rules and policies/buyer terms and conditions and was made aware that all bids are binding and all sales are final. When a member backs out of a sale, there is a Relist charge that is paid to the Auction, in this case the amount due is $650.00 which is still outstanding.    Again, we are very sorry that Mr. [redacted] was not satisfied with his experience with AutoBidMaster. Unfortunately, AutoBidMaster is not able to honor his request for a refund and/or compensation.   Sincerely, Tabitha M[redacted]Customer Service & Sales Manager

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