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Funai Service Corporation (FSC)

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We are in reply to customers complaint. Unfortunately the unit was purchased October 2014 which no longer would be eligible for Warranty Repair. There were no prior call records found regarding this unit until recently when we were contacted by customer. Customer was offered out of warranty repair...

at a service center as we would not longer be able to offer Warranty repair due to the unit being out of Warranty beyond any warranty exception.We consider this matter closed.

I am rejecting this response because: A representative DID call me today, and I answered the phone! He told me to send an email, which I am going to do now, with the purchase price to which he assured me that Funai would issue me a CHECK for that amount plus Tax. Thus, this issue will be closed when I receive Funai's check in the mail, and not before. This phone call occurred just a few hours ago. The first call from Funai came when I wasn't home.

We are in reply to customers complaint. Our Repair Team has reached out to customer and have apologized for the inconvenience. We will also be shipping charger to customer. We thank customer for their time and patience and now consider this matter closed.

From: [redacted] [[redacted]] Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 10:24 AMTo: [redacted]Subject: complaint # [redacted]Received my vacuum unit back yesterday. The unit was repaired & they discounted the repair fee due to it taking 3 months to fix. Thank You for the help.

We are in reply to  Ms. [redacted]'s complaint. We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused while attempting to service customers unit under warranty. We have followed through with every action on our end. Customer has not been cooperative since we offered to have the unit replaced...

under warranty. To valide the warranty we asked customer to provide and e-mail original receipt, which was delayed by customer as the Date of Purchase was not visilble. This was communicated to customer and customer was asked to re-send receipt showing the Date and year of purchase. Customer then threatened to file a complaint with We offered to send customer a box ship the defective unit and have it replaced out of courtesy as we are not responsible to provide one. Teh receipt with date and year of receipt was received and validated 11/03, the box was shipped to the customer 11/04 and delivered to customers address 11/07. Customer called back 11/08 stating she did not receive the box an pre-paid return label. PLease see tracking number: [redacted]. Customer threatened again to file a complaint, we offered to re-send customer a box and return label, even though we have confirmation the box was delivered to customers address. We are re -sending customer another box and will exchange the unit as soon as the defective TV is shipped back by customer and received in our warehouse. We will not be offfering a Refund as we are already offering to repalce the defective unit with a recertified unit. The exchanging of the unit falls under our manufactureres warrnaty and consider this matter closed.

I am rejecting this response because: The owners manual: states page 4 supplied accessories: remote control with batteries, rca audio/video cables owners manual, quick guide, dvd-r(5) ,and they instructedme to return everything. Which I did! They are cheap crooks.

I asked for a new tv since the full refund price would in no way cover the cost of a new tv.  I want another NEW tv not a refund, since that wont cover the cost of a new once since I purchased this on BLACK FRIDAY. and the sale price was extrememly lower than it would be to replace. Not only can I Not get a new tv they wont even send me a replacement with a full one year warranty as per what I got when I purchased the tv. I looked in the warranty and it says NOWHERE that they would send me a refurbished tv as a replacement and with a 90 day or remainder of my existing warranty (whichever is LESS) therefore I am asking for a replacement value or a brand new tv with a full one year warranty and the representative I spoke with was very rude and short with me when I spoke with him yesterday. I am extremely unsatisfied with the  company's  lack of accountability and also their inability to try to resolve issues fairly and satisfactory.

I am rejecting this response because:
The total cost of the initial transaction was $30.00; $20.00 for one remote control, $4.00 for one owner's manual and $6.00 for shipping.  At the time this order was processed, I was never tolld that I would not be receiving a BOOKLET.  The reps and supervisor failed to inform me that I would be receiving the same Xerox copies as before.  It  was explicitly stated that there was a "no refund" policy so I never expected to get my money back. This company's Customer Service Support Line clearly is not interested in consumer satisfaction.  I will be sure not to purchase ANY other products even remotely associated with MANAVOX or FUNAI.  Furthermore, I will not hesitate to share my disappointment with other family and friends.  Even in their response to this complaint filed with the BBC, the company did not have their facts straight nor did they proofread.Thank you BBC for your assistance.

We are once again in reply to customers complaint. We spoke with customer 04/19 Wednesday regarding the missing accessories. The missing accessories were mailed out 04/20 and are scheduled to be delivered tentatively tomorrow 04/22. We thank customer for their time and patience and once again consider this matter closed.

We are in reply to customers complaint.Customer was e-mailed on 2/08/2017 with an update concerning the repair. Customer was asked to contact to reply to our Neat team to fulfill the repair. We urge customer to respond to the e-mail to finalize the repair.We have also asked for our neato team to reach out to customer once more to reach out to customer. This matter has been closed.

We are in reply to Ms. [redacted]'s complaint. This issue was already escalated to our management team. We understand customer received a refund check for the wrong amount. It looks like the check was requested before Customers receipt was received. We will be issuing a second refund check for the amount...

remaining. Customer paid a total of $448.00, the second check will be made out to the amount of $230. We as customer to allow 5 business days for processing as this is a short work week due to holidays. Once we have further updates we will advise Call center to contact customer to provide updates. We apologize for our agent not able to advise of the correct refund amount. The refund amount is not determined in the call center, rather by our Customer Care team. Again we will issue 2nd check for remaining balance and consider this matter closed and urge customer to contact our Call center for any further updates.

This is in response to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint. Afer speaking with customer to clarify how the unit was connected, we came to a conclusion the DTV Converter box purchased by customer was not being used as intended. The Converter box purchased by customer is intedned to convert over the air signal...

from analog fo Digital. Custome was attempting to convert Cable signal which is just not what the unit was designed for. Suggested customer return the converter box to point of purchase since customer no longer has need for the box as it did nto serve customers purpose of converting cable signal.
It was explained to customer the converter box was highly likely not defective as it was not being used correctly in the way it was designed. After speaking with customer we now conider this matter closed.

We are in reply to Ms. [redacted] complaint. We should like to apologize for any inconveniences we might have caused while attempting to service the unit as part of our Out Of Warranty Repair process. WE assure you the Neato team is doing their best to not just repairing the unit but providing...

customers with updates to the best of their ability.Customer was reached today and provided the return tracking number. Since the unit is being returned back to customer, we consider this matter closed.

We are in reply to [redacted]'s complaints. We would like to apologize for the repair delay. We were able to pinpoin the preventable mistake with the company we utilize for repair for future reference. The Technician received the replacement parts yesterday, the Technicians was able to...

successfully repair the unit today. Since the unit was successfully repaird today which aligns with our Manufacturer's Warrnaty option of repair we now consider this matter closed. Should customre have any questiosn or concerns, please cotnact our Call Center for further assistance.

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find the resolution is satisfactory to me. My mother was originally told to wait 10-15 business days from 5/31 for her refund. Not 10-20 business days. After months of headache and back and forth with the company she FINALLY received her refund on 6/24/17! Which in my opinion has been way to long! Hopefully in the future no one will have the same issues my mother has had to deal with. Its not a good way to do business. Thank you for taking the time to help resolve this issue. 

[redacted]  May 16, 2017[redacted],Miracles do apparently happen. Check was waiting for me when I got hometonight. I imagine that would not have happened without your assistance.Thank you!Once I see that it has cleared my bank and was viable I will go in andaccept the resolution so that you can close my issue.[redacted]

We are in reply to the same complaint from Mr. [redacted]. We woud like to make correction, Customer's Warranty comes with a Warranty of 1 year Parts & Labor. We assume becuase we support other brands that come with a limited 90 day labor warranty, our Service Center missunderstood the warranty coverage and wrongly quoted to charge the customer labor fee. This could have been resolved by our Warranty Administrator, however customer was impatient and denied to have the TV repair. We do not offer a refund immedaitely after repair, which is why we offered to have the unit exchanged. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but would like to clarifuy we will NOT be processing a refund for customer. The exchange is cusrrently being processed for customer. We will NOT be overnighting the exchange for customer. Currently the exchange will need to go through normal exchange process. We anticipate the exchange taking a few business days as it does with our normal everyday process. As soon as we have an order and tracking number, we will have our Call Center staff reach out and update customer. Since we are following through with the exchange which coincides with our Warranty coverage, we consider this matter closed.

We are in reply to customers complaint. We would like to apologize for any inconveniences we might have caused while attempting to repair the unit as pat of our Out of Warranty repair program. Due to the success of the repair program, it has affected our Total  Turnaround time originally...

provided to customer.Customers unit is currently at its final testing phase and is scheduled to be shipped back to customer Monday. Our Neato team reached out to customer to provide an update, but unfortunately only reached a Voice Mail. They will make another attempt to reach out to customer and provide the repair update. We thank customer for their time and patience, and consider this matter closed.

We are in reply to Ms.  [redacted]'s issue. We have reached out to customer and apologized for the inconvenience. We offered to refudn the full amount of the TV due to any inconveniences we might have casued customer while attepting to service the unit under warranty, Customer has accepted the...

refund and will send us the Receipet ans Proof of purchase so we go forth with the refundingd of the unit. We have already requested and shipped out a box to have the unit returned so the refund can be processed upon the return of the unit. We  now consider this matter closed.

We are in reply to Ms. [redacted]'s concern. We would like to apologize for the delay in processing and shipping out Ms. [redacted]'s exchange unit. The delay which was caused by not having the model or a comparable model in stock available for exchange. We understand this was not caused by customer...

and was an issue on our end. The exchange has been processed and shipped out. It is currently on route scheduled to be delivered to customer sometime today by Fed-ex. Again we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the customers patience. Since we assured the exchange has shipped to customer, we now consider this matter closed. FED-EX Tracking Number: [redacted]

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