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Review: [redacted] P. Asst. Manager used his company off hours to pick up and hook up in exchange of a service of renting a truck. No f/u was done by [redacted] P. He did not deliver, did not tell his manager. It complained to corporate headquarters 2x and no return call. When Area Magr.knew what occurred he was skeptical and took 3 wks. to resolve issue. He didn't call me back when he said he will. Finally he said he will not refund any money. He thought I had relationship with [redacted] and he stated that nothing will satisfy me. Which is unprofessional. He just brushed off and said nexterm time I rent to call him. I escalated complaint to Enterprise corporate no return call or whatsoever. No apology and hated their resolution. There is no resolution and I was treated overall unfairly.Desired Settlement: I wanted to be reimbursed of the money I spent after the incident happened. Area Manager notified me that Enterprise will not. He thinks I have relationship with the employee and told me that to call him next time I rent because it occurred almost a yr.ago. I cant even get a hold of him on time.



We are still working on getting a hold of the customer. I have the SD team working on contacting them.

Review: I rented a car from Enterprise (Buena Park, Beach Blvd) on Oct. 15 and I do not remember the name but the lady helped me to rent a car. Before she gave me the key, we went over the contract and she asked me if I want to purchase any insurance from Enterprise (ex. protection and etc) but since I already have a insurance from Geico, I definitely said I do not need to purchase. Now she told me to put initial on boxes where she told me to and I signed it as I do that.

Two weeks ago, when I checked my bank status, Enterprise charged me over $824 and I was really mad and wanted to know what is going on. I visited the branch and they told me I purchased DW, PAI and RAP. They explained to me that these are all related with the insurance from Enterprise. But like to explained above, I never bought any insurance since I already have a insurance from Geico.

I complained several times through phone and visiting the branch but they just told me that they will contact me again. But I will never received a return call from them. Not even one insurance... they charged with me three kinds of insurance!!! This is so not understandable and I really want my money back.Desired Settlement: I am still waiting for the respond back from Enterprise and if they do not respond to me back, I will have to make a document to proceed the sue.



I have the regional VP looking into this matter. I will reply once we have resolved this customers concern.Thanks, [redacted]



Customer has been refunded for all coverage and notified.

Area Rental Manager

Anaheim Resort District/

Orange/Buena Park

Rent-A-Car Division

Review: On 9/17/2015, I rented a car from Enterprise while my car was getting repaired. The car rental location is at Service King which makes everything so much easier.

When arriving at the location, there was no reservation for me but [redacted] didn't transfer the information over as they had said so I can't blame Enterprise.

When deciding on which car would work best, I wanted something similar to my Nissan Altima, an Intermediate car. The sales guy offered a Camry or a Ford Fusion and I agreed. He drew up the paperwork and I signed off on everything like I should have. He then tells me that the only thing he has is a Gray Chevy Cruz, AN ECONOMY CAR. I'm 6'3" so imagine how that worked out for several days.

Fast forward to dropping it off, no one was in the rental car office so I've left three messages on their office location phone number but no return call. The sales guy NEVER CHANGED THE CAR TYPE TO ECONOMY so I paid for an intermediate car when I was driving A TINY TINY ECONOMY CAR.

After dropping the car, TO DATE I've never had my call returned so he could change the car type and change the amount I paid. NOT A SINGLE WORD BACK but they certainly charged my card immediately.

Being a long term customer, sad to say I won't ever use Enterprise again. They took my money but can't fix their error or return my call?!?Desired Settlement: I am looking for a refund for the difference in rates PER DAY. I paid for an INTERMEDIATE CAR but DROVE AN ECONOMY CAR.

Review: I rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 4/24/2014 from the Salisbury office on Main St. I returned the car on 5/27/2014. I received a letter on June 2, 2014 stating there was damage to the 2013 Altima. I immediately called the Damage Recovery Unit to inquire about this damage the letter referred to because the letter didn't specify any specific damages. I spoke to a company representative (I didn't write down his name, regrettably). He stated it looked as if there may have been damage to a tire. He then stated that it must have been negligible since no monetary damage was noted and it must have been take care of the Salisbury rental office. He advised me to ignore this letter. Then I received a phone call from Adrian S[redacted] with the Damage Recovery Unit with Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 7/14/14. I also received a letter dated 7/14/14 that stated that I am being billed $804.11 for damages to this Nissan Altima with no details, no photographs, no support regarding this "damage". This letter asks for my car insurance info and banking/credit card information. Also the date of loss is stated as 5/25/14. I didn't return the car until 5/27/14!Desired Settlement: I want this claim resended entirely by Enterprise. The claim no. is [redacted].

Review: I experienced Horrible service from their roadside services and, of course, since they aren't directly Enterprise, no one wants to take ownership over the unprofessional way that I was treated with my 5 year old child. I was stuck at the airport overnight because someone who said they were a manager didn't do what they explained they would be doing. Which caused me to have to find and alternate way to get home so that my child could make it to school on time and I would still be able to get to work on time as well. This is NOT the way to conduct business. On a good note, they boosted my status up a level, but my account has been blocked so that's AWESOME!!! Someone was supposed to contact me in APRIL about this and here it is mid June and I am still getting the "7-10 business days" run around. All I want to do is to be able to utilize my corporate account so I can get back to business as usual. So much money and time being invested into a company that offers little compassion or regards to what you experience with their employees and/or contractors.Desired Settlement: I want to be able to utilize my account without any further issues because I have credit to rent free cars being that I spend a substantial amount of my money with this company to get the status I have now. As well as, to be able to complete my corporate obligations with my job. Take me off of the do not rent list because I have NOT damaged any vehicles and I have never had an outstanding balance with your company. I just received in mail that my status was updated yet again I want to use it.

I made an online reservation for a car at the $9.99 a day weekend special.When I got to the store, they informed me they do not have that were no longer running that special. I asked for them to get me a car from another location and the person told me NO. I had to take what they had left. So I asked if there would be any price adjustment since he did not have any 9.99 cars and he said NO. They are running a switch and bait. Get you in under false pretenses and then try to up sell you. He wanted $67.00 a day for a car. He would not call another location or get me the car I had previously reserved at THAT LOCATION!! I asked to speak to a manger and he told me he was the manager. SO I pulled the managers card from the counter top and asked him by name, he then said he was not that person and handed me his card witch said salesman on it NOT MANAGER. I have called them and both of the managers are out on vacation!! The person that waited on me was very racist against whit people and he even made a comment about only white people act like this. Very Rude and did not want to help in anyway shape or form. The least they could have done was sent me an email or called me to tell me they were not going to honor my reservation. They did NOTHING.

I am writing to express my concern over the service I received recently at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and am seeking a resolution.

In February, 2014, my car was damaged by falling ice and needed substantial repairs for which I filed a claim with my insurance company ([redacted] Insurance) on Friday, February 14th. My insurance agent instructed me to initiate a rental car with Enterprise the following day, and informed me that the insurance company would take over the payment of the rental car that following Monday when the claim was officially filed.

On Saturday, February 15th, I initiated a car rental with the local Enterprise branch located at [redacted] Street in [redacted], MA, [redacted] with [redacted], a branch employee. At the time of the rental, Mr. [redacted] informed me that my insurance would cover the cost of the car he selected. He also informed me that I should sign what he referred to as a “coverage waiver” at $16.99 per day, which he explained would cover me for any damage done to the car. Mr. [redacted] did not inform me that this coverage was optional, nor did he inform me that this additional coverage was not typically covered by insurance. He led me to believe this insurance was necessary in order to responsibly rent the vehicle, and because of this, I initialed the form indicating I would accept the coverage. Because Mr. [redacted] stated that the rental would be covered by my insurance, I was under the impression that this coverage was part of the rental and was therefore also covered.

My insurance company promptly took over the payment of the rental car the following Monday, and per their and Enterprise’s notes, [redacted] communicated with Enterprise throughout the 56 days that I had the rental car while my car was repaired. I returned the car on April 11th, 2014, at which time [redacted], a management trainee, informed me that Enterprise could not release the bill to me because they were waiting for my insurance to approve the final two days of coverage. I informed him that I wanted to see a copy of the bill that would be sent to [redacted], but Mr. [redacted] could not allow me to see it, and informed me that I should not worry because “this happens all the time” and that the insurance would take care of it. However, on April 17th , my credit card was charged $1,015.17. On Saturday, April 19th, I called Enterprise and spoke to [redacted], the branch rental manager to discuss this charge. He curtly informed me that this was the cost of the optional “coverage waiver” that I chose, and for which I was responsible. After 56 days, this represented the first time I was aware of any charge I was responsible for, and also the first time I learned that this portion of the rental was not covered by my insurance. I attempted to explain to Mr. [redacted] how I felt mislead about this charge, but he rudely cut me off and told me that I had initialed the document, and that I was wasting my time telling him about it. I then contacted my insurance company and my agent was also surprised at this charge. She informed me they had no documentation of this charge until the final bill, and were not aware that I was being charged for extra coverage, on top of the coverage they were providing.

At this time, I returned to the local Enterprise office to speak to Mr. [redacted] again about this problem. Unfortunately, Mr. [redacted] was again dismissive of the issue and unwilling to resolve it. At this time, he was also unwilling to provide me with a name or contact information when I asked how I could contact the regional manager.

Given Mr. [redacted]’s attitude and refusal to provide me with a name, I continued to work with my insurance company and the enterprise representative within [redacted] insurance. On Monday, April 21st, the Enterprise representative at [redacted] Insurance helped to arrange for a 50% refund ($507.58) of the total $1015.17. The local Enterprise employee, [redacted], indicated that this was a courtesy that Enterprise provided to help me out. This was not only patronizing, but inaccurate. Enterprise collected this money from me under misleading circumstances, and refunding half of what I am owed does not constitute a resolution.

I have filed a dispute with my credit card company for the remaining balance, and they will be following up with Enterprise regarding this. In addition, I have also informed Enterprise Corporate Office of this issue, and have filed an official complaint with the Regional Vice President, [redacted]. I was told I would be contacted within 2 business days and it has been a week and he has not contacted me.

When I was renting my car the guy that was helping me asked me if I wanted a $15 a day insurance on the car. I said no for now and that I needed to talk to my insurance agent. He said I wouldn't have it on my rental car but if I wanted to add it I could always come back to the office and add it. I did not come back because my insurance agent said my insurance move on to whatever car I was driving. Three weeks later when I returned my rental they told me I owed like $300 because I added insurance on my car. I told them I did not want it. I guess the guy that helped me added the insurance anyways without my knowledge and I was forced to pay for it. I told them I signed saying I did not want it. The lady that forced me to pay did not help me. I called back later and asked to speak to the manager and was told someone would call me. No called me back. My insurance lady talked to them and asked to speak to a manager and they said I would get a call. For the second time I did not get a call. because I did not want insurance it's not fair I was forced to pay.

I rented a car from them last week. The rental was for less than 48 hours which I actually drove a grand total of two hours: back and forth from work to home for two days. The walk around inspection when I checked the car out was very fast as there was a line of people waiting to be waited on and only one agent working. When I brought the car back with less than 40 miles put on it, the agents went over the car with a fine tooth comb and discovered a scratch that wasn't reported on the contract. I had nothing to do with that scratch, but now they are filing a claim through my insurance company. I have no recourse because it wasn't documented on the contract, but it easily could have been missed during the initial walk around. So what should have been an easy rental experience turned into a major pain, and instead of favoring on the side of the customer in this he said,she said issue,the customer is guilty unless proven innocent. I will never recommend this rental agency again.

On April 10th my wife was involved in a car accident. The insurance agency arrange for a car from Enterprise in Lawrenceburg Indiana for a four door sedan. The reservation was confirmed and State Farm contacted me with the details. My wife arrived at the body shop to drop her car off and called enterprise to ensure they were on their way to pick her up. The Manager [redacted] stated there was no one there but him so he couldn't come pick her up. My wife then had to take her vehicle to the enterprise location and arrange for the shop to pick her vehicle up there. Upon arrival at the enterprise location she was advised that they had no vehicles in there fleet available that matched her reservation and was instead given a compact car (VW Bug). My wife was already running late for work so she left with the bug and called me. I contacted [redacted] about this and he stated they only had a 4 door pickup instead. Since the entire reason we needed the sedan was for seating I agreed to the pickup truck. My wife returned the VW and picked up the Truck. While she was there, [redacted] offered the upsell of coverage insurance for 10.95. He failed to disclose that it was a per diem charge. We noticed this a week later when my card was charged almost 65 dollars. I contacted [redacted] who informed me of the per diem charge. I at that time requested that the coverage be removed so that no further charges accrued. He said that was fine. we returned the vehicle 2 days later. A week later I contacted [redacted] to inquire as to when the 30 dollar deposit would be returned and he informed me that it was used to cover the last three days that we had the car for the insurance. I reminded he that I had requested that the insurance be removed and he stated that "Just because a customer requests it does not mean we do it."

I tried for several hours to rent a car from the Enterprise location near my homeThis was 2/22/a SaturdayI tried calling until the end of the business day for this location at noonThe only location that is open even close to my home is the Cranberry location which is open until 3PM on SaturdaysI called this locationIt took tries to get anyone to answer the phone, letting the phone ring until it cut off which is over minutesThen I was told since I do not live close to the location, they would not come to pick me up to rent the carI feel this is advertising since their slogan is "The One That Picks You Up"If I was stuck at a repair shop, what would I have done?? I guess I would be sleeping at the repair shop because they would be of no helpIf that location is the only one open, it should only metter that I have the money to pay to rent the carI was trying to get in touch with a location that WOULD pick me upNo customer should have to try for hours to get a person on the phone, especially when they say to press if you need an immediate pick upThat should have priority because someone is in immediate need if they chose that optionIf the location is not staffed properly, then the managers should be there to bring the location up to staffI am a nurse and I cannot abandon my patients if I do not have a relief person on the floor to take overSo if the location is open and a customer is in immediate need of help, they should be assisting the customerI attempted to use the Enterprise web site to complainTheir live customer service does not work and sending them an e-mail, I received a different error message every time I tried to send the messageAnd there is no option on their customer service line to lodge a complaintThis needs fixed also

I rented a car from Enterprise Car Rental on 02/15/2014 at 11 am.......I drove the car for 4 days....I had a curb incident which flattened my tire on the rental.....I was on my way to work...I opened the trunk there was no lugwrench,tire jack or spare..NO SPARE! I had to call my mother to give me a ride to work and leave the car where it was...I called Enterprise talked to the manager all I got from him was a list of costs...including towing to Huyndai,Hunydai putting on a wheel etc....all because of a flat tire....he told me Hyundai's do NOT come with a spare...I had to purchase a new wheel from the Huyndai dealership at a cost of 120.00...the Huyndai service department informed me ALL Huyndais regardless of model come with a spare tire package which consists of a spare,the tire jack,a lug wrench and an other words the Enterprise manager straight out LIED to me...the car sat for 3 days undriven sitting on my brothers tire jack for HIS car because of ordering the new wheel from now I was out of something to drive for 3 days and I paid in full....Enterprise willfully lied to me,made no attempt to make the situation better and BROKE the law....ALL cars have to have a spare for safety..

On 10/03/2013 I returned my rental car to Enterprise's Laredo Airport location per contract. Approximately one week later, I received a claim (#[redacted]) for cleaning the car ($350 +/-) and replacing the alternator ($500 +/-). There were additional claims resulting from me; "jacking" the car up using the wrong position on the undercarriage (I take responsibility for this). Enterprise will not drop the cleaning or alternator charges per their insurance adjuster [redacted]. Both charges are not my responsibility. Numerous calls to Enterprise's Laredo [redacted] were not returned.

I rented from Enterprise for the first time while on a business trip to Phoenix, AZ the first week of August 2013. Since that time, I have received 14 emails from them, spamming my inbox with unneeded mail. Emails are dated 8/6,8/8,8/19,8/20,8/22,9/3,9/5,9/17,9/19,10/1,10/2,10/4,10/8,10/9.I finally filed a complaint directly with Enterprise on 10/2, asking to please be removed immediately from all email directories. After that, I received another spam message on 10/4, then a response to my complaint on 10/8. The response indicated I was removed from all email lists. I then received another message on 10/9, which means I was actually NOT removed from all lists.I have many concerns with this:1. I NEVER signed up for any emails from them while making my rental reservation in the first place. I'm not really sure how I could prove this to you, but I didn't. I never do. This alone makes me feel like my information & privacy is being shared with the wrong people, without my knowledge and against my direction.2. I clicked unsubscribe on EVERY SINGLE ONE of the emails I got. This unsubscribe feature obviously did not ever take effect, and it still hasn't.3. They told me I was removed via personal email, and clearly was not removed.

Product_Or_Service: Car Rental

Order_Number: [redacted]

I rented a car for the weekend for 9.99/day when my husband returned the car they said that we would not get the deposit back because we didnot say that we were going out of town. When I picked up the car I told [redacted] that I was going out of Town to a Football tournament and even wrote it down on the form I filled out. I fill like I was scamed and not given the full explanation on the advertised price I was under the impression the we were given 300 miles per day. Also when we got back intown and cut the ingnition off the key got stuck and would not come out so we had to take the key knod off leave the keys in the ingnition and lock the doors with the key knod then block the car in so no body would try to steal.
Product_Or_Service: rental car

Helpful service day of sale because they wanted the sale, but after finding out they were hiding all the fees they charge at the end. I was told the complete charge for the car was $58.85 INCLUDING ALL TAXES. Terrible customer service after the rental was returned, never refunded the "hold" charge of $200. Then when I called to complain about it 4 days later, they claimed they had to detail the car which is absolutely ridiculous and then they went ahead and charged me a fee of $75. After which I was told I would get the remaining $125 back, only to find out "taxes" weren't included so ended up only getting $90 back. Employee over the phone couldn't even explain to me what charges were and why. Complete hoax and waste of my time and money. After opting to use their insurance, which I was told was $19.99 total but then charge $15 in taxes. Employees can't even keep up with outrageous charges and why we are charged them. This was only for a one day rental so I can imagine how difficult they are to work with on a multiple day rental car. Since they have you sign a contract they should have to detail and explain such fees, none of which were on my contract. I worked with a manager on my sale and I trusted I was getting accurate information, which was not the case. I am a General Manager in sales and customer service and would never treat a customer the way I was treated through this company. Enterprise in Warwick, RI on Post Road.

My brother was in a car wreck in my car (not at fault accident) on May 6th. May 8th, I got a rental from Enterprise rent a car at: 160 Smokey Park Hwy, Asheville NC. , the first rental the door flew open and almost ejected my brother, Enterprise made us drive the car 300 miles to get the car checked back to where we had the contract written. Got a 2nd rental due to the nature of the event and the car had to go to service. On the 2nd rental they made me sign the contract differently than contract #1, but initialing in different places. I returned the vehicle back on 6/15/2013. I get a phone call at 1707 on 6/17/2013 while being checked in at 0700 but there was damage on the vehicle! Question #1 how come the car while being checked in at 0700, wasn't I notified of this situation! Why did the company take 10 hours, drove the car, washed the car and God knows what else to the car, why am I still responsible for this damage? The company is stating that I am responsible for the car until it was checked in. Ok so that means until 0700 Monday, and since an employee jumped in the driver's seat that's when it became their responsibility. The employee could have ran into something or a customer from the entire business day could have hit it.

Local store did not answer complaint.

I rented a vehicle from Enterprise car rental at 376 canterbury drive, beckley wv 25801 on 5-16-2013 after my vehicle broke down. It was given to me and payment rendered upon reciept along with a charge of 150.00 for a one way drop, which by the word of the rep [redacted] said this will be returned to me as I had also paid a 150.00 deposit on the rental which they took as well. When I got into the vehicle it was not even cleaned, we found change in the back floor board along with rental agreements from 2012 that contained personal information including credit card numbers from previous customers. I returned this information of course to the national branch at the [redacted] as well as the car ( that I was suppose to return in[redacted] but due to odors and dust and with m y allergies I was unable to do so and returned it to the nearest place I could from my location. ) I called the office the monday of that following week when they were open to file my complaint and to let them know that I returned the car at a different location and was told I would be contacted by a manager within 3-5 business days, no one did so. I called again I was transferred 4 times and I had to repeat my complaint 4 times. I was again told I would be called back within 3-5 business days still no one returned my call. I called again, and spoke to the rep [redacted], she stated that there was no notes on the account and that the contract was still open, she finally gave me a complain ref #, and again was told I had to wait 3-5 days. I am in desperate need for the money owed to me as I need to fix my vehicle.

My credit card was charged ithout my permission. The contract that I signed was issued to me when I retrieved the car (Geico rented the car and paid for it until the bodyshop was supposed to resume responsiblity for the payment) I was told that they did not "deal" with [redacted] because of his attitude and business ethics so I would have to communicate with him. A payment was made using my credit card a month after I recieved the vechicle, no addendum to the contract was done at that ime regarding payment ethods. I never was told my card would be held on file or charged any time they felt it neccesary.

My son had a CONFIRMED reservation for a rental vehicle (confirmation # SSHPH4) for the weekend of 12 May 2012. On that morning (12th of May) my son called Enterprise rent-a-car at 9:00 am to set-up/coordinate delivery of the rental vehicle. He was told that they were currently busy and would return his call shortly. After waiting a half hour with no call back, another call was made to Enterprise to again set-up/coordinate delivery of the rental vehicle. And again they were "too busy" to coordinate the rental .... but would call back. AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, again with NO call back, a third call was made to Enterprise in an effort to complete the vehicle rental. And again he was told that they were "busy" and that they would call him back as soon as possible. An hour later the office closed .... NO CALL BACK .... NO VEHICLE .... just blown off.

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