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[A default letter is
provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

To Whom It May Concern:Ashley Furniture HomeStore apologizes for any difficulties that the customer may have experienced. Our offer still remains the same. We would be happy to offer a one time courtesy. Thank you, Melanie

To whom it may concern, We do apologize for any delays that may have been caused, however at this time we have successfully issued credit to your account for the refused merchandiseAttached you will find the Return Receipt for ** *** verifying that we have refunded $1,573.02.This credit may not
appear on your statement immediately, however you may present the attached document if they ask for any payment to verify that we have credited your account.Thank you for being patientHave a wonderful day!

To whom it may concern, We do apologize for any misinformation that may have been given to you at any point, and have come to a resolution that should quell any concernsAlthough you state that the product specialist at the store told you there was a 30-day return policy, you signed the sale
receipt which is a formal acceptance of the Terms and ConditionsAmong these Terms and Conditions is the return policy which states (verbatim): “We do not accept returns of any items after delivery”There are also policies explaining the refusal of merchandise at the time of delivery if the merchandise does not fit, which is an option that was not exercised at deliveryUpon the acceptance of delivery, you binded these Terms and ConditionsWe are very aware of the fact that all representatives working in the stores and the office are trained, and well versed in these policies, however we will not rule out the possibility of an honest mistake or a misunderstanding of verbiageThat being said, we will not be offering a refund for the merchandiseDespite our decision regarding your request for a refund, we will be happy to pick up the merchandise and allow a full credit for the Queen bed only so that you may select something different from one of our stores in an effort to delight youIf you choose merchandise that exceeds the credit allowed, you will be responsible for the differenceThank you for your patience throughout thisPaperwork has been submitted for your reselection, and you will be contacted as soon as the paperwork has been entered for you to go into the store and select something different

January 15, Serving New Jersey Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Rd Building A, Suite Hamilton, NJ Re: Customer Comment Case: ***To whom this may concern: Thank you for contacting our Customer Care Corporate Office regarding case # *** received on
1/6/18Ashley Furniture has thoroughly reviewed the complaints submitted and accompanying materials, in which the guest argues that they refuse to accept service on sofa that was delivered damaged and wants it either replaced or returnedOur position on this matter has not changed since it’s last correspondence to the consumer on 12/30/Our customer came into the Yonkers store on 10/10/and made a purchase under SO# *** for SKU# *** (Sofa) totaling: $The customer financed this sale through ***At the time of purchase, the customer signed the Sales Receipt and the Terms and ConditionsThe customer selected a delivery date of 10/12/We delivered the sofa to the customer on 10/12/as promisedThe customer spoke with a member of our Dispatch Team where they stated that all had gone well and signed the Delivery ReceiptOn 12/8/17, almost months after delivery, the customer contacted our Customer Care Department and disclosed that there was damage at the time of deliveryAs per our Terms and Conditions, the customer is entitled to a year limited manufacturer’s warranty which allows for service for manufacturing defects ONLYThe warranty goes on to state that we reserve the right to properly verify the nature and extent of the damage and that the customer is not entitled to exchanges or reselections if repairs are able to be madeWe opened a Service Claim for the customer and informed them that we had to service the pieceWe sent a Technician out to the customer’s home where he was then told by the customer not to service the Sofa Seat DeckThe customer is requesting that we replace the piece or refund her moneyAs per our Terms and Conditions we are unable to do so, but we will and can still repair and bring her sofa up to Showroom Standards through our TechnicianWe regret this may not be the response our guest hoped to receive; however, if the customer is willing to accept this as a resolution, please contact our customer care center at *** *** ***Once again, thank you for contacting our Customer Care Corporate Office in Edison and allowing Ashley an opportunity to respond. Respectfully submitted, Factory Direct Enterprises LLCd/b/a Ashley Furniture HomeStore *** *** * ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
I am unable to file a claim without my original receipt, and because the damage occurred last year, and further because the damage occurred while the couch was being moved, and because the original purchase date was more than years agoThis is despite attempting to file a claim last year when the damage actually occurredI don't believe that the sales person when I bought the couches and policy was forthcoming about these pitfallsAshley furniture talked me into buying this, accepted my money for the policy and then handed me off to another companyWhen I've tried to contact Ashley directly (not through they promise to assist me with paperwork and don't follow throughI don't believe this to be an honest business practice and they should either stop selling the protection plans or stand behind them
*** ***

The file was closed before I responded. The day after we got notification that you had contacted Ashley's, they call and offered to credit us half the cost of the furniture. I said that that was not sufficient, they put me on hold, then said they would give us full credit. My wife found a set online that fel into the price range and that we liked. We went to the store in Fairfield, which was arrangedWe showed them the pieces we wantedThe price in the store was higher, but they gave us the online price. We had to pay for delivery and warranty but it was minimal and we now have brand new furnitureWe are pleased. Ashley's needed a nudge from you, but did the right thing. Thank you

whom this may concern, We have partnered with the customer to come up with a resolution.Delivery for exchange of the new item is set up for 9/21/We do have this piece available and ready for delivery due to inconvenience of the Protection Plan having a lengthy processWe appreciate our guest's time and patience

This customer purchased through Acceptance Now, not directly with Ashley Furniture. Unfortunately, we can not compensate this customer because we sold the product to Acceptance Now and we have fulfilled the obligation of our manufacturer warranty.Thank you,

To whom it may concern,Although you were told that we would service the bed after parts arrived, I have reviewed your account and found that between the time you submitted your complaint and now, an exchange for your rails (which includes the slats and center supports), was approved, entered, and
completedAccording to our notes your exchange took place yesterday, 12/14/at about 5P.M., at which time they were able to replace the aforementioned parts and successfully reassemble the bedYou spoke to a member of our dispatch team and verified that all had gone wellWe empathize with any inconveniences caused by the slight delay, however, we are glad we were able to reach a resolution that would quell your concerns in a timely mannerPlease feel free to reach out to our Customer Care department if you have any other questions or concernsThank you for your valuable time, and have a wonderful day

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Hi ***, I haven't had any luck with getting to a resolution with Ashley FurnitureHow can I pursue arbitration with them through ***
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
The company notes that on the reverse side of my sales receipt, there were terms and conditions that explained the measuring service and that the delivery charge is non-refundable.I did NOT receive a sales receipt At the time of my purchase, the Fairfield location experienced network problems and was unable to process my order while I was in the store Instead, they offered to e-mail me a copy of the receipt.Their scanned copy did not reveal the reverse side and therefore I was never presented the terms and conditions The scanned copy is attached
*** ***

To Whom It May Concern:Ashley Furniture HomeStore apologizes for any inconvenience that this customer has experienced. We offer a comprehensive delivery program which includes the delivery team calling into our dispatch department at the completion of each delivery. During this process
our dispatch team will survey each customer to ensure that the item arrived in satisfactory condition for the consumer. On September 2nd, this customer was surveyed and stated that everything met their expectations. The customer signed the delivery receipt and we were not aware of any concerns. On November 20th, this customer contacted our team and advised that they had an issue with the items. We immediately ordered parts and started the servicing process per our terms and conditions of both our sale and the limited one year manufacture warranty ( Each of our upholstered parts are cut and sewn to order and the process can take a little bit of time. This customer's final part has been shipped via *** and the tracking number is ***. Once the customer receives the remaining part our craftsman will service the item to bring it up to showroom standards. Thank you, Melanie

After careful review of your account it was determined that you were in our Nanuet location on 10/1/at which time you made the purchase in question totaling $2,At the time of purchase, you signed the sale receipt (formally accepting all Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of the
sale receipt) and selected a desired delivery date of 10/21/On 10/21/2016, we honored your desired delivery date at which time you accepted all merchandise in good condition, signed the delivery receipt (which formally binds all Terms and Conditions that you had already accepted), and spoke with a member of our dispatch team to verify that all had gone wellWe did not hear from you until 10/25/(days after delivery was made), at which point you stated to our Customer Care office that you were not satisfied with the comfort of the mattress you purchased and wished to return itAt this time, you were informed that in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that you accepted and binded, we do not accept the return of any merchandise after delivery has been madeWe did, however, inform you that sleep experts recommend that the human body may take up to days to accustom to a new mattress, and that if after days you still experienced discomfort, we had options in which we would go above and beyond our Terms and Conditions to delight youThese options are as follows: The first option is the 60/optionThis would mean that we would allow you to select a new mattress from our showroom to be delivered in exchange for us picking up your current mattressOf the total you paid for the mattress (sales tax included), we would deduct 40% as a disposal feeThis would mean that the remaining 60% would be applied towards your new mattressWe would not charge any pick-up/delivery fee in this situationIf you choose a mattress that is more expensive than your 60% credit, you will be responsible for the differenceThe second option is our 30% optionThis option would mean that you may select a new mattress off of our showroom floor for a 30% discountWe would not require the piof your current mattress for this option, and we would be willing to waive the delivery fee for the new mattressOn 11/23/we received notice of a billing dispute with your credit card companyWe responded with the aforementioned information and the dispute was closed in our favor due to compliance with the Terms and Conditions you acceptedYou were in contact with our office again at the beginning of January at which time we opened a claim for your mattress to determine whether the mattress was defectiveOn 1/15/2017, a craftsman working with our company visited your home at which time it was discovered that your mattress was not defectiveSince then, we have offered the same options previously mentioned, as we will not be allowing for the return of the mattress for either a full credit or a refundYou were unwilling to accept those offersThese are the only offers that have been, and will be offered to resolve the complaintThese offers are beyond the Terms and Conditions you accepted, and we have no obligation to offer either, however we value you as a customer and wish to work towards resolving the issueThank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!

To whom it may concern, Unfortunately we will not be able to refund you for the table padAs is stated in the Terms and Conditions (see the reverse side of your sale receipt), there are no cancellations or refunds for Direct Ship MerchandiseThat being said, we can still pick up the table pads due to the inconvenience for a store credit applicable towards any merchandise in our showroomAt this time there is already a pick up in the system and a credit for $($price of the table pad plus applicable sales tax)You may go into the showroom and select new merchandise to which the credit will be applied, and we can schedule the delivery for the same date of the piof the table padThank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!

To Whom It May Concern:We apologize that you are not sleeping well. Bedding is a very personal item that does take up to days to get accustomed to. Since you purchased a Temperpedic, Ashley Furniture HomeStores offers the same comfort warranty. The comfort warranty states that
you must sleep on your mattress for at least days and if for some reason you are not happy, we would gladly offer you the opportunity to reselect. Please note that there is a $disposal fee that will be deducted off of the original purchase price of your original mattress. If you decide to take advantage of the reselection option, you must do so prior to days from the original delivery date. If you have any further questions, please call customer care at ***
Thank you, ***

To Whom It May Concern:We would love the opportunity to assist you with this complaint, however this customer name and telephone number does not populate any results in our system. Please have the customer provide his invoice number so we can be able to assist him further.Thank you, Melanie

To whom it may concern, We have come to a decision based off your response, however, we do wish to clarify some of your concernsFirst, you state that you were never offered a return of the damaged merchandise, which we strongly disagree withYou signed your sale receipt on the date of purchase, acknowledging that you accepted all Terms and Conditions on the back of the documentWe supply the customer with a copy of the same sale receipt on the date of purchase, meaning that you accepted Terms and Conditions and were given a document with these Terms and Conditions on 11/27/We did not deliver until 12/7/2016, meaning that you had about a week and a half to review these Terms and Conditions before you formally binded them when you accepted the merchandiseAs previously stated, the policies outlined on the document clearly give you options in the event of damaged merchandise during delivery (please see attachments on initial response to your complaint)Additionally, we have not deviated from the policies outlined in the Terms and ConditionsWe offered you the service option and you agreed to itYou did have other options, however, you did not explore these options outlined in our Terms and ConditionsWe ask that you visit/revisit these policies, for you will find that we are well within complianceDespite this, in an effort to delight you as a valued customer, we will agree to the refund of $($+ NJ 7% sales tax) under the following conditions: 1. You reverse the chargeback you have initiated with *** *** *** *** *** in the amount of $2. You close the billing dispute you have initiated with *** for $2,We are willing to work with you as a valued customer, however, you are seeking funds for all merchandise in your possession through different financial institutesOnce these disputes have been closed and we have received confirmation of such, we can proceed with your proposed compensationThank you, and have a wonderful day!

To Whom It May Concern;Ashley Furniture HomeStore apologizes for any inconvenience that you have experienced. We have received your information and are processing a claim for your product. This process can take 7-business days. Once the claim has been approved, our team will
contact you with a pro-rated credit for you to reselect. As you stated, the store that you purchased in is no longer in business so you would be required to visit our Carle Place location. Have a great day, ***

To Whom It May Concern:Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Ashley Furniture HomeStore would like to resolve any customers concerns. In this particular situation, the consumer was under the impression that the product came with a memory foam mattress. This
particular product does not have the memory foam mattress option, we would have been willing to upgrade the mattress but the memory foam mattress will not fit in the mechanism. In an effort to resolve this concern, we have provided the consumer a discount off of the product of percent. This resolution was processed as of 6/28/16. If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer care team at *** Thank you, ***

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