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Brakes Plus

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Brakes Plus Reviews (170) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

We regret to hear about the lack of trust you have in the repairs made on your vehiclesWe pride ourselves for having many thousands of repeat customers and are concerned that you feel that you were not treated fairlyI have personally reviewed each of the repairs made to your vehicles and will be delighted to go over any questions you may haveIn your letter you state that you were concerned over a belt making noise which prompted you to come to our repair facilityYou question whether the belt could have been tightened rather than being replacedThe answer is noThe way your belt has tension applied to it is by a spring tensionerThis tensioner preload (tension) is determined by a spring that controls how much tension is applied to your beltThis preload is not adjustable and cannot be “tightened” When belts make noise it is usually because they have been contaminated with oil, power steering fluid, coolant or transmission fluidThey also become glazed as well which will make noiseAll of which will result in the belt needing to be replacedI looked into what we charged and cannot find any issues related to priceThe labor time is accurate and so is the belt priceI called three competitors and found that our price is very competitive [redacted] wanted to charge $to replace the serpentine belt which we charged $The repair order stated that your check engine light was onI see that you asked us to look into this and find out what the problem wasWe do charge a diagnostic fee to determine what is wrong with the vehicleAfter completing the diagnostic we found that the pcv oil separator had failed causing the check engine light to come onI show we called and talked to you at 1:pm to discuss our findings and discuss the cost for each item mentioned aboveI’m somewhat baffled why you didn’t mention anything at the time we cashed you out, as we go over each line on the repair order before we take any moniesI also see that you asked us to check your transmission fluid level and condition which we noted was full and in good conditionOn your next visit I see that you were in for an oil changeOn every service we perform a safety inspectionMany of our customers rely on this inspection as they do not know what kind of condition their vehicle is inControl arms are a very common issue especially in [redacted] because of the heatWe always take customers back into the shop to show them what we are talking about because it is sometimes very difficult to explain in person or over the phone what is wrong with their carAgain I called three competitors and our price was completely in lineIn fact [redacted] wanted to charge $for this same exact repair that we charged $As for the [redacted] I can set up an appointment at a different location and we could measure the thickness of the brakes togetherThe technician did write down that your brake pads measured at 3mm which we usually start to recommend at 4mmAt this time we do not feel that we have done anything to over-charge you and hopefully this response answers any questions you have

I have been in contact with [redacted] and have been waiting for his responseMy info is [redacted] at [redacted] in case he has misplaced my info

I met with [redacted] today 7/22/to inspect the repairs to gain a better understanding of her complaintBrakes Plus and [redacted] came to a desired resolution

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Though we have been in telephone contact with a manager at Brakes Plus that responded by phone to this complaint The manager did set an appointment to look at and try to remedy the situation with the vehicle The vehicle is currently out of the area unavailable for this follappointment at the present time We inform them; plan to reschedule as soon as the vehicle returns to the Metro Phoenix area The issue with the Monroe rebate has not been resolved to date; we have not yet received it The Manager we spoke to stated, this would be resolved We expressed our dismay at how long this situation has remained unresolved despite our previous best efforts to communicate and cooperate in resolution We want to feel confident the issues will be timely resolved since we have brought this matter to outside intervention We remain dismayed at the disrespectful statements made by Brakes Plus personnel blaming, fault finding in a condescending manner, thereby escalating this matter to the attention of the Thank you for your assistance We trust this entire situation will be timely resolved to our satisfaction Sincerely, Environmental Health Foundation

The Brakes Plus repair documents that Mr [redacted] provided invoices [redacted] (10-4-2013) and [redacted] (1-9-2016) both indicate that the transmission was supplied to us by the customer and Brakes Plus **Disclaims Any Warranty For Workmanship Failure or Product Failure For Services Provided With Customer Supplied Parts**Moveras sent out a reimbursement check for $because the transmission failed internally, not because Brakes Plus miss diagnosed or did not recommend replacing seals due to “industry standard”The refund reimbursement check has been delivered to our Castle Rock location and is waiting for pickup by Mr [redacted] [redacted] (Brakes Plus store manager) and I have called and left Mr [redacted] messages at the phone number provided that his reimbursement check is waiting for pickup[redacted] ***Brakes Plus Southern Regional Managerhere

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 6, 2015/07/22) */ The store manager " [redacted] has reached out to [redacted] And [redacted] *** [redacted] went over the notes we have made on their prior repairs pointing out that these problems were there prior to any repairs were performed [redacted] isn't disputing the notes we made, but she believes that the dash is more noisy now after we worked on the vehicleWe have requested they return with the vehicle to see if we can help improve what they're hearing and [redacted] said she would think about it and let us knowWe haven't heard from [redacted] since our last conversationWe understand how frustrating it can be when you just purchase a vehicle that has multiple problems, but a year old vehicle with over 100k miles you should expect some problemsWe would like the opportunity to recheck the broken dash to see if there is anything we could do to help Unfortunately, based on the evidence, we do not believe any refund would be warranted at this time Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (4200, 8, 2015/07/22) */ I called and spoke to [redacted] the store manager (Brakes Plus)several days ago and he told me that he has responded to my complaint, but I don't see that reflected on the websiteAfter speaking with him and voicing new concerns, he asked if they could have their master technician work on my CadillacI told him I didn't feel comfortable taking my car back to their shop; they had ample opportunity to do the job right the first time and when I took it back in a second time, a "master technician" should have been doing the repairs in the first place Since I filed my original complaint, there have been several other problems arise that are a direct result of the seeming incompetance of the personnel at Brakes Plus that worked on my vehicleParts of the dash have literally fallen off onto the seat; Several "clunks" and rattling noises have become more and more evident each time I've driven the car and now I drive the car very little because it has gotten to the point that I don't feel it is safe to drive I don't feel I should have to wait weeks for Brakes Plus to respond when I have communicated with them days ago, nor do Iwant a simple refund at this pointThe air conditioning appears to work but I want their other mistakes to be corrected by a certified and reputable dealer back to the original condition it was in before Brakes Plus virtually made it into a "clunker" Adding to my trepidation, we put new shocks on the car in January, and after that repair, the car drove and rode nice and smooth , as it did the day I took it to Brakes PlusWhich, it doesn't do nowTwo days after I picked the car up, my fiance was driving it and remarked it wasn't driving or handling as smoothly as beforeWe checked the paperwork from Brakes Plus and found the mileage report from when I dropped it offThere seemed to be a discrepency of at least 50-miles unaccounted for [redacted] also told me he had to put some gas in the car to test run it and I thought that kind of strange as I was sure there was ample gas when I dropped the car offWe also found strange personal type water bottles in the back seat storage areasThe only people with access to the car were Brakes Plus personnel, and when I told [redacted] about this, he didn't deny or seem surprised by my statement regarding these concernsHe did apologize for the problems that have occurred, and relayed to me that he had just come into that shop a few weeks prior as Manager and was not familiar with the" technician" that was put to work on my carHe also stated that he understood my anxietyI have real apprehension that the car was driven and abused the weekend it was left there, under their care Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 11, 2015/08/03) */ I've read the response from Brakes Plus and I have additional comments to make [redacted] makes it sound like my Cadillac had problems other than the AC when I took it inThe vehicle was in excellent condition, regardless of it being fifteen years oldThere was some indication that the dash had been worked on previously but the evidence was barely noticeable and only under the dash on the driver sideThat is no excuse for Brakes Plus to leave it in the condition it was in when they were doneI had purchased the car in November and there weren't "multiple problems" as he stated, with no issues other than the ACI have photos of the condition and damage to the car after I picked it upI can get numerous people to testify as to the condition of my Cadillac before and after Brakes Plus had it for over a week Their response is unacceptable to me because they are directly responsible for the shoddy repair work and multiple issues the car has now since they had it in their shop I do not feel comfortable taking the vehicle back to their shop and I told [redacted] as muchI did not tell him I would "think" about itI don't know why he stated otherwiseI do not trust them with my car I want to take the car to a reputable dealer and have the necessary repairs done to get it back to the condition it was prior to their working on it , and Brakes Plus needs to be responsible for that costIf this is not satisfactory to them I will have an attorney contact them in regards to resolving this issue Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 16, 2015/09/02) */ It is unfortunate that you're having problems with your vehicle, but if you would like us to consider any further repairs you would be required to at least bring the vehicle into one of our many locations in Arizona for inspection as our warranty statesI do understand that you're upset with the circumstances, but I would ask you please give us the opportunity to repair a mistake or prove our innocenceUnfortunately any repairs performed outside of Brakes Plus wouldn't be covered or considered Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

[redacted] ,Your vehicle had different issues with the brake system causing the brake pedal to feel poorUntil both issues were resolved the brake pedal was going to continue to feel poorI have doubled checked into this situationI have spoke with the technician and re-read the inspection report for your vehicleThe front brake pads and rotors were completely worn outBrakes Plus holds high integrity and did not sell you any service that were not needed on your vehicleTherefore, no refund will be given

[redacted] , like we talked about on the phoneThe pressure test is a physical action Unless you are there to see us do it, I have no way of proving it without video taping everything we do on every carAutomotive service is about trust [redacted] said your radiator was leaking we pressure tested it it passed and then failed shortly there afterI apologize you had to return to get it repaired and we couldn't duplicate the issue at the time of service.That being said obviously you needed a radiatorWe replaced it much cheaper than the competitionI asked you for a reasonable solution and you never called me backIf you would like to discuss this further my number is [redacted] ask for *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] yes Im willing to taking my car back for brakedplus too look at it again

This matter was not addressed from lack of communicationBrakes plus never received the initial complaintThis first notice and second notice were sent at the same time to usDue to the fact that the customer never heard back on his complaint the customer reach out to the store and talked with the store manager at that timeOn 2/17/the customers radiator was warrantied per Brakes Plus warranty process

Complaint: I am rejecting this response because: Sincerely, [redacted] I was told I would get a call back from [redacted] from **I then spoke to someone even worse at customer service that when I told them " their empire is failing " he asked if this was star warsI have repeatedly told them this is the same noise since the initial repairsI have made the noise in front of casey and in front of several different techs at different locationsEven Hyundai after the diagnosis ( and fixing the installed backwards parts ) said the noise is still going on At one point they forgot to put my engine cover back on my engine and I had to drive back to get that put onThis has been very bad service from the bottom to the topI got the work done originally and the noise it was making right after the work was done is the same noise it is STILL making todayI brought my vehicle in and they fixed that noise for a week or soIt was associated with turning before and then it started doing it as I started my vehicle and went to reverse when I got it backI also had another noise in my ac after they replaced a cabin air filterThey refused to fix that and I had to get it fixed by HyundaiI paid $to get that fixedThis has been the absolute worst experience I have ever had with ANY mechanicThese people shouldn't even be allowed to operate they are criminalI was told all the components on my suspension had been replaced and the suspension was like newAll the sudden I have this creaky noise I never had + the struts they installed in the back are creaking like crazy when the weather gets coldI WILL NOT GO BACK FOR WARRANTY WORK EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET THESE STRUTS CHANGED Who knows what else they will install backwards or forget to put back on my car.They did well over hours of labor and went deep into my vehicleI wonder every day what that noise really is what they didn't screw in right or what they broke

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was told that I needed a new oil pan when I did notYou should have used a re-threading kitThe only work that I had done was replacing the oil pan at [redacted] because of what you did to itThis was after a simple oil change at champs oilThey also said that the hole you unnecessarily drilled was very large Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 6, 2015/08/10) */ I am sorry that your experience with Brakes Plus was not up to you or your brother's standardsI will be more than happy to refund the $you had to spend due to the bolt breaking when we were installing the oxygen sensorIf you can contact me and let me know who and were you would like the check made out to and mailed to, I will get this handled this weekThank you

We attempted to diagnosis this issue for the customer several times The issue again was we were never able to hear the noise the customer was complaining aboutIt was a intermittent noise concern that was very hard to duplicateWe even warrantied out the axles and their right front upper control arm for customer satisfaction at no charge trying to resolve this issueThis is the first notice we have received that the noise is still thereThe customer called us in February to see if we would replace the REAR lower control arm bushings because they were making noiseWe never replaced these parts for the customerWe paid the dealership to diagnosis and fix the noise in the FRONT in December of The customer is under the impression that just because we replaced a couple of their suspension components that we are responsible for their entire suspension systemThere is still quite a bit more rubber bushings and other suspension components in the front that could be causing this noise which we have never replaced beforeThe customer should return to the dealership to have them re-diagnosis what we have already paid for The customer still should replace his lower control arm bushings in the REAR to remedy the noise in the REARWe replaced only the upper control arms in the rearThe components we replaced only carry a six month warranty for laborThey are out of warranty at this time as far as the labor is concernedThe Struts, axles, and the control arms carry a lifetime warranty on the parts onlyIf the customer does not want to return they are more than welcome to bring in these parts if they fail and we will warranty them out for the customer

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The business did not address our concerns We were not focusing on the charges but the work that was completed We feel that much of the work was unnecessary So it is irrelevant that other quotes were given from other companies It should have never gotten to this pointI do not agree with a business such as this to go "searching" for other problems or concerns in a vehicle This is just a way to increase their sales If I come in for an oil change, just give me an oil change Do not look at the control arms or my brakes (evaluation was completed without taking off the tired to get a true reading of the brakes)We also had other quotes completes who were familiar with the [redacted] and did not believe in such a newer car that these would need to be replaced As well, the Serpentine Belt was making noises but why were we charged for having the Oil Trap repaired? This was completed without notifying us until after we picked up the vehicleThe final straw was the [redacted] coming in for an oil change and the back brakes were reported to be at 3mmOnce again I was not asked for my brakes to be checked My brakes had been just replaced in April so I knew this was inaccurate and threw red flags in my face In the response by the company they admit that my brakes were evaluated at 3-4mm and needed to be replaced immediately It was the language of urgency that this company uses that I DO NOT appreciate When the ***'s oil change occurred in November 2016, they suddenly DEEMED the car unsafeSimilar to when they reported my brakes needing to be replaced....You have to come in immediately It is unsafe If you don't come in soon, it will cause further damage and we will then have to replace the rotors as well It will just cost you more moneyThis is acceptable language and demeaning to customers, especially to us knowing very well brakes were not neededJust to make sure I was safe, I had another opinion on my brakes from a different company, who took the tires off for a thorough evaluation, where they were at 7mmThis is accurate reading given the recent change in brakes a few months priorToo many issues and disrespectful acts from this company to continue and service with them in the future Sincerely, [redacted]

Brakes Plus and the customer came to a satisfactory solution I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] **I [redacted] ***

Dear Mr [redacted] ,we're are very sorry for the miscommunication of the Monroe refundWe will be issuing you a refund check in the amount of $as you requestedYou should receive your refund check within to weeksSincerely, [redacted] Regional Manager at Brakes Plus

First time going to Brakes plusI was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and fairly priced job they completedThey were very professional and completed my car the same dayTheir prices surprised me and were very reasonably priced

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