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We have contacted the customer and she has confirmed that she did pay for the shipping with UPS of her HTC device to our repair facility in order to proceed with the repair processWe deeply apologize for the delay on the time it took us to provide the customer with the pre-paid shipping label due
to unforeseen technical difficulties
In addition, as we had contacted UPS regarding the case they have confirmed that as the customer was the shipper responsible for this shipping, she had already filed a claim that unfortunately had been closed during the investigation process due to lack of required documentation
Therefore, we have informed the customer that she will need to once more file the required claim with UPS in order for them to be able to locate the lost package

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: - When I called in I was given the worst service I have ever received in my lifeI was hung up on, "transferred" to dead lines, given conflicting answers and opinion, and much more- The phone clearly has a software issueOne year is not a long enough time to have a warrantyIt just stopped working, and now I have to be the one to pay for it? I am tired of cell phone companies having too much money and power and not being held accountable for their inferior products- I offered to send in my phoneIt would have been an easy fix for HTC but me me nearly impossible- I only wanted a replacementNo refund, or money, or even an upgradeI thought that my request was eligible and very agreeable.
*** ***

We have been unsuccessful in our attempts to contact the customer via phone and email but we will continue to reach to him so we can work alongside to find a solution for his situationNevertheless, we have suggested via email troubleshooting steps for the customer to try to solve the software
related issues he has been experiencing with his deviceAdditionally, we have explained that the changes to the Facebook Messenger application features are not decided by HTC as it is a third party application developed and updated by Facebook and it does not come pre-loaded in any HTC product

At the moment we are out of stock of the HTC One MOnce the replacement unit is shipped to the customer, he will be notified

We have been able to review customer’s situation, we have come with the exception, as a one-time courtesy, we will grant the $coupon to the customer in exchange to the 20% coupon that had already been given. We have contacted the customer and advised we will be contacting her back, once we have the code ready for herCustomer was thankful and agreed to resolutionNo further questions requested from the customer

We apologize for any delay in assisting the customerWe contacted her today and a UPS pre-paid shipping label with the tracking # *** was sent to her emailShe confirmed receiving it and she now will be able to mail us the device in order to proceed with the free warranty exchange
under HTC’s Uh Oh Protection

The reason of the delay on this case is meanly a system issue with the new HTC repair facility
HTC is working very hard to solve this inconvenience as soon as possible, meanwhile UScoupon code “***“ has been issued to the customer as compensation for the long wait

We have spoken with the customer and informed him the reason the phone is considered out of the HTC Limited Warranty and offered him the options available for him
First of all, considering the Limited Warranty for all HTC products we would be able to repair/replace a device within one of the
following periods that ends last: (1) months since the manufacture date; (2) year since the original authorized purchase of the device; (3) a 90-day warranty after any RMA repair/replacement process
Second of all, we had completed a RMA swap process on 07/08/for the customer’s HTC One M*** *** Edition (with the Serial Number ***) through the ticket reference # ***This was due to the fact that the device was manufactured on 04/29/and at that time it was within the months of warranty (considering the manufacture date) ending on 07/29/
Third of all, as this is an especial *** *** edition HTC One Mdevice, we proceeded to swap the phone for a perfectly working HTC-certified product of the same modelAnd this replacement was delivered to the customer on 08/15/as per UPS tracking number ***
Consequently, at this time we would ask the customer to provide us with a Proof of Purchase for the original product (a copy of the original invoice or receipt) that would validate warranty coverage within the last monthsHowever, should he not be capable of providing such Proof of Purchase for the first device, we are able offer him the option to send the phone in to be repaired by our official repair center, covering the shipping throughout the whole process and providing him with a 50% discount for the repair costs
He has understood this and will contact us to provide us with an answer on how he would like to proceed

Repair process has been completed and FedEx tracking number ***has been generated.Scheduled delivery date 07/05/by end of day

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I purchased this device brand new on eBay: It came sealed in a box and said it has a year warranty from the date of purchaseI can only assume that you don't want to be bothered with your consumer: merchandise you represent has never worked properlyIt is bad customer service, you already wasted hours of my valuable time on the phone to tell me to call microsoftYou made the phone can fix it if it isn't working properly or provide a customer with a replacement or refundAs it stands I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOUR COMPLETE INABILITY TO ABIDE A WARRANTY IN THE MANUALI would never risk my business by treating clients how you have treated meAt this point I would very much like a refund as you are quite inept at even attempting to fix my phone.Sincerely,
*** ***

The warranty at HTC RMA Support does not cover physical Damages such as Crack Screen / Physical Damages / Liquid DamagesThe customer has a Crack Screen that will require support out of warranty
HTC is able to provide a 50% discount and a Prepaid label as far as assistance with the

HTC is willing to send another replacement phone to Ms***For this reason the On-site exchange ticket # *** was created since 10/10/2016; however, the process had not been initiated because we have not received the defective HTC one Mthat Ms*** received. We have created
the pre-paid label with UPS tracking # ***, which has been sent to the customer’s email in order to facilitate the shipping toward the repair center. Once the defective device is received and diagnosed at the repair facility, they will be able to ship the replacement device to her, taking in account that a quality check will be requested to prevent that the same issue of not being able to activate the device with the service provider, nTelos, happens again
I have received a replacement controller which worksWhile this is the resolution I was hoping for, I did not receive an apology and this took way too much time
*** *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, *** ***

We have been in contact with the customer and we have assured him that we will ensure that all our customer service representatives are thoroughly trained with the knowledge and skills required in order to provide the best support available to all our customers
Furthermore, he confirmed today
07/15/that his HTC phone has been working properly for him after some troubleshooting steps that were providedAnd as a courtesy we have sent him a charger (Rapid Charger’s AC Adapter + Type-C USB Cable) through UPS with the tracking # ***

We were able to do an exception to get the customer the keyboard he had ordered with his Nexus We have contacted the customer and provided TN: *** with estimated delivery of 12/11/2015, for his keyboard folioCustomer appreciatedWe apologized for the delay and inconvenience; he had during the process and offered the customer to contact us back in case in needed any further assistance No further questions or actions requested from the customer

HTC understands *** concern, the Corporate Office is aware of this situation, the ticket number #*** has been added to the priority list in order to push this processAs soon as the repair center has a tracking number for the customer he will be notified

We have contacted the customer back in order to follow up on the complaint placed by the customer
We gathered the feedback and was able to provide the customer with a $coupon per her request
Coupon Code is

Good Afternoon. In regards of Mr.***’s refund request, we are glad to inform that the refund for a Nexus 16GB Tablet has been initiatedHTC has been able to issue a Pre-paid label that the customer can use to return the product to our company. The label related to
UPS tracking |# ***, has been sent to the customer via e-mail

According to tracking number *** the device was delivered on Sat 7/15/10:am local time

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