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Indigo Park Canada Inc. Calgary branch

288 600 6 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 0S5

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I parked in a Westpark lot last week, the signs specifically say "30 mins free parking with ticket" the machine would not give me a ticket and was trying to make me pay $5 to park. I was simply running into the tailor next door, so I thought since i'd be gone for under 5 mins that would be fine. Clearly they do have someone literally sitting watching because I left my car at 6:05pm and the ticket is stamped 6:08pm. I reached out to Westpark regarding this matter, and they informed me that there is only 15mins of free parking, which still shouldn't matter since I was gone for 3 minutes.
They said they are closing this claim and will not respond further. Terrible customer service. DO NOT PARK HERE like the other reviews are saying.

Westpark issued parking notices in poorly marked areas. I have proof that I was parked there in a 2 hour zone. refused to withdraw notice.
Northill mall includes westpark parking areas. Immediately outside of the Chilis restaurant are parking stalls that are clearly marked as registered parking - I did not park there.
I parked behind that area where it says 2 hour free parking.
The light was not good and I did not notice the 'registered vehicles', as it's in a light font.

Furthermore, there are no pay-stations outside the restaurant to be seen, and I am clearly unfamiliar with the location, so I was not aware that there are different parking zones.

I received parking notices on 2 vehicles parked in the lot and attempted to remedy the situation by presenting my receipt from the restaurant.
***, the agent on the phone for Westpark, was very rude and beligerent, in spite of my calm and even communication. All I was asking for was to have the parking notice removed, with proof that I was parked there in the 2 hour free zone.
She continued to have an extremely negative and aggressive tone, would not connect me with her manager and eventually informed me that she would be sending my notices to collections, and promptly hung up on me.

Indigo Park Canada Inc. Calgary branch Response

Initial Business Response /(1000, 5, 2017/10/13) */
This parking notice is valid.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /(3000, 7, 2017/10/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business.)
This business has extremely poor customer service, including rude and ignorant staff who have hung up on me, now twice, regarding these notices.
The validity of the parking notice is still in question, given that they have very explicit signage in the spots immediately adjacent to the building, and almost no signage in other areas. The signs are printed in 2-tone fonts so that in dimmer-lighting, the 'must register' is practically invisible.

The machines required to 'register' are nowhere to be found. They are not visible from the parking area at all. Visitors are expected to hunt down machines that are in the opposite direction of their vehicle, and out of sight.
Furthermore, they're preying on visitors to businesses which are not part of the mall. The agent I spoke to on the phone repeatedly told me the machine is in the mall - which does nothing for people visiting business not accessible from the mall.

Lastly, they charge $65 per ticket for vehicles parked within the 2 hour 'free' zone. Again I offered to present my proof that I was indeed accessing a business within their purvue, within the timeline, and they informed me that it was being sent to collections, even though the 'offence' was less than a week ago.

Unacceptable customer service, terrible planning on the part of the business, and the mall and businesses will lose business because of their involvement.

West Park is refusing to let me speak to a manager regarding a parking notice that I had received on Sept 26/2017. Which I have proof of payment for.
On Tuesday September 26/2017 I parked downtown in a west park parking lot. At 5:22 pm I purchased my ticket for the lot and at 6:35 I was issued a parking notice Invoice# *** for failure to display a valid parking pass. I drive a Jeep Liberty the dashboards are very narrow and I have a line of black tint on my windshield so I make sure that it is in view. Which does not give me much room for the receipt. When I finally returned to the car somehow my receipt was on the seat still in plain few if you looked in the car, faced up with the big letters of valid until Sept. 27/2017. I tried calling west park as soon as I got back to the car but by that time they were closed, so I left a message and the next day(Wednesday)they returned my phone call. I spoke to *** she told me that she would speak with a manager in regards to the parking invoice. Later that day she got back to me saying the best they could do is reduce it down to 50$ because previously I had been issued a ticket for the same issue.(That issue they speak of was at North hill mall was on the way to register my car when I received a call dealing with a family emergency. Which all happened in about 5 minute came back to the car and there was a ticket. They reduced the ticket and I just paid it even though I shouldn't of because of all the stress that was happening during that time). However I don't feel that previous invoice(paid)should have to do with current issues. I was upset about this response so I had ask to speak to a manager, I called in and spoke to someone completely different left a message to speak to a manager as well as replied back to ***. *** again replied to me saying that she spoke to management and that is it. Reduction of 15$ and that this matter is closed. I am absolutely appalled with the way they are handling this issue and for the manager not even speak to me is just down right ridiculously.

Today, Sept XX XXXX, I came to NorthHill mall for the first time with my mom to visit the new Winners Grand Opening. We parked at around 14:15 (2:15pm), quite far away because the lot was full. We slowly walked to Winners (she's had hip surgery). Once in the store, we then realize there is a sign that says STOP register your plate. We walk back towards the vehicle so I can read the plates only to find a paper on the windshield. We received a parking notice at 14:26 (2:26pm). It took them 11 minutes to issue a fine for $65. That's almost $6 a minute.
Things happens, people are busy, we don't expect to be paying/registering plate at a MALL. I'm sorry we did not pay more attention to the sign but $65 for an 11 minutes mistake is unacceptable. I was on my way to register the plate but they had already issued a notice.

My mom and I are French (she however, does not read/speak English) said to me she saw the sign but assumed it was just a notice for free 2 hour max (never in her entire life did she have to pay for parking at a mall, this is absurd). Had the sign been in French as well, she would have read it fine and we wouldn't be here.

The sign needs to be bilingual since Canada has 2 official languages.

I contacted WestPark immediately to let them know I'm sorry for silly mistake only to be told there is ABSOLUTELY nothing they can do. I explain that $65 is a lot of money for me and my mom and that's worth a 2weeks worth of food. She said the best she can do is lower the fine to $50.

I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager who could understand my situation and help me out but was told they didn't have a manager. Ok. I call again in order to speak to a different person and was met with even more unprofessionalism. I was told not to bother them. I call a 3rd time and left my number and they'll call back.
After waiting 30 minute, I call back only to be told by the person that I have already spoken with her 2 other colleague and when I told her I wanted a manager, she CLAIMED to be one.

She claimed to be a Manager, told me not to call again or she will put the ticket back to $65 AND call the Police.
She lied by pretending to be a Manager to get me off the phone and threatened me with Police.
How can someone treat another human being like this?

I have never experienced such unprofessionalism, such disregard for any human compassion.

My mother was crying because she is saying it's all her fault because she doesn't read English.

We are being penalized $50 for not understanding English.

Please have a look at this issue seriously.

Thank you for your time and consideration

My name is Long *** and I am a regular customer at Sears North Hill mall, today I came to Sears again around 4:30 pm on Sept 19, 2017 and did register my *** at Lot 288 a machine in front of Sears, after around 1 hour shopping at Sears (Sears' receipt printed at 5:15pm)I got a shock because I got an unexpected ticket from Indigo Westpark notice# AAXXXXXX with $65 fine. I believed either a machine at faulted or for some reasons I did not expect? Even I did registered my licence already. Please take a look this matter seriously. Thanks

Indigo Park Canada Inc. Calgary branch Response

Hello there,

This parker did in fact register his plate. There was a 5 minute difference, he didn't call us to try and deal with it, he just contacted you. We have cancelled this notice, as we would have for him, as it was not his error. There was a time delay on our handheld device.


Michelle ***
Guest Services Representative
- - - - - - -
288 600 - 6th Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 0S5
Tel: +X (XXX) XXX XXXX ext ***

Customer Response

Thanks so much for helping me to find out what was in fact happened with that. I did email and call to parkindigo before I sent an email to you. Thanks again

Horrible company to deal with, claimed I had a ticket on my window and I never seen it and first ticket was $60 then went up to $80 and then to $110 and they waited a year to collect the money and lied about sending me letters and are rude when you try to talk to them. I was told they would lower my ticket to $80 then next time I phoned it was $85. don't use their parking lots because they will just scam you.I don't even want to give them 1 star its actually a 0 but I have to do 1 star

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Address: 288 600 6 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 0S5


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