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Website stole information; It showed forms that were exactly like the DMV process but wasn't actually the DMV websiteAfter submitting my information it then sent me to the real DMV website and I had to fill out the forms againThe website then had a popup add about viruses on my computer and wouldn't let me close the page because of a javascript alert The banner was not available until after I submitted the information and appeared to be the DMV website

I did a google search because I needed a copy of my driving recordIt took me to this "official looking site"it stated that it was $for me to receive a copy of my driving recordI submitted my credit card information - BIG mistake - to receive my reportAfter which I was notified that the state I needed - they were unable to obtain the information from I would have to submit it directly to the stateWhich I didWhen I contacted the company saying that I did NOT receive what I paid for they assured me that I would be refundedNOT only was I not refunded my money I was charged $for two months in a rowWhen I called the company the customer service representative that I spoke with was very patronizing and told me that I had "agreed" to be charged monthly I informed her that I in no way agreed (why would I agree when all I needed was MY driving record!!!) and that I was SUPPOSE to have been refunded NOT charged moreAfter further discussion she said that the charges will be refunded in the next - daysI did not appreciate being mislead by this company nor the attitude of the individual that I calledI informed her that if my money is NOT returned I will be reporting them to my credit card as fraudulentI have learned my lesson and will DEFINITELY check the website BEFORE I ever use a site like this again

Hi [redacted] ,Thank you for submitting your complaint about our website, DMV.orgI'm sorry that you encountered confusion with our company and our registration partnerI know it is frustrating to encounter a website that you thought was something else, make a purchase and then feel extreme concernI am here to tell you that our goal is not to trick in any shape or formOur goal is to simplify the DMV experience and one of the ways we do this is through our partnerships with registration companies across the nationWe are not affiliated with any government entity, and as you found, we state this on our websiteOur partners, however, work with the DMV as a third party to provide faster, more efficient servicesOur customer care department is email only at this timeI lead the person team and after searching our database, I do not see an email to our support department from your address of [redacted] @hotmail.comThat said, I know that our value added partner services may not work for everyone and I will be reaching out to you from my direct email to work with you on this.Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply!Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Care Manager [redacted]

These guys are crooks, charging their [redacted] , I mean, "customers" outrageous fees to submit their DMV registration fees for them CA drivers should go to instead of using this ripoff site

Hi ***, First, our apologues for any miscommunication that may have caused this issueSecondly, DMV.ORG does not change for our website and we do not accept payment of any kind, nor do we process credit card transactionsI would suggest working with your credit card company to identify the company that submitted the charegeAdditionally, our Customer Care team will be reaching out to assist

Similar to the other reviews posted here, I was also tricked by the design of this website thinking that this is a government siteHowever I was charged a premium on renewing my registration when I could have easily done it through the ACTUAL websiteBUYERS BEWARE!

We replied to both of ***'s e-mails (6:on Monday and 8:on Tuesday) in a prompt manner explaining that we do not sell any services, nor do we accept or process applications for DMV-related materialsWe merely facilitate hinformation, directly linking to the actual state's websiteWe do, however, have vendors who sell on some of our pagesIn ***'s case she used our CA Registration Renewal pageOn that page is the vendor [redacted] Based on her e-mail we assumed she registered through [redacted] so we provided her with the company's contact informationIf she contacted them we do not know.In her second e-mail she demanded a refundThe response was supposed to provide [redacted] 's contact info again, but in checking now we see we inadvertently provided a link back to ur CA renewal pageBut in no way did we refuse to refund her moneyEspecially since we never took her money in the first placeWe're often mistaken for other website companiesIn such cases we often request that the customer provide us with the company name listed on their credit card statement associated with the purchaseWe then track down the company's contact info.We'd be happy to help [redacted] track down the contact info for the company that charged herBut, otherwise, as stated, we can't check her order since we don't accept ordersIt's just a matter of finding out who charged her

I thought this was the actual DMV site because it looks officialAfter I already entered in my information, only then did I realize that this was not DMV official websiteI am only on DMV once a year for renewal purposes, so remembering what the site looks like is impossibleWhat I am most upset about is the fact that I cannot get hold of an actual personThe phones numbers are not validI got the first phone number from my bank which was 916-685-It is invalidI also called the number attached to the account and can only leave a messageTo top it off, the only way to get hold of this company is via email and only if you check a box to agree that the company is not affiliated with real DMV siteIf only this website would have made me check a box like that before I checked outI paid $dollars over what I would have paid the real DMVThis website is misleading, the cost is outrageous, and the inability to get hold of anyone via the phone is frustratingPlease don't use this siteThe real, believe it or not, is easier to get hold of

This company's website is disguised as a government website and allowed me to pay for a registration renewal before I had my inspection had been completedI am new to car ownership and was unaware that this shouldn't even be possibleI do not recommend doing business with as they operate with very loose moralsI hope cancel my transaction with the company, however if they will not cooperate I will be sure to dispute the charge with my credit card company

Dear ***,Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback about our businessWhile we are sorry to hear that you had some frustrations with our site, we wanted to reach out directly to provide a little more context about who we are and what services we offer.As I am sure you know, the DMV can be a complicated and time-consuming experience for many peopleWhen we started our site in 1999, it was with the intention of making many DMV-related tasks easier to complete onlineIn the instances where the tasks can not be completed online, we wanted to equip our users with as much information (and forms) as possible, so their actual visits to the DMV were as fast and easy as possibleAs a publishing company that is constantly working to bring together DMV information from all states, we rely on our advertisers and partners to make this experience possibleWe make it clear, both within the disclaimer at the top of the page and within the content of the pages themselves, that there may be other options than the partners we showcase on the siteIn fact, we offer direct links from our site to the state-run DMVs, so users have all the information possible to make an informed decisionWe hand-pick the partners on our site because they add value (including faster service, next-day approvals, added services, etc) which is why there may be a premium fee associated with the serviceFor a majority of our users, these added benefits are highly valuable and can save a trip to the DMV altogetherWe apologize if you felt "tricked" in your experience with usOur top priority is providing the best possible user experience and making the DMV process faster and easier for everyoneWe would love to work with you to have our partner's agency fee waived on your orderWe will personally be in touch to ensure this is handed to your satisfactionOn another note, we do want to let you know that there actually is a [redacted] out there, therefore we cannot change our name to thatWe appreciate this suggestion, howeverWe look forward to communicating with you and resolving this issue with you

I am absolutely baffled that this scamming company is accredited by the Truly makes me skeptical now of other accreditations here that I rely on heavily when researching businesses This company fraudulently alludes to being able to process fees for DMV services They not only charged us 20% more on the registration for a vehicle in the state of va but charged as a second timeOn top of that- they charged an additional 20% on top of the double chargeThey have no ability to process transactionsHowever, they have found a way to manipulate the system and get around the lawsThis is fraudHands downI have reported the charges to my bank and payment will be heldAdditionally I will be reporting to the Internet crimes division of the fbiEven the business responses to other claims on here are sketchy This should not be able to happen so ReallyHow is that even legal? I'm reporting these crOoks to the above mentioned as well as state officials And please don't bother with a sketchy response with boilerplate [redacted] I don't need to hear the same blanket responses everyone else is gettingThe resolution here will be to ensure you don't take advantage of any others

Hello ***,I am truly sorry that you encountered the confusion with our websiteWhile we clearly state on every page of our website, on the very top in large letters with a white background, that we are a privately owned website not affiliated with any government agency, we understand that when you're in a rush, it may be overlooked I'm sorry that you feel you were mislead with our value added service partnerWe strive to help make the DMV processes easier for everyone out there and partner with companies that provide services to help save you timeI will reach out to you separately to discuss the refund and work with you to make sure it happens successfullyIn the meantime, just know that we're real folks behind the scenes here working to make the DMV a better systemWe have no intention to scam youIf you know of a way we can do this better, I'd love to hear itI look forward to working with you on this situation!Sincerely, [redacted] • [redacted]

Hello ***, I am truly sorry that you encountered the confusion with our websiteWhile we clearly state on every page of our website, on the very top in large letters with a white background, that we are a privately owned website not affiliated with any government agency, we understand that when you're in a rush, it may be overlooked I'm sorry that you feel you were mislead with our value added service partnerWe strive to help make the DMV processes easier for everyone out there and partner with companies that provide services to help save you timeI will reach out to you separately to discuss the refund and work with you to make sure it happens successfullyIn the meantime, just know that we're real folks behind the scenes here working to make the DMV a better systemWe have no intention to scam youIf you know of a way we can do this better, I'd love to hear itI look forward to working with you on this situation! Sincerely, [redacted] • [redacted]

***: We received your message in regards to your charge of deceptive practices First, at the top of each and every page on our site is a large banner that reads: "DMV.ORG is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency." Second, DMV.ORG does NOT accept, nor does it process any DMV-related applications (licenses, titles, registrations...)It instead provides each state's DMV information in an organized, easy-to-follow manner with direct external links (online registrations, application forms, appointments...) to each state's respective DMVAnd it does offer partnerships on some pages (driver records, car history reports, name changes...) with companies that provide service options And third, DMV.ORG does not block users, or, as you say, redirect input back to its site, preventing access to the CA DMV Search CA DMV and the CA DMV tops all search engines, providing unfettered access to the state siteYes, you will find DMV.ORG farther down the search pageBut DMV.ORG doesn't hide the fact it's not the state siteEvery site link is clearly tagged with "The Unofficial Guide to the DMV." [redacted] California car registration information, forms, and proceduresRegistration renewal information, new to a state, registering a new vehicle, and non operationalHope this clears the air, as it were Respectfully, [redacted] Visitor Support :) [redacted] [redacted]

I went to this website thinking it was a government website to renew my registration tagsIt took me to what I believed was a government owned site, and they charged me an additional dollars to process my tags online??? Only after I went to the FAQ portion of the website did it tell me that it was not affiliated with the government and there was a link to the actual TX dmv website thereMy money was withdrawn immediately, and After trying to call customer support it just took me straight to a voice mailI sent an email outI want my money back and I want this taken care ofWhy would you have a website to file your information for you and charge you extra dollars when you have a link to the actual website you need to be at typing in the same information

I mistakenly used this website to renew my car's registrationI work full time and am a full time student as well, I don't have time to do these things in personWhen I googled "renew car registration for Texas" was the first website that popped upI input my information and I was told I was being charged $87.50, coolI received an e-mail saying Thank youYour transaction was successful but no receipt was ever sent to meI checked my bank account and saw "CAR REGISTRATION" charge of $pending, also cooldays later I check my bank account and now the charge posted of went up from $to $96.25, not coolI never authorized an extra charge of $THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT PROVIDE THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR INFORMATION!!

***,We apologize for the confusionWe replied to BOTH your emailsSame response each timeWe DO NOTsell any products or services directlyWe only offer partners who advertise on our website or direct linksto your State operated DMVIn the State of AZ the only option we offer is instruction and links to yourState website, no outside vendors or third parties.Here was our reply on both February 21st and February 26th:"***:We received your message in regards to a transaction or purchase you made.So that you're aware, the is a privately owned and operated website dedicated to providing users with DMV-related informationWe are not affiliated with any state government agencyAlso, we **DO NOT sell any products or services directly**, however we do have partnerships with companies that offer valuable services to our usersAs such, when we have an issue like yours we take it very seriously and do all we can to help.Whether the purchase was made through one of our approved vendors or not, we will do our best to guide you to a solution.In order to help, we need the following information: [redacted] Tell us what purchase you made if you have not yet provided that [redacted] Provide us with the company name as it appears on the email receipt you were sent [redacted] We need the subject line of the email and the company name from the signature section or bottom of the email that you received from the vendorThe best is to cut & paste those items into your reply email [redacted] Also contact your bank or credit card company and verify the company name EXACTLY as it appears on the account, the more information the better.**DO NOT [redacted] send us any personal information like account numbers or social security numbers!Once we have this we can either direct you to the appropriate site, or help you get the issue resolved.Respectfully, *** Visitor Support :) [email protected]" [redacted] In order for us to assist you further we need to know the EXACT COMPANY NAME as it appears on your bank or credit card statementYou will see it does not say DMV.ORG, yet that enable us to get you to the correct place for assistance and refundTo confirm, here is our duplicate registration page in AZ: you will see it only links you to your MVD websiteIFyou were on our website, your transaction was processed by the State MVD and you must contact them directly, we have no access to your informationOnce you click the link your taken off our website to theirsI have attached a screen shot of the explanation that pops up when you click the linkContact me directly if you have further questions or once you have the name as it appears on your statement.Thank you, [redacted] *** Visitor Support P# • [redacted]

***, Thank you for bringing this urgent matter to our attentionWe receive our subscription listings via [redacted] I will personally make sure that the listing is removed from our website, as we cannot change the contact details because it is maintained by our vendor, [redacted] I will reach out to our vendor to alert them of the situation as wellPlease be on the lookout for a direct email to you from my personal address of [redacted] for further updates on the removal of this listingYou're doing amazing work here to help the company and save people from theftI applaud you! All the best, [redacted] Director of Customer Care

Like all the others before me I was deceived thinking this was taking me to the TXDMV site I checked out and there was a pending charge on my account but the amount was then higher once it posted to my account They are scammers and you can get the services from the TXDMV without being scammed It will not take as long either I to find it very convenient for them to not have any contact information listed or way to cancel your transaction until it is too late I have emailed them and have no response as well as I have tried finding a phone number but can't find one listed All though I am sure it wouldn't do me any good gives them an A+ Wow! I can see the is not working for the consumer so they must be paying a fee to have the A+ rating!

I feel so stupidI'm usually so careful with this kind of thing, but I too was duped into thinking this was the actual DMV site untill it was too late However, I will say that when I emailed the company to try to cancel my transaction, they replied right away and said that they would refund the processing fee but could not refund the fee for the registration as it was already processed with the DMV I'm giving them a negative review, but if I find that in fact my money was refunded, my registration was processed, and that there are no fraudulent charges on my account now or in the future; then I will come back and give them a better review

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