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Fresh Farms

PO Box 257, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States, 57101-0257

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Bacon quality was great. Family enjoyed order. Will be back again.

Delivery date says 10/21/2019. Moved to 10/28/2019. Now changed to 12/9/2019. Won't return emails. Can't leave message because voicemail is full. Filed fraud on my credit card to get my money back. Really sketchy company. Never received my order.

I ordered bacon and chicken drumsticks on ***. They still have not delivered, and they aren't even scheduled to deliver. I paid $*** on CC.
I ordered bacon and chicken drumsticks on ***. They still have not delivered, and they aren't even scheduled to deliver. I paid $*** on my credit card. I tried calling them at first, but would just hear music on the line. One time I waited 20 minutes to see if someone would finally answer! Then on *** I finally emailed them. They emailed me back the same day saying they appreciated my patience as they were trying to secure delivery locations in my area. I kept looking on their website to see if they were going to schedule my delivery, but nothing. Finally on *** I emailed them again and said I wanted a full refund. They replied on *** saying my refund was currently being processed. Still nothing happened, no refund. On *** I again emailed and said I wanted my refund. They did not respond. On *** I tried calling, but just got the music again. On ***, I tried calling again, and finally someone came on the line after 5 minutes of music. The guy said (I didn't catch his name) that they had scheduled my delivery. I told him they had not and I wanted my refund. (I had looked on their website and they indeed had NOT scheduled). He said he needed to put me on hold for a moment while he checked something. I was on hold for 10 minutes (I timed it). I finally hung up. I called later that afternoon and talked to a "***". When pressed when I would get my refund she said she needed to put me on hold. I told her that I didn't appreciate being on hold for 10 minutes from the earlier call and that I didn't want to be put on hold. She said she had to put me on hold to check on my refund. I told her it better be no longer than one minute. She argued that she couldn't guarantee how long I would be on hold. Finally, I agreed for her to put me on hold. She came back on the line after 2 minutes and said my refund would go out today. We shall see....

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund in the amount of $***. This was the amount charged to my credit card back in ***.

Customer Response • Nov 01, 2019

I received a check from Fresh Farms in the amount that I was seeking. I deposited it yesterday, ***. I would like to keep this claim open for 14 more days, just in case the check bounces...

Ordered product on ***. Now *** (5 months later) and still no product.
I ordered peaches and cherries on ***. I was told the delivery shedule would be available on *** although a delivery schedule has NEVER been made available. (order #***) On ***, I emailed customer service inquiring about my delivery and was told "I don't have an approximate time and date when we will be there". On ***, I've had enough and asked for a refund and was told "Your refund is currently being processed and you will receive a check in the mail. We will send you a confirmation once it is processed". It has now been 5 months since my original order and 1 month since my refund request. My subsequent email inquiry regarding my refund on *** has gone unanswered.

Desired Outcome

I simply want my $*** back.

Customer Response • Oct 22, 2019

I have copies of all email correspondence with Fresh Farms.

Fresh Farms Response • Nov 01, 2019

This gentleman's refund check is on it's way to him.

Paid $99 for chicken in April for a delivery in May. Delivery was cancelled, no refund was offered, after repeated email, got a rescheduled date to pick up meat in another city in October, drove to the other city, and there were customers but no truck. Tried the customer service line, spent 10 min on hold then told mail box was full. Buyer beware.

Never shipped my order. Will not process a refund.
I ordered home delivery pears. A week later I was sent a tracking number for USPS but the box was never picked up or brought to the USPS. I filed a complaint with the USPS and they determined the shipment was never actually processed, just a shipping label was created. I contacted Farm Fresh multiple times but email and by phone. I was told the pears would ship out the next day. They were still not shipped. I contacted Farm Fresh several more times. I finally got an email saying a check for a refund would be issued. It never processed. After a few more attempts at contacting the company I received an email saying my credit card had been credited for the purchase. This has also not actually processed through my bank. It has been a 2 month ordeal and it still has not been resolved.

Desired Outcome

I just want a refund for the pears that were never shipped.

Fresh Farms Response • Oct 21, 2019

Our records show we mailed this customer a check on ***, refunding her in full, for the items not received.

Customer Response • Oct 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

This company bought the customer list from *** after *** ripped off thousands of consumers. They then emailed the angry, scammed customers and begged for business. Unsubscribing means nothing to them. They will continue to email and text you about delayed shipments even if you never purchased. If they can't keep track of who they sold product to AND they can't deliver on time, how are they any different than ***?

Received my box of apples and chicken wings. Loved the quality of the chicken and the fast service.

I placed an order on *** for a total of $*** and to be shipped within a week. Only 1/2 the order has been received.
I ordered fruit on ***. I did not receive this shipment in 2 weeks and reached out to customer service through email. I received an email back from *** with Fresh Farms USA. In our original correspondence, it was indicated that my original order would be shipped out on Monday ***. I emailed on *** when I had not received my order. *** copied "***" and asked that he assist with my inquiry. I received no shipment or response from *** or ***.

I then emailed Fresh Farm on *** the following statement:
It will be 4 weeks on *** since I placed this order and I have yet to receive any product. At this time I would like to cancel my order and expect a full refund no later than *** by the close of the business day.

Please confirm receipt of this request.

On *** responded and shared:
It looks like your order is almost ready to ship, it will be shipped out by tuesday!
You will receive an email once it is sent out :)
Thank you for reaching out! Let us know if we can be of anymore assistance to you.

I responded with:
I don't think I am being heard... PLEASE CANCEL MY ORDER AND REFUND MY MONEY!

I do not want an "almost" ready too ship! This should have been shipped 3 weeks ago!!!! I am beyond a disgruntled customer at this point. I demand a refund.


On ***, *** replied:
Hello Jennifer!
According to our records, the order has already been shipped out. Let us know if you do not receive it!

Thank you for reaching out! Let us know if we can be of anymore assistance to you.

On ***, I emailed Fresh Farms:
Farm Fresh:
A letter has been drafted and will be going out to the tomorrow. I DEMAND a refund for $*** IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of this email to the account billed in my original order. See email chain below.

You have done nothing but lie to me about this order from the beginning. Nothing was shipped as indicated on ***. Had it been shipped out, I would have received it by now. It is now *** at 7:05pm and nothing has been received.


Jennifer ***

To date, I have received no fruit and no refund for 1/2 my order of $***.

Desired Outcome

A refund to the credit card charged with the original order for $

Fresh Farms Response • Oct 15, 2019

Customer emailed, we checked into this. According to our records a 20lb box that contained both items ordered was shipped via *** on *** and delivered on ***. The pears were 9lb, the apples were 5lb. We shipped a few more lbs than ordered. Customer verified both apples and pears were in the box. Therefore, her order was fulfilled. We apologize for the confusion with this order. Thank you

Customer Response • Oct 16, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company shared their same response with me. The order I received contained 7 apples. 2 of which were not Honeycrisp apples but rather another variety. As such, I assumed all apples received were part of the pear variety box ordered not the 5lbs of honeycrisp apples ordered. Initially, before any part of my order was received, the response from the company each time I reached out, telling me my order was shipped out, when it wasn't and then promising it would be shipped again and it wasn't is also part of my frustration. Then questioning the order that I did receive is unforgivable. Overall, I am out part of my order and from their response, it will not fulfilled. I will not be returning as a customer.

I was promised a refund in ***; it is now *** and I have not received a refund.
I purchased bulk fruit from Fresh Farms, that was supposed to be delivered in *** in late ***. Initially, I decided that I wanted to scale down my original order and on *** from Fresh Farms sent me the following email:

From: Customer Claims
Sent: Wednesday, *** 11:30 PM
To: Bree ***
Subject: Re: Order ***


Ok. We can get that cancelled for you and have it refunded to you within the next 14 business days for it to process.
Thank you!
Despite multiple emails to the company, I never received a partial refund as requested for the items in my order I cancelled, and then later found out through my own research that they cancelled their delivery to ***. Upon this cancellation, I asked for a full refund to be issued as they were not going to be in my city. The company never notified me of that they were no longer coming to ***. I was then told I would receive a full refund and despite multiple attempts to get my full refund, multiple emails have gone unanswered, or I have been given one excuse or another as to why they haven't refunded my money. I have not had a response to my recent communication attempts with them nor have I received a refund.
See emails below:

Customer Claims
Wed *** 11:30 PM


Ok. We can get that cancelled for you and have it refunded to you within the next 14 business days for it to process.
Thank you!

Bree ***
Tue *** 4:13 PM
I have not recieved my refund and was informed that I you guys will not be in ***, despite advertising that you would.

I was told I would have a refund processed on *** by ***for part of my order that I wanted to cancel and that has never happened. I have emailed, called, and chatted multiple times in order to try to get this entire fiasco straightened out.

Now, I would like a full refund plus some compensation for the hassle that I have endured through this entire process. I would also like to be removed from the mailing list as I will NEVER use fresh farms. The hours spent trying to get help from someone here is not worth it at all.

Thank you.

Fresh Farms USA
Thu *** 8:17 AM
Hi Bree!
It shows in our system that your refund is currently being processed!
We will send a confirmation once processing is complete!
Thank you
for reaching out! Let us know if we can be of anymore assistance to you.


Fresh Farms
Customer Service Team

*I sent an email asking where my refund was and why they needed my FULL CC info. This was the response*

Fresh Farms USA
Mon *** 12:39 PM
Hello Bree,
We have changed card processors for our online orders and cannot refund to the original payment made for older orders such as yours due to us using a different system now. We are mailing out checks for those older refunds. We were going to try to go through our new system to issue a refund to your card but we have not attempted that with anyone. Instead we are going the mail a check route so we won't be calling you for your cc information.

Fresh Farms USA
Wed *** 7:59 PM
Hello Bree!
This has been entered into our system, your refund is currently being processed!
Thank you for your patience!
Thank you
for reaching out! Let us know if we can be of anymore assistance to you.


Desired Outcome

Refund of $***. (*** cost of purchase + *** for my time dealing with this for two months). Receipt below Hi Brie, Just to let you know -- we've received your order #***, and it is now being processed: Order #*** (***) Product Quantity Price Royal Red Grapes 1 $*** Sweet Georgia Peaches - 1/2 bushel box (approx. 25lb) 1 $*** Michigan Blueberries 1 $*** Washington Rainier Cherries 1 $*** Subtotal: $*** Shipping: Pick up at our delivery location Tax: $*** Payment method: Credit Card Total: $*** Pick up at our delivery location Pickup Location: TBD Address: FF: ***, *** Notes: FF Location ID:

Fresh Farms Response • Oct 09, 2019

This customer has been refunded in full for her order. We mailed her a check, as promised.

Customer Response • Oct 19, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
When I filed this complaint, the business had not mailed a check yet and it was only after this was filed that they decided to mail a check. It had been >2 months. I also asked for additonal money to account for the interest lost and my time in dealing with them.

Fresh Farms Response • Oct 28, 2019

We sincerely apologize, but we have refunded this customer in full. Fresh Farms is not obligated to provide compensation beyond what was originally paid by the customer.

Customer Response • Oct 28, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company is *** and only refunded my money after I filed with the Multiple emails, chats, and phone calls went unanswered or unreturned by the company who continues to steal other people's money.

Customer Response • Feb 21, 2020

The check they sent bounced.
The have changed their contact info/logo to My Fruit Truck
I have been blocked from their social media pages and my emails are returned.
Address: ***

This company should be awarded Scammer of the Year Award and Fraudulent Business practices. I wish I had come here to see other reviews. I ordered donut peaches and pluots for $49.99 and didn't receive anything. I tried contacting them via telephone number which hangs up after 10 minutes. Can't talk to a live person. I saved all emails, chats etc and filed with my credit card company for a refund. It took about a week but they refunded me full price. The day everything was settled I received a box of plums, not pluots and of course no peaches. I sent the package back as the fruit had many rotten pieces in it. Never deal with this company....I sure won't ever do so again. I will continue to order from ***. Always pay for things like this with a credit card and file a dispute if unhappy with merchant/merchandise.

Ordered a gift for my mom. Very happy. Will be ordering again.

Received bad peaches. replaced with apples.
I purchased a 1/4 bushel of peaches for a total of $***. Bad peaches which I threw away and demanded a refund. They said they would replace with Washingtonn peaches but were never available, so they gave me a code so I would switch to apples at an additional price off $***. Today I received the apples. I got 9 apples for a total price of $***. This company is a *** and will not order again. I paid almost $*** for each apple. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Desired Outcome

Would have been nice to receive a comparable amount of apples for the price of $*** and not just 9 apples.

Fresh Farms Response • Sep 26, 2019

We have replied to her email she sent regarding this.

We certainly do apologize for the misunderstanding. I see that you ordered our WA Honeycrisp apples, to be shipped to your home. Our shipping quantity for the Honeycrisp is 5lb. Please see the attached screenshots from our order page. Perhaps you missed that? We actually shipped more than 5lb, probably more like 8lb.

Thank you.

Customer Response • Sep 28, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I feel that when you pay $*** for apples, you should receive more then 9 apples. I will never use this company again as I feel I got totally ***. I will buy locally as I know they stand behind their products.

Fresh Farms Response • Oct 09, 2019

We are very sorry this customer did not read the poundage in the description. She replied to our email that she missed it. We did ship her approx 8lbs. These apples were fairly good sized, that is why she received only 9 apples. We did ship more than we stated in the description.

Customer Response • Oct 10, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I can buy the same apples at our local grocery store for $*** a pound. This company will never stand behind their product. I really would like a refund of $*** but they will never do that. They don't really care about customer service. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

This company is an absolute joke. Customer service is an absolute joke. So far, they're behaving like scammers. They took my money, never delivered, never communicated, never updated. STAY AWAY FROM FRESH FARMS!

I think Fresh Farms USA offers a great convenient service. I have ordered bother fruits and proteins and I have been very pleased. I am waiting for there next delivery of bacon. Staff has always been helpful w any need that I have had.

Had to change my delivery address. Veronica was great with helping me with this process. You've earned a lifetime customer.

Received a full 12lbs of rotten peaches. Emailed the company four times with the receipt and a picture and they still haven't emailed back.

I was promised a refund over a month ago for fruit that was never delivered. I have yet to see this happen. They stalled and stalled about delivering the fruit and when it became obvious that they were not going to deliver anything, I requested a refund. I was told that I would "absolutely" receive a refund and that it would take up to 10 business days for the request to be processed. O.K. but it is now over a MONTH later and I have yet to see one dime of my money.

I have had the same experience as every other post. Ordered Cherries, they were delayed without notice. Have received no response to numerous emails and their voice mail times out after 10 minutes of holding. No Cherries, no emails, no response of any kind. I have never had the privilege of talking to a real person, even after many attempts. Their customer service is awful. I will never use this service again. They already have $40 of my hard-earned dollars for nothing. I will never use their service again.

I placed order number *** in *** and never heard from them again. voicemail is always full, they never answer the phone, and no response to email.
I placed order number *** on *** and never heard from them again. voicemail is always full, they never answer the phone, and no response to email. I called them in ***, ***, and ***. I emailed them *** and ***.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of my $***.

Fresh Farms Response • Sep 22, 2019

We do not have record of any emails nor communication from this person. If he could please forward anything he emailed us back to us at *** that would be wonderful. We can then look into this person's complaint. Thank you.

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Address: PO Box 257, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States, 57101-0257


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